Conor Mcgregor is back - Imagine Dragons - Believer


26 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Highlights of Mcgregor

    күнү жарыяланды Жыл мурун


    1. Rima Nongtdu

      Conor McGregor my friend

    2. Ker M

      He’s back to clean the toilets not the Division

    3. Aswathdhama

      Imagine an African o Indian whipping his ass in UFC to become the best just like Khabib did !!

    4. Mohammed Youssef

      It's good to be back. My foot is a balloon my foot is a balloon.

    5. Khwaja Omar


    6. Van Anjing


    7. MOHAQT

      nah. man khabib destroyed his face in lol

      1. Tejas op

        After Khabib retired there are only 2 king conor and jones but khabib was something totally different ಠಗಠ sad he left but he taught conor a leson.. And made him humble

      2. MOHAQT

        @YUVRAJ SINGH RAJPUT conor is not a king and i am not sayin hes bad i am sayin hes not good enough get some common sense

      3. MOHAQT

        @YUVRAJ SINGH RAJPUT u think your hard? come on ? u aint nothin

      4. Ivwn

        @Sparky_ Gar There was another clip of Conor winning against Cowboy after losing to Khabib, that was the point of the video, but youtube made me remove the clip.


        Then What are you doing In This video,,,So called Khabib fans Coming on Conor 's video,,Talking about Khabib,,Just Kids things,,,😂,If you don't like him why are you here,,Because deep down everyone knows That McGregor Is the King,,And one defeat doesn't change that,,

    8. Sehajdeep singh Sehajdeep singh

      UFC king Conor McGregor