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    1. Jack Sewell

      I love Taylor’s personality, she seems dead lovely

    2. hennessy mora


    3. hennessy mora


    4. xxm

      how is this fair to jason

    5. Rehan Ahmed

      Way to fuck up your little brother david!

    6. Noah Caracoglia

      Petition for 10 minutes of David and Jason getting into a ridiculous argument before the guest comes on.

    7. hennessy mora



      David swears so much in the video, I remember their interview with gary vee last year and their parents looked so annoyed every time he said f*ck

    9. Crawley Swamp Boyz

      Was it just me or did he say go to hell at 8:10

    10. Lucky Fubber

      You guys know who Joe is???

    11. JerichoHype

      12:23 detention rn

    12. Ghina Bawazier

      Ok is no one gonna talk about the part about Noah in David’s dms pls-

    13. Ayaan Marufi

      We Need Addison Rae

    14. Account6388

      Trash app trash personality

    15. Account6388

      Imagine liking tik tok

    16. jasminetara

      Out of ALL the people who could of chosen...them? I mean, I like them but they’re not that interesting, they’re really sweet though.

    17. jax kordela

      does she really tell herself she works a full time job lmao

    18. Alex Villan

      Pointless videos that make no sense why they would be on "trending". Pay for veiw lame white people stuff i guess

    19. Eddy Diaz

      When David do Rick is the last KGupd to make a podcast and he is 1 trending and the one that gets more views/// #DavidURDGoat

    20. Jolie Scheile

      David seems so chill and down to earth I would kill to be his friend

    21. Ashley Sanchez

      I liked this episode more than the last. This one feels more like the original podcast. Like yeah, i like seeing different faces and david interviewing other celebrities but i also enjoy listening to jason, nathalie, taylor, ella, etc...

    22. Kayla Floyd

      Omg Charlie

    23. Account6388

      Isn’t that the brat that made millions off of moving her arms around for a few seconds?

    24. J I

      Sad you have to live life with security

    25. Account6388

      LET ME IN

    26. Account6388


    27. J I

      Music intro is really unoriginal

    28. Bacon Godz


    29. Adit shah

      any idea why does he say "my name is jeff" at the end lol?

    30. Account6388


    31. Rom Tammy

      He looks coke’d out

    32. Rohan Patel

      David is back to #1 trending weekly, life is getting more and more normal again

    33. Ivan Brittmejer


    34. Clementine

      37:31 "as 2 people who found love and are obviously going to spend the rest of their lives together.." Natalie.. Nervous laughter lmaoo

    35. bob lass

      These podcasts are cool but they should still try to do their old podcasts where it’s just squad telling stories and talking shit about each other!

    36. Jordan D

      Hey you know there’s an easy way to fix this drama. As your victim said, you should have something, anything, to be able to prove his consent. So where is it dd?

    37. Clementine

      Hahah does he really have a "nature is pretty cool" sticker on his laptop now? Lmao!

    38. Jacob K

      It's like eating chocolate cake and not liking it but you like it.

    39. Ninja 21

      Omg its 2nd trending in India cant believe 😇

    40. kayla breanne

      this sucked

    41. robert smith

      I would be more hyped to meet Dixie than I would be to meet Brad Pit.

    42. EllaKate she dumb weird


    43. LeGOAT James

      There are people broke and dying and these two get famous. Ughh

      1. Rich Essence Talks

        @LeGOAT James you still didn't answer the question since you like complaining so much

      2. LeGOAT James

        @Rich Essence Talks How great. Thank you. Heres your medal 🥇

      3. Rich Essence Talks

        @LeGOAT James I help my community by supplying food and clothes. Again, what are you doing to help them?

      4. LeGOAT James

        @Rich Essence Talks What are you doing

      5. Rich Essence Talks

        What are you doing to help the broke and dying?

    44. ejfrijas

      frenemies > views

    45. TommyDavid Walker

      Famous brothers

    46. Jordan D

      You are gross

    47. Jelly Bean

      Why are they FAMOUS Anyway. I don’t know them🙄 Are they any Celebrity or something

      1. Jelly Bean

        @Rich Essence Talks But why people like them. I commented seeing the Title “famous sister “ So as someone who doesn’t know them wanted to know who they are 🙄

      2. Rich Essence Talks

        They're famous because people like them

    48. Andrey Didenko

      A full curriculum is 6 classes? Bitch I have 7-8 classes and go to sleep from 11:00-12:00 AM every day due to homework. You do tiktoks and make millions.

      1. Rich Essence Talks

        Don't compare it doesn't get you anywhere

    49. MJR OMAN

      This f show is 99% advertising and 1% content

    50. timg

      cant get enough from the " VIEWS dadadada" in the intro jeez

    51. samantha kumara

    52. Sara Erzouki


    53. John Pierce

      Famously stupid. These girls offer no value in life

    54. YouKnow Elgin

      “Yeah I’ve seen kids cry around David” Jason with the fire low key one liners 😂😂😂

    55. Har Youn

      Today, the army gave 5,000 kyats a day for a protest in support of the military.Then the supporters hold weapon and they stab with knife to the peoples. This is not justice. Please may help our country for democracy. #save#myanmar🇲🇲 #we_need_democracy #we_want_justice #Let_the_military_dictatorship_fall

    56. none none

      Bah You think David forced the sisters to kiss each other too?

    57. qgx 11

      not VIEWS anymore

    58. Guardian Hunter

      Beetle juice looks better than them change my mind

    59. Barrett

      It’s better to be famous for who you are then what you do.

    60. David Flores

      This shit is so cringe.

    61. Nicole Gabriele

      I don‘t care about celebs coming to the podcast, except for like close friends who happen to be famous. I‘d rather listen to all the stuff that‘s been going on in your group 🤭😄

    62. Anthonyy

      Bra david just exposing his brother on this 😂😂

    63. David Rivera

      They have to be long episosed spelled it wrong

    64. Lana cho

      This Jason bro looks like a major creep. What is he 50?

    65. Lidia Sanchez

      This podcast was👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 and Jason needs to be more involved!!!!!

    66. Taylor Durst

      I like the new podcasts but I also miss the old ones obviously it’s up to you guys but I think it’d be really cool if for like part of it u had the guests then it’d just be you guys for the other part (kinda like at the end when it was tay, nat, and Todd but for a longer amount of time)

    67. liquidsword29

      this is a bit cringe.. i'm out.

    68. michael mamistvalov

      Dixie is my new crush omg her personality is just interesting wow

    69. Hadley Emerson

      david: "get the fuck outta here" "shit swear jaw" pardon me david

    70. Razvan Vlioncu

      Huge fan here, great podcast, but I would really love to see Jason on a desk or something to show him more as a cohost. The position is a disadvatage to him. This is too much like Jimmy Kimmel

    71. Shah

      Petition to bring James Charles in

    72. Olivia Anne Gabor Jacobo (Student)

      I love how David r cussing like crazy and Charli is like yea ok lol

    73. Mark Zuckerberg

      Ok it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but still I want Jason beside David and I want Zane and heath on the podcast as guests

    74. DeAdrionna Hannah

      I love you

    75. Aya Ghazalah

      Natalie is so rude wtf

    76. Juan Caballero

      this was longer then 5 of his normal vlogs lmao

    77. Reed_ Shaw

      God I love charli so much look how cute she is

    78. keely

      I’m so confused they didn’t do an outro with Dixie and Charlie that was random Af

    79. TommyInnit

      ”BE HONEST WHO’S BEEN A FAN FOR A LONG TIME?” “¡ᴍ ɢɪ🄵T̶ɪɴɢ ᴇᴠᴇʀʏöꪀᴇ ᴡʜᴏ ꒒ɪᴋᴇꇙ ᴀɴᴅ sᴜʙ𝑺 ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ”🐺

    80. Rudra Patel

      21:09 cracked me up

    81. Søśå Bãbyy


    82. Alpha Dog 2503

      There not famous they are just overhyped by people

    83. Russell Brown

    84. Allyssa Bradshaw

      okay soo I never followed either of them on socials just because I'm a 25 year old and thought it would be weird to follow teenagers but this made me love and appreciate them so much. They are so kind and respectful. The world needs more of them (:

    85. Airlia Vivekanand

      Did you know that JoJo Siwa is older than Charli D'amelio?

    86. Eva H.

      Oh my god these grown adults that don’t even have a normal job where they have to go on zoom and they’re like “how do you do zoom gym” yeah. Seriously. It’s not fun. So maybe don’t go to the Bahamas and hang out with a bunch of people just to make more money when you definitely don’t have to so that the people that actually are having a really hard time can go back to normal school and don’t need to do this.

      1. Eva H.

        And I think they are probably good people, and I’m not hating on them but they should at least try to understand and think a little more before doing that stuff

    87. Esmeralda Flores


    88. Esmeralda Flores

      Go out wit Taylor

    89. Keeiz

      Mans growing so fast on this podcast😭

    90. Dimas Ardhana

      Maybe don't show that you just read the ads. Kinda unprofessional.

    91. Nytaliah Roberts

    92. Nytaliah Roberts

    93. Keaoni Bair

      They literally didn’t laugh lol

    94. Nytaliah Roberts

    95. Valentina Pulgarin

      it's the nature is cool sticker for me

    96. Nytaliah Roberts

    97. Nytaliah Roberts

    98. Nytaliah Roberts

    99. Nytaliah Roberts

    100. Nytaliah Roberts