D&D Story: Ep 17- Splitting the Party

Dingo Doodles

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    Now we're getting into the meat of it :3 Hope you all are doing ok and keeping safe. Love you all!

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    1. Cordelia Explains It All

      well that's not as bad a cliffhanger as normal!!!

    2. Jo Ed

      Did Gothi tell Jack about the no face thing?

    3. Nicolly Klein


    4. زيد البطاطس


    5. زيد البطاطس


    6. Chocibunny

      Oh. Oh no.

    7. Ceaser Giovanni

      Gothi is my favorite reoccurring character

    8. Dead But Alive


    9. armonicstrings villafañe martinez

      I love your videos D: i hate the cliffhanger because i want to know more D:

    10. møchii Cløudz

      “Why didn’t you just get the crystal yourself?” - “ *mutters* well..I’m..a bit of a coward..”

    11. Jessie Butschie

      Please make a part 18 I've been watching this series to the end it's so good

    12. Erik Valdez

      What a cliff hanger

    13. abigail peak

      oh my GODDDD i need ep 18 not want need I WAS SCREAMING IN MY HEAD WHEN I WAS RIGHTING THIS

    14. Nikki Hernandez

      Tutorial plz

    15. Charles Calvin

      Sips and old gothi are my favorites

    16. james klem

      I’d like to imagine that this whole thing started because baby sips ate a bunch of evil crystal as a baby as you do

    17. priyansh dwivedi

      Where is the rest of it. I'm in this too deep. I need to know that happened.

    18. lumberluc

      That was a great session of F***very that I've seen.

    19. Joseph Torres

      soooo..... aaaawwwweeeeessssssooooooommmmmme!

    20. priyansh dwivedi

      Where are other episodes

    21. Scythe Seven

      As a level 8 Sorcerer, Sips should know 1 level 4 spell. *I HOPE IT'S REMOVE CURSE.*

    22. Legozanman

      I am now very ANGY

    23. zeewonkable

      Vicky is best girl

    24. ChaseTIM

      I like how sips Just fails every single will check

    25. Ian Boni

      I don’t think that you guys noticed, but... Felix Is basically making an entire series

    26. Graham Reeder

      Please make a sneeze plush I would buy the hell out of that

    27. Privatizität

      Minor illusion can technically only do 5 by 5 feet. Would've been funny if he just talked to 5 foot guy

    28. Privatizität

      Wait, sneeze died at the same time sips died. Does he have a crystal too? Will we finally find out what he actually is?

    29. KBM

      erina and sneeze. Sips and kid......HUh

    30. Qaswarah Alsufyani

      I ❤️ DND

    31. Ricky Lee

      Xanu: ☆-☆ EFFICIENT POCKETS!


      is there part 18 im just asking okay

    33. Chrisis_silentGaming

      Me seeing the crystal dood appearing behind sips': YO IS THIS MAN HIS STAND OR SOMETHING!

    34. Crimson Creamer

      wait is sips gonna gain some shadowfell like powers or even an archetype?

    35. Wiliam Swidrak

      what HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!

    36. Furão Saliente

      I think Sneeze "died" in battle at the same moment that Sips "died", they must be soul bond or something.

    37. Lara Tudor Duca

      Creepy man: I want to do genocide Me: HECK NOPE!!!!!!!!!! 😈 👉👌 🚏 ↙ ↘ ⬇ ⬇ 👟 👟

    38. Tonée Viera

      wheres the next episode ahhhhhhhhhahahahhhah?!

    39. Undertale Rat

      I love vicky!

    40. misstary13

      Given my usual choice in character race, i cringed at the hunters bit. Also, I love Vicky.

    41. Leon S. Kennedy

      jack is starting to look pretty sus not gonna lie...he *really* wants to get that portal open, yet isn't willing to put himself at risk to do it. Gothi's being used...

    42. Fused_Orca YT

      Darn you with your cliffhangers

    43. 123jibwinny

      Idea of what sneeze could be: A monkey bat

    44. maria cacho

      I’m only seven years old and I don’t know each and everything in this

    45. Mr Sloth


    46. Bryan Garcia

      episode 1: accidentally killing magic episode 17: finds out he has a revenge fuelled ancient being in his head seems normal to me

    47. EthanAnimates And stuff

      Dingo did you know your name means “little dog”

    48. Deborah Elder

      Need more! I take my hat off to your DM. This is genius

    49. Linus Meineke

      hey i have a question could you please releas your wild magic char

    50. Justin O’Donnell

      that boop was completely adorable *I’ll fight whoever disagrees*

    51. Mikayla Gerads

      Dont give me this sith we need pt 18 and 19

    52. mayalpsrose

      Make part 18 please finish the whole show

    53. Tanner Blanchette

      cliff hangers!!!

    54. wobbly wobbler

      Nooooo i missed the video

    55. AGrayPhantom

      Did Dingo do the voice of Vicky, too? Neat! She actually has some talent as a voice artist.

    56. epicsauce354


    57. Kargoroc

      I have binged all of these episodes in one night and now I am emotionally invested in Sips ;A; That poor, poor, monkey

    58. Luiza Tofan

      OMG i want PART 18

    59. Neftyan Neftyanov

      Me here just watching this and remembering my discord dnd group. Sadly my old account got deleted and i still haven’t found the group. I feel like i cant.

    60. Pedro Venditto

      God damn it I watched the whole serie in one day and now I have to wait :(. This is amazing, keep it with the good work!

    61. Frogie Bred

      I love this channel

    62. Liam Woods

      Okay i have one qestion i play D&D yet i dont know how you visulize this so well i would really like if you could tell me what brand you are using and what your party is using

    63. Rota Abyssian

      7:32 OKAY. hearing this effect too much lately and I don't know how it is done, and it is BUGGING me! I really want to use this kind of voice for a major player in my next campaign, but I have no idea how to do it.

    64. Wyatt Oliver

      More death yessssssss

    65. YumYumTaco

      Sips and sneeze are connected obviusly

    66. someone awesome

      She's just cute enough to not murder

    67. kegan white

      Zany want Taco Bell

      1. kegan white

        Xanu *

    68. little grinner

      Can't wait for the next one and oh boy won't that be a fiddle diddle

    69. little grinner

      Vicky is adorable

    70. swərl

      everyone's talking about how sad this is and genocide and... well dnd stuff but- WHAT DID THE SHEEPS DO

    71. Terence Cordova

      I play a game with 10 PCs and 1 dm and we are all split in mini groups like I’m usually in a group with this one guy (I got tp’d away in the last session cause it’s hard being a support) and people are in like groups of 2-3 except this one guy who’s on the run and he’s alone most of the time but anyways I didn’t think I’d be a fan of the multistory line thing but I had a dm who did it in the past and my current dm is great at it too so I’d just trust the dm and be okay with sharing cause I’ve only had good experiences

    72. Qasem al-muflehi

      ahhhhhhhhh what!!!!

    73. Slyso uv

      Some teachers be like: 2:17

    74. Element Gamer

      I can't wait for the next one ☺️

    75. brenskii 101

      Started dnd at my school a few weeks ago its not looking good for us. We got into our first combat and we had to fight a monster at a windmill. (All of us are first level btw) so we get there and we see a monster banging on the door with claws trying to get into the thing. So the monsters a damn mantagore (idk how to spell it its a lion with wings and a spike tail) So im telling my dad about this he goes how high is your dm. So we get into combat (im a half orc barbarian) and i go in with my great axe. I swing roll a nat 1 and get my axe stuck in the ground. This thing two shots me so im now on the ground bleeding out having to make death saves. While this is going on one of the rogues picks the lock to the mill goes inside it and the rest of the party goes with him/her (dont remember witch rogue we have two) So the party just left me to die. Now Thayer inside with the mantagore at this point ive failed the death save twice so im on my last limbs. Out of character we were talking and the druid out of nowhere goes i want to try and talk to it because i want my character to be a pacifist at this point im sitting in my chair with the most dead look on my face and at this point my character hates the other party members because they spent all off last session dicking around with a feather. TLDR my barbarian gets two shot by a mantagor the two rogues and druid do fuck all to help

    76. red wolf92

      did, did you voiced Pyrrha in RWBY? your voice sounds similar

    77. Elan White

      12:14 did she kill dwayne?

    78. Kennedykid

      Is this campaign on going?

    79. Alyson Lautar

      I've only had Vicky for 2 minutes, but if anything happened to her, I would kill everyone in this room and then myself.

    80. Potato 0305

      What happened to the other two party members that left like 7 episodes ago

    81. White Fire The Dragon

      I think if Sips had his own voice, it would sound something like Danny Devito.

    82. Seven O'Martheen

      As a former D&D player I can´t but praise these animations and the spirit you put into them. Also I congrat your DM, I wish we had a prolific mind like that on my group back then. Also also, you find the pleasure of doing cliffhangers all the time, DID YOU???

    83. 윤준혁

      That’s why he’s so pissed off

    84. 윤준혁

      Pis is backwards for sip

    85. Geoffrey Prior

      I wonder if Xanu has a good reason for the genocide. Like the foreclaimers were planning on doing something so horrendous that he had to stop them.

    86. Plainmaren 101

      im guessing sips and sneeze are liked bc sips dies and came back and heh heh sneeze too

    87. Ali Tlais

      Make part 18 already orelse I'm unsubing

    88. Calvin Glenning

      xanu: I wish to do a genocide. *megalovainia starts*

    89. Christy Schnee

      This little girl just had me...😂😂😂😂

    90. Talus Xelen

      At this point I'm far more interested in how the DM suffers/juggles more than the actual player characters...



    92. Wenceslao Camus


    93. Chase

      gothy always look like she’s flexing her guns 💪

    94. Pokemaster 054

      I’d love to do a campaign but can’t cause I don’t have enough friends that play😭

    95. thelifia thelifia

      yeah, cliff hanger....cause...why not, am i right ?

    96. TheWizardGameing

      You see my party is doing but for a single session and just septated from each other while playing.

    97. thebongmaster

      NOOOOOooooooo D:

    98. rrtkddigimon0

      I imagine the next dialogue will be something SIMILAR to this: Sips: " I will _what_ ? No! No! No no no no! NO! You don't get it... *I* will genocide *WHO I CHOOSE to genocide, WHEN I CHOOSE TO GENOCIDE THEM!* What I *_will_* do is hear you _TRY_ TO CONVINCE ME that I would like to genocide some people. And if after hearing you I *_don't wanna,_* you can suck on an oily lemon. Got it?"

    99. Erick Buchert

      I get the feeling that Sips and Sneeze are both two halves of the same home.

    100. David Edwards

      foreclaimer buns :3