Catching Bass on my Garmin Panoptix - Scott Martin

Scott Martin

27 миӊ. көрүүлөр2

    Scott Martin shows you his Garmin Panoptix setup and how to use it to catch bass!
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    1. John Garuccio

      Scott good info but I could not see what you were seeing on the fish finder.Maybe zoom in on your electronics next time

    2. FishingWithMike

      That, to me, is not what fishing is all about. Fishing is about the hunt and learning how bass behave. Figuring out where the fish are is almost the entire point. These electronics remove most of the fun, in my opinion. Sure, if you fish for money it's all about the cash, I mean catch. I'd like to see more tournaments without electronics. I don't want to rely on computer programmers to tell me how to fish, that seems seriously backwards to me. Good vid though.

    3. StratOcat

      Is that on Rayburn?

    4. Michael Allen

      a local guy from LaBelle love your channel was just curious about how the pros choose what boat they fish with is it a sponsor? more of a personal call or both? i know not all who are thinking about a bass boat can afford 100,000 dollar boat. on a personal note good luck in 2021 grew up watching your dad and bill dance as a kid yes im showing my age lol 59 god bless you and yours

    5. David McCallister

      We can't see your screen. Spinnerworm is too far away and there's a glare. Record that stuff bro and let us see what you see!

    6. David Oravets

      First, Love yours and Hillary’s You Tube. Very entertaining. Question I have about Panoptics live scope I fish mostly in Lake County, do you think I can use this setup in the conditions presented by Harris Chain and Kissimmee Chain ? Most targeted areas are hydrilla flats, shore weeds, pads or docks..

    7. Andrew Hensen

      Why would you use panoptics over livescope?

    8. Yamir Gomez

      You are the BOSS let's go BIG BASS ENERGY 🇺🇸🥇🎣🦈🐠🙏👍🥇🐟🐸🐠

    9. Cody Finn

      Thanks Scott. I just put one on my boat. You are so right that it takes some practice. I'm still learning it. I'm not getting to go as often as I'd like. I fish Rayburn and it is rough a lot of the time. I have mine mounted on the trolling motor. I may be changing that real soon. Because on spot lock it stays turning in the rough water. So it really takes some practice. Keep the videos coming I need all of the help I can get. I just bought a boat in April so your videos are a lot of help.

    10. Joel Krawczyk

      Split screen with Garmin on one side and you on the other would be ideal right here.

    11. Sean Clark

      yeah yeah yeah now do Florida lakes. I have panoptix but in 2 - 3 ft of water its useless. Most florida lakes aren't more than 5 - 6 ft in majority of areas.

    12. Cliff

      Sorry too hear about Mark Pack ,,, Mr. Martin. God Bless from Texas and with the will of God that he R.I.P.

    13. Sunny Xiong

      Patrick Walter won like this on lake fork , BASS

    14. APOFishing

      say I am kind off interested in getting the perspective mount and want to know how deep it goes before I spend a hundred bucks for it

    15. Tyler Broadway

      Nice catch!!

    16. Bruce Bierman

      Terrible video of the Panoptics screen. Can't see what you're talking about: 1. Your fist and finger cover up what you point to and want us to see 2. The video of just the screen is dark, bad angle, etc. hard to see! Not your best work..... I expect more from you.

    17. Captain Ron And Platinum Club Member

      Why skeeter

    18. KK TX

      Scott, I am very sorry you lost your friend & old FLW roommate, Mark Pack. I understand he was your dad’s friend as well. I fish Fork several times a year & he is a true legend. May he Rest In Peace.

    19. Ryan Knight

      Great Info, terrible footage

    20. Ken Hester

      Another very good video Scott, keep it going!!!


      So for those that use these units what is recommended to clean 🧼 to get rid of bugs 🐛 after traveling.or just road grime? You can use what boat brand you like mr. Martin not partial to skeeter’s watching them go by fishing or camping. Up on plain they chine walk not smooth I don’t know if they fixed it. If you watch have a camera boat follow and focus on the hull see if it dips or rocks slightly. Since your using skeeter work with them to fix the hull design to fix the fluttering


      When you can afford it least put one on the bow.

    23. Greg Hawkins

      You got that right doskiie !

    24. Allyson Clark

      Pretty soon y’all won’t be able to see to drive with all of those screens in front of your steering wheels fellas.

    25. Backwoods Fishing

      The panoptisx are very cool .great way to catch fish 🎣

    26. Michael Dodge

      I'd like to see you and milliken fishing do a challenge together.

    27. Slipshank D

      Its the year to get you over a million this year. Instructional videos will help a lot.

    28. Travs bassin

      I really wish I could afford it brother

    29. Andrew Phoa

      Almost like a video game! So cool! What's your opinion about Hummingbird Mega SI models?

    30. Mark Orphan

      Game changing 🤠

    31. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      This is exactly what I was going to be looking for this week. I’m getting panoptix next week. 💪🏻

    32. Battleboy 21 great for taking kids out to catch some fish...sure make guide fishing easier

    33. rick porter

      Scott, I enjoyed your videos of the opens last year. Your entire team was a good story. Are we going to get a similar look at your elite journey. Bass should give your pops legend status, that would be a helluva a series.

    34. Nick Witkowski

      Good stuff Scotty! I've been trying to tell my wife how bad I need to upgrade to Panoptix for 3 years, but she, my 2 sons and my friends all think it's like cheating and way to much $$$. Plus 90% of the time we go fishin on all our fav lakes up here in the State of Washington in my '05 Ranger Z21 Comanche with the original Lowrance 7" screens, we catch plenty of bass! So I can't win!! Sux!!!LOL! GO TEAM SMC! 👊BAM!👊

    35. George Talley

      It’s so popular now went to bass pro right before Christmas and they were sold out of everything garmin

    36. UpNorthAngler

      I'll wait until Humminbird comes out with something similar. For $1500 all you get is the black box and the transducer. The assumption here is that you also need a higher end Garmin sonar to connect to the black box. So, what do you dump into this $3K??? Maybe for a Pro or guys who wish they were Pros...

    37. David Pishchik

      I have that pole lol it my favourite rod. Lunker'stv.

    38. David Collision

      Koo video.

    39. Ra Lo

      Good stuff Scott! 👊🏼💯🇺🇸

    40. Jake Schisler

      I seen your Mom Friday she's a card!

    41. painter gone fishing

      I know I can't afford it either but doesn't it take the fun the hunt out of fishing

    42. SHORTY ROC

      Is it legal in tournaments

    43. Joe Culler

      hey are you moving the trolling motor while in spot lock??

    44. mac king

      Scott what body of water is this??? Resembles Hartwell....

    45. MASS FISHERMAN 413

      Great vid man🎣👊🏻send me your used panoptix when your done with it😂

    46. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video Scott 👍👍 Can't wait to get me Garmin Panoptix!!

    47. John Fleming

      Scott, you have a real natural talent for on camera, effective communication. You have your dad’s contagious passion coupled with an entertaining delivery style. I really enjoy your channel, especially your tournament videos. Best of luck on the Elites!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you:)

    48. Sam Gaither

      I dont see why everyone talks crap about people who use live imaging, you still need to catch the fish, and the guys useing it knew how to catch bass before this tech came out.

    49. Reel Busy Fishing TV

      Thanks Scott 👍👍 This Video was what I was asking for a few weeks ago! Awesome. I think you would not have caught this fish without the panoptix that fast or even you wouldn’t have caught them at all. Well done!

    50. Jeff C

      It would be good for practice to save time! But I think, it would allow someone who had some skill, to be on the fish like the pro's. Which would be a bad thing! It's a hard call to make! It's a great tool for guides!

    51. Matthew Frey

      Cool i like the real life teaching!

    52. Jesse Hillis

      Man you are deadly with the panoptix! Awesome episode mr. Scott!!!

    53. Heavens CrowX

      I just got home from the shop installing panoptix onto my boat. Sat down on the couch and opened up KGup and saw this video

    54. dwight nadal

      I am installing my panoptix system this weekend, I have used it targeting crappie but look forward to using it for bass also.

    55. GreenPig Hunter


    56. Rich Chambers

      Have the panoptix ordered can't wait to get it set up and going

    57. Jonathan Groover

      Love the tips and videos! Can’t wait to see the videos of you tricking out the new Skeeter, and Chevrolet!

    58. A and W Outdoors

      I am looking into getting a garmin panoptix

    59. Billy Burton

      Sorry man were leaving youtube. Please consider other platforms because we enjoy your content.

      1. Billy Burton

        @Hank Williams not enjoying youtube as much

      2. Hank Williams

        Why leave

    60. Preston Mire

      That’s awesome video one day I am going to get the pan optics Garmin

    61. Dwyne Guitreau

      Which one of the other Garmin modelsthat has the panoptic feature would u recommend

    62. Jay B

      Can you do screen recordings of LiveScope. The camera man footage is awful...not his's just hard to see. Great info...I never considered using LiveScope in this way. Usually I pull on brush piles to catch crappie. I'll start fishing for bass out of them too.

    63. jjjackson1977

      Love mine. It is a game changer.

    64. Trent Christophersen

      Really hard to see screen

    65. Camron King

      I’ve been checking my sub box EVERY DAY for a episode of you trickin out your new truck and boat🙌🏼 those videos are always so great! I’m so excited for them! Awesome content as always brother! I thrive to be a family man like you, you’re literally goals man🙏🏼 keep up the amazingness, and for anyone that reads this, I hope you have the greatest night of your life tonight!!

    66. bill reed

      Deer hunting at night with a FLIR Thermal scope...

    67. elijah kangas

      i came here just to jealous and dream i had it on my flint

    68. Big Banana Fishing

      Dang Scott! That's some good info, but I'd sure love it if I could see your Panoptix unit when you are saying look at that. It would be great if you could record your display somehow.

    69. Fishing the LoneStar

      Pretty darn cool! Between Live Scope, Hummingbird 360, and what Lowrance has coming, I’m gonna need at least 8 more screens, and two more trolling motors on my boat!! 😂😂

    70. Douglas Spickler

      Nice video but it is hard to see the screen on the Garmin unit.

    71. Allen Schwieter

      I hope you can catch fish with thousands of dollars of electronics lol

      1. capnrob97

        I think it would be interesting if they banned the electronics in the pro tournaments. Some of the rankings would surely shift.

    72. Karl

      Should try filming the Garmen with like a three cornered cover so the camera can actually see something

    73. Stephen Harville

      Nothin better than watching a video about using a technology I won’t be able to afford till it’s obsolete. Lol.

    74. TravisHardinFishing

      Think of the fish the older guys would have caught in back in the day if they had this sort of technology!! Wow... What are your thoughts of the ethical side of fishing with this? I guess you still have to be able to catch them. Similar to anyone can find a bass bedding but can you get her to bite? Ha good vid

    75. TheReelLeviT

      Nice video! I really like the tip about finding the fall rate, I had never thought about that.

    76. Keith Leonhardt

      Are you able to see what you want to see if you are on spot lock since the TM will move on its own?

    77. Jeff C

      I just hope, tournament fishing doesn't become a video game!

      1. Ronald Padron

        TO LATE

    78. Tate Buquoi

      This taught me so much scott thanks

    79. Doskiie

      Good stuff. The hardest part of Panoptix, is being able to afford to it.

      1. TT Bassing

        I know I’m broke as heck

      2. Dakota Jordan

        Fr, we broke as hell😂😂😂

    80. John Woods

      Scott. I have a Garmin 94sv with cv20 box and high output transducer. I love it I just wish that Garmin would integrate it for minn kota products also so it will work with the power pole and Garmin and minn kota trolling motor

    81. DC Slapout

      Must be nice

    82. BigMouth380cal

      What good does it do to say "See, there it is. Right there.", if the camera man doesn't get the screen shot on at that moment. The angle of the camera and the untimely zoom to the display made this next to worthless to really learn what you are trying to teach.

      1. BigMouth380cal

        One more thing, a laser pointer would work a whole lot better than a big 'ol finger jabbing at the screen, especially when trying to be accurate with what "blip" is the fish and which one is a stick or bush or lure.

      2. Bruce Bierman

        Amen , we expect better from the SM crew.

    83. Jeremy Duncan

      Nice!! Getting Garmin in March for my Nitro!

    84. Hunter Wernecke

      Why are you still using the ranger boat?? Is the skeeter coming soon??

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s here now..:)

    85. Danny Hudson

      You and your dad are the best at teaching people how to fish

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!!

    86. Table Rock Kid

      Hi Scott - just got my livescope and wondering how far out you can see your lure on the screen. I'm only seeing mine out to about 40' and wondered if that's about average? Thanks and thanks for the great videos.

      1. Table Rock Kid

        @Scott Martin thanks. Gotta work on my settings some more.

      2. Scott Martin

        60 -80 is doable

    87. Daniel Marshall

      Maybe IV just missed the vids but I haven't seen you do much worm fishing . my favorite

    88. Richie _k_68

      Thank you always for your tips !! ✌🏼🎣🎣

    89. Scott Calder

      Hey Scott Which unit do you use for panoptix? It’s not the 8612 is it? Isn’t it smaller? TIA!!

    90. Tony S

      Your the reason I bought livescope. Where do you like to run your color gain? Do you run TVG on or off?

      1. Tony S

        Thanks Scott

      2. Scott Martin

        TVG is low

      3. Scott Martin


    91. Dj Willie D Wilcox

      I got a feeling that they might ban this in tournaments

      1. Rusty Wray

        They never banned trolling motors. If you choose to paddle or cant afford a trolling motor you can still compete, but might not be competitive.

      2. Dj Willie D Wilcox

        @Sam Gaither I'm just saying... Thats all.. I know what it is and I do fish tournaments and I also know about technology.. so you didn't have to get smart With me ight..

      3. Brandon Elliott

        A lot of guys are giving up on tourney fishing. When you have a 80k paywall to compete for pidly payouts guys can’t afford that. Probably why MLF is already dying out. Bass and flw is next

      4. Sam Gaither

        Complete opposite this is the future of fishing if you dont like it dont participate in tourneys.

    92. bent rodguy

      just watched you and dc put a smack down on them on mitchell, the lake below lay where i live, you need to hit me up sometime when your up this way , i have 2 first place on lay, current record holder for best 5 27.10, 1 first on neely henry, hopefully i will fish an open when things line up correctly.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank Man! If we come back to Mitchell I’ll hit you up

    93. The Fishing Expat

      My man Scott is grinding out these KGup videos almost daily, I struggle to get one out once a week..

      1. Jim Brew

        More isn't always better, my friend.

    94. Trey Payne

      Scott ur all about ur fans and sharing knowledge 😀🎣 just a great guy!!! God bless friend 👍 keep it up!!

      1. Dan Garrett

        Thanks for sharing the knowledge Scott. I’d love to see the tournament trails implement rules in regards to fish being foul hooked while catching fish off panoptics though. Just like they do with bed fishing. I see a lot of fish getting foul hooked while using panoptics.

      2. Scott Martin


    95. Rema y Pesca

      Another Great Tip! Thank you for sharing it.

    96. wesleybigham1

      Thanks for the video dude!

      1. Scott Martin

        You’re welcome!!

    97. Joseph mannix

      Awsome video just got a fish finder for my yak

    98. zachary caulder

      I could of used one of those pan optix badly today and that boat 🤜🏻🤜🏻🤜🏻

    99. Bob Davis

      Too much screen gawking. Put it in the water and catch it Scott. 😂😂🎣

    100. Burton Brock

      love ur vids keep it up

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!