BOWFISHING On A $100,000 Airboat! (CRAZY ENDING!)

Scott Martin

52 миӊ. көрүүлөр9

    We hunt down the creatures of the night on a massive $100,000 airboat!
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    1. Saw JDM Jr

      I want to try bowfishing never did before

    2. Smashinbass Tv

      Tiki bar got em 😅

    3. Kristofer chamblee

      Gotta do this!!! Awesome video

    4. GeEKsQUad123

      Rob will never ever ever be as good as Scott.

    5. Jon DeMars

      This video officially holds the record for HBTs! HOW BOUT THAT!!!

    6. Jason Burgess

      Sub to Viking working on getting me one of them crossbows

    7. BassGeek

      Mmmmmm Beer.

    8. TopWaterTremors

      Need more people to do this to keep the tilaps in check

    9. Joseph Bane

      I live in a small town that has two lakes In it with world record bass in it

    10. CrossbowFreaks

      Wow what an awesome video, You guys really put the smackdown on some fish , but most of all you guys really showed how to have fun with those Viking crossbows🤘👏👊

    11. Wyatt Craig

      Drunk lunkers and Scott are funny af 😂😂

    12. Briar Pacheco

      Hey you should take me fishing sometime. Lol. From arkansas!

    13. Aaron LaPoint

      Buddies having a good time! I love it!


      Fellas, tiki bar and crossbow fishing is an exceptional idea and looks like an amazing time. A little hard on the equipment, but a great time. Thanks for the great work.

    15. R. Lothbrook

      Hope you boys had a dd or an uber that night haha

    16. Zander Windham

      What kind of coastal do you wear?

    17. Alex Marin

      Westbrook clip is a classic! “Bro what!” 😂😂😂😂😂

    18. Shane Jones

      Sent a email about the bass class. Havent got an email back. Just checking on it👍

      1. Scott Martin

        I’ll be sending more info out via email

      2. Brent Sorensen Outdoors

        Same here

    19. Dalton Richardson

      How old is hillory

    20. Dalton Richardson

      How old is your daughter

    21. C Johnson

      Does anybody give a crap how much that airboat is worth?🙄

    22. MattGT2

      We need to see some more videos with Lunkers this was funny

    23. Brent McKinney

      got dog that looks like some fun right there..grinning from ear to ear just watching

    24. Tyler Hall

      Scott, I absolutely love your content! I make sure to watch every episode because it puts a huge smile on my face and love watching you do what you love! You should have a give away or something like that to come fish with you in the off season or something. I would 100% enter for a chance to come fish with you brother. Thanks again for all the amazing content you bring to us!

      1. Scott Martin


    25. Rodney Hanbaum

      Good times right there! You'll think back on this during one of your tournaments! Lol

    26. Carson Winbourne

      Hey I just caught a huge bass stand was wondering is we could make a fishing video heair is the bass I cought

    27. nunyabiness

      y did lunkers delete his vid?

      1. Scott Martin


    28. Jason Garrett

      You know, it's casual...Just hanging out and shooting fish on beds........Very sporting......Donating the food is meat is generally a euphemism for we can't do anything with all the animals we kill so we are gonna hand it off somewhere in hopes they need it. Around here guys pay for 2 or 3 deer tags and donate that meat too. I have yet to hear the charity publicly thank all the generous hunters who denote that deer meat. I have yet to understand the need to go out and kill and animal with no actual intent to use it yourself. Perhaps hunting is a perishable skill that needs to be kept up..........

    29. Nate Smith

      That looks so fun scott

    30. Dylan Roth

      Rob- “is that legal?” Right after he shot that catfish 😂😂😂

    31. Thomas Myers

      Lol, Scott doesn't realize that I'm better than him!

    32. Ruth Keiling

      You need to do a catch and cook show us you cooking and eating them.!!!

    33. Reel Journey

      Greatest tie in history.

    34. Reel Journey

      Eat all them tilapia suckers. I'm tired of thinking those wakes are bass.

    35. Zach Davenport

      Rob and Scott are the dream team!

    36. Leroy Famjam

      Looks like a hell of a time😂

    37. JewishCoupon

      My names Scott Martin and welcome to Jackass!

    38. JewishCoupon

      Should have shot lunkers...that sack of shit

    39. 1iving2di3

      there’s crossbow bowfishing now??

    40. Derek White

      Sponsored by Michelob Ultra

    41. kcliff907

      Smash the like button, smashed my liver and subscrub lol

    42. Max Mohr

      Where’s Brandon ?

    43. gary zaiontz

      Yep, I think Rob got ya Scott!! LOL Damn Texas fishermen!!!

    44. Junior Peterson

      What happened to Brandon?

      1. Max Mohr

        Scott Martin if it’s serious i hope he’s okay

      2. Scott Martin

        I am looking for him

      3. Max Mohr

        Junior Peterson i was wondering the same like he’s a missing mystery lol

    45. Jerred Wayne

      Rob and Scott are fun to watch these have been some of my favorite videos

    46. Cody Masterson

      Man you make the coolest videos. My family and I are going to meet Andrew Upshaw in Lewisville for the bassmasters in April. We are going to be in Dallas fishing the Lonestar Jr bassmasters at lake fork and would love to meet you as well? We have been watching your videos for years and buy Googan Baits like it’s Gold. We love what you are doing a we are huge fans. Thanks for what you do for the next generation.

    47. Wayne Lagarde

      Man night time bow fishing with a compound bow is so awesome. It's so epic and fun.

    48. YankeeUseMasksOrDie

      Think its a good idea shooting fish on spawning beds?

      1. Steve Fisher

        They are an invasive species, good to remove them.

    49. Forever Bassin

      Brian Latimer loves airboats lol

    50. Danny Hernandez

      A nice a buzz and bow fishing sounds like good time

    51. Kimberly McMahon

      Thank you again scott for making my husbands year and sending him the Costas. He has had a tough month with his tumor surgery and the amount of pain he is in, but he was more excited that you contacted us than he is over the costas. This is the first time we have seen you bowfish with the cross bows. This was the best bowfishing video so far. We do miss seeing spinner worm and Billy though. Thanks for taking the time to share your adventures with your subscribers

      1. Nate Smith

        @Scott Martin Scott is the Og

      2. Scott Martin

        So glad this will put a smile on his face!!!

    52. SLIM Reaper31


    53. Rusty Wells

      Do you know how hard it is to just keep up with Rob when it comes to shooting Scott a tie with Rob is like a win unless you're a top shot or a x sniper! 🦅🇺🇸🦅 Although Rob did shoot more fish but the way they scored them it was a tie!

    54. Dylan Henry

      After a ton of adult beverages

      1. Baron Busin

        Hey Scott I’m from The Busin family

    55. Howard Stout

      Now that was alot of fun to watch awsome bro

    56. the other finnegan

      not exactly catch and release. ha ha

    57. Ward Unger

      LOL with good friends and some 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺 is always fun !!!! LOL

    58. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

      I always miss the good trips! Scott, what the heck! lol

      1. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        @Brent McKinney Thanks Brent!

      2. Brent McKinney

        really like the trail video's with scott ....hope you kill it this year ..we be pulling for ya

      3. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        @Zach Davenport Thanks Zach!

      4. Andrew Upshaw Fishing

        @Artificially Made Thanks buddy! Learn from the best!

      5. Zach Davenport

        You the man!!

    59. Bustin Biggins

      OMG, this is one of the funniest ones you put out Scott. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    60. ICYAngler

      Someone need to tell B. Lat that there are quiet Airboats. These guys got one! haha.

      1. Noah Glover

        ICYAngler it’s also basically in idle.. I bet that thing roars when it’s movin

    61. Ed Romero

      That looks fun

    62. Flivver

      thats a fun boat

    63. AVID Fishing

      8:18 Tilapia: "haha u suk" lmao

    64. Chris Johnson

      Ya yall was doing a little drinking huh

      1. The Reel Tanner

        @Scott Martin 5hr energy and monster AND a few white claws hahaha you da man scott

      2. Max Mohr

        Scott Martin where’s Brandon ?

      3. Chris Johnson

        @Scott Martin yes sir it is you gotta sleep man love the vids keep it up

      4. Scott Martin

        Kinda bad combo

      5. Scott Martin

        5hr energy and monster

    65. Life of CoachD

      Love it! Wish i could get you to come and speak at our next high school fishing club meeting...

      1. Zach Davenport

        Make that happen

    66. kcbennie

      That seems to be an awful gakky crowd!

    67. waterfowl outdoors


    68. Kyle

      8:11 gotta make sure that bow string snaps into the knock otherwise you’re in for a bad time!! Haha

    69. Jacob Haney

      Big fan Scott

    70. Keem

      Lucky number 7th comment

    71. bambam gaming

      Cross bow bowfishing......cheating! Lol

    72. TEJ Jensen

      Bowfishing is definitely not for me. They enjoy the killing a little too much, so I skip this upload.

      1. Smart Home Central

        Softy alert

      2. Another Somebody

        @TEJ Jensen I think these are invasive so fish and wildlife doesn't care how they're exterminated. They go out with electrodes and fry everything around them, or dump enough chemicals to kill every aquatic thing in sight just to stop an invasion. Some knuckle head dumped pike in a lake in Washington and WDFW poisoned the whole lake killing trout panfish and steelhead smolt just to stop the pike. I guess the situation depends on the context.

      3. TEJ Jensen

        @Another Somebody Maybe - but if we fish and kill fish in their breeding grounds, it all happens much faster. Catch and release of the best fish extends the elastic you talk about here much further into the future.

      4. Another Somebody

        Hunting and fishing wouldn't exist if the sympathy outweighed the fun. Fishing is the last great frontier. Someday it will be gone too.

      5. J Tall

        I bet you’re voting for Bernie

    73. James

      Spirits+cross bows+air boat = a great time lol

    74. Finny VanHimbergen


    75. Bass Bros

      First comment