Tour of my NEW 2021 BASS BOAT! // Project E

Edwin Evers Fishing

75 миӊ. көрүүлөр7

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    1. So_I_Fish757

      Rick is smart 😷

    2. jer bo

      where the heck can you get gas without paying for it first?!?!?!

    3. Greg Stabryla

      Sweet ride there Edwin. Also saw KVD's boat . Are you running lithium batteries? Good 👍luck this year. Boy, you guys have it tough,don't ya? Breaks my heart.

    4. Jesse James

      CongratulationI hope you enjoy it your new boatNext month I’m going to buy me a boat like yours I was enjoying watching your videos you keep safe

    5. Wade Ford

      Amazing job Nitro!!!!

    6. Mike Joned

      What do you do with last years boat? Does Nitro more or less have it on lease to you but for zero money? Do you guys pay for your own electronics and trolling motor so whatever is best for you that year you can?

    7. FishinWithMikee

      Must be nice to get free shit

    8. Adam Haught

      How do you go about selling your boat at the end of the season?

    9. Blake Bristol

      I love how truly excited he is about his boat. He’s probably had dozens of boats but it’s like he treat each one like it’s his first. Good luck in 2021!

    10. TexasVet72

      Man you’re like a kid at Christmas. Love it. I love that new spare tire placement. I saw your truck and trailer at the ramp the other day and that spare tire placement is what really caught my eye. The little things.

    11. Ramiro Ceja


    12. MD BASSIN

      Why not go lithium on the batteries?

    13. sebjean7793

      I wish I could buy one nitro boat here in France ...Thank you for showing us your amazing boat ,the features are awesome ! I whish all the best for 2021

    14. Kurt Reinhardt

      The perfect Bass Boat, and it's good looking! Wish you all the best this season! ❤️

    15. Heath Fitzgerald

      Awesome boat Edwin. I hope you have continued success with it.

    16. todd watson

      Love your Spirit for the Sport of Fishing , which is second to none !

    17. todd watson

      Do you get the Boat for free every year or do You pay for it ??

    18. Nick Munger

      Ok wow, nice boat! I'll be calling ya when I go to order mine so it can turn out like that lol!

    19. Chris Shoemaker

      Beautiful boat ...when you guys upgrade boats, what happens to the old ones? Give back to manufacturer? Or sell them for profit?

    20. Toll McDaniel

      This guy is steady Eddie on MLF. Best of luck this year E.

    21. Chris Zasada

      Glad to find your page , love watching you on tour , one of my favorites to watch. Great rig as well .

    22. DoodMang

      That boat is insane!!

    23. wisconsin hunting

      87 gas in your boat?

    24. Donald Martin

      Boys and their toys, lol.

    25. Austin Torres

      Man these are awesome boats

    26. G Gw

      I think id want a manual switch as well for the storage box fans....wonder if theyre randomly turning on if theyd scare fish in shallow water.

    27. Captain Ron

      Correct me if needed didn't astro was bass pro first fiberglass bass boat. I think astro was being built with pro craft but bass pro bought them out and used the astro for a few years darn im showing my age but fastest boat I ever own was a 16 foot pro craft with 150 Johnson and it would run 80 plus well not GPS back then but felt like 100 with 16 Foot lol lol

    28. Captain Ron

      Edwin love the new layout.. and Edwin I'm not a huge fan of nitro but they have came along way and looks like they getting better

    29. Tim Jacobs

      That’s a nice boat my friend and good luck this year 🎣


      Hi Edwin nice tour of your new boat that boat holds a lot of fuel 251 litres WOW that's $350 in Australia to fill it thanks for sharing CHEERS MATE.

    31. fishingmjorn DotCom

      What is that thing locking the trollingmotor from bouncing up and down called?

    32. Adam Freeman

      great setup and accessories but its still a Nitro lol...good luck this year!

    33. FEDERICO

      Super convenient The Fuel, in Italy cost 3 times that in America!!!!!!

    34. robby black

      All around best boat

    35. Scott Strong

      wish you were fishin bass mlf dont do it for me

    36. Josh Finnerty Fishing

      Absolutely awesome rig. Good luck this year

    37. Robert Douglas

      love your attitude my friend!

    38. Byron Hendrix Fishing

      Killer boat

    39. TOM V

      I'm just curious of the top speed when she is loaded. This boat has almost every new feature of any boat out there.

      1. FEDERICO

        70mph...😎 With this beast Behind!

      2. Michael See

        I’m curious too.

    40. Jesse Morris

      Sad to see Rick retire.

    41. Selwyn Junebug Cooper

      Let me get your old boat please

    42. Selwyn Junebug Cooper


    43. binkwood

      Boy as excited as he was to get a Nitro it would be cool to see how excited if he got a good boat like a Phoenix or a Bass Cat! :)

    44. Bradley Grayson II

      This is a commercial

    45. Joseph Waller

      Very well thought out design. I am impressed at how far the Nitro's have come.

    46. T Andrew

      COVID. It's real. How about you put on a mask and be the example?

    47. Kenneth Palmer II

      Nice boat! I’m content with my tracker 175; it’s the goodies and add ons that have the potential to get me in trouble...

    48. Bill White

      Super cool, super simple, so super cool, and super simple, it's just super super cool and super super simple.

    49. jaivette

      Nice boat, I have a z20 2016, wish I could get a new one👍

    50. Brian Grigsby

      Do you always use the old style motor toter?

    51. Matthew Held

      You forgot the second console area. Possible storage in second console and under third seat? Rod securing on deck? Partner fishing rod space? Overall I’m impressed by what nitro is doing, but this was rigged for a specific pro. Probably not available to general public if I called up bass pro and said....I just watched E2’s video. Build me one just like it?!?! Or can we??

    52. Jerrell Brewer

      This is awesome! You are the first pro that’s super successful still relatable to the weekend angler. I was this gitty a few months ago on my newest family addition. Love u guys! Can’t wait to see u crush this again this year!

    53. Marty Martin

      such a awesome boat Edwin cant wait to watch you beat the competition , im just getting into bass fishing i love it ,ive always fly fished so new ball game thanks for the video on throwing a jerk bait

    54. Bill reid

      Looks AWESOME E!! Great vid as always, thanks brother.

    55. Derek Slavsky

      Does anyone know how long of a rod you can put in that rod bunker?

    56. Ken Olswfski

      My new boat,free and all you losers have to pay for yours

    57. Gewglesux

      Anyone use Ranger anymore? or Falcon?

    58. rich warren

      Beautiful boat Mr Evers! Serious question though. Why do you guys have to get a new boat every year? Not just you. Most professional fisherman it seems? Seems like a waste not needed. If your last 1 was so great why spend all that money on a new model with thousands and thousands of dollars added in electronics? Isn't this overkill? Truly would love to hear why. Most people dream of owning just 1 in their lifetime, you guys switch like your changing a pair of jeans?

    59. Steve Workman

      I really had you being the wrong guy last before I met you at Buckeye Outdoor in Ohio. You are a stand up guy and glad I got to meet. The guy with cancer. I had you as being arrogant, but not at all the fact. I’m glad I got to meet you and chat a little bit! God bless you and best of luck for 2021. Love the boat by the way.

    60. Robert Barnes

      Nice looking shop

    61. Robert Barnes

      Nice looking boat

    62. Robert Barnes

      Awesome boat good luck this year

    63. D squared Bassin D2

      Super sweet. Congrats E, here’s to a super new year.

    64. Cory Ambush

      That is fantastic

    65. Landon’s Fishing adventures

      What do you do with ur old boats

    66. William Wheaton

      Edwin is a super star in the bass fishing world! But one thing about his boat says he is just a regular guy. That’s the fact that he has XM radio in his boat! I dig it! Good luck this upcoming BPT!


      Edwin is such a good role model.... you can tell he has big heart and loves the Lord just by how he carries himself.... my fav angler

    68. Robert Paulson

      Beautiful Boat. Good luck with the coming season

    69. Grant Alexander

      What I really hate is the part that Edwin included the boats that they do at that facility because it gives you some idea that nitro really only gives quality to the pro guys. If you have a problem with your nitro you got to take it to bass pro to people who have no idea about how to properly work on boats.

    70. Roland Caldwell

      All those electronics takes the luck out of fishing. Boat is a work of art

    71. Esmi Tesoro

      They're coming along well. A good step up from early 2000s nitros. Congrats on the new rig

    72. Charlie Mullen21

      How did you get into the higher level of bass fishing? We’re you on a fishing team in college or did you just enter tournaments

    73. Mike Foster Outdoors

      Edwin does that troll tamer work on Minn kota as well?

    74. Keith Johnson

      Like a kid in the candy store! Leave to Edwin to care about the cameraman and his comfort. Much class!

    75. GreenPig Hunter

      Very nice

    76. Buddy Long

      I'm proud to work for Bass Pro Shops! We're passionate about the outdoors. I feel the excitement that Edwin does when we receive new fishing tackle and boats at the beginning of the year. Fun stuff!

    77. Robert W. Coleman Jr.

      Holy moly to sweet! I hope to have a boat half as nice as this set up you got going Edwin. It is a good looking boat. Hope you have a great & safe 2021 season and God bless the Eavers family. Love the pecans by the way!

    78. William Henry Outdoors

      Sick rig bro 👊🏼🤘

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you! 💪

    79. MrJaxn be Fishing

      Congrats on your new boat! You have a blessed life🙏🏾

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you sir!

    80. Malcolm Greene

      Sweet..its a beauty

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        It sure is! Nitro knows how to make em

    81. Mike white

      Going to pick up your Walmart Boat.

    82. PaddleADK

      Awesome boat!!

      1. PaddleADK

        @Edwin Evers Fishing I love your enthusiasm and passion for the sport!! I love when I get new lures, a new bag, new fishing gear in general!! I love organizing tackle too!! Keep the videos coming!! I hope 2021 is a great year for you!! 👍👍

      2. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you!

    83. Brandon Palmer

      Best of luck to ya, E! Going to enjoy watching you putting swamp donkeys in that rig!

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Man I CAN'T WAIT for that!! 😎

    84. Andrew H

      I wish KVD and you would stand up to nitro and fix the bad trailers they come with. Many of us have had non stop trailer issues since the new Z series came out 2017. The nitro owners page has someone almost everyday listing major problems. My metal step on wheel well just broke off plus many other issues that scratched the side of my boat and I’m high and dry. Will cost me 2k to fix it because of a nitro mistakes Others have had back of trailer brake in half. They’re junk. Love the boat but as a decent human how can you stand behind that trailer?

    85. NumberOneNole

      Thanks for the boat tour Edwin. Great video!!

      1. jeremy davis

        Go Noles and Go E2

      2. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you for watching!

    86. Bryan McCloud

      Congrats Edwin!

      1. Bryan McCloud

        @Edwin Evers Fishing, your welcome sir!

      2. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you Bryan!

    87. Greg Fishingtime

      How cool is this!! Can't wait to see her on the water! I reckon you should have hide a banana somewhere below KVDs front deck... Just saying...🤣🤣

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Haha thank you Greg for watching!

    88. Matthew Murray

      Who cares about Ranger Boats. Always one in every crowd. Always a damn challenge with guys in the south. Stupid!!!

    89. RGR 798

      Hopefully it help you fish better and complain less

    90. michael medlock

      Love the humor of putting a hole in KVDs boat. And you are truly blessed too. Would love to go out on a nearby lake with you.

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you Michael!

    91. Jay B

      That boat cost more than some homes. Then add the truck and fuel to tow it...maintenance...rods, tackle...that is some serious money. Good thing for sponsors. :)

      1. Jay B

        @Earl Garcia What does him out fishing me have to do with the cost of his boat? Funny, you call me a hater and then you cast a snide remark.

      2. Earl Garcia

        First hater of ‘21... Don’t worry my man he’d out fish you in an inner tube

    92. Pastor Billy Edgar

      Very nice congrats

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you Pastor Billy!

    93. Bass Lush

      Who makes that boat cover?

    94. Chris Cabral

      Can i put a deposit on it for when 2022 boat is ready? Awesome

    95. Bassassin

      I hate to say it, BPS isn't what it once was. I barely ever shop there anymore.

    96. Bassassin

      Hauling a glass boat is taxing on gas mileage the way it is. So I'm curious why some of these guys jack their trucks up so much. Is it to just look cool?? Lol

    97. sense383 smith

      2021 is Edwin year, that boat looking sharp, Goodluck in 2021,

      1. Edwin Evers Fishing

        Thank you!! Let's do this! 💪🎣

    98. Preston Mire

      Awesome video nice boat that is a sweet boat

      1. Preston Mire

        I bought a new Basstracker 2021 pro175 I got it in Springfield lol on Black Friday lol I hope you win a Tournament this year

      2. Edwin Evers Fishing

        I love it!

    99. Guy B

      Picked up my 2021 z21 Pro in October. Thing runs great. Lots of nice features. Love the fit and finish. Do you have any things special done to your aft compartment lids? I saw you lift them up easily, I have to wrap a rope around the latch to lift mine up there so tight. Any suggestions? Thanks