Trisha & Ethan Have a Huge Fight & She Storms Out - Frenemies #5

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    1. Alexis J

      After a certain point, Trisha was gone. Like her eyes glazed over and she was beyond reconciliation. I don't understand how people can stay angry and block out sincere emotions like that, but it is a defense mechanism and she needed time to let her guard down enough to actually hear what Ethan was saying. He was provoking her, but the apology in the end was genuine.

    2. Erin McIntosh

      Ethan was 100% shaming sex work.

    3. Britt Matty

      She’s manipulative and really rude.

    4. Magnus Næss

      She’s damaged and I stand with Shane and jeferree

    5. Sassy&Succulent

      I mean he does push and push Trisha and claims it’s a joke which ok butttttt idk he never takes anything she says serious, even if it’s something that’s serious to her. I don’t think she would snap if he didn’t push her and poke at her so much. I think they’d all be great friends and family if they could just learn to work together better. I do appreciate the fact that Ethan and Hilla support Trisha and don’t give up on her and I hope that they all stay friends and build their friendship stronger.

    6. Dakota Riel

      I find it interesting that he reassures her that he still cares for her even though she is angry. Does she have borderline? This is a cool way to reassure a friend while they're feeling stuck in an all or nothing feeling.

    7. M

      They are jokes!! Trisha is infected with cancel culture in her mind. Too damn sensitive! Dont let humor die, not everything has to be so serious and hurtful. I love how she is the epitome of being not politically correct but advocates for all this canceling of people for jokes that aren’t politically correct.

    8. Christin Parker

      I knew exactly who she was immediately lol

    9. Malacate X

      Number 1 she looks really good and 2 Ethan likes to talk shit but cant take it...

    10. Kellie Kitson

      Tramadol ain't shit

    11. Rose Jacqueline

      Everything Ethan calls her out for...she just did to her so-called friends. This aged well. She needs to really appreciate this man and his family.

    12. fifi vogel

      Please tell trisha to talk slower. Im just Polish

    13. Mattison Young

      Did he SERIOUSLY ask if her family owned slaves what the actual fuck. Not every white persons ancestors owned slaves. One side of my family were indentured servants and the other side is native american

    14. Kaitlyn Coste

      tbh ethan is pushy ASF, like he gets so offended after calling her crazy and fat then saying they’re playing like 😐

    15. Dooting Skeleton

      woahh I'm watching all the frenemies podcasts after the whole drama with Trisha, Jeffree, and hairbyJay and at 28:54 she mentions something happened in vegas with jeffree, i just thought it was crazy

    16. Ashley Paugh

      Trish is very wrong on the Jaclyn hill story...🙄

    17. beingbeckeroni

      I love Trisha was continually surprised for Ethan to get excited and go all out for Halloween... like Halloween is the best holiday because you can have fun and dress up with your friends. I feel like she doesn’t appreciate that her announcing that she was dressing up for October gave Ethan PERMISSION to go full out and have fun ☺️

    18. Ciara Torres

      i genuienly feel bad for trisha because i can tell she was really hurt by the things he said and she was trying to hurt him back by trying to bring up topics she shouldnt of but in the end they were both in the wrong but im glad he tried apologizing and realized what he did wrong

    19. Sam Swanson

      I LOVE how they have serious arguments and remain friends. Trisha needs to be called out sometimes.

    20. Sharazad Hussen

      She literally can't let the highlights go

    21. lucy Blah


    22. Rizzy K

      Same shit every episode

    23. Shae M

      I have BPD and this is classic splitting and shutting down. It hurts so much to watch Trisha so hurt.

    24. Shae M

      Watching this right after Trisha DRAGGED Shane, Ryland, and Jeffrey 👀

    25. Mandy Sim

      Trisha looks so gorgeous with the dark hair. Wow

    26. Seinor Sloth

      this episode is a shakespearen tragedy. we know how it ends but the entire time leading up we're wondering whats it going to be but seeing ethan and trisha actually getting along well together and showing geniune fondness makes the end tragic :(

    27. Gage Knapp

      they fight like me and my bestfriend do lmfao

    28. ajshjshj

      No joke this is the only podcast I’m actually able to listen to and I’m interested in. You guys are fucking HILARIOUS

    29. jessica

      Eating room service and trying to get pregnant sounds honestly like peak life

    30. Alyssa Powell

      Ethan after the podcast *I shaved my damn eyebrows for this*

    31. Alyssa Powell

      “Are we going to make TikToks? We are supposed to make TikToks.... she’s leaving”.... I lost my shit at that lol 🤣

    32. Anjel Thomas

      this joking about indigenous genocide don't sit right with me... the chapelle joke made me want to hurl it made me so uncomfortable

    33. thrashing pumpkins

      the obvious bpd symptoms trish shows makes me so sad omfg... she just got too hurt and went off. good on ethan for recognizing that and wanting to help her. you guys are real friends.

    34. figgiepop

      The ending made me tear. I love Ethan for trying to resolve it. That’s a real friend.

    35. Hjhjhjj Fygugtbu

      Trisha gives a lot of views to Ethan

    36. Annaxaguilar

      Thank you for bringing up the issue with Columbus and native americans. We appreciate you Ethan!!!

    37. Madison Chase

      This is such an amazing source of entertainment. Wow.

    38. Carolina

      You could tell she was projecting when she talked about his family, his relationship and the baby making stuff because she can't get pregnant and she knows it was hard for Hila to get pregnant. Now she's engaged to Moses and in this video she says she doesn't care if they break up because she dislikes his family lmao.

    39. Carolina

      2021 update. Trisha actually has no friends left now.

    40. Kelly Tomlinson

      It sucks that Ethan is such a flamming liberal and likes to pretend he is smart when he chooses to omit facts to support his bias.

      1. f

        ok kelly

    41. Yeshe Ohia

      I love these episodes just started watching, but this episode is hard to watch and he was setting her up to fail in this one and you could tell she kept trying to change the dynamic back to a more positive vibe but he kept being more passive aggressive and antagonising her throughout

    42. Taylor Fletcher

      I mean the point is for them to have different dynamics. Love this podcast 😂

    43. Alana Bennet

      They’re like siblings. You can literally call this family drama.

      1. leoleo

        It seems deeper than that but ok

    44. shawna seymour

      he’s trying to make the situation better when she literally did weaponize his pill addiction against him. i don’t see why she’s so upset about the crazy comment when she literally always call herself crazy.

    45. SpectralBeauty

      Oh my god...the ending of this is so sad 😭😭😭 I'm so glad that they are closer than ever now.

    46. Music11 Michael33

      29:04 Damn jeffrey a jackass, also that quote from Trisha after “We also had a little issue in Vegas”

    47. makayla lee

      I’m crying at the difference in dynamics lmaooooo

    48. Kelly Eddy

      I feel so bad for her. You could tell when you started talking about her relationship not lasting that she was starting to shut down. But honestly good on you to apologize. You are a good man.

    49. ryann Sam

      Someone reminded me while I was feeling so sorry for this chick to look at how she treated and talk to and abused Ethan and Hila. I’m at a loss for words if she talks about mental health so much she needs another appointment. She just betrayed him wholeheartedly and I just see pure evil but I know I’m a nobody I just had to get it out because she triggered me that’s her favorite word right

    50. Neo Rambo

      Trisha really needs to be on meds. This is coming from somebody with type 1 bipolar disorder. The meds help.

    51. Neo Rambo

      Some kinks should be shamed.

    52. Jordan Arbour

      Trisha should watch >boy in the stopped pyjamas

    53. sikowitz_is_vibe

      49:56 I completely AGREE with Trish because tony Lopez David Zoey so many that aren't even canceled but shane got cancelled like wht

      1. sikowitz_is_vibe

        And those ppl have done way WAY. Worse ..compared too Shane plus these ppl haven't even apologized. and Shane apologized so many times inthe past so.. Agree or not 🙄

    54. Kara Mitchell

      can we talk about how Ethan is probably the only creator who has collabed with Trisha and actually cares when he genuinely upsets her?? like yes he provoked her and they both said mean things but Trisha was still going in on him and he was apologizing and trying to mend it depsite her still being nasty... you can tell he actually cares about her and didn't turn this into huge clout

      1. Madi

        @Melat Mekbib I don’t think so, I think he was largely caught off guard. At the beginning of episode 5, he mentions how he’s talked about this issue before.

      2. Melat Mekbib

        I felt so bad for him I think he really got hurt 😭

      3. Madi

        I would say he only does that minimally. He might not want anything bad to happen to her, but he definitely exerts this feeling of superiority over her. He treats her like a spectacle, and he acts like she’s too stupid to realize it but she clearly got tired of it by the end of this episode. The title of the show is Frenemies, yet its them discussing her personal life most of the time rather than a mutual discussion of topics. As much as he might not agree with her, he doesn’t treat her like an equal, and it’s kind of gross watching him act like he needs to guide her. If he genuinely wants to help her, he probably shouldn’t be doing that in a monetised video. I don’t really want to watch a show where someone with mental health issues is backed into a corner and judged when it’s just supposed to be a regular podcast. Not that I’m a fan of Trisha either, but she’s still a person.

    55. Kyler Baucom

      Moses sitting down and saying give it time, telling Ethan he loves him and then going to support trisha. He is so fucking pure. I'm so glad trisha has him in her life and Ethan too... saying just go with her Moses bc he wants some one w her to support her and not feeling left alone, trisha is so lucky to have this support system

    56. Chaingale !

      Why do I love this? It's like witnessing a friendship in the making. Ethan is really patient with her which is great

    57. Kristen O'Donnell

      “they cheaped out on schindlers list” (meanwhile, the budget was $25 million usd)

    58. Laurel DeForge

      Every once in a while I forget what an utter trash heap she really is, but then her mask slips & once again I'm reminded of her true colors. How have people not learned from her very long & treacherous track record? You should all save yourselves the headache & get out while you're ahead. Don't say you weren't warned...

      1. Marlissa

        oops borderline personality disorder*

    59. Haley Selene

      What.... What's a hebrew cereal?

    60. Jess R

      It’s the costumes for me 😂

    61. Afterglow Yogi

      I hate that the stuff about Mykie got so shoved under the rug here. It’s so huge, she’s such a terrible person, and the fact that Anthony never said anything has made me completely change my mind about him. Also I hope Ethan watched Swoop’s whole video, there was so much there.

    62. Dave H

      Weird how a label just wipes away the freak label - turret's - but when you just group a collection of weird behaviour isn't that just consistent evidence of being a weirdo - just like if you criticize someone your a hater - well what does that men? is it not justified to hate in context - how do you know criticism cant be without hate or emotion - what's wrong with hate who said hate is bad? id say its only specifically bad if its based on lies or is violent - words are harmless if untrue - no?

    63. Dave H

      Trisha spelling out the DeKlein

    64. Breanna Basile

      I love Trish but she nasty sometimes

    65. Breanna Basile

      Woosh has the same vibe as pokieman

    66. Operation Ada

      best costumes ever dude wow loving this haha

    67. Katelyn Faren

      Wow Trisha just digs and digs too. She throws out these such low blows and then plays the victim. She puts his personal life on blast and uses it against him. Driving his family apart. She needs help

    68. Electric Pansies

      Bill Burr was the awkwardest h3h3 interview in my opinion, not Eric Andre

    69. jess secco

      bro shes so fucking crazy what is she going on about

    70. bzleo

      I'm using white pony from now on.

    71. Meghan S

      How are they the same person yet so diffrent.

    72. shan

      This is an example of what they call BPD Wrath. She doesn’t mean what she’s saying. She may think that she means it but it’s really just coming out of a place of intense hurt and wanting to hurt somebody the way that you feel hurt. She experiences emotions at such a high level that even if Ethan is joking, sometimes it won’t feel that way. People with BPD have pretty severe emotional dysregulation and when they feel hurt, it turns into rage which turns into wrath. That’s why she said all those hurtful things to Ethan and pretended not to care about him. All she could see was the hurt and she tried to come up with the most hurtful things she could come up with so that he felt as hurt as she did. She’s still accountable for her behavior, don’t get me wrong. I’m just pointing this out as a really poignant example of how BPD typically externally manifests. And I’m really proud of the progress she has made since this episode was uploaded.

      1. Electric Pansies

        @shan so sad 😔 she defs should take medication, she admits to not taking any because it made her suicidal, but she needs to go back and tell the doctor and they will try a different one.

      2. shan

        @Electric Pansies Yeah that’s one of the main symptoms of BPD, fear of abandonment. She’s deflecting because the thought of Moses leaving her probably hurts so much that she probably has to pretend she doesn’t care

      3. Electric Pansies

        And every time she argues with Ethan, she goes back to “Moses, I don’t care if you dump me” 😬 and it’s clear that she does care. I think that’s a BPD thing too right? Fear of abandonment.

    73. Being Gorgeous

      I don’t like ethan

    74. Michelle T

      Trisha is right, Ethan pushes her too far. And the reason the pills were offensive to Ethan is because he is not totally upfront about his personal life. When this show is literally consistently about Trisha's private life. It's imbalanced, and it needs to change.

    75. Kelly Unicorn

      I legit thought it was the real uncle Fester actor.

    76. Kwinn The Human

      Trisha at the end of this video is almost every girl when they get emotionally hurt

    77. Jade West

      Trishas jennifers body costume n makeup is amazing

    78. Joey Blackburn

      Love this podcast not here for the David slander

    79. Poot Lovato

      trisha was CRUEL towards the end of this, ethan handled her mood really well props to him for being the mature one in this situation. i hope she cools off a bit and learns to control her anger a bit better and not take it out on those who sit through her moods and actually care to talk to her. she said so many mean things to him and he just took it all, supressed his ego to keep her from getting worse.

    80. Chris Channon

      Spends a while episode saying people are fake to then admit she is being fake, if this wasn't amazing watching I'd be so out, the hypocrisy is real with one

    81. Mariah Daynell

      Ughhh I love frenemies

    82. Megan

      Trisha: 'You have guests now that literally nobody knows' Me: *expects for it to be some obscure person* Trisha: Jacksfilms- Me: wtf

    83. Carmen G

      him saying swoops video is too long, and that she needs to edit it down, and that its just "stupid drama" really rubs me the wrong way. Black women are so used to their voices being silenced, and their struggles being minimized, and this is a great example of that happening. Also realllyyyy shows ethans privilege.

    84. briana zentner

      H3, trisha and trixie should do a podcast. This would be so freaking 🔥🔥🔥

    85. Mythagoras

      all trolling aside, Ethan is a fucking legend Lester

    86. Erica Elizabeth

      I feel bad for everyone in this. I feel like it would help if they took crazy out of their vocabulary. I know Trisha thinks she owns it but watching this it was clear that she wasn’t feeling great and that comment not under her skin and she had a BPD meltdown. I know what those are like. Miscommunication can turn into such a nasty fight where you’re saying the most hurtful things and while it’s happening you literally KNOW your being irrational but you just FEEL so intensely.

    87. Erica Elizabeth

      Trisha says she takes accountability and I believe that, but the biggest problem I had with the DID situation is how she called someone with DID crazy and from my experience with my partner with DID, one of the biggest things they deal with is the stigma around the disorder. These people have gone through so much trauma already to the point that they had to dissociate so badly that they’re brains can’t integrate as children, they don’t need outsiders making life worse by calling them crazy when they’re just trying to navigate a world that wasn’t built for them.

    88. Diane

      Trisha is just protecting her feelings by trying to hurt him

    89. DHOOM- z7

      Oh my 45% that is high

    90. Diane

      Why does his face move like that

    91. Diane

      Why does his face twitch like that

      1. Paul Gast

        He has tourettes

    92. Laura McBride

      it’s so funny bc she genuinely has nothing to say that’s a good comeback bc ethan was being genuine lol

    93. Christina

      I am living for this podcast 😂😂

    94. Madison Stormo

      Okay I was more so on Trishas side. He always says stuff about her and brings out her flaws but yet can't take anything that she says back to him without getting overly defensive.

    95. ShivvyPop

      Anyone else notice that Jordan Peele TOTALLY based his character Meegan off Trisha Paytas?

    96. ThePaulCastles

      This Addams Family reboot is interesting.

    97. mina that_artist

      It's so crazy that she is so outspoken but knows so little. I don't hate her but try to educate yourself if you have such a large platform.

    98. Destiny Valdez

      Everyones justifying trisha but like uh no she was completely in the wrong and i dislike her soooo much more

    99. K B

      Why does trisha look amazing with black hair? 😍

    100. Victoria Stout

      trish should not be a mom lol