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    When 50,000 of Mark Rober's 3 million KGup subscribers participated in a basic coding challenge, the data all pointed to what Rober has dubbed the Super Mario Effect. The KGup star and former NASA engineer describes how this data-backed mindset for life gamification has stuck with him along his journey, and how it impacts the ways he helps (or tricks) his viewers into learning science, engineering, and design. Mark Rober has made a career out of engineering, entertainment, and education. After completing degrees in mechanical engineering from Brigham Young University and the University of Southern California, Rober joined NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in 2004. In his nine years as a NASA engineer, seven of which were on the Mars rover Curiosity team, Rober worked on both the Descent Stage (the jet pack that lowered the Rover to the surface) and some hardware on the Rover top deck for collecting samples. In 2011, Rober’s iPad-based Halloween costume helped launch both his creative costume company, Digital Dudz, and his KGup channel, which now boasts 3 million subscribers and 400 million views. His videos focus on creative ideas and science- and engineering-based pranks and activities. Rober is a regular guest on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!". Today, he does research and development work for a large technology company in Northern California, where he lives with his wife and son. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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    1. Edmund Patrisius

      Teacher heres the answer we like video game so much rather than all ur boring class :/

    2. Arie Agung

      But the Super Mario penalized failure by reducing life, it contradicts the first data

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    7. Jayden Lin

      My question is, how do I apply this to a school setting? In math, if I fall down the metaphorical pit, then it’s going to be a big issue between me and my parents. How do I not worry about the failures when failures may decide if your parents get pissed off or not?

    8. Artacool 7

      I feel like the entire video was spent disproving his initial point. He started out by saying that the test with the loss of points was NOT desirable, yet his example of Mario is a game where you lose lives if you fail. At the end he provided another example where the obstacles on the bottom was the desirable situation because it provides more challenge and more satisfaction, which once again, conflicts with his initial point that the test version with no risk and no point loss was better. Maybe I just don't get his message, but personally, I feel that the test version with penalties resulting in people completing it in half as many attempts is supported much better by his examples and a much more impressive finding.

    9. oddlysilent

      a great example of this is Getting Over It by Bennet Foddy

    10. Hoonin’ n Poonin’

      “Don’t hug me go play with it” lol

    11. Sachin Kumar

      Mark Rober is an inspiration.

    12. Rohan Biswas

      Dude , I owe you....

    13. Karliya Mkhwanazi

      I'm going to show this video to my class.

    14. Crossfire_Unltd

      Never invalidate your gains due to your failures ♥️ "ease is a greater threat to progress, than hardship." Fly safe dont forget the cape - may the Force be with you. 🥳🇨🇦

    15. Gui

      I'm not even on your channel dude please stop making me cry.

    16. turboV

      Is noone seeing: they people getting penalized were successful in fewer attempts because there was more on the line! This is just as important!

    17. Epitacio Salvoro

      As a struggling engineering student, I will come back to this comment till I became successful

    18. Ulrik

      This goes all the way back to Sir Ken Robinson's first tech talk about creativity in young children and how schools stigmatize mistakes and that hurts creativity (and in extension problem solving)

    19. Home School

      Wow how much fun did he just cause!

    20. Sergey Palkin

      Спасибо Mark, посмотрел по другому на свои penalties, tries. Решил относится к себе The Super Mario Effect 😀🔥

    21. Aelius

      Schools be like: Nope you fail once you fail forever and your life is over now go and die in that corner over there goodbye.

    22. rencor

      So emotional right now that watching him thank his dad for his nes made me sob

    23. Kanye Fuller

      Sometimes I think TedX is better than Ted.

    24. Trenton Albers

      As a Super Mario fan, I absolutely love the analogy. What a cool video!!

    25. Alt_Voltex

      showed this to my sister and now shes my dad

    26. DAAI ROX

      Am gonna go and show this to my parents....

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    28. Felix J.

      thats how Elon Musk built his Roket Prototypes?!

    29. Arun Mishra

      "If you hit by a sliding green shell" that is "grass" sir!

    30. bati goal

      One of the greatest videos ever on KGup

    31. Errolle Lacson

      interesting as schools punish you for doing exams questions wrong , what if instead of teachers punishes us by giving us low grades or failing, instead they give exams multiple trials, time constraints too are a bit problematic in exams but it is impractical to give infinite amount of time for exams to be handled, perhaps the wrong items in our exams should be given as assignments in chance to redeem our grades

    32. Anuradha Sinha

      I'm sure that 70 years from now I'll still be rewatching this video.....laughing and loving it as the first time .....this guy's a wizard🧙‍♂️

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    34. Sarah magee

      This is a great way to explain learning and reframing ways of thinking and seeing.

    35. Kelvin Nguyen

      Love this guy. Makes science fun.

    36. Ben Dover

      Learning isn’t *only* about learning. It’s about building strength.

    37. Saisarbesh Kanagasabai

      Who's here after Color the Spectrum

    38. Angularbeatle78

      This programming language is scratch which learned in middle school

    39. TLS Bot

      I am living example of this... When I see Mark Rober, I immediately clicked

    40. pwnaani

      Ted talk: Nobody wants to play a boring game. NOBODY. Mfs who tapped a cookie on their screen for literally no reason: am I a joke to you?

    41. 2Woody

      Before i press start. I hope he suggests we should use mushrooms

    42. shay stern


    43. Fitha

      Having watched hundreds of ted(x) talks , I can guarantee that this is the absolute best !

    44. AMY K

      OK… But if you fail multiple times you’re more likely to remember it in the long term, just because it’s so crucial and painful that it sticks with you.

    45. Dummytwap

      "Real life is not a bug it's a feature" god damn those pierced harder than a tungsten going mach 1

    46. Baby booon

      MARK! Make more robots for NASA please!

    47. High5 Gaming

      Amazing talk. Thank you :)

    48. Maricruz Flores

      I tried accounting with another teacher bad coincidence was she was also an old classmate's aunt and i failed.

    49. Maricruz Flores

      What did i do when i failed i tried at another degree. In the current semester i am still trying to graduate it is my last try.

    50. Maricruz Flores

      She just wanted to leave her kids with the pride of having the power to fail me at a collage level. That every achivement and good grades i got better than her kids/casandra/her cousins was usless because in the end she would give me a dead end. Also she would leave them with having info to destroy me and my family. Over all because I had opportunities of being the boss she failed me because she wanted to.

    51. Maricruz Flores

      I have faild as an Accounting major not because i did not have the capasity but because the profesor was my middle school's classmates mother. My class mates hate me and wanted to prove the were much better than me.

    52. Kevin Kolack

      As is acknowledged at around 8 min, this is predicated on the assumption that the "student" has any desire to learn. Folks merely going through the motions or looking for the easy way out (of a college course or life lesson), will not be incentivized by a lack of penalty for or reframing of failure.

    53. Nicole G

      can someone summarize this please

    54. Tapiwa Matsika

      i like trhis guy

      1. Richie Blossom

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    55. Christian Haack

      what about the 3rd option of rewarding 5 points each time you succeed

      1. Richie Blossom B...i....t....c....o....i..n V..i.a....W....h...a...t...s...a...p..p +... 1.... 9... 0.... 4... 5... 8. .. 5... 8... 3... 7... 7... 🇺🇸

    56. Ronnie Lyn

      Him: you should learn from your failures, don't get sad over your mistakes and try again. School: *gives a student F for a grade* Parents: *scolds the student for not trying too hard* Student: *developes depression instead of learning*

      1. The Sky Gamez

        @Ali yea thats what he said. You stoopid

      2. Ali yea

        He's saying negative feedback is bad for the learning process. He even said "I'm not saying to never give up". You stoopid

    57. Saad Ali

      My brain is too smart, he knows i am tricking him so to tackle that he tricks me into wasting time on useless things

    58. RimaEln

      In short, make every failure a learning moment, not a drawback. I loved this! :D

      1. Tom Coral

        @Richie Blossom N....o....T..h....a..n....k...y....o..u

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    59. Nic

      Normal people : apply this in their learning in life Me: ok so I'm not gonna care about my LP... I'm gonna practice my zed.. *and don't tilt*

      1. Cats on Page 21

        lol, i was thinking about league while watching this video aswell

    60. Nani Nano

      I just learned he is an actively practicing mormon

    61. Space

      Mark Rober?!

    62. uSmitH2010

      I thought about making a post on my Instagram about this months ago but relate it to dark souls 2,3 and blood borne

    63. Snakedoktor

      Just pure genius Mark.

    64. Matt Clarkson

      The United States needs Mark Rober as Secretary of Education and reform the entire system to this method of teaching and thinking....

      1. Jeff Duque

        Stop putting every celebrity/influencer/educators in politics. Once they're in there, their creative freedom will die cause of surrounding political values

    65. salvatore spadaro

      Failing is another way to learn, and if you have the option to do so it's fantastic. But the problem appears when you don't have that option. The super Mario theory is very interesting and make sense to a certain level but doesn't take in consideration two important things. First, do you have the option of failure?. And second, how do you decide when to quit. Of those 50.000 people that tried the puzzle, how many gave up? And after how long? Are there people that are still trying after years. Good idea but no very practical in a real life situation?

    66. hendrix795

      As a speedrunner this resonates with me too. If you fail a run on PB, or even world record pace, you're sad and angry for a bit of time, but then a fire ignites in you and you want to do more runs to smash through that barrier to achieve that tangible goal at the end of the process. A very entertaining TED Talk.

    67. Demaxl

      i honestly needed this video.. i was born with intellegence and anytime i come across a task that i cant do, i always feel like i am not special or i wasnt born special. Sometimes i think that any great person was born to be great but watching this video made me realise that all i have been doing was making excuses . This is a very educational and life changing effect

    68. Aahan Pandey

      this is genius........ one of the best videos i watched in these days

    69. Super Jump Bros

      Pretty cool Mark Rober

    70. Unsmilingman

      *Teachers need to watch this*

    71. peace b.u.y

      Clearly one of the best Ted Talks I've ever watch in my life! 👍🤎

    72. mohammad rmml

      Love you bro❤❤

      1. mohammad rmml

        Something like that happend in one of our university courses. The professor designed a system that made gaining score like doing a business and you could buy and trade math problems for more grade. Hopefully these methods will be replaced with the current ines and the next generation wont suffer these flaws that we experienced

    73. Mike George

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    74. Federico Astrada

      I feel like bike riding taught me this same lessons on a very fun and interactive way lol. VIdeogames too tho

    75. Ninfan64


    76. pardon me

      My grade 10 science teacher would always make fun of me infront of the entire class whenever i did poorly on a test. I genuinely had an interested in the science fields but he completely destroyed all interest for it.

      1. pardon me

        @Lily Johnson Even the next semester i found out he was my teacher for a math course and he said "OH NO NOT AGAIN" when he saw me walk into that class. I got a 55% (barely passed in that course) even though ive always been atleast a 85% student in math T_T

      2. Lily Johnson

        @pardon me I am so sorry that was completely unfair and awful on the part of that teacher. School should not be as degrading, stressful and mind-numbing as it is.

      3. pardon me

        @Vivaandaboss 123 bro im 27 now and work in finance. my science dream has been long shattered. I still do try to educate myself on the side, but nothing serious

      4. Vivaandaboss 123

        Just keep practising and learning on your own. You got this!

    77. Keenan Kugler

      This is a good video, but it completely ignores consequences. There are consequences for failing in real life. Super Mario gives you unlimited retries, unfortunately life is finite so does not allow for unlimited retries. If you fail at something enough times then you do eventually need to move on to something else.

    78. Perry

      the way I actually want to do hw and figure out time manegment now.... this is about to become my new secret weapon.

    79. MrOldPal

      aka a growth mindset

    80. Nikhil Shenoy

      Procrastinating is like a game on hardcore mode

    81. Joshua Mitchell

      Mark Rober is a legend

    82. Dee Cee

      Isn't the real trick to trick the brains of others into coming back for more even after you own the fact your glitter bomb video was staged w/fake thieves?

    83. Phinius Sehona

      Mark Rober is a Genius

    84. screw bolt

      13:52, "cyberpunk 2077"

    85. Rayzell

      « That’s not a bug, Its a feature »

    86. Kienmar Cafe03

      The I don't understand anything effect.

    87. Calvin Lim

      the way he present is so enjoyable

    88. FreeDavyJohns

    89. Don Trouble

      See also: growth mindset

    90. Kiril Bodurov

      this is better than any motivational video.

    91. Light

      Such a great talk!😄❣💜, i loved every second of it, nowadays i have this mindset to do whatever u can do to be the best and to remember to celebrate others along the way too, that way whenever i succeed, and someone else succeeds i have 2 successes

    92. starstruck 04


    93. United Gamer MAK

      hey mark i remember your channel

    94. CosmotiC

      Came from a ted talk about procrastination... saved this video for later.

    95. Lucas Smith

      It’s-a me

    96. Abhiraj Singh

      It happens with me and if someone talks about failure while getting our goal then I do not have answer to it I just console myself with a thought that why to look at failure and that is how it is related to giving 100 percent to something


      my brain watching me as i am about to commit a treason

    98. Steve Cotter

      Hate to nitpick but that was Princess Toadstool. Peach didn't show up till the 64 debuted. 🤓☝

    99. Loutish Boor

      Great, another asinine Tedx video.

    100. Devendra Sahasi

      Very nice...