Russ - Why (Official Video)


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    Official music video for Russ "Why" - available everywhere now:
    Why'd you leave me when you told me that you would stay?
    Why, why?
    Why'd you leave me if you told me that you would stay? (Ooh)
    Could you tell me why?
    Why'd you leave me when you told me that you would stay?
    Why, why?
    Why'd you leave me if you told me that you would stay? (Ooh)
    Could you tell me why?
    [Verse 1]
    I can't believe all the times I believed in someone
    Where's the love, first it's fast, then it breaks down
    Hole in my heart, need to breathe, need a break now
    That was a waste now, oh
    I should've known from the jump
    You've been cold, you've been hot
    Did you plot on my gold, lost my faith now
    Thought I could trust should've guessed you would change now
    Fuck what you sayin now, oh
    Why'd you leave me when you told me that you would stay?
    Why, why?
    Why'd you leave me if you told me that you would stay? (Ooh)
    Could you tell me why?
    Why'd you leave me when you told me that you would stay?
    Why, why?
    Why'd you leave me if you told me that you would stay? (Ooh)
    Could you tell me why?

    You played your part, as well as I did, baby
    We played them better than most, most
    You gave your heart, as well as I did, baby
    We gave them better than most, most
    [Verse 2]
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    How you feelin'? I'm exhausted
    Flakin' on your love, your heart is frosted
    Let's talk this out, let's just go there
    But every time I try, you get defensive, Rudy Gobert
    And log onto your Instagram and post a Rumi quote there
    Gratitude is wine for the soul, go get drunk
    Oh, that's cute, you in your zone there
    We drive each other crazy, but somehow we gettin' nowhere
    Always startin' over like "Hello there"
    Hello there, hello there
    Why'd you leave me when you told me that you would stay?
    Why, why?
    Why'd you leave me if you told me that you would stay? (Ooh)
    Could you tell me why?
    Why'd you leave me when you told me that you would stay?
    Why, why?
    Why'd you leave me if you told me that you would stay? (Ooh)
    Could you tell me why?

    Twitter: russdiemon
    Instagram: russ
    Facebook: russtheone
    Song produced by The Kount & Wes Allen

    Directed by: Joan Pabon
    Executive produced by: Edgar Esteves
    Production Company: Blank Square Productions
    Edited by: Joan Pabon & Russ
    Written by : Russ

    ℗ 2020 Russ My Way Inc

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    1. Russ


      1. Kristopher Rocha

        Why u leave when that you wouldn’t stay why whyyy

      2. DOPE SQUAD

        Good for us

      3. Landon Wright

        Fr bro you're versatile

      4. Desiray Cruise

        Wow this is sooo sexyyy

      5. Keegan Jules

        If you did a song with, (two 22) you would be. An unstoppable Flow

    2. dcinhere

      That background chorus sounds so familiar. Like from a 90s r&b song. I swear Ive heard it before. Anyone know? Im scrolling through the comments.

    3. Dasari Saikumar

      oooohhhhh, whyyyyy, waiyyyyyyeee

      1. Dasari Saikumar

        is a vibe dude

    4. Napoleon's WRLD

      I found this by mistake best mistake ever, well... second best after me of cause haha

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      Emiway bantai fan

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      മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ ❤️

    8. Brooklyn Twiggy Marie

      You can see his passion and pain when he's singing. I love how flexible his style is as well. 😍😍😍😍

    9. Kristopher Rocha

      Why whyyy

      1. Kristopher Rocha

        Oh no why you leave that your wouldn’t staayyyyy ohhhhhhh

    10. Ricki Perzichilli

      Russ, you just been killing it! I love you with all my heart!

    11. JIGGY

      Are u okay Russ.?

    12. Nito Silva

      Defensive, Rudy Gobert!! Thanks Russ, appreciate you freestylin' some Utah Jazz.

    13. Byrd is the Word A.k.A B-N-T Ent

      This is so underrated

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    15. Kim G.

      This song is hauntingly beautiful

    16. Tee Dee

      Who is this guy Im from australia and never heard of him... Wooow his music is soooo powerful All his beats r crazy and and words r powerful long has he been around??

    17. Dustin Pollock


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      I'm back to this song🥺💔

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      I'm so in love!! 😍😍😍😍😍💋

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      Why is he so god damn sexy like holy fuck

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      My man, my future husband. I’m convinced that you’re the only man alive that can actually win my heart ! Quality of a man, you better not get married and wait for me until I make it and we meet in person! 🙏🏽 Voice, personality, looks, soul !

    27. Emmanuel Garcia


    28. TrishaF

      This song deserves way more shine 😍 I love it

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      run up the veiws this deserve at least 100 million

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    37. Katrina Joy Cainghug

      Someone told me that Russ is just a sad boi, I can’t just shut my mouth, told em that Russ feels things cause of his experiences. Know that he can make music on his own, he is poetic and more than that. You could never get something higher than your level of understanding. Fck off and let me enjoy my vibe.

    38. the loner rider Gaming

      I can feel the vibes kicks in right away the bat when beats came... dangg this song just really good... thanks russ..much love from us

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      Beautiful voice


      I could play this for my wife and she’d think it’s an oldie. Wish more music was like this

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      I Can't believe this man Had to Drop 11-ALBUMS before people recognized his natural Talent - Writing, producing, engineering, etc... But People rather Hear Pump-Purp- or some Generic Soundcloud idiot Mumble on a track, they didn't produce or engineer??? Shameful!!

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