FINE, I'll React to Famous Film Corpses

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    "IT'S A STIFF!!!!!"
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    Law & Order: SVU
    The Crown
    The Crown, S1 E2 “Hyde Park Corner”
    Weekend at Bernie’s
    The Goonies - “IT’S A STIFF!”
    Stand by Me

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    1. Pam

      Wait!! I changed my mind... I wanna be a food block for animals when I die! 🙋‍♀️OVER. HERE! ME ME ME ME ME PLEASE!

    2. Pam

      Oh wowwwww! Is that legal in Massachusetts... To let your body decompose naturally buried in the dirt with just a sheet around my dead body? Serious question here. Can I really have this done when I die? Are there rules as to where I can have my corpse buried?

    3. Tom Kennedy

      I would think that "being eaten by animals" would be more like "throw me out in the deep woods and let nature do its thing", as opposed to cremating and mixing the ashes in to food.

    4. Tofu t

      I want to be eaten by that coffe poop cat. So I would be eaten and drank. Like Jezus but with poop

    5. Stanley Zabecki

      Again AWESOME show. I myself have decided to be put in one of those 'spore' suits. There are a few places here in NH that are set up for that already. Wish there were more places to have ones body do what it was intended to do at death. Return to nature. Not turn into something so toxic it has to be put in a concrete box so it doesn't kill everything around it.

    6. Charles Page

      People can eat it too they can mix it with meat or chocolate candy humans candy will be nice

    7. Tragic Punk

      I was studying to become a mortician. Not because “lol so goth”. But because I care. Should our OWN (not the families versions, those matter so much to me as well and I will always treat that with respect) visions on the afterlife or lack thereof be involved in our work? I feel a slight death phobia with it. I’m nervous at times, fine at others.

      1. Tragic Punk

        Also, my child’s uncle was murdered. We are about to go spread his remains. He was about 29.

    8. Celisar1

      Why am I watching this during breakfast?! What’s wrong with me?? And what’s floating there in the coffee 😶

    9. pinoybl page

      Feed blocks with cremains.

    10. feitocomfruta

      Something that I’d like to know your take on is MAiD, or Medical Aid in Dying. I live in Colorado and here it is legal for a person to get medical assistance in ending their life. Now, there is a process they must go through, including counseling, verification of terminal condition where it will lead to death by two separate doctors, and paper script for the medication. This is done at the patient’s residence, with a doctor monitoring (but they do not administer the medication), with the patient taking the pills themselves. I ask because recently, at my job in a primary care practice, I took a message from a counselor who said the patient had completed the counseling and wanted to continue the process. Ten days later, we were notified the patient was deceased. It’s sitting in the back of my mind, like I don’t know how to process it.

    11. zZOdysseus Zz

      I’m not gonna lie, Caitlin is hella good looking

    12. Darwin Bodero

      What would you say to CGP Grey’s video on death

    13. AletaDreams

      I love so much about this piece. Thank you Caitlin. I guess I am becoming a deathling. I also love that Deathhead Moth pendant!

    14. TheDoodlingGirl

      Who else wants her to react to 'The Autopsy of Jane Doe'?

    15. Ruby Y.

      Good to know that if I ever want to convincingly cosplay a dead body... I need to do an ahegao face. 😂

    16. Ruhann Labuschagne

      What would you rate the corpse in swiss army man?

    17. Midnight Hour

      Thank you so much for actually explaining the very natural things that happen to the 'body' in death. When my father passed it was like he was asleep but you could tell he was gone (long illness) mother passed from Alzheimer's and HER face had the look of TERROR to me because of her eyes and mouth being open...that took me a while and a lot of research and YOU to let me know it's just the muscles etc.

    18. Cristina Carlstein-Reyes

      i have a very unique skeleton due to harrington rod spinal fusion from T2- L 3 due to S curve degenerative scoliosis. it was done in my early 20's which is rare and im aware that extensions above and below the site are just a matter of time. i believe (hope) that within a few generations this will bean an obsolete surgery, and have wanted for many years to donate my skeleton to science. organs, well same, obvs, someone else might find them useful, , but the remaining flesh i always worried abt. this sounds ideal, as i am an animal lover. A- would it be possible, and B- do you know of any museums or oganisations that would want such a skeleton and treat it with respect?

    19. Ana Hernandez

      I would love to have my remain be put in a tree or under a tree, inteast of a tombstone I would like to have a plaque on a tree uwu

    20. Heidi Zehrung

      I've actually had to make-up film corpses AND have consulted on a few (Including a VERY famous film corpse!). I was a hospice nurse for many years before so I would always tell people "think yellow" and "How long has the body been dead and in what position? (for blood pooling of course) The funny thing IS--many director's want me to change the coloring--they think corpses are all BLUE. sigh...keep educating the masses my dear!

    21. k cush

      you're my favorite

    22. Mcholypotato

      A child of the 80's and haven't seen the Goonies. What is this world coming to?

    23. Brad Thomas

      Mortiitions are too weird !!!

    24. Lesa U.

      I told my hubby to cremate me and mix me into a textured concrete vase to put flowers or plants in. Or if money is really tight, just leave me at the hospital and don't claim me. I won't know a thing lol.

    25. Nombre Apellido

      When I was younger people referred to me as a little (rhymes with spit). If my ashes are eaten by animals, that past reference will be some amazing foreshadowing.

    26. kalajel

      So to play a convincing corpse, you need to do an ahegao. Okay, noted.

    27. Greg Hunter

      OK Caitlin I stumbled onto your videos last night, and have been binge watching ever since.. Love them!!. I have always told my children when I die I want to be Propped up by a tree in the woods and let the animals have me.. This might be a way to actually get this done... Thank You.

    28. Cynthia Rogers

      From what I've read ref. King George VI, this was true. Princess Margaret came in to her father's room after he died to see the embalmers getting her father ready to be moved.

    29. Duane Miles

      The feed block gives a whole new meaning to the "holiday fruit cake". Oh, that's. I'm sorry. Ha ha ha.

    30. Safe Space Bear

      when i first heard being fed to animals i thought it was the dumbest thing ever but after seeing how it's done ...I WANT THAT!!!!! I'd rather feed my ex to animals but i wouldn't mind it either

    31. Emily

      calcium is a macro mineral excuse you lol (proof: i just got that question in my feeds and feeding, animal science class)

    32. Gray Covert

      Didn’t expect a Coby White reference haha

    33. schwaffle

      Watch the goonies now! I mean it its great

    34. VannyBranny

      So that lady did _not_ taste test someone's grandmother?

    35. Bina Gabbriel

      Liberated crankiness 🤣👍🏼 YES.

    36. Cecily G

      I absolutely LOVE the idea of giving my body back to the Earth. What better way to honor the idea of how precious we as humans perceive life to be, you are literally giving yourself to the aid of another life form time and time again

    37. Michelle Simmons

      I like the idea of becoming food for nature. My plans for my final remains fell apart so to speak. Having no family I wasn’t sure what to do besides saying, “Just put my remains on the curb for trash pick up.” This will give me something to think about. Thank you.

    38. Janis Reifsteck

      Have you considered a contribution to the Tennessee body farm?

    39. Claudia Goldberg

      Girl! You need to be on National tv. You are wonderful, beautiful, of course, and so entertaining!!! Knowledgeable, yes....but SO good at giving out that info in a way where----we want MORE!!!

    40. Aaron Drake

      Nasty 🤢 some Committed cannibalism

    41. Bob

      Evidently you don't get the concept of TV or the motion picture business

    42. Natalie Martinez

      I want a video of poms in costumes. DO NOT BE A COWARD! :D I have a pom and I am serious.

    43. Sprite-Consumer

      I wonder how she’d react to the mushroom garden corpses from the Hannibal TV show

    44. Devin

      I’d love a whole video on the feed blocks. It’s such an interesting concept I’d love to know more about.

    45. Dawn Piker

      YOU NEED TO WATCH GOONIES!!! I’m a Goonie for life lol

    46. michele Reed

      You've been on the air for 10 years and in less than 1 year I've watched all your videos. Im a huge fan. I'm especially a huge fan of Caitlin doing what she wants videos.

    47. Jennifer Campbell

      I absolutely LOVE the feed blocks! That is a creative way to connect back to nature. It’s a start!

    48. Henry

      Hey what about the wicked witch of the east

    49. William Dixon

      Well, you can be buried in a trees` root bag now. I`d prefer your compression method.

    50. The Wilk Report

      In Tibet, the monks process the corpses of their deceased brethren as vulture food, so as to return the body to the ecological life cycle. It is believed that this practice arose out of necessity: the mountainous regions didn't really allow for traditional burial or cremation. But technology and urban living has caused this act to become rarer. I'm gonna try and have my body cryogenically preserved for possible later revival in the distant future. Failing that, plasticization and display.

    51. Shelley Young

      So, both the Goonies and Psycho are on the top of my favorite movies list. If you slow down that scene you showed from the Goonies, you can see the"dead" actor blink... seriously, tho... you should watch that movie. It's the best, most fun movie ever!!!

    52. Harry Moran

      *looks at views* omg almost a million!

    53. ann .tolman

      I LOVE the seed block idea. The family could make these themselves.

    54. Michael Godbold

      I have a small worm farm and part of what we feed the worms is grit. Because worms have a gizzard like birds do. They produce a wonderful compost that help plants grow beautifully. The calcium and potassium is also required by the worms to reproduce. I wonder if people would be interested in using the cremains as worm food then I would return their loved one a bag of vermi-compost they can use to feed their trees/garden? It would be a wonderful way to bring life from the lifeless.

    55. Mr. Lavinder

      Weekend at Bernies. After working as a CNA and I gotta say, Bernie would have evacuated at some point earlier in the movie and the thought of him sitting on a couch with some girl hitting on him is just... Well, even if he was alive it's hard to be the cool guy when you've crapped your pants.

    56. Gwen Catz

      "When I die, I want to be eaten by animals." *nibbley noises* 😂🤣😂🤣

    57. ScarletAmazon

      I love the idea of being fed to animals, just that whole circle of life thing really, and a love for nature. This is a wonderful idea, and I hope it's legal by the time my own time comes.

    58. Mouser64

      00:48 ?? I wanna be Caitlin's subbie, wtf.

    59. Slysheen

      Honestly I think the only thing I specifically asked for was Secret Porpoise. The rest are "Oh what am I going to see death-related today?" and end up with Caitlyn playing house music and shaking a flashlight at a bejeweled skull. I prefer it that way, because I would never think of asking for that.

    60. snochicka

      Two words: Sky Burial

    61. Cabochon1360

      That secret ingredient makes me think of a story I wrote some years ago.

    62. WhateverNWhatNot

      There was this episode on "My Strange Addiction" where a woman was eating the cremated remains of her husband and this said this was a health risk. I'm wondering what the difference is, if there is one for animals vs. humans? Not that I'm wanting to do this (to eat or be eaten) but I'm curious because of that episode.

    63. randi pinney

      The body in stand by me has always struck a fear inside of me. I used to fear he would slide out from under my bed and be looking up at me. It will always scare me. Idk what it is, but that is the ONE movie corpse that will always get me. I can handle pretty much any other ones. Growing up going to my family's funeral home in Massachusetts, I've seen a corpse or two, but none have bothered me like stand by me

    64. Andrea R. Fontes

      I don't know what it is about you but I freakin LOVE you! Can't get enough, I'm mad at myself for not finding you before

    65. Kevin Miller

      I’ll stick to burial, thank you!

    66. Cindy Jackman

      Working in a hospital, I've seen people die. One was there for six hours and never went super stiff...

    67. Kaitlyn Oddie

      the feed block idea is actually really appealing to me because i’d love a green burial so i could give back to nature but i’m horrified by the idea of my body being full of bugs (thanks, entomology class) so this would be a perfect medium

    68. Chelsea Resh

      the feed blocks guy is a genius!

    69. Courtney Crilly

      Caitlin knows us better than we know ourselves at this point and I'm SOOO for Caitlin doing whatever she wants!

    70. Bilinda Law-Morley

      Caitlin I'm going to be very content if you keep giving me what I didn't know I wanted. You've done a sterling job so far! Best regards from the Land Down Under.

    71. Paula Stiles

      She's right about dead bodies not being "present" (well, of course she is, duh). I used to be an EMT and there's this...absence even in the recently dead. The eyes start to glaze over immediately after the heart stops and there's this sense, when you're doing CPR, of this sort of...hole in the chest. It's not a physical hole, but you can sense the absence. Also, bodies are weirdly, uh, ubiquitous. I compare them to piles of clothes because that's kinda how they appear until you notice them. You can literally trip over them.

    72. Nessa D


    73. Bob

      I was impressed with Lindsay Crouse's 'body' in The Arrival (1996).

    74. Caoimhin O'Beara

      You've hardly aged a day lady!

    75. Jenn Louw

      Wow! I think I want to be a feed block!

    76. Mary Eckel

      I will never look at a high end granola bar in the same way again. Great stuff, Caitlin.

    77. Floyd Vaughn

      If cremated, I want to be made into phony crack and sold. Eaten by animals is good though.

    78. Floyd Vaughn

      Contenders. The Trouble With Harry. Return of The Living Dead. The punk rock one.

    79. Backruborbust

      It’s strange to me that cremated remains would be appetizing to animals. Seems like the burning process would make it taste like a way over cooked piece of meat? Idk. Can’t believe she tasted it, like finger in Mom’s cake batter mix.

    80. Azby

      I fucking loved this. I'm almost ashamed that I put it of$ due to fatigue or lack of the attentiion span I wanted at the time.

    81. Pyro_reaper

      Can we get Caitlyn reacting to just Law and Order corpses?

    82. emilydotbug

      Did u just fucking say that you've never seen "Goonies"!?!? Wtf is wrong with you!?!?

    83. julie Wallis

      I want to be eaten by animals. I quite like the idea of a Leopard or lion eating me, but I can’t see zoos with feet or hands in the enclosure being really entertaining.

    84. Fuzzy Butkus

      I’ve recovered a lot of cars under water with a heavy wrecker. Skin slip is something you have to see to really believe. Feedblocks end up as animal poopie. Pass.

    85. Christine Michele

      This is fantastic. I always thought of a "sky burial". It sounds so lovely for my molecules to be spread by migratory birds.

    86. snailbutch

      i feel like Laura Palmer is the most iconic tv corpse thoooo

    87. Alfredo B Bear-Lacis

      Dear Betty Page, love your work.

    88. Bobbie Kenna


    89. Scot Carr

      Couple things, Caitlin. First, how in the heck did you not even mention the hand-made "curated" corpses they used in "Six Feet Under"? They were boss! The second season on DVD even had a doc on how they were made. They tried to address the issues you have about "Hollywood dead people". Second, God bless Charles Shultz, but if he regularly used different hairstyles on the Peanuts Gang, yours on Lucy would ROCK! Seriously...😁 Oh, BTW, sorry about running long, but in regards to your body "going back to nature" (which, in any way possible, I do too...🙃), Aren't there any legal "sky burial" areas in Tribal/First Nation reserves? Or even maybe Zoastrian (sp?) "Towers Of Silence" in the US? Pretty much fits your preferences either way, I think.

    90. Whimsical Clouds

      The feed blocks are amazing, I hope that's available in the UK by the time I die 😂

    91. The Cat Ate My Shoe

      To be totally honest, I don't care what is done with my body when I die. I'm done with it. But if I could help the natural world with it, then I'm all for it.

    92. Jack Ryan

      I want my remains spread over Disneyland. I also don’t want to be cremated...

    93. Our travelingzoo

      I would love to be a feed block

    94. Kevin Best

      I think the strangest thing about a corpse is the absence of the person. My stepfather died at home of cancer. While waiting for the doctor to arrive to pronounce I waited with my mother, sister and the McMillan nurse, the shell of what had been my stepfather laid on the bed but he wasn’t there.

    95. onequartercanadian

      Please react to the corpses on Bones!!

    96. MrShalvayez

      When I am ready, I am going to go swimming around the Great Barrier Reef, and then piss off a shark.

      1. MrShalvayez

        @Nyssa Oh, I can piss anything off. Shouldn't be too hard to piss off a shark and get happily munched afterwards.

      2. Nyssa

        XD good luck

    97. Phoebe Carlstrom

      Humans are animals and you want to be eaten by animals. Mrs Lovett had answers for you

    98. ToddinOuray

      Absolutely love your videos and channel :) Quick question on the 2nd mentioned that the eyes will glaze over and turn white. Why is that ? What causes it ? I had never heard of that before. Thank you and Best Wishes! I look forward to more updates and videos! :)

    99. Stephanie Baker

      Wh.wh.whatttt!? Werw you being sarcastic when you say you didn't see the goonies!?

    100. William

      Oh yeah, so interested in animals eating remains - has Caitlin talked about Sky Burials yet?