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    Introducing the all-electric GMC HUMMER EV SUV with available CrabWalk.

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    Simulated vehicle shown. Actual production model may vary. Initial availability early 2023. Limitations apply. At participating dealers.
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    1. Kobe Monteclar

      Me be like: Wait, that's illegal

    2. The650valentino

      When your brand new hummer EV does it’s “automatic lane change” and ends up killing your whole family plus a car full of kids while you were on your way camping.

      1. LB Robinson

        seems specific😂😂

    3. Stephan Bell

      Ummm..... My question is, why is GM bringing back a technology that failed in the early 2000s?...... Known as quadra-steer

    4. James W

      Why can't you just turn a little left then a little right and go through just the same? 😂😂😂 trash as usual from American made now a day.

    5. tdog 1996

      The one electric vehicle that actually looks good and I'd actually consider buying if everyone has to go to an electric vehicle

    6. Xploration

      This is a joke.

    7. Cuda

      Just wait until it turns on the highway by accident and you lose an axel

    8. Jaybeem Hardscrote

      Hey GMC I've yet to see you demonstrate this crab walk feature in a scenario where it's actually useful. For some reason cars have gotten to pretty much anywhere in the 100 plus years we've had them and not one time was a crab feature needed.

      1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        @MrZancruz if I ran the ad campaign I would put the Hummer up against a competitor who lacks the feature and show how only the crabwalk can help you get out of it.

      2. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        @MrZancruz yeah but my point was they haven't actually demonstrated that in this video

      3. MrZancruz

        4 wheel steering it's very useful in a vehicle this size.

    9. Spartan 118

      Or just turn slightly to the left

    10. Cristian 03

      Pretty sure there’s a higher risk if you hitting the truck or whatever was to the side using ur crabwalk instead of turning left then right

    11. [J.P] _

      Or just angle the turn?

    12. Small Brain


    13. No WackyTobaccy

      Your in a hummer just go thru the truck

    14. thelegend 8965

      Its fake

      1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        What is?

    15. ZUZU

      This is Equivalent of that scene in Justice League where Wonder Woman Moves 1 inch to dodge a Bullet 6 feet away

    16. Super Duty 455

      Officially out of ideas, GM.

    17. Eli Eaton

      Put a hemi in it

    18. Yong Yea

      Welcome to countless service expenditures!

    19. General Zod

      Since it is a GM product, it will turn into a money-pit when that warranty expires. That steering thing alone will cost thousands and thousands to fix when it malfunctions and it _will_

    20. beboystyle

      Prob should have made it look harder to do without having the technology so the features can really impress us!

    21. J T

      A feature I’ve lived without and never needed! Awesome!!!!

    22. WITE FOX

      Why the cgi...

    23. Moe Guns

      This might have been a cool commercial if it wasn’t entirely in cgi.

    24. Ethan Rochester

      Um what?

    25. EL TORO

      Ngl this is stoopid like it's nice but once some thing gets busted, good luck with repairing it and not spending so much money.

    26. OLE REBEL

      Why do they use the same Led Zeppelin song in ever add

    27. PSVR _Live

      I bet they got this idea from vlog creations

    28. Lil Tool

      Now this is fye

      1. WITE FOX

        You’ll never be able to afford one if you talk like that my boy

    29. SIR

      For only over a 100k 😂

    30. Micko Paparo

      Just bring back normal quad steer! I still have it on my truck I love it

      1. MrZancruz

        It has 4 wheel steering...

    31. sledesigns1

      Is it supposed to rear steer or did the axle snap during the shoot?

      1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        It's supposed to, it's just a useless feature.

    32. Wavy F. Baby

      This is what happens when the competition makes a better vehicle so you try to top them. Half the people that are going to buy this already don’t know how to drive.

    33. Dee Rock

      So Nissan was criticized for saying electric cars are the future, the automotive press used range anxiety tactics on the leaf to which hampered sales Ans now all these other manufacturers are praised for their electrification of there vehicles , like they are the pioneers of it .

    34. N M

      Looks cool but seems unnecessary

    35. Jack Gaffney

      Because it would have been impossible to just drive around it lol. Why would I stop, engage a feature, and then turn it off and switch back when I can simply just turn the wheel and drive around it 😂😂

    36. Rich P

      Sorry, we don’t want electric so please invest wisely. And btw, new vehicle pricing is already at historic highs so let’s not make foolish investments in electric vehicles that won’t even see more than an 5% success rate causing manufacturers to raise the costs of gasoline vehicles more to make up for the loses in electric . We all lose in this situation.

    37. Dame Dollaz


      1. Dame Dollaz


    38. Beezer Twelve Washingbeard

      I already see GMC and Chevy trucks that drive like this all day long.

      1. Jensen Pierre

        Dogwalking 😆

      2. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        Yeah they just have severe frame damage hahaha

    39. Chris Benson

      They used the immigrant song cover by Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross, sung by Karen O for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. An odd choice.

    40. Paul Singh

      I like 👍

    41. Cooper /Autobot,male,police car

      This is “something we didn’t know we wanted”

    42. Joe Kugelman

      That all you need, idiots with 4 wheel steering! People today have a hard enough time with 2 wheel steering! Junk!

    43. Tian C

      So does it also have rear wheel steering?

      1. MrZancruz

        Found out that it has four wheel steering... Go find a longer video they go over a lot of stuff about the vehicle it's pretty sweet.

      2. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        You mean like just steering the rear wheels independently?

      3. MrZancruz

        Now that would be nice...

    44. Ethose Center

      Look like plenty of room to make a normal left and pass 🤣

      1. Ethose Center

        @Jaybeem Hardscrote driver was probably on a date

      2. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        Yeah same, I saw this ad and was like, why not just drive around it lol

      3. Team Buell

        how many situations can that possibly help in? Never have I thought I wish I could drive diagonal. I think lowering the price and removing that feature or 4 wheel steering is better.

    45. Larry Bettencourt

      Some one walking around like laddys ilookaway ast

    46. Michael Farrell

      Another GM nightmare of poor engineering and poorer execution. If it was such a good idea, it would have been done already.

    47. Matt Law

      I wonder how long it takes before it breaks

      1. Ivan Hernandez

        Or before it causes a serious accident sure it can crab walk but what if that system decides to malfunction on the freeway and the wheels decide to get stuck in a weird position....

    48. Taboo Groundhog

      *DEJA VÙ*

    49. japerezo75

      Need to align both axles...nightmare

    50. aljohn tabion

      Can the crab walk work while on the freeway?

      1. What? E

        @Aidan S pretty much like a lull. Construction terms for the big forklifts. They have crabwalk

      2. Aidan S

        Not the full 10 deegrees but at low speeds you get a few deegrees of motion

      3. aljohn tabion

        @What? E man...that would take weaving in n out of traffic to a whole new level

      4. What? E

        No. You would need to be stopped to engage then stop to disengage

    51. Martha Sanchez

      Los azules son competidores iguales conlas mismas capacidades en concas por q milos castigada igual.

    52. Martha Sanchez

      Yo personalmente miro preferencia por los rojos.

    53. Joshua Horton

      id rather have the orange 3500hd

    54. Naruto uzumaki

      Do it have to be all electric

      1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        It do

    55. Asian Invasion

      Imagine those joints messing up on the highway.

      1. Bastiat C

        It's basically just a extra steering system for tge back wheels.

    56. Blake Jackson

      Hopefully it won't be a nightmare like that stabketrack

    57. Michael Pierzchala

      It’s very rare to see an advertisement that actually gets my attention, but they did it.

      1. Leander Jefferson


      2. duck time

        the name crabwalk enticed me

      3. That boi Recardo

        🙋 like joking

    58. Steven Turner

      Way to much money for these vehicles and in the countryside’s of America they are worthless. No charging stations and they won’t travel far without a charge . On the farm electric tractors will not work . Simply foolish !

    59. Ronald Fish

      I thought the idea was less moving parts?

    60. BriveYT

      This what happens when a woman runs GM lol

      1. Ivan Hernandez

        Watch the crab walk decide to activate/malfunction on the freeway 😂 I wonder if they even thought about that

      2. WITE FOX

        Easily could’ve fit through there but obviously women can’t park so... 🤣


      Hopefully this crab walk works better than the older ones, (recall)

    62. ghost 19

      Did people get to lazy to turn a steering wheel or something?

    63. Mynamejeff

      You don’t even need to crabwalk to get through that

      1. Mynamejeff

        There is no scenario where crabwalk would be a good addition.

      2. WITE FOX

        @Jaybeem Hardscrote 😲

      3. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        @WITE FOX what about Asian women?

      4. WITE FOX

        It’s only supposed to be used for women and Asians

    64. le roy

      Now I know why GM went bankrupt and still struggling. The manoeuvre could have been executed via normal conventional driving. Unnecessary gimmick cropping durability/reliability/repairability issues.

    65. Syclone

      Can't wait to see these on the road

      1. Leo Gonzales

        @Syclone do you know how much added sensors are in this car? The avg person don't have those tools to fix it so they gotta take it to the dealer with our scanners. More money for us.

      2. Syclone

        @Leo Gonzales ok

      3. Leo Gonzales

        Can't wait to see this in my bay so I can start fixing it. Edit: you know? Because it'll break

    66. David Winehouse

      CrabwalK will be expensive to repair lol y'all's insurance going through the roof

      1. J T

        Do you know how much H2s were going for brand new?

      2. J T

        Insurance doesn’t cover repairs 🤦🏻‍♂️

      3. Brent Boilard

        @SaGe Ninja the good ones are

      4. AyyoItzJeepin

        @Mc Baited We’re talking about Tesla’s and hummers over here, and yes.

      5. Mc Baited

        @AyyoItzJeepin never heard of nissan leaf? prius? yikes

    67. Maximum Hardcore

      Looks like compleet garbage GM dis ain’t no ocean dis is terrafurma and prob jus junk like all your products and I’ll keep wit my bmw no thanks

      1. skee ter

        bmw is junk after 150k

    68. Jake Savoie

      Cool! But I do have a question for you, GMC: Does Crabwalk only work on pavement or will it work on any surface?

      1. P Travers

        I have seen this technology befor it is used in some military vehicles and those can turn all four tires on any surface .. there is a show called diesel brothers and they actually modified a truck to do this

      2. Martha Sanchez

        @Tony CrispRuby porque palate esta castigada ydanis suspendida del circuito!

      3. skee ter

        *hits curb with rear wheel* real wheel: im good.. just laying down

      4. Tony CrispRuby

        Only roads and water Anything else with destroy you

    69. Sergio Valadez

      For all of you who can't drive

    70. ThatCreepyKnit

      Me when crab walk activated 😮

      1. Jake Savoie


    71. lol y u gettin mad bro

      Another pointless feature to up the price and complicate repairs

    72. daily driven H2

      really nice feature

    73. Y. Suzuki

      That was not necessary lol. Just steer normally and move on instead of stopping.

    74. Jumbo

      Bring back Pontiac!

      1. Cesar Castellanos

        No, it’s best they lay rest in their true forms and not turned electric.

      2. Yes

        @ghost 19 exactly

      3. ghost 19

        That's to much America for the lefties they need more failed wind farms and batteries to pollute the earth with.

      4. Jumbo

        @Lord Publius yeeaaa I would love to see a new Rivera or a 442.

      5. Lord Publius

        And Oldsmobile, the Buick Riviera and the Buick Grand National. :)

    75. R Villa

      Wait until a sucker buy it new and in a couple of month you'll see it selling it twice as cheap. Typical GM "GENERAL MISTAKES"

      1. AyyoItzJeepin

        That’s literally every single vehicle lol.

      2. manoman0

        Go to bed, boy.

    76. Tony Michael

      Great feature

    77. Daybot

      Give us the electric Silverado we need a bed.

      1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        There is a pickup version too at least. Well, like a suv/pickup not a true pickup.

    78. Hamad Hadi Alyami

      وين القير العلاق

    79. Андрей Рогачёв

      Is this car charging wirelessly?

    80. ShadowWolf190

      My car can do the moonwalk when I put it in reverse

      1. Team Buell

        my car crip walks in the hood


      Real amazing👍😍

    82. Carson Meier

      Why add something that is prone to break and not necessary like when you guys had quadrasteer like 20 years ago same thing happened it was prone to breaking then you quit production on it


        It could also be that they've been trying to perfect it for 20 years as well Never know.

      2. ghost 19

        I remember seeing my first one of those. It was pretty cool but that was the first and last one I have ever seen. I guess they should have learned from jurassic park and leave dead dinos be.

      3. AyyoItzJeepin

        No car is perfect.

      4. Vanish Penguin

        Because the current market cares about the amount of new tech. It's for the same reason that objectively, Apple phones are not all that. But people will line up in a 2mile long line to get the newest model. It's all about the flex

    83. Michael Redline

      Just think how much is going to cost to replace it when crab walking breaks

      1. Grant Long

        @Lord Publius theres a ton of cheap auto repairs have you ever even done an oil change?

      2. AyyoItzJeepin

        Sue them?

      3. Michael Redline

        @AYYAN KHAN warranties only cover so much, could always get extended warranties but even then.

      4. Lord Publius

        No such thing as cheap auto repairs. That's why regular maintenance is essential.

      5. AYYAN KHAN

        Nothing if it's in warranty period

    84. Ak Obeid

      I see no point of this he could have made it easier without this CRABWWALK 🦀

      1. Ak Obeid

        @Chris Vaccaro until proved otherwise it’s pointless & useless now the only scenario that it could be helpful if the wheels could actually turn in 90 degree angle 📐 to squeeze between two parked cars but they would have shown that one off unfortunately not the case bud

      2. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        @Chris Vaccaro and my original point was they have yet to demonstrate it in a scenario where it's actually needed. If they wanna sell it they would be better off to do that.

      3. Chris Vaccaro

        @Jaybeem Hardscrote idk either my original point is its not pointless you dont have to turn it into a school project

      4. Jaybeem Hardscrote

        @Chris Vaccaro how would that effect filming a commercial? They're trying to set up a scenario where it would make sense to use this feature and they failed to do that. What I would've done is shown a situation where you could only get out using their feature. If the seller of a product cant even justify a certain feature, then why include it?

      5. Chris Vaccaro

        @Jaybeem Hardscrote agreed but saying its pointless is pretty dumb and its still a bit till it comes out may not be fine tuned yet so they dont want to pull an elon musk and have their speacial feature break on them during a demonstration

    85. Savage

      I can easily drive through this without that feature, actually I did more than a dozen times in far more difficult situations. No thank you GM.

    86. Mat's world of Cars

      This is amazing, almost like the Mercedes Avatar

    87. Guillermo Albicans

      Fixing the problem nobody knew they had.

    88. Sil _silent

      POV u miss clicked

      1. Jace Spruill