Is Trisha Smarter Than A 5th Grader? - Frenemies #4

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    1. krisna rivera

      constanipple. that's all

    2. Baby Boom

      Uhh.... I cared about gravity

    3. Erin McIntosh

      “Buffalo is a shithole” He’s not wrong lmao

    4. Erin McIntosh

      Omg he totally does look like Manny MUA

    5. martin b

      platonic plates

    6. Miranda Cano

      "yea we killed it literally"

    7. MJM

      28:40 Edison did not invent light bulb. He invented commercialised ones, that he then obviously sold making a good business out of it. 31:45 I mean there were atomic bombs thrown in US around second war - for testing, but still. 1:03:00 I mean you can also fly over Pacific and whole Eurasia.

    8. Tv IsMyBestFriend

      the nile is longer than the amazon, the amazon is wider but shorter

    9. Kirjas Talo


    10. DrNogueiras

      Zell me $1000, Jesus

    11. DrNogueiras

      I got one wrong :( the 7 years war. Constantinople!

    12. DrNogueiras

      What! Sacajawea most certainly is related to the Louisiana Purchase! Holy hell

    13. DrNogueiras

      I’m gonna play along just for engagement and personal pride. Harper Lee was a WOMAN, Trisha

    14. DrNogueiras

      The optional last comma in a list of three is always an Oxford comma and a group of crows is a murder. Common knowledge, God damn Ethan

    15. dasia ruleman


    16. Del Mar

      I’m obsessed with the chemistry between both of you!!

      1. Del Mar

        Working chemistry

    17. Songbird21

      Her asking questions like that without the wife around made me uncomfy

      1. MJM

        Hila watches the podcast - so that cojnts as being around. Chill.

    18. beingbeckeroni


    19. Alexandra Girma

      idk i know they fight a lot but i so genuinley love them on this podcast like their personalities complement each others so so well. I enjoy seeing them get closer as friends and how they will now eventually be family. Ive been watching these podcasts back to back and Trisha has been able to show the internet the more real side of her in my opinion. I have way more empathy towards her since seeing what she has to deal with everyday in reference to her mental health. I really hope they dont ever stop making these episodes, much love!

    20. Swavez A

      I loved this episode loool y'all are hilarious when you're competitive

    21. Coconut Juice

      Guys school was wrong, musical theatre > gravity

    22. Budget with A&K

      My new fav podcast!😌

    23. Budget with A&K

      Omg lol the sisters hoodie 😂

    24. Sha[Na]Leaaa

      The Nile is actually the longest River in the world so Ethan actually got that one right. lol

      1. Enroj

        I was thinking the same

    25. Moana

      I watched this because I expected Trisha to just give stupid funny answers but she’s eating Ethan the fuck up in English I did not expect this 😭

    26. Mariah Hayes

      This was good trisha! You and Ethan work off eachother so well. Do pop culture questions. Sasha is so cute

    27. Shae M

      This is basically the creative kid vs a STEM kid. I feel for Trish cause I'm super intelligent in English Lit and the arts but always called dumb for failing math and science. "If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will spend the rest of its life thinking its an idiot." - Einstein

    28. Rosalie Moreira Rodrigues

      The 18 year old ginger from Colorado watching this 👁👄👁

    29. makenzie andrews

      I love this.

    30. Momo sanchez

      This was so funny 😂

      1. Tisheral Vay

        So funny 😆

    31. Jessica Giebelhaus

      Trisha is in awe of ethans beauty

    32. Amanda Walsh

      "how do you know if you have lots of gravity, you don't even know whst gravity is" 🤣🤣 I love watching you guys bicker it's the best thing ever.

    33. Sapphire Krist

      Legit haven’t laughed this hard in soooo long

    34. Meg M

      Omg Ethan looks soooo good with makeup

    35. Michy And Kayla


    36. Michy And Kayla


    37. Linden1015

      Harper Lee is a woman lol

    38. Catherine Andraca

      Lmao I enjoyed this podcast Trisha 😭

    39. thrashing pumpkins

      ethan not remembering harper lee murdered my soul and then trish referring to her as a him i just cant

    40. breadcheeks

      when ethan said, "... Some would say you have a sizeable amount of gravity..." OMGSSMKDKKADK BRO I LAUGHED SO HARD

    41. Naahdude

      Trisha was totally METHed up!

    42. Briana

      Please for the love of God, DO NOT STOP THIS PODCAST! This is soooo entertaining. You two are the PERFECT dynamic duo and I can't get enough!

    43. Betty Yu

      When I got to the part where Trisha asks why we need gravity , I got an ad that started with “She’s floating”

    44. Kota Spivey

      She needs to get off he high horse

    45. Summer Brady

      Watching this now u can literally see in real time Trish being fed lies by jeffree and shane

      1. Summer Brady

        She literally said I never met them in real life but all my friends had horrific experiences with them

    46. maddie. mae_

      i love this haha

    47. fifi vogel

      I just wasted 1,5h of my life but i love it

    48. k c

      Black hand 😂😂😂 stfuu

    49. Ella Plautz


    50. Electric Pansies

      Technically they conducted a nuclear bomb test in New Mexico before the dropped one on Hiroshima, so they weren’t entirely out there, but the use of the word “attacked” implies Hiroshima

    51. Electric Pansies

      Ethan: that’s not common knowledge Me: pretty sure those are all common knowledge 🧐 Also me: earning average wage as a teacher Ethan: *ballin*

    52. Rachelle Lana

      I loved the trivia!! Not boring at all, I’d love to see more

    53. Rachel Ooyama-Searls

      I loved this episode

    54. Amandarrr

      Neither one of them are fat. They need to stop talking so badly about their self!

      1. Patson Pierre

        they are both overweight...

      2. avery burrell


    55. America Garcia

      Lmao our education system tho 🤣

    56. makayla lee

      The largest desert In the world is actually Antarctica

    57. rayokuma

      royal dahl lmao

    58. Alana Bennet

      There’s so much going on here. But the freshest in my mind: are we wearing the same lashes?

    59. Emma Maystrenko

      Lmfao I love the connection between Ethan and his dogs it’s so sweet and cute

    60. Daiye Biz


    61. Sam Sackett

      It’s so satisfying when the line on the table lines up with the curtains and so frustrating when it doesn’t lol

    62. Lauren Bayn

      i love how one second trishas calling ethan stupid then the next she’s like “who needs gravity anyway”

    63. TotallySaiko

      "Trolling" is a good cover for Trisha actually being stupid lol

    64. Jordan

      I’m so obsessed with the both of you it is not even funny

    65. Kelsey Whitenburg

      please this is so funny

    66. G Dlt

      I´m not even from the U.S.A and I answered like 90% of the questions ... wow... not wow me, but wow how do they not know their own language? lol

    67. Kostas Tsigistras

      I couldn’t be friends with Trisha her smart ass comments would make me say some shit she would not like just our personality’s would not combine we would clash

    68. Do not cum for me

      Trisha is actually bright\smart and getting pissed that she's losing 🤔

    69. Do not cum for me

      What is going on with his left wrist? Is it a twitch?!

      1. Gabrielle Grizzle

        Yes. He has Tourette’s

    70. Haley Selene

      Lol, Trisha and Ethan both missing the plot is iconic

    71. Chaingale !

      How can you not know about gravity XD

    72. josh cannon

      Ethans makeup...😱 Trishas self image...👸 Trishas personality...🧟‍♀️

    73. Well wouldn’t You like to know

      Lmao 2.3 MILLION VIEWS!!!!! I love this show.

    74. Imogen Johnston

      hes suchhh a sore loser 😂

    75. Laurel DeForge

      Ugh. Hostile.

    76. olivia henson

      this is the funniest podcast I’m crying laughing

    77. Mattison Young

      Either I’m way above average in intelligence... or they’re below lmao😂😂. Love them though.

    78. celestialseline


    79. celestialseline

      1:00:51 I'm fucking dying at Ethans face when Trisha says she knows that Paris is the capital of France just because of Hamilton LMAOOO

    80. LFG

      I checked out when trisha started singing

    81. proud to be me

      The podcast was good excepr for trisha flirting with him.Wasnt moses in the same room?🤦‍♀️

    82. MJM

      Love you Baga Chips...

    83. Jessica Jones

      Everyone always forgets about Wales.... *me triggered in welsh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿*

    84. sierra vans

      The not knowing about

    85. ramsee johnson

      Trisha is 100% a narcissist. Period.

    86. Perla Ruby Torres

      This is my favorite episode lmaooo😂

    87. Angel R. Villegas

      James Charles is gross 😂

    88. Angel R. Villegas

      Trisha is iconic

    89. OMGitsDanny

      she so proud to know basic knowledge cause its all she got

    90. Perla Guzman

      I’m obsessed with this podcast.

    91. Anonymous Nothing

      i died at where's gravity's award show

    92. Josh Kellaway

      To answer the question in the title and not waste your time the answer is drumroooll please baadaadadadadadadada....... NO

    93. Raven Games

      “Look at America being so strong and winning that war against everybody” If there was one impressive thing about that war it was probably germany lasting 5 goddamn years which about a year was spent fighting on 2 fronts against the worlds biggest allied powers

      1. Megan

        You’re impressed... about Germany..... in the war

      2. BrittDawggg Arf Arf!

        This is definitely the right place to be talking about such things 🙄

      3. BrittDawggg Arf Arf!

        O ok

    94. Lily knots

      saving thissssssssssssss 58:12

    95. KaylaSucksAtGaming

      they literally share a braincell and this game was proof of it

    96. Jaka Ursic

      Antarctic desert, is the largest desert in the world.

    97. Luna Reyes

      I’m in love with you guys friendship GOALS!!!

    98. Liepa Žilakauskaitė

      How tf she didn’t know that egypt existed...

    99. IIAlleysparksII

      "Nowhere is it great than in Albany" -hamilton

    100. Judah fine