I’m on lockdown so I watched all 14 Land Before Times

Jenny Nicholson

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    In these unprecedented times the only place we can go is the Great Valley.
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    1. Thomas van Kampen

      "This movie is so original that it contains no goo!" put THAT in a rotten tomatoes review

    2. Hardin Held

      Chomper gang rise up!

    3. Captain Indifferent

      "There is no fair when it comes to survival. *guitar riff*" Haha

    4. FunDumb Hero

      Ay! Ay! Wait a minute- one perk of "Guido" is he clearly is voiced by the awesome Rob Paulsen- past that... uh, yeah I don't know enough to justify anything else about the character. lol

    5. Kai5 The Explorer

      I mean I rank the first land before time being first but I respect your opinion.

    6. Katlynn Almansor

      This was very interesting to watch. I have only seen movies 1-6, so I can't comment on anything past that. I do remember liking movies 2 and 5 because of Chomper too XD. I will disagree and say that the original is still my favorite of the ones I've seen and it holds a special place in my heart. We rewatched that one all the time when I was a kid. It is a more pared down movie when compared to other children's films, including those of the same time period, but I think that's something I always liked about it. I loved the animation style and how there were these gaps of time with just sound effects or music and no talking. I also think the whole concept of family separation and trying to find a home and conquer your own fears resonated with a lot of kids at the time. Again, this was a cool video to watch and I appreciate you taking the time to watch and analyze all 14 (I didn't realize there were so many now!) of these. Can't wait to see more of your film/tv show breakdowns :)

    7. Eric Lewis

      Two twin brothers, one confident and the other insecure and submissive, both with a fixation on eggs? Oddly familiar.

    8. Just a Guy That Doesn't Look Suspicious

      I have two of these movies. The green chunky ones DVDcases. I also had this purple chunky dvd case movie about a dog, and I think it was called Curly?

    9. Sophie Heflebower

      his name is WHAT

    10. Erin Leary

      I watched Mysterious Island all the time as a kid. I loved the land before time movies. This was an enjoyable and nostalgic review. So glad creepshow recommended this video. I’ve subscribed and will be watching more content!

    11. Alex AKA A. Charles Ross

      Wow you're a champion for doing this, I've thought about doing this for years but haven't been brave enough 😂

    12. olli

      Is this where trump learned to call the sea big water?

    13. Haiphong

      Yes hello Sharpooth still scares the bananasa out of me to this day.

    14. Argo Bronwyn Zygor

      33:35 who could blame them, look how good they look

    15. Beer Dragon

      They made 17 of them??

    16. A M

      This is definitely going to make me subscribe especially after hearing that your a fellow brony..well pegasister‼️

    17. Rohith Kumar

      i heard the girl who voiced the triceratops was murdered by his dad

    18. Pegah Zabihian

      Daddy tops gives me big ol MAGA energy

    19. Aze

      DUDE i had to pause the video to comment, thank you for talking about the mysterious beyond song. me and my sister saw the stone of cold fire randomly once and that song has been in my head ever since

    20. Jake Young

      LBT community? Guess the gays don't care much for the series. If you're a lesbian, bi, or trans? Gonna love it.

    21. Mostafa Hadhoud

      my favourite is the second one for obvious reasons

    22. Hynre

      wow. i did not expect littlefoots dad being solid snake

    23. Ari Marianne

      I know someone who a) grew up watching The Land Before Time and b) is raising her kids to be bilingual. She is so done with the dinosaurs screaming, “Sharptooth!” that the kids don’t know that The Land Before Time exists in English.

    24. Aubree Christensen

      That clip of the EGGS song unlocked some deep memories 😳 Also my 3 year old loves the TV series. It's free on KGup

    25. IgLazyAss

      What about when Spike first speaks! Ducky!!!!!!!!!

    26. Christina

      Don Bluth animation in general tends to have certain "ugliness" to it, but I feel like it's part of the charm

    27. straw bunni

      Mediocre?! Land Before Time is iconic and yeah the later ones werent really as good as the earlier ones...

    28. Thomas Bramwell

      Don't squander your aliens 👾

    29. M W

      You remember way more of your childhood than I do

    30. Kazooples

      Guido looks like if you spruced him up a bit he’d be a nice Digimon design

    31. Amy York

      I'm 34, I watched the land before time over and over when I was a kid. Only now am I watching the sequels because my 3 year old loves them. He asks to watch little foot and and I put on any one of the movies and he's content.

    32. Amy York

      Why are you calling it racism? They are different species. By the way, enjoyed your review

    33. Peter Parker

      So you can laugh at it?

    34. Chris Sakai


    35. dragonbretheren

      My low-key favorite part of LBT V was briefly mentioned here, but not explicitly. Chomper's song "Friends for Dinner" serves both meanings of the phrase, giving it a somewhat eerie undertone for adults while also being clean and fun for children.

    36. Jahcoba M

      Hearing her say “daddy tops” in such quick succession has awakened something in me I wish I could put back to rest

    37. Chimmillius Jenkins

      I'm on lockdown so I watched all Jenny Nicholson KGup.

      1. Grant Rollins

        I’ve watched them a million times now that I have nothing to do lol

    38. Barnett Brown III

      We used to get these movies yearly each Christmas. I'm really only a fan of the first one now. I only say up to 11.

    39. Charlotte Labaquere

      "get it together Petrie you're 45"

      1. alolanraichu

        fucking fake fan

    40. videogamenostalgia

      Yeah, I guess you could say I'm LGBT L and G ay B efore T ime

      1. alolanraichu

        videogamenostalgia you can go to hell fuckbag

    41. martijn van weele

      I thought I had seen most of _The Land Before Time,_ but I've seen maybe five of these... Glad to see that only one of them is in the bottom five... Incidentally, Littlefoot's "real" name might be "Thunderfoot", which was originally going to be his name in the first movie and refers to him being a Brontosaurus (literally "thunder lizard").

    42. Rosabelle May

      My literal childhood I still have all the vhs tapes and still watch them

    43. Miranda M

      everytime she abbreviates it as "LBT" i have this sliver of hope in the back of my mind that we're gonna get the shocking reveal of a gay dinosaur

    44. Sensibility


    45. Alaaran Aranoya

      But The Mysterious Island was straight fire. No, I haven't watched the vid, it's just good.

      1. Alaaran Aranoya

        Have now watched the vid. The Mysterious Island was indeed straight fire.

    46. Lewis TTS Sonic games and memes

      This series has been milked as much as final fantasy

      1. Lewis TTS Sonic games and memes

        @alolanraichu what do u mean I’m not a fan

      2. alolanraichu

        fucking fake fan

    47. gabs

      Imma be for real I think journey to big water smacked

    48. CrystalShard Flare

      Is it bad I think about watching LBT agian? I have most of the movies on dvd or VHS

    49. poisonhemlock

      Buying bread from a man in Brussels, he was sixty feet tall and full of muscle...

    50. andie1508

      Also....I will always love you and your content, but I have to admit to being upset with your top 3 in the ranking. The OG LBT should be #1. It *is* #1, better than all it's sequels, and we all know it.

      1. Vedfur

        I didn’t like her reasoning for it being at top 3. She seemed to focus more on what happens in the movies instead of the overall story of each film.

    51. andie1508

      LBT (and Bambi for that matter) are both about children who lose parents dealing with loss and grief....with a little help from their friends, of course.

    52. djmulder

      Still sad about the way the voice actress of Ducky died, hit me heavy when I learned about it

    53. Maddy Donuts

      Some of these sequels in random order (whatever vhs my parents could find, I guess XD) were a big part of my childhood, even more than the original, which was kinda scary to watch as a kid haha, I can't believe I can finally get all the lore of the movies I didn't get to watch Edit: Chomper

    54. Dave Be Bear

      HAHAHA "Gummy, ugly and wrinkly...." OMG my thoughts exactly!!! Its why I've always had issues with Don Blooth cartoons

    55. Dave Be Bear

      Thanks for doing this (in my mind) horribly tough task. I have a love and extreme hate for the first and only true Land Before Time movie, the only one I'll kinda watch again in parts.

    56. Michael Robinson

      I like how most of the outlandish statements were said by the elder triceratops 😂

    57. J A

      My ranking: 1 The land before time (9/10) 2 The land before time 2 (6/10) 3 EVERYTHING ELSE IS CRAP!

    58. Totally not a Undercover FBI Agent

      i like the fact that land before time and alpha and omega can have 14 fucking movies but good stuff is 'limited by budget" even though it's made by billion doller corparations

    59. Ramis

      E G G S

    60. the Luminary

      what is surprised she seems to only like the female characters. she won't like a male character if it doesn't talk

    61. Allie Myers

      Everyone else: I miss the tiger king lockdown vibes Me: uh no I miss the vibes from watching my favorite KGup review every land before time movie Have I watched this video multiple times? Absolutely Have I ever watched land before time? No

    62. Sam Stanford

      If we ever have a Land Before Time XV, I hope Pterano (Petrie's uncle from the 7th movie) returns

    63. unlucky cat

      this video has unlocked secret memories of watching all of these as a child

    64. KingofSting19

      When I was a kid, I had the first 5 movies on VHS and would marathon them back to back all the time.

    65. BobTheT-rex

      Watching this video opened my mind to long forgotten memories I was not really to remember.

    66. rayzimmermin

      but if you kick daddy tops out of the grate valley then are you not proving him right that it is ok to exclude some people because you don't like them or maybe you should including him regardless of his beliefs and show him their is a different way like what the kids did with Cera to teach her to be inclusive

    67. Andrew Kohler

      Bambi seems an apt comparison, given that the original LBT and Bambi both traumatized us all as children with horrendous deaths of the protagonist's mother.

    68. theflyingninja1

      Time to watch the tv series now.

    69. fludderkiddie

      My orig LF doll was what I used to scream cry into in my early teens.

    70. fludderkiddie

      Also: your room looks cool

    71. fludderkiddie

      Chomperrr!!! Cute little bby who hasn’t quite grown into his Murderous self yet ❤️

    72. fludderkiddie

      Mo looks like the Lisa frank version of LBT characters.

    73. fludderkiddie

      Thank you...as a 40yr old woman who JUST turned 40 this week and got Covid for my Birthday-I loved the OG movie but had also never seen the others. After listening to this video I can truly say you’re doing Gods work. K gonna go lay back Down next to my equally Sick 7 yr old

    74. peter dee

      Ducky is a saurolophus not a parasaurolophus

      1. alolanraichu


    75. Iris

      Funny thing is, the Dutch title for at least the first movie (I didn't knew there were 14 by the way and I can't recall ever reading about the public television station that aired the first film airing the rest) is in no way a translation of the title. It is practically impossible to give it a good (and short) translation, but still "Flat foot and his friends" like it's in Dutch (but translated into English, obviously) really had me going like "How does that sound like the original title?" :P By the way, the Dutch dubbing (which is pretty unconventional for something animated around that time in my country, and at times is still unconventional, though much more common these days in children's series) was incredibly spot on, they really tried their absolute best to get the voices in Dutch sound almost exactly like the original English speaking actors. The voice-over in itself was good as well, but I guess that's more of a personal thing, the Dutch voice-over is done by Paul van Vliet and he has been known for his voice for years (next to his cabaret).

    76. Tom Milley Music

      33:45 Holy crap, it's the guy who voiced Lord Bravery on Freakazoid

    77. Blamo Stramo

      how active is that gang of five website...

    78. Mark TTKK

      Yeah 5 is also my favorite and the most memorablen. Whenever i recall lbt, 5 is always the first one to come to mind.

    79. The variety pack snaxx

      Clicked for the girl, watched 5 mins for the girl

    80. Lauren Nelson

      I just sang six different songs from memories I didn't know I had. The video is such a time vortex. "Big, big, big, big water~"

    81. Briton Saxton

      I had a phase as a kid where I watched land before time 5 multiple times a week, thank you validating my taste!

    82. Faybae

      to be honest ive watched LBT since i was a baby and i remember everything about it, and ive watched every sequel and remember nothing about them. 😂😂😂

    83. Samurai101

      The land before time was one of my favorite movies as a kid but holy jesus i never knew that there were 14 of these i think i had the first 4 movies on vhs but then it just became to old for it

    84. Chloë Amelia

      “get it together petri, you’re 45”

      1. alolanraichu

        fucking fake fan

    85. Jer emy

      18:05 why the hell do the babies have horns but Cera who's much older hasn't grown them yet??

    86. ThatGamingAsshole

      Daddy Topps is apparently Hitler.

    87. Brett Piggott

      44:08 Props. And Double Toasted brought me here.😎🍺

    88. Onewingerdraven

      Land Before Time is what would have happened to Secret of Nimh if the producers had persevered after the sequel.

    89. Wolfiaheart _

      My Absolute favourite is the movie with Chomper, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE HIM AND HIS PARENTS, they are just good characters for me

    90. SFreeman

      Why do i remember ALL OF THIS?!?!?!?

    91. GeneralDragon011

      Now before I start watching this video, let me say this. You actually watched all fourteen Land Before Time movies?! All fourteen?! Wh-why?? I didn't even know there was fourteen of them! I think the last one I heard about was nine, maybe ten. And that was back when I was in middle school! Or high school! I don't know!!

    92. LT Family

      Little foot is an apatosaurus. (Sorry I don't mean to be like that)

    93. Cervidaevian

      Grandma: "Cousins, who will take me to the Night Flower?" Cousin: +glances at the creepy pterosaur that's been sitting in the middle of the valley all week+ "Well it ain't gonna be me!" Bet you didn't expect a Backwater Gospel reference, did ya.

    94. Sarone Aimah

      I hated these movies so much as a child. I just thought they were so depressing. And ducky was the most annoying character.

    95. The Batman

      I don’t know why this video was in my recommendations or why I even clicked on it but yeah I’m gonna watch it all the way through. Again, I don’t know why...... Genre of character? Character archetype dear. Character trope is also acceptable

    96. Hayley’s Comet

      I always forget there is a fandom for LITERALLY everything. Legit didn’t know there was dedicated fan sites for this series like wow. I feel like I should just not look at them though if I want to keep my childhood sacred lol.

    97. Zachariah Henzel

      This video saved me a lot of time haha. Thanks!

    98. Colin

      Quarantine? I guess you have a lot of land before time on your hands. Ok, ill go.

    99. Hot Dog

      I cant believe i watched a hour long review of all of the movies of the the land before time franchise, and not regret it

    100. Hayley’s Comet

      Now I wanna rewatch these. This is what got me SUPER into dinosaurs as a kid lol.