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    0:00 Intro/ What is an iceberg chart
    1:47 SM Clones
    2:50 The Red Velvet Effect
    3:43 7 Year Curse
    4:06 MyDOL
    5:15 Illuminati
    5:48 Dating
    6:21 Media Play
    7:55 Pranks
    10:43 Fanwars
    11:09 H.O.T & SECHSKIES
    12:07 B1A4 & Dal Shabet
    14:48 Girls Generation & Super Junior
    15:37 Black Oceans
    15:40 Girls Generation
    16:40 T-ARA
    18:09 Rigged Shows (Produce 101)
    20:03 Bullying
    20:07 Sharp
    22:14 APRIL
    24:00 Idols vs. Fans
    24:14 BOYS24’s Hwayoung
    25:28 SECHSKIES’s Sung-hoon
    26:35 Sasaengs
    26:42 Kim Yeoshin “The Idol Killer”
    29:53 TWICE Nayeon
    32:05 Other incidents
    32:45 Kidnapping
    32:47 Lee Bon
    34:05 Girls Generation’s Taeyeon
    34:50 Mistreatment
    34:52 BONUSBaby
    36:14 The East Light
    38:40 Busters’s Chaeyeon
    40:18 Slave Contracts
    44:34 Disgusting CEO’s/Staff
    49:19 Sponsors & Minors
    53:45 Uncle Fans
    56:57 SOPA
    58:51 Slave Room
    1:00:14 Burning Sun
    1:01:24 Outro

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    1. Merve Özdemir

      5:15 omg finally somebody said it. There IS dark stuff going on not only in kpop and I hate how people act like god himself told them it 100% doesnt exist cause its wayyyy too obvious they DO. And thats on periodt.

    2. Michael McCallum

      Thank you for such a great and informative video. It's obvious how much work and time you did to produce it. From start to finush the more than 1 hour it took to watch flew by. I was thoroughly interested by all the tiers and felt compelled to see it all. My opinion is that if even a small portion of these incidents and activities are true - btw I don't doubt you at all, creator and reporter reporter - but if any part big or small are true then the K-pop industry have some serios issues. Very serious issues that need to be addressed and corrected

    3. Mamkajiwin

      What’s up Broski 🦋✨🦋

    4. Nikki Pellagaud

      Illuminati lmao that is true for WESTERN singers they have aditted that so many times but Kpop I dont think so they arent into that shit they are the victims of slave like contracts and explotation but that is all .

    5. jennifer valerio

      Amazing video. As being a long time kpop fan, you did this video justice. Great work, I just subscribed!

    6. blue bubbles

      Most of the authorial companies imposing upon the idols and the brutalities they have to go through is terrific. But seriously the fans? Black ocean?! It's like a whole society growing against them. Just because they're idols doesn't mean they're not humans. But honestly I think it should also be noticed that the vast no. of young fans actually fantasize these idols and perhaps they're little aware of their actions. It's really sad how some literally worships them :(

    7. trisha

      Is that Junhee on the thumbnail?

    8. D K

      dude a male trainee getting the offer? 51:27? damnnnnnnn i wonder who that was

    9. Arin Syafina

      this video is such an eye opener. thankyou so much for making this video

    10. Arely Garcia

      dude i love your Chanel so much it’s amazing and I love this video !

    11. ATaylor Productions

      Just like everything else... Kpop industry has pros and cons. Being a Kpop idol can be very stressful. So that's why I think all Kpop stars need to be treated well and respected. I just hope there won't be more abuse in any Kpop industry because being a Kpop idol doesn't mean they don't have rights. They are still people too. :(

    12. Pauline Javellana

      Please I hope big groups like Bangtan would be able to use their influence to change the industry or at least start something :(

      1. weesnaw

        it's changing already dw, probably since it gets more attention now they know they can't get away with as much as they used to

    13. Pauline Javellana

      Now I can't understand why 1st and 2nd gen fans say that it was better back in the day when your gen is just as bad as the current one 😭😭😭 Heck no wonder there aren't as many interactions with male and female idols when the fandoms themselves get into these petty arguments

    14. Pauline Javellana

      I really thought Banas were unproblematic like Melodys but damn they did THAT!?

    15. Bia Yves

      Midnight Theories is the LEMMiNO of K-pop fandom

    16. Brandon X


    17. Kavita Ramkissoon

      That was great. Your research was very thorough and you delivered it as objectively as possible considering the content. I'm off to check out more videos

    18. Kitty Kat

      Those pranks are so messed up. Don't forget the BTS kidnapping one... I used to think it was funny, I have no idea what was wrong with me, I can't imagine how scarring that would be...

    19. Amal2080_

      its insane how well made this documentary is like wow

    20. Vivi Ki

      56:01 I almost threw up

    21. Zainab

      yes exactly what i need at 2 am in the morning

    22. Megha

      I am just appalled at how less the punishments are for people like that. Be it sasaengs, the company employees and CEOs who are abusers, their punishment is lesser than the pain they give someone for life.

    23. Jisel Wind

      I am really sorry i skipped your video because your voice is too sharp

    24. choi yayaya

      the thing is, this kind of shit happens in America too, but it’s way less talked about bc it hits closer to home. TikTok sexualises kids, Disney had their child actors in manipulative and authoritarian contracts, and Hollywood has an extreme history of doing “favours” for roles. I just wish all industries would be talked abt to the extent of kpop

      1. Brittxin

        It really is mostly in the Hollywood aspect (less of tiktok since it’s a social media app) but the Hollywood industry has been corrupt for years. Many actors such as Cory Feldman has come out and spoken with him and his friends’ personal experiences within Hollywood.

    25. laura elizaa

      I personally think there should be no idols younger than 16. I also think that the normalized age group for idols to debut should be changed to older, like early 20s. The fact that there are so many minors and teenagers debuting as idols says a lot about how the kpop industry views attractiveness: child-like...

    26. akame san

      Tell me who is who on that thumbnail pls... That thumbnail got my attention beside this video topic. Want to stan them suddenly.

    27. J.R.

      Damn this was amazing. Fantastic work, you have done such a wonderful job, and even that is an understatement.

    28. cucu

      kinda funny that the picture you used in the thumbnail is i think a Jackpot picture, a well-known sasaeng of Jun from A.C.E The story isn't that well-known, but a.c.e's sasaengs and the extent they went to to destroy their career is absolutely horrible. Apparently a lot of 'smaller' groups have really bad sasaengs bc the groups are usually more helpless when it comes to publicising their struggles because they dont want to harm the image of their group and many times these sasaengs act like sponsors as well... feeling like they own the group bc they buy insane amounts of albums edit: nevermind the picture is cremisi but the point still stands that people should talk about the abuse of small groups more, especially bc the voices of their fans are less loud

    29. Ayush Kumar

      these things start happening in every entertainment industry as soon as popularity trumps the quality of content for importance. We have seen it in Hollywood, Bollywood, Anime Industry (overwork), K-Pop etc. But more disturbingly governments and law enforcements barely do the minimum required to differentiate them from Mafias, due to the amount of money and influence involved and never regulate these industries.

    30. E.

      14 ads sweet jesus

    31. Kim Hyunjae

      I pretty much appreciate your efforts researching and compiling this in what? For 3 weeks? Your channel needs more attention, support!

    32. Vyral Wolf

      Those pranks are just CRUEL! Seriously...just wrong.

    33. shits cutely

      the ads 😭😭 get ur money bestie

    34. Debbie Alex Kure

      I hope you will make more videos like this one

    35. AwakeningSunshine

      What SHINee clip was that at 5:27?

    36. Julia Heidi Horn

      Oh my god girl, the work you've put into this :O seriously one of best documentaries I've ever watched! Thank you so much!

    37. anna

      so bts essentially survived the 7 year curse, or they will since they are going steadily right now

    38. salty. .junhui

      Sasaengs keeps ruining the kpop fandom. I needed to leave the kpop fandom and joined the anime one because of the toxicity now i only support 2 groups in secret. I hope that the kpop fandom settled downs so i can join it again and be happy again.

    39. sophie !

      didn't seo jiyoung also visit lee jihye in the hospital when she was recovering from overworking and bring chrysanthemums, which are by korean tradition flowers that are only brought to funerals

    40. seed

      actually one of the idols in your thumbnail, park junhee, is apart of a group that was tormented by a fansite who turned against the group and started malicious rumors about one of the members, wow, on twitter and kforums. the fansite even attempted an attack against them and put glue on the wheels of the company car in an attempt to get the group into a car accident. the fansite bodyshamed wow calling him fat and spread false rumors about him in early 2020. wow has been on hiatus since last month to focus on his mental health. :(

    41. GO生IN生

      This is my first time hearing about that cruel reality show where handsome men are put in humiliating situations, what the hell is wrong with the producers of that thing! Being kidnapped and blindfolded etc is traumatic, this is so twisted.

    42. Maulida Ibnaty Qonita

      sorry i can't understand the whole story in this video. because i know you were censoring all the bad words, but not put any subtitle. cc from the youtube is not helping too. english is not my first language so it's hard for me to listening. i think it's better to put the subtitle although you will censor it.

    43. potato buns

      clicked for heejin in the thumbnail, stayed because WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!?!

    44. min.

      Why every time I hear about the black ocean specially what happened with GG gives me goosebumps.

    45. ashley yeah

      It’s 5am and I watched the whole ass thing

    46. Danijellino

      Yo. I deadass make 10 times some of their salary by being unemployed. Fuck is going on in that industry.

    47. Andromeda Galaxy

      Why is this profession not under child labor? They are literally 13,14,15 and making money for these companies and overworking themselves.

    48. poms poms

      7 year curse : Apink: hold my panda lightstick

    49. Shadowcat107

      This was very interesting and sad video. Being a K Pop idol isn't easy. There's a of K Pop idols that look exactly a like. All these people had to sacrifice a lot to become famous K Pop idols. I'm not interested to be a K Pop idol.

    50. J

      why is media line entertainment still a thing? i doubt ALL the abusers were arrested and the one that was arrested was only there for 1 year???????????? that should be like 30 years

    51. 세연이

      i hope kpop companies will only debut legal age trainees.

    52. Aditya Rajan

      Bruh these people who want to kill and kidnap and drag idols just for their own selfish pleasures to get them is beyond fucked up. These people don't deserve to be humans. And honestly a lot of people and fans in this industry are the lowest of the low. Well, calling them lowest of the low is an understatement.

    53. blake moneé.

      woah what where is 1:02 from?? haha i was like “wow that looks like Sunghoon.” & then was like wait that’s actually Enhypen. lol i need to watch that where can i find it

      1. Brittxin

        Here’s the video:

    54. Gowon Enthusiast


    55. runner

      Cloning kpop idols? 😂

    56. 상회박

      37:58 where's that clip? or was it deleted?

    57. Subhangi Mohanty

      🔮🔮 i love your this emoji ...... never ever know this crystal ball emoji exist.

    58. Taehee Cole

      Midnight Theories - could you do a theory about company’s forcing group members to do skinship with each other for fan service. I remember watching a video of an ex-trainee saying the company would basically demand that the members show skinship with each other during vlives.. and I remember not to long ago sm would force groups (super junior/ shinee) to kiss each other during concerts. I always wondered why they force that stuff on their idols and what other idols experience this. I see groups like nct who seem very touchy with each other (every group has ships) and I wonder if they’re faking it or forced to behave that way for the camera.

    59. Leticia G

      Ok, now put uncle fans + girl groups getting younger and younger :(

    60. 주리야디오juliyahdio


    61. 주리야디오juliyahdio


    62. Kuna Bubbles

      What I see r poor pple being desperate. It’s call human trafficing legally.

    63. Kuna Bubbles

      Bts is all up on this. They have no talent. Separate them they have nothing. Time will tell.

    64. Michael Trinta

      Oh my god those pranks are literally heartbreaking wtf ??? they really had the nerve to air that footage, like wth

    65. Michael Trinta

      Great work xx love this

    66. Maria Júlia Silva


    67. jisoo trash

      dude nayeons stalker is sooooo creepy wtf

    68. Caramel Smith


    69. winwin's missing lines


    70. winwin's missing lines


    71. Rv On Orbit

      south korea and underraged idols... I WISH IT WAS ONLY A MOVIE

    72. KUROKAMI

      The people who stops supporting their fav kpop gp just bcause they are dating should just go away.

      1. † s o p h i a b e r n i c e †

        they never had the chance to begin with

    73. WingMik

      I felt like I was watching a documentary omg... the industry is messed.

    74. 風

      BIG KUDOS for making this video and sequencing it perfectly! Just spreading so much positivity regarding kpop alone won't do good. We kpop stans also need to understand the darker side of it in order to know what we getting ourselves into. I'm being neutral here.

    75. Cici Ahgase

      Waouh this celebrity life is hard ash...Kidnapping,poisoning,shaming, bullying, false accusations,rigged audition, mistreatment by agency, huge debt...The list is soo long.Thats disgusting

    76. Cici Ahgase

      16:34 Waouh ppl are really stupid out there

    77. aida lf

      can someone tell me where's 1:28 from?

      1. kotoyo

        lovelyz obliviate

    78. Vea

      Hey does anyone know what happened to Seungri? Or is the situation still not cleared yet?

    79. Mma

      i'm sorry i know she was being serious but I cannot stop laughing at the shinee vcr at 5:18 lmao

    80. Julia Jodon

      Do I have things to do? Yes. Am I gonna watch this whole video? Yup 👍🏻

    81. therlitz

      this video needs more views omg its so well made

    82. ozgardea

      KPop culture is so weird to me. So different from Western music industry. A lot of this stuff would never fly in American music

    83. noah fence

      The dude who said their breath smells like shit LMAOOOOO I’m so dead.

    84. are you kirring me irriyaa?

      9:18 this is scary and just inhumane.

    85. are you kirring me irriyaa?

      I’m so sick of redvelvet being used to cover sm’s scandals.

    86. Arya Schwarz

      I would like to know tho who the acting teacher is if that person is still very active. Disgusting people should never be around people especially not minors.

    87. SpiritedDancer17

      I will NEVER understand fan wars. I literally do not understand why people go out of their way to hate on others. Why can’t we all just love the groups we love and let it stay at that?? Every single idol is also a human being, just like the rest of it. How would these people who engage in fan wars feel if someone they don’t even know starts trashing them online?? They would probably make the biggest fit and say it’s so unjust and that they’d take legal action. Well guess what, these members also have feeling just like you. Please only spread love and NEVER hate!

    88. algae moofins

      voice is pretty interesting ngl

    89. 사랑

      6:27 those are my babies and don't you dare hurt them

    90. Maria Simone

      Believe me this bullying incidences is becoming intense than ever in Korea. I never been bullied nor looked down in the 80's but entered the mid 90's up to this day, surprisingly the bullying and racism is so intense that by the end of each day, I felt so exhaustedly sad. Living in that country is depressing. It may look good and fun on tv but it will crash your spirit once you really know and experience the life inside. I was there with my business and yet I had to moved my business out of Korea and brought it to Thailand. One have to have a brave heart and stoned face to get by from everyday life in Korea. I feel so sorry for the kindred spirits ppl who have had been to this bullying added that racism is one of the major issue that everyone is facing in that country.

    91. karla gonzalez

      Is anyone watching this instead listening to class lectures? 🧍🏻‍♀️ Priorities people...

    92. Kenyetta Clark

      This makes me so sad. As much as I love many of these Kpop artist, it makes me not want to support them (the entertainment industry), knowing that they have endured this abuse. It's clear to me, that being kicked out of a Kpop group is not the WORST thing that could happen.

    93. Via

      I see Jun and I click 🤣 glad he isint in this tho.


      I hate to point out things, but at 55:27 you said Produce 101 and not 48? Sorry! >.

    95. Marek Haring

      The "pranks" made me cry. Who in their right mind thought that was entertainment?! It was literally just psychological torture. I just hope the idols got over the traume that they must have experienced from that.

    96. Amyaa Fetko

      It’s sad how companies market their idols to seem available to the point where people are literally going insane and are obsessing over the idols as if they’re not humans.

    97. Kim Nam-Joon

      The girl getting punched by the guy with the clown hair makes me wonder how many secrets Idols are hiding form us

    98. Kim Nam-Joon

      Now I have concertphobia *Scared of concerts*

    99. angeilcgem

      The "do you want to build a snowman" and "c'mon on let's go and play " made me laugh so hard I'm sorry😭🤚🏽

    100. Annabel Vega

      Was bored at work and ended up watching this video lol ... that’s really horrible how these idols are being treated like shit. If this happened in the u.s.a all those ceos, managers and producers would be facing years in jail for child abuse etc. kpop does have a scary side