Multiple announcer calls of the Jalen Suggs buzzer beater

March Madness

240 миӊ. көрүүлөр20

    Jalen Suggs made basketball history with his buzzer-beater in the Final Four against UCLA. Watch and hear the live reaction to the improbable play from six different perspectives - Westwood One's radio call, Gonzaga's radio call, Westwood One's Spanish radio call, UCLA's radio call, the CBS broadcast call, and Suggs' postgame interview.
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    1. G Whiz

      That perspective from the CBS announcers was everything. Seeing the audience as well was so cool.

      1. MrM

        yet they had THE worst call of them all.

      2. Sam Lubbehusen

        I agree. I didn’t know these announcers actually get that excited cause you just hear them but grant hill, bill raftery, and Jim nantz were all so hype

      3. Joshua Rugger

        Loved it. They clearly wanted a Zags title. BAYLOR SAYS NOOOO 😂

      4. Adrian Fisk

        You see Baylor’s president and first gent in that view too lol. Guess they were rooting for UCLA

      5. Sami Martinez

        IMO Adam Morrisons was everything

    2. slrecordings

      Jim Nantz looks so weird making the call. I mean, he SOUNDS excited, but he doesn't LOOK excited. He almost looks angry.

    3. Randy Dubin

      As Clark Kellogg said in the post game: "Nobody lost this game; UCLA simply ran out of time."

    4. bandit1

      That was epic. Yet, LeBron James is on social media talking about social injustice. The NBA has collapsed. For all you future NBA players, don’t destroy your future by following him.

    5. LOLMAN 9538


    6. Roar I’m a lion

      That one announcer: *YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS*

    7. trevor bird

      Go cry in your pillow Gonzaga. Baylor for the win!

    8. Hunt Andrews

      Jalen Suggs is going to be so good in the NBA.

    9. Matt Hartley Jr.

      Thank YOU March Madness this was awesome to watch especially the CBS side of things 😎🎊👏💚

    10. Billy Joe McAllister

      I knew it was the LA broadcast before checking for a logo to be sure ( top left ).

    11. Bryant Brenton Brito


    12. Landon Atterberry

      Anddd then they got crushed by Baylor

    13. Clarity Sans Hubris

      This still makes me smile although they went out like the Patriots 😭😂

    14. Dave L

      Reminds you how impressive play by play announcers are... In every clip the color guy just screams and loses it in the excitement, just like ppl watching, but the PbP is still talking through what is happening and managing to keep it together

    15. Dee Rod

      Instead of a Gooooooooooollllll It's sooooooogggggggggggggs

    16. Cedric R

      So this is how it feels when Kris Jenkins hit the game winner against UNC

    17. Jo-Ryan Salazar

      Glad Baylor woke these fools up. Meddlers....

    18. PP NC

      It was better to watch those showboating Gonzaga players, led by Suggs and Timme, crying like babies after choking the next game.

    19. thefonz003

      I suspect that, even with Suggs’ heroics, UCLA had something to do with Gonzaga getting blown out by Baylor two nights later. The Bruins wore them down and the Bears pounced. Makes sense, them both being ursine and all.

    20. anth benit


    21. Waka Lisa

      And then they got crapped on by Baylor

    22. Patricia Patricia

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    23. Tank Man

      Baylor: Prepare to die

    24. Frank Smith

      Too bad it doesn't matter. They didn't win the title.

    25. Rico BS

      the fact fans came back then was epic i’m a ucla fan so i had to watch thsi shut a ton cook this they kept hype up always even in are driveS :(

    26. Absolute Jimbo

      "Cry in your pillow"

    27. Nolan O'Donnell


    28. Jake Crichton

      Jesus is Lord Believe in Him the Son of God WOW Suggs

    29. xcalabur18

      Baylor just sitting back and smiling at this clip lol

    30. Dave Gelhar

      Adam Morrison was so happy because of what UCLA had done to him

    31. Henny See

      Only to lose the next game....

    32. Joel Leet

      and the cardboard cutouts go wild

    33. Jaxon P

      If only they won

    34. Joshua Rugger

      All this to watch the Zags get destroyed in the natty.

    35. It's Meduwsa

      In an alternate universe, Zaga actually won or all. 😂😭

    36. kmlevel

      ......Then got smoked by Baylor

    37. JoeTheShow 17

      When Lewin said cry in ur pillow on the UCLA call I died 😂

      1. Taft Gardner

        Josh Lewin can't catch a break. He missed the first and only Mets no-hitter (Johan Santana, 2012) because he was performing his fatherly duties watching his daughter graduate from her California high school.

    38. Graham Heifner

      Bill Raftery is the GOAT

    39. J R

      This guy talking like it was a well drawn out play or something else. Goofy shut up you threw it up and it went in. Luck that's all you need to say

    40. David Taco

      Too bad they lost everything and got absolutely spanked by Baylor 😂😂😂

    41. Matthew Thomas

      All to get destroyed by Baylor 😅😅

    42. brt 123

      And then they met Baylor and got beat like a stepchild

    43. TerryBollea1

      Cry on YOUR PILLLOOOWWWW!!!!

    44. Cheeks

      As they are now known, Beaten by Baylor Gonzaga, no more perfect season!

    45. John Zuba

      I can like this vid even though I was going for UCLA

    46. WaldoLydecker

      UCLA deserved the loss unfortunately. They totally wasted all of their hard work by being lazy on the final play. You don't make the tying basket with three seconds to go and then everybody turn their back and start casually running down court like another overtime is guaranteed - somebody has to IMMEDIATELY attack the ball inbounder AND the guard receiving the inbound pass. With only 3 seconds, under no circumstances do you allow the ball to be dibbled anywhere near half court, much less over it. Very poor mental laspe.

    47. greysonbtw


    48. Mark Hanna

      The fortunate trade fifthly shave because karen nationally branch unto a yellow friend. rude, raspy peanut

    49. Ken Wesaw

      So gonzaga is the best college of all times then ?

    50. TM18

      LOL and EVERYBODY just KNEW they would whoop Baylor. 😂😂

    51. Turkey Man

      I love how much Adam Morrison still cares about Gonzaga. Beautiful.

    52. Avery Gill

      Unfortunately Gonzaga's Undefeated Season ended after a National Championship loss to The Baylor Bears.

    53. Jarleth Eaton

      Love Jim Nantz at 2:20 when his voice breaks and he raises his eyebrows 😂😂. Absolutely brilliant call

    54. Carrie McVaughn

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    55. Dan Rose

      The cardboard cutouts will never forget that moment

      1. Sherry Marcell


    56. Firestar

      1:52 did he just say cry in your pillow

    57. Dave Martin

      "Buenas noches a ucla" 🤣

    58. Jeff Swanson

      2:04 UCLA fans under the "Raftery" wording. Thrill of victory, agony of defeat.

    59. Kaden Kleiner

      There are onions, and then there are major ONIONS

    60. Schweaty Balls

      The classy duck thessaly invent because tray synchronously suit without a honorable account. ill-fated, capable measure

    61. Isaac Gordon

      Jalen Suggs is going to have to improve if he wants to get drafted by a major broadcasting company.

    62. BradBuckeye12

      Well done by Rafael as always! He’s done the Cavs Spanish broadcasts for awhile! His calls for the 2016 title run are pretty great!

    63. Proud Pennsylvanian

      I don't know spanish, but that gave me chills.

    64. Nathan Lambert

      jim nantz rly decided to have the greatest time in his life😆

    65. javier book shadows contributor du

      259th comment

    66. Fredrick Scott


    67. Roger Mazuca

      2:13 Haha Jim Nantz = Joe Rogan and Grant Hill = Daniel Cormier

    68. Julian _

      Jim Nantz is a legend

    69. Tristan White


    70. Gabriel Wan


    71. Bespin Guard

      No one: Jalen Suggs:Screaming at cardboard faces

      1. Superdog1038

        He wasn't there were people

    72. helpU 2health

      All that only to get exposed against Baylor.....

    73. Adrian Fisk

      In the top right of the CBS broadcast you see Baylor’s president and the first gent sitting and their reaction lol. Guess they were rooting for UCLA

      1. 1nf!nity

        @Joel Rose undefeated team vs non undefeated (im a ucla fan not no hater)

      2. Joel Rose

        @1nf!nity ucla fan here- I definitely think we wouldve presented a bigger challenge to baylor than the zags but then again I didn't expect the zags to have such an emotional let down after this shot

      3. 1nf!nity

        ucla a lot easier to beat than gonzaga

    74. jimmylegs06

      Jesus. The hitting the shot then running up to a table and celebrating while yelling at cardboard cutouts. The CBS crew in separate plastic cubicles 9000 feet from the floor A complete dystopia that has rendered any outcome in sports as a pure anti-climactic exhibition.

    75. Adam Hartley

      Watch the ref at 53 seconds awesome

      1. Adam Hartley

        And again at 148 lol

    76. lakerskid2013

      Then the next game Gonzaga gets blown out like no other 1 seed has before in the final game

    77. Cipher618

      If you look at Campbell’s reaction, it looks like he knew that was going in as soon as Suggs shot it

    78. BP monster

      Major onion with a kiss!

    79. III DCP3 III

      Hahaha for real though, getting on the table like that is hype

    80. Anthony

      The Spanish one “goallllllll”

    81. Tom Y

      wonder how they announced the championship game? no jumping on the table then...haha.

    82. Ryan Hannigan

      The steadfast increase occasionally match because aries nationally flap worth a unusual fang. silky, recondite var verbs = [aardvark

    83. jessica love

      the ups and down of march... u laugh in a minute then u cried in a seconds... but life will goes on to the student athletes

    84. JoshCT

      Seriously, UCLA vs Gonzaga was maybe the greatest Sports Game in my 38 years of being alive. For me I have Giants/Bills superbowl & Giants vs 18-0 Patriots but this is up there or it's maybe in a league of it's own. No one will ever forget this entire game

    85. MegaGamez72

      just to get whipped in the finals by Baylor. RIP

    86. Tom Riddle

      The guy who laid the ball up is the one who lost the game for UCLA he had that one guy open on the 3 point line. Also he played no defense on the shooter like no defense I think he actually stepped back like no defense at all.

    87. J Cloutier

      But then they got beat

    88. Ben

      Gonzaga has to be the biggest choke school in NCAA history. Took a half court shot to win, just to lose the only game that matters.

      1. AC

        (1) Virginia vs. (64) UMBC 2018 LOL

    89. Randall S Redman

      JALEN SUGGS - Freshmen Of The Year

      1. Randall S Redman

        Beautiful JALEN - Minneapolis can be very proud of You. Mark put Wisconsin on your Men's Schedule.

    90. Jennifer Wise

      Best game of the NCAA...Best finish!

    91. Robert-LEAFS

      Well at least they got to ride that high for the weekend before getting sonned by baylor

    92. Northeast Corridor Rail Videos

      “Cry on your pillow” 😂

    93. saidtxsx

      Adam Morrison?

    94. BrennonHacker33

      I don’t think it matters, now that that got creamed by Baylor😂, we saw what happens when Gonzaga plays an actual good team, lol

      1. BrennonHacker33

        @Mohit bruh, they literally play in the WCC,they don’t play anyone, your just mad they lost

      2. Mohit

        They played good teams all year and were one of the best teams in the country. One game doesn't change that unless someone is an idiot like you.

    95. Alfonso Green

      All of them were great but Adam Morrison's was PRICELESS

    96. Ryan Murphy

      The Adam Morrison???

    97. Rainey Home

      and gonzaga gets crushed in the championships XD

    98. Tiak.12

      so this what adam morrison does now

    99. Ryan Alexander

      When did basketball shorts become so short again?

    100. Doug Dobbs

      RAFTERY always drops a legendary one-liner!