My friends made me build kitchenware out of public restroom parts

Simone Giertz

508 миӊ. көрүүлөр23

    I asked my friends to buy me a random object & I then had 48 hour to build something out of it. This video is sponsored by Audible! Go to for a free audio book and a free 30 day trial.
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    1. Jacob Hardy

      She needs to do a collaboration with Micheal Reaves or Mark Rover

    2. Büşra Şahbaz

      New vıdeo where are you ; )

    3. Jaxson Morgan

      For the one with tampons you could do candy or candy bars or Cliff bars

    4. Jaxson Morgan


    5. Jimothy Blumberg

      How has life changed for you since the surgery? How have you changed for life?

    6. FragmentalStew

      "FANCY TRASH" mood

    7. FragmentalStew

      I like the red accents on the tampon machine mechanisms

    8. Shalon Grant

      how has she not built a prosthetic or mobility aid for her doggo?!?!?! or has she?

    9. FLESHmehendesABLEhyperCLOCK SAAD


    10. FLESHmehendesABLEhyperCLOCK SAAD


    11. grettarulestheworld

      I really liked the tampon dispenser idk why lol

    12. Netrali Deshpande

      I actually landed here to subscribe your channel from LinkedIn TED conferences. Simone you really do a great, innovative & amazing machine jobs... You inspire us all in how to build fun time while working with machines. Simply awesome!!

    13. Brandon Westfall

      I would have been so disappointed if we didn't get the angle grinder on an apple.

    14. Krummbär

      11:26 this is rich of review tech usa signing out... have a good one

    15. Kat Damian

      You should build scraps a right leg or a couple right legs

    16. Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

      Can we get a shirt that says “I am highly flappable”

    17. Claire Campbell - Hey Blondie!

      This “leave me alone” sequence feels awful reminiscent of my childhood when you couldn’t run away to sulk without a sibling coming to try and cheer you up haha

    18. Penultimate H

      Now THIS, is classic Simone.

    19. pbrizzle

      Simone (under table): Dear Diary, it’s me, Laganja

    20. Daniel Hall


    21. mikixP

      The sad part is that she thinks she’s funny . Fking cringe .

    22. Wolfobus N

      Are you dead? You didn't post for soo long.

    23. Pezonetis McTetis

      Marry me please :)

    24. Scared Of Ghosts

      Aw did not age well

    25. Insomnate

      I just found your channel but I think you might be my new favorite person

    26. Psion1c

      I'm so glad to see you're doing well. Hope you live to be 100

    27. Tom Plöger

      Congrats on the new 0 from Germany. I'm in my early 40s and also still sometimes (more often than I care to admit) perform that little dance to rememver which way a screw turns. I had never heard that Phrase about going against time before. It also works in German and I'm going to teach it to my kids first thing tomorrow. THANK YOU SO MUCH *puts down the megaphone*

    28. ThroughMyEyes

      Cmd. Scraps as in 7 deadly sins?

    29. Kuro CK

      Happy birthday?

    30. Belliboo 007

      Fuck yeah!

    31. Belliboo 007


    32. Katelyn Wallace

      So somehow I’ve never heard of you before but I’m super happy to have found your channel! This is the Jenna marbles energy that is missing from my life. I have binge watched all your videos and totally fan-girling now! You’re an inspiration XX love from Australia

    33. Merrick Hurst

    34. Was machen Sachen?

      happy birthday uwu

    35. Tthe survivalist

      8:08 I like this shot of scraps perking up and smelling something

    36. Alexis Ledbetter

      When she was like "oh yeah, Americans use the LONG tampons w the applicator". I was like WHAT DOES SHE THINK WE DO WITH THEM?!!

    37. Ronald Sutherland

      Now all you need to do is add some robotics

    38. first1breath

      Hiding under the table trying to get away from the camera to think -- So Relatable!!!

    39. David Woznerable

      "It's so much pressure figuring stuff out in front of people." *Images of university exams with high stakes start flashing through my brain...

    40. Trident Trident

      Did you see the robotrobo at iSax laboratories in Sweden? I was thinking of you, You have some serious competition.

    41. Faceful Masks

      Love your videos, how can we sponsor one of your videos? Please contact us at

    42. Topher The11th

      Who got the leftover set of chattering novelty-store teeth from building the musical instrument?

    43. Rose Netherton

      KGup doesn't let me easily copy a link to a specific time stamp, so here's me linking a friend to Simone peeling the sticker off the apple with the angle grinder: @6:32

    44. Abdullah Ghani

      Your dog looks sick

    45. Gary Ha

      somebody send her a nibbler

    46. Robert Kočař

      I love your videos, i should prepare for my university math exam, but this is much much better! Alhough i have no clue what i am going to say to the examiners... :-)

    47. Brandon Barksdale

      "if you go against time you have a screw loose" i need that on a tee shirt. this is now stuck in my head.

    48. Christo Joseph

      Are you fine what about your health Tummor in head Hope ur well❤️❤️

    49. Tête Dur

      Your stomach joke just choked my duodenum, and that's all I'm gonna say about that.

    50. Jack Hanna

      Hi Girly, Girly Girl You are ridiculessy, Humorlessly, Beautifully Awesome Let's have a Happier New Year big hugs

    51. Unicornfairy awesome-YT

      during covid???? where did you get that stuff 😂

    52. Ari the.unicorn

      it looks like those things you see at whole foods or sprouts

    53. Joseph Cervantes


    54. Estevansito Maravillas

      She is My crush like so much

    55. eddeyolo _yt

      Är du svensk

    56. TikiShootah

      The moment you hear being 30.means being a grownup.

    57. P wie Pepe

      Happy new year Simone

    58. Claytrons World

      As a 26 year old man. I love your goofy ass 🤣 you have such an amazing personality

    59. Duane Schuh


    60. Hanni :

      Omg jag upptäckte dig just nu och undrade vilket land du kommer från när du sa "Amerikaner använder olika tamponger" och såg att vi båda har samma födelsedag och att vi båda bor i Stockholm! Du påminner mig om min vän, ni ser lika ut och hon älskar att bygga saker själv också 😄

    61. Bradley Muckert

      great job MARRY MEEE LOve ya ... Brad from Queensland Australia

    62. Dylan Reiter

      I feel like she has something on her mind that she doesn’t want to tell us about let’s pray for her

    63. James Donnelly

      When will you be getting invited to the makers secret Santa

    64. benbradley3992

      I’ve been overwhelmed with work and honestly just burned out. I took a few days off, been chewing thru your videos again lol thank you for being you, I think we all enjoy that.

      1. benbradley3992

        Fun enough, I work for Tesla. Your car is a big hit in our warehouses. Somehow everyone knows about it, and says wtf! Trust me, your ideas get blasted at Elon lol he knows you and your better than average model 3

    65. Music Relaxation

    66. Music Relaxation

    67. Byggs

      Righty tighty, lefty loosy

    68. Igor Dzivulsky

      04:47 Looks like you're down in the dumps.

    69. A

      :D F'n awesome.

    70. Heather _

      Looks so cool!

    71. Danimation

      “There’s always things to put in a box” Simone Giertz, 2020

    72. David Owens

      Simone you are a very funny (30 year old) woman! Great build!

    73. TheQuark6789

      Simone: "How do we open it?" Me, who's watched too much LockPickingLawyer: "It's a wafer lock, just rake it or jiggle it." *scrolls down to the comments section* *surprised Pikachu*

    74. HereInMid MN

      Should have watched some LockPickingLawyer first

    75. Christopher Price

      OK, now hook up the dispenser to the internet so people can pay a quarter to feed your dog remotely.

    76. Philip Rinke

      "Fancy Trash" 😂

    77. LaurV

      "I'm building another thing for you which you don't really want"... Dog face... haha.... Brilliant! Drama of my life, with infinitesimal exceptions... We missed you!

    78. Ryan Remak

      13:00 I see what you did there ;)

    79. Crafty Teeba

      Are you german?

    80. teck Doyle YT

      What happened to cheese Louis

    81. Hunter Dail

      simone welding in burks is such a mood and higkey the moves

    82. Adam Wishneusky

      Happy birthday queen!

    83. David Washburn

      OMG. I died when you drew a mental picture of the righty-tighty upside down. I get crap for doing that same thing when I'm working upside down.

    84. ehu42

      6:45 @wintergatan would be proud.

    85. awdsaef

      I have the feeling, lately to much of your stuff actually works...

    86. Skater Stimm

      Totally flappable. Turned out really nice, good job on the spot welds.

    87. SJ Calamia

      "because if you go against time you've got a screw loose" That was decidedly the most physics nerd way of remembering "lefty loosy righty tighty" I've ever heard. I love it

    88. Alex Blackburn

      Keep up the great work! Me and the family love watching youtube and your one of our “go to” tubers! Wish you uploaded more!

      1. Alex Blackburn

        Btw we just subbed, didn’t realize I wasn’t subbed to being with! Thanks again!

    89. a a

      your hot need to know adress

    90. R .M

      you should try and make ur dog a prosthetic sort of leg:’)

    91. Peyton_schule

      Do one but with water!!!!

    92. Daniel Habazin

      Grattis på födelsedagen i efterskott, jag tycker verkligen om att se dina videos. hälsningar från kalla Stockholm

    93. Pully_k9 Lulu & Ace

      need this....

    94. Julian Reverse

      Please stop being adult! 40 is the new 30!

    95. Evan Barnes

      Recently 30, with no plan and no idea of what's coming, that sounds awfully familiar!

    96. Scott Sandefur

      Happy 30th Birthday! You Made It! We're all so happy about that. Love your vids.

    97. Hariom

      Goat grazing in Rajasthan is something else

    98. ghiagoo - War Robots

      Hey Simone. Hope you are doing well. I was just watching Glitter Bomb 3.0, and he was talking about engineering, and I immediately thought of you. Glad to see you still making videos

    99. UltravioletHeather

      You are a magnificent person, creative, brilliant, funny. I admire you tremendously. I also wanted to let you know that one of the most powerful healing protocols that I have come across that could ensure that you never have to worry about tumors reappearing comes from the site. It is a lifestyle therapy that allows for true and permanent healing. I wish you to be well and just wanted to pass that information along to you.

    100. Ed Yuen

      @ 3:39 - "This is a 'bad' idea"....I can only imagine what really went through your mind at this point... :D Thank you for the videos.... :)