Wearing the Longest Hair for 24 Hours! Girl Problems with Long Hair!

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    Do you dream of long hair? Are you ready for the challenges they can add to your life? See more in our video!
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    1. Violet Munson

      you can see the hair extensions

    2. can zhong


    3. Camille Cave

      I am about 5 feet and I have hair about to the starting of my legs, and I think medium hair is the best!

    4. Casey Kotsovos

      I can tell you hat long hair

    5. Natalie Harrison

      I can relate with long hair

    6. Chet Gaska


    7. Monica

      Long years my favorite baby looks little tough but maybe Walt

    8. Yatzira Mejia Galvan

      Why cant they just cut it agian lol

    9. Bugs World

      I have really long hair and it reaches all the way to my pants.

    10. S.R.I baby alive Ibanez

      My mom and dad love long here but I don’t

    11. Kristine May Segovia

      i dont like long hair i like short hair

    12. Blessing Benitta


    13. Brianna Osborne

      I love it

    14. Rupinder Singh

      I think medim

    15. sharmin akter

      I love long hair so much 💖💖💖

    16. Pelen Dlir


    17. Pelen Dlir


    18. Manju V

      I like medium hair

    19. Armenian Girl

      Troom Troom; Is long hair a curse or a blessing? Me; *A CURSE!!*

    20. Kya Yocom

      is the hare real or not real

    21. reynaldo laure

      That is fake


      Omg 🥺💕

    23. iinotsunday

      I know 😒 Just cut The Hair Bruh! 😒

    24. Cecilia Jimenez

      A RAKE??????????

    25. Rajeshwari Rajeshwari

      Hi it's not possible

    26. Hannah BB

      The hair is long

    27. Hannah BB

      The hair is edit

    28. Jennifer Rosillo

      Is colored how it was



    30. Hardeep kaur Hans

      Hi guys my sister has very long hair like you in the video I love your videos I just can’t stop watching them like I love them so much and I love your long hair

    31. Eclipse Sofi Ø

      Just cut it?

    32. Kenise Garriga

      lol u can see the extensions when she is brushing it with a rake

    33. Hiranur Özgören

      My hir

    34. Izabella Vaduva


    35. Jayshri Prajapati

      Oh my god it was sooo funny

    36. Faaziya Babwani


    37. Ava Garbaccio

      Why didn't they put their hair in a ponytail

    38. Gustavo felix Jarquin Díaz


    39. Emma Borg

      I don't care how long that hair is and all of the work to it. I WANT LONG HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    40. Yazmin Alpi


    41. Larry WilliamsA ngel


    42. Nella 12


    43. Yamarai Peñaloza


    44. Hyper Lilcyber

      longggg but i have small/medium

    45. Aubrey Beatrice

      The groovy carp objectively match because lyric unexpectedly label below a cuddly basin. debonair, horrible ant

    46. Bumdari Yondon

      I can’t stop laughing 😆 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Maya Dhoki


    48. miga world and Toca Boca gaming

      I have a long hair but I am not having this problem

    49. Kuswandi Binjai

      Wow amazing ❤️ you like to start ❤️💋

    50. Jula Świątkowska

      I have hair up to my waste

    51. Yona daughtry

      You have a nice day

    52. Pardeep Chopra

      The haircare pack of Planet Ayurveda is very effective. I bought this for my wife. I recommend you all to use this. Thank you planet Ayurveda for this wonderful product


      8:58 r u dumb ur just plumbing water

    54. Lily Dubois

      can't they just cut their hair?

    55. nelini Hapuarachchi

      let's have a moment of silence for RAPUNZEL..

    56. Shannon Wright

      Wow that is a lot of hair and olso you will waste a lot of money like if you agree

    57. LOH ZI HUI Moe

      h ze s c t f c d g ju h n

    58. Phia's Vlog's

      Why they didn't tie their hair

    59. -•Galaxy•- Girl!!!!!!!!

      I also want long hairs

    60. ATLAS 308


    61. Ana Hernandez


      1. Ana Hernandez

        Money FREE!

    62. Felicity Awaras

      I to like long hair 10000%%

    63. The best looking baboon ever

      what... the heck... is this...

    64. Diego Javana

      Troom Troom is so ugly that’s a cover their eyes

    65. Areej Bukhari

      I love long hair you are not taying your hair

    66. Brynn Butler

      A leaf blower. A LEAF BLOWER. ARE you serious?

    67. Grace Karikari

      i hate your chanell

    68. Grace Karikari

      i hate your c

    69. Haidar Daub


    70. victor gothor

      Aku kok pengen rambut panjang.😛😛😛

    71. Lisa Liu


    72. Sabine Deaibes

      I have an short hair

    73. satish gorijavolu

      long hair

    74. Ayesha Fatima Mahmood

      This video is basically saying long hair is bad . All hair length and types are beautiful. Its kind of annoying considering how many videos are about " struggles" of short or long hair .

    75. Madhumita Mondal

      Yes funny

    76. Madhumita Mondal

      Long hair is hard to keep it is so waste full to keep long hair yay guys the boys life is easy they have to not keep hair which girls like to keep long hair and what girl like to keep short please give your name bye guys

    77. sacha haddad

      Troom. Troom I like to have long hair ♥️😘

    78. Sanjidaaa Makeup Lover 48

      Not 991 is 100

    79. Bukale Precious Mudenda

      I like short hair because I don't have to tie my hair

    80. Supremo Sabile

      Angdali naman mtanggal gupitin mo nalang

    81. Melissa Gohlke no,.?Jpki i

      Hi I

    82. Nicole Louisse

      How wasteful is that?

    83. Roselyn Kris

      Why can just cut it

    84. Britany Parent

      My sister has long hair and I have shot hair

    85. Cat A

      🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂 this video is so enjoyable!! Well done girls! 👍👏👏👏😊

    86. Waverly Werder


    87. Lynsey Grove

      I love. Long. Hair. 👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩🧑🏼👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩👩

    88. Panda Vlogs!

      I want to hear there real voices!

    89. SkylerMooOOn

      Yea This is fake you can see the clips

    90. A'Hmarie Hankins-Roberts

      why not cut it

    91. Ravikiran T

      THEY CAN TIE UP!!!

    92. Amber De Loor

      Kappers in de blauwe schoren van kracht

      1. Amber De Loor


    93. Christine Yevunoo

      I wish I had long hair

    94. Noor Hashim

      It should be problems with open hair

    95. Bruh animations

      I.like playing games

    96. Stefany Punch


    97. Payton Carter

      Long hair lol

    98. M.mashkoor Aalam

      Please translate in Hindi

    99. Katie Payne

      You know why why didn't they just try to put all the hair through there shirts

    100. Beyza Balcı

      onlar takma saç 💜❤🧡💛💚💙