$100 For Every Chicken Nugget

MrBeast Shorts

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    how many would you eat? #shorts

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    1. MrBeast Shorts

      how many could you eat?

      1. R7an3432

        I usually get a 10 piece nugget at places lol

      2. Fake NoVisorYT


      3. Agent MrBeast

        Ryan Giggs

      4. Zoom - Games


      5. Brandon Mcgibbon

        A lot

    2. Marwan Amr

      I'd eat them for free

    3. potato_fan

      Ive eaten around 90 chicken nuggie before at my local burger king *wherea my money*

    4. Kristen Benenhaley


    5. Vihaan`s Life

      Get me the heck here

    6. it gacha Alani

      This for me

    7. Gloria Kabezanume Kabeza

      I can't even eat that many😝

    8. Amanda Hughes

      bru you

    9. Pickle Reek

      chris did a geh move

    10. Bal Monger

      That looking taste

    11. Venti ツ

      I wish i could get paid to eat 😩

    12. shiyam j


    13. Excotic Productions

      Me who can eat: 3000 nuggets

    14. darkardi_3 0

      Man I can eat all of them

    15. MythicL70Y

      Imagine i was there I could even got 5000$

    16. D Chosen Ones Cpt.

      Bruh I thought he was Faze_Rug lol

    17. Lynndsey H

      🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳 chicken nugget

    18. TailsGamingXLL

      Are you a bank?

    19. Bana ABUZINADAH

      I can eat a lot

    20. Kathryn Cabrera


    21. DeZiiRe SlaZeR

      Best believe I would have ran u for atleast 4K

    22. Sheridan Randle


    23. Frog

      plsss i want chicken nuggetsss

    24. pumpkin King

      I will probably be there in the afternoon

    25. minecraft omega

      Next:if you eat a meatball if you get 100$

    26. pumpkin King

      Also it's the white and blue house

    27. BUFF HELPY

      Ama buff and im ... sus

    28. eeehmm what

      Did this dude really only ate 10 nuggets?

    29. Yul You

      What if Matt stonie did this

    30. ·Shãdow Aftôn·

      Dang it! I am so fast eating when chicken nuggets

    31. Noot Animations

      Matt Stonie: *Are you challenging me?*

    32. Kenneth Arcie

      if i were that guy i eat all chicke nugget i really love chicken nuggets 👌👌

    33. PuneethKrishna YV


    34. Yaman Patel

      He just ate 10..😂noob

    35. rowen tolosa

      Lol They want Chicken nugget for money

    36. Joseph Bence

      Can I have some

    37. Olivier Jules

      No I'm just imagining this man kicking Chris walk the stuffing his face with chicken nuggets and the counter just going up.

    38. MaXi_Da_TaXi

      Imagine Matt Stonie eating these LMAOO 😂 R.I.P Jimmy’s bank account

    39. Idris Siddique

      Matt Stonie arrives:imma end this mans cash

    40. Gacha_Shadow

      I wish I was there lol

    41. DaBruhMe

      🤤 nuggets

    42. Maggie Ngan

      Where can I get those 20 pack nuggets

    43. burger burger gamer

      Grrrrrrrr you stole my nuggets im mad

    44. IsaacDraws


    45. RENZO CLAY

      Can I get 10K before before 2022?

    46. Zayd trowell

      Yes you said it was sounds ez 00: 5 and then you said it was hard 0:11 Is it easy or is it hard to make up your mind

    47. Cheese curl

      Do this with Matt stonie

    48. Yingyang and fluffy

      Can I get an invite one time I ate 50 chicken nuggets. That would be....... aproxomently $5K

    49. That small Time youtuder


    50. Synx_Dope

      At the very end when the vid stops the money is drifting through his fingers


      Bro... Mr beast is making comedy with money..

    52. anime weeb

      Do it with joey

    53. Kelly 'Ward

      So funny

    54. Kelly 'Ward

      So funny

    55. AL Productions

      Rookie numbers

    56. ItsTreGames And AndrewPlays564

      Mr beast would pay someone for existing

    57. Sam Roedblom

      If I was this guy eating those nuggies I would buy a PS5 and a XBOX series X

    58. Emiliano Gonzalez

      I could Eat 23

    59. paa tweneboah-kodua

      I would have ate all the nuggies

    60. Best Videos

      Mr beast: How many could you eat? Me who is sooooooo hungry: "YES'

    61. Sherri

      Let me do that challenge is sound delicious

    62. hieu thach


    63. hieu thach

      How many Chicken nuggets?

    64. Aryan Dhere

      if he would eat it in small piece he would be able to eat more

    65. Joshplayz_

      If I was there I would eat them all

    66. MyGl#%che Bun%y Gam%ng

      I would eat 30

    67. Just leave

      He only ate 2 and said it's hard whaaaaat??


      I would crush this challenge if i were you

    69. ღ•Alex•ღ

      I’ll eat them free

    70. Rithu Krishna js

      Me ;poor🇮🇳

    71. GamingWithTactful

      I could eat 69 chicken nuggets


      uhhhh 80? mrbeast?

    73. 〆ヅOᴠᴇʀʟᴏʀᴅ7

      How can this be hard I would never stop eating chicken nuggets

    74. Evan Hins


    75. Le Tròllge


    76. KS-Plasma YT

      Pen million nuggies

    77. glutenfreee gaming

      Gluten is bad for you

    78. a a

      This isn't a challenge. It's just Jimmy giving free money.

    79. Ghanim Alemadi

      I hope these chicken nuggets were great


      me when im hungry and mrbeast want me to eat all these nuggets: *eats aggresively and won $8000

    81. Zoey Marcelo


    82. William Mathot

      no sauce...

    83. Chicken Nuggie #11

      Now this is a challenge for me

    84. Petio Filiata


    85. EnZKing

      Idc about the money i care more about the chickens nuggets😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    86.  Hectorplaysroblox3 


    87. DL Kabir.

      All of em

    88. humongus_weeb

      Rip my man, ate so many nuggets without sauce

    89. S Tars

      He couldn't wat that much


      I want to be to be there I want kicken nugget it yum yum

    91. Adrian surillo

      I wanna be in this challenge

    92. instantgamerxd

      Let me do it I eat 200

    93. Gustavo Alcântara

      I dare you do this in Africa

    94. Gamer friends


    95. georget Sadiddin

      I would eat atleast 4-5

    96. ii_mxcha

      wow wonder how much money joey chestnut would get :)

    97. Lucas

      lol sometimes I wish my mom could get an oopurtunity to win some cash (she's struggling)

    98. Camgaming 28

      My records was two years ago it was 22 so I will do it


      Every body gansta until Mat Stonie shows up