Joe Rogan on Khabib Nurmagomedov and Georges St-Pierre Super Fight

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    Joe Rogan, Georges St-Pierre, Khabib Nurmagomedov(хабиб нурмагомедов) and Firas Zahabi talk the ultimate superfight of UFC big stars, Khabib Nurmagomedov vs, Georges St. Pierre.
    Who wins in this fight?
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    1. Jeff Sainlar Visuals

      Who wins this fight?

      1. chickenfist

        @bernard martin very true. this an unknown weight class for both of them, I think it would defiantly be close however I personally think gsp would win by decision or submission(my unprofessional opinion) but who knows. have a great day.

      2. bernard martin

        @chickenfist Khabib at 155. GSP at 170. 165? It could go either way.

      3. bernard martin

        Khabib at 155. GSP at 170. At 165? It could go either way.

      4. xevilninjax

        Khabib is too much. Plus he's younger

      5. ZU_ 80

        Everyone thought Connor would kick khabibs ass given his an all rounder good boxing and ground work. What happened? He got his ass kicked. Don't underestimate the Eagle he has the strength of a bear

    2. Newton Wigginton

      This firas dipshit has u all fooled !!! Hes an INCOMPETENT piece of shit

    3. Soummya Dinesan

      i guess that gsp is the only person who can wrestle khabib to a certain extent but at the same time i dont know who will the fight

    4. Muhammad Kazi

      El Cucuy vs The Eagle biggest fight of all time

    5. Mohamad A Rahman

      Easy win for Khabib

    6. Boris Savovic

      People don't understand that he is from Dagestan... Training, build-up, toughness,rough area to live... Life make those people tough... And then you take their champion... GOAT

    7. Tele Zab

      I think gsp has the best chance

    8. Chad Blechinger

      How and the hell do ppl compare these 2? Undefeated vs 2 avenged losses?

    9. kalle kallesson

      Don't get why people want to see Khabib vs Tony, especially if Khabib might only fight 1 more time, what a waste in that case.

    10. Daveo L

      St-Pierre will get paid off sooo much money to loose.

    11. jaswingnut

      The prick should fight Tony Ferguson.

    12. Steve Sargy

      Thank u 🦅

    13. Steve Sargy

      Sorry gsp no in this life ☝🏻🦅

    14. Rich Tygart

      George St-Pierre is my favorite fighter of all time but I think he may be too old to fight khabib now. There's nothing more sad than seeing one of the all-time greats fight too old and then get beat senseless. You don't want to go out with that on people's memory.


      Khabib never lost a round, some say 1 round lost they comfused in which fight Without see the fight by seen mc tappers comment

    16. ayan khan

      khabib will beat him easy he is to old

    17. Supreme Leader

      Khabib said conor is money GSP is legacy.Wow khabib dont know he is now capable of breaking ppv buys wow so humble.

    18. Darth fannattic

      GSP in his prime beat khabib imo

      1. Jeff Sainlar Visuals

        @billaa100 I still think there is time to make this fight

      2. billaa100

        @Jeff Sainlar Visuals he would make Khabib look like an amateur.

      3. Jeff Sainlar Visuals

        how about now?

    19. 93ddb

      To me GSP and Khabib are the only two in the convo as the GOAT

    20. An OK Man

      Nobody is greater than GSP, nobody. Not Khabib, and not the dopehead, Jon Jones. Being undefeated does not weigh more than defending your title 9 times against the greatest fighters in the world and totally dominating them. Plus, Khabib was very weak in the striking department. GSP was strong in every area, striking included. In a street fight, Khabib's weaknesses would be even clearer - he would have no fence to push his opponent against, which is how he won most of his fights.

    21. lastninjaitachi

      George would win. Hes probably the only person who could beat Khabib.

    22. Isaac Motive

      I don't think GSP stands a chance. I mean especially with the long break he's taken. I think it's ABSOLUTELY FOOLISH to think otherwise, given what we've seen from Khabib, and how many times we doubted Khabib, just to be stunned every time. A young GSP would have had a greater chance. But these days, not a chance.

      1. billaa100

        @Isaac Motive lol GSP is, and was miles ahead of khabib. You probably only follow khabib right?

      2. Isaac Motive

        @billaa100 Honestly, to me that does not mean anything. Khabib has not took a break, has been training all that time as well. Infact, he does not stop training. It's like Floyd Mayweather, who is always n the gym as well. I just think that GSP is not ready and will not have anything different in his arsenal than all the men who lost before him. We're talking about someone who has been nearly invincible in Mixed Martial Arts vs someone who has lost twice, but has also lost many rounds in his career vs someone who has not lost more than 1 or 2 rounds in his entire career.

      3. billaa100

        I hope you don't think he wasn't preparing for Khabib for the last couple years.

      4. billaa100

        Yeah well he came back after 4 years, and took Bisbing's belt. lmao He trains everyday. 4 days a week it's twice a day, so he can get fight shape pretty easy. Khabib would be no match at all.

    23. billaa100

      GSP was undefeated UCC champ before the UFC. He defended 4 or 5 times. He fought some top 5, but mostly rank 1, and 2 fighters his whole career. How can people overlook that by thinking Khabib fought same level competition? The fights he had before UFC...nobody knows who they were. GSP would make Khabib look like an amateur.

    24. Donal Finn

      I can only imagine how much money Dana White is offering St. Pierre to get the belt off of Khabib. And I don't blame him...."Retiring" as champion, in the middle of a hot angle is pissing in the face of the business that made Khabib rich. I don't think he understands how this works, there is another Khabib coming up somewhere that deserves the opportunity to make his money as well....If Khabib wants to retire then he needs to do the decent thing and leave the business in better shape than he found it. And what that means is he needs to PUT SOMEBODY OVER! That's what a champion does on his way out. And he does it so the next kid coming up has the same opportunities he did.

    25. Trucker 4life

      Firas production always 98% right

    26. The Hasz

      GSP you're going to bite your tongue when you see Mike Tyson fight 54 years old. But I say GSP don't take the fight, you don't need the money, you have nothing to prove, you're going to destroy Khabib. Did you hear khabib Oh how can we talk about money? I like khabib but he won't win. Khabib couldn't beat Matt Hughes or Matt Serra, couldn't beat frank Trigg, quick swick, Dan Hardy, Josh Koscheck, Carlos Condit, Johny Hendricks, Diego Sanchez, Anthony Johnson & many many more, khabib never Faced these kinds of Fighters.

    27. Geoff L.

      Georges is the best fighter ever. Khabib is a scrub in comparison.

    28. Omni Mode

      It'd be like goku vs vegeta. The power level would be over 9000!

    29. Dynamite Black

      MMA math receipt: Khabib beats (A beats B, B beats C........ Z beats A)

    30. Life is good

      Khabib will SMASH HIM

    31. james w

      The best defense is offense so GSPs take down and wrestling game must be better then Khabibs, no one has matched him at this takedown game.

    32. The Roof Man L

      Joe Rogan like you bro but completely wrong, The only reason Al was in the same octagon as Khabib for five rounds is because Khabib wanted to be there.

    33. 12canadianboy12

      GSP would destroy Khabib

    34. ILL BE BACK

      If kabib can beat tiabu give him that fight

    35. By any mean necessary

      Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. It's why Muhammed Ali and Khabib is who they are. It's a code.

      1. By any mean necessary

        You still don't get it Trump.

    36. Mother's Milk

      WTF The Muay Thai logo is the Cincinnati Bengals. Literally the Bengals logo.

    37. Liam Powell

      GSP in his prime would crush khabib ‘ bowling ball head’ durkadurkastan.

    38. Nan Khanz Khabib ft Gsp

    39. Mark Sibley

      This fight has to happen I would be happy with any out come ... what a great fight it would be

    40. the iLLionaire6oh3

      Khabib hasn't bled nor been knocked down i believe. How can you say anyone is better?

    41. Twiin Central

      UFC needs a boxing like situation with Ali-Foreman-Frazier with Connor, GSP and Khabib. If GSP beats Khabib then Connor beats GSP, the three will have at least a couple of matches against each other.

    42. Muhammad Zariff

      You know what i wanna see? Khabib going up a weight class, and taking that strap from Usman. But that is very unlikely since they are very very very very close

    43. Adam K

      29 fighters came inside the Octagon with a plan in mind to defeat Khabib, but when the cage door closes The Khabib Time Begins!! 29 Men vs 1 Bear

    44. Alan Ocher

      i like george but hendricks beat him up...he lost this fight for sure.

    45. Harun Drljevic


    46. Jane Gavin

      Khabib is great but Gsp beat alot more Hot fighters than khabib and retired 2 weight champion, that is why GSP is the GOAT.

    47. Nihad K.M

      When a fighter decides to have mercy on his opponent in his last fight with his dad passed away and the mma community saying it's his hardest matchup and he DECIDES to have mercy because his opponents parents are there.the confidence,the skill,the pressure he still decided to let gaethje have it easy. Who's done that before?with the "supposed" biggest risk of their career.

    48. Nihad K.M

      If only his dad was still here,for us just to see him fight

    49. Mansour Killuminati 101

      Not going to happen lol

    50. Tino Berry

      I love gap but he got smoked multiple times before he nothin khabib level no one is he may be the best opponent because he is dominant grappler too

    51. Michael Hisler

      Khabib vs Georges St-Pierre would be an absolute massacre both in the cage and in the press conferences. The English language would never recover.

    52. Dominiguez bolo

      To me if this fight was to happen, I think gsp wins easily no doubt, gsp has no weaknesses in his game, gsp is very good at adjusting throughout a fight if necessary, gsp is also very good at mixing up many styles of fights that he does together, I think gsp also counter's better and he could also adapt to being the aggressor too at times, to me I just think gsp is just a much more trickier fighter and he's also physically stronger than khabib for sure but maybe when they fight it may not be much of a factor because of gsp's age and I heard some people or many believe that gsp was juicing before usda anti doping agency came so if that's the case then maybe gsp will be clean for that fight and he wouldn't have an overwhelming strength advantage.. To me I think the only way for khabib to win is if gsp makes a mistake especially when they're both on the ground together and that's if also khabib could keep gsp on the ground for very long too because gsp's phenomenal take down defense..

    53. Stephen George

      Youre a clown if you think khabib is greater than gsp. Not proved yet. Khabib has fought all stylisticly favorable matchups. Sure justin was a wrestler, but his wrestling in mma was entirely unproved and his bjj was lacking to say the least. Once khabib got justin down, it was obvious it could end at any moment. Not to mention conors wrestling was more impressive w khabib than justins. Until khabib fights an usman or colby style, we dont know how he would do against it. Still too many questions left about khabib. The same is not true about gsp

    54. josh tackett

      win or loose gsp best of all time

    55. Machiel de Groot

      Khabib is the best. I’d hate to see GSP come back just to get smashed. Khabib smashes everyone.

    56. Marshall Schey

      Prime GSP beats Prime Khabib

    57. Matthew Mullarkey

      Khabib v Covington could have been a great fight

    58. Joso Lacram

      Are both of them still under UFC contract? Why not just fight in another promotion?

    59. Ed Flood

      If you made me wager this fight? Khabib. I still very much want to see it.

    60. JRoyal504

      This really the only fight I wanna see

    61. delatroy

      GSP would get fucked. Different eras

    62. Lukas Bottcher

      ryan hall could beat khabib

    63. NightRome

      I'm Canadian and love GSP but I think khabib will just do what he always does, but I still want to see the fight

    64. S’d

      of course of course Khabib will win my brother insha Allah

    65. Gila Bola

      khabib loves his father so much, but there is a video where he said he loves his mother even more. The dream fight of 2 respectable legend, khabib vs gsp won't ever happen.

    66. Andrew Villanueva

      Khabib wouldn't fight again because he promised his mom!!!!!

    67. Adam Khalifa

      I'm a fighting fan. Khabib is a mobster. And just destroys anything and everything in his way. Untouched, with no marks and classy. Lets just give him the GOAT

    68. Muslim Forever

      GSP's gut and puffy nipples indicate hgh usage, I could be wrong. True legends only maul chickens.

    69. breakit46

      Shove your drop shipping up your arse. Great video.

    70. Phoenix Prue

      Khabib would destroy him

    71. Claudio

      Woman and dinosaurs..... But not toy trains, no not toy trains.

    72. Peter Thiessen

      Stop talking about GSP being the greatest. You know and the entire world knows that Khabib nurmagomedov is the greatest that ever was and that ever will be. It's not even about being 29 - 0 and only losing one round , to never be knocked down or never get cut. These stats mean that khabib is also the smartest fighter in the history of MMA , period.

    73. John Smith

      I hope and think khabib nurmagomedov might come out of retirement and fight someone who accumulates a winning streak in his weight division.

    74. Mikey Brownski


    75. tm eafd

      gsp is the a million times better striker then kabib, but could gsp stay on his feet. could kabib take down a 175lb gsp.

    76. carey blake

      I think gsp would wreck kahbib, his kicks are amazing and he is incredibly hard to take down, when he has been taken down, he doesn't stay down, so khabib's ground snd pound would never work on gsp.

    77. Mr Doctor

      GSP lost to Hendricks Khabib hasn't even been cut in 29 fights

    78. jahh1975

      It’s a tough fight to make because GSP is 7 years older, he’s almost 40 and he’s been retired for a while now. But he would also have to fight soon before he would get too old, if he’s not already. And since Khabib literally just just doesn’t add up for that fight. As much as we’d like to see it, it would be incredibly foolish for GSP to come back and try and fight Khabib. Even in the next 2 years. People don’t understand how incredibly rare it is to have a fighter at world class level after 40. It’s really only been done a handful of times. With only one fighter who was competitive past his mid 40’s and that’s Bernard Hopkins. Different sport but you get the point.

    79. Gary Day

      George is bigger


      What weight would it be? Would GSP drop to 155? Khabib goes up to 170? Or catch weight at like 165? If this fight ever did happen that’s what could be a factor is what weight they fight at

    81. Aubrey Sanchez

      the only person think Georges gona win the fight is his own coach

    82. Rodney Chandler

      khabib wont stand a chance

    83. cathoderaytubes

      Joe Rogan should stop making it sound like Al Iaquinta almost beat Khabib. Khabib didn't lose even a single round.

    84. AJD /

      GSP issue for being the goat is his level of competition and he's never even fought a fully black man before. Michael Bisping shouldn't have won the belt, it was all thanks to the location

    85. Essam Suwied

      Love Khabib and GS P If they fight they will have to meet in the Middle 165 lb ... that’s to be Fair for Both Fighters .

    86. Essam Suwied

      Joe Joe Joe.... you been In this much to long , Love your Show , love your few minutes, when you go to the Cage and interview the Fighters . But Joe , please Tell everyone out there, Jones Been Beating by few fighters , forget the Drugs that he was exposed with, but No way he is the Goat , maybe he is the Baaakkk Baakkkk the Chicken, lol, Tell me Khabib, tell me GSP But pls don’t make Jones bigger than what he is . And if GSP and Khabib Steps in the Ring That will be the Most Best ever in Past and Future Fight to be watched, and people will Never Stop Talking About . Stay safe Joe RoGan

    87. Calom

      This is the greatest fight that can happen in MMA right now . Need to happen .

    88. Ivan Martinez

      Khabib will beat gsp

    89. I know Daytona

      What!!! You crazy. George St. Pierre got beat by Bj Penn. No chance . Kabibb would kill him

    90. tacosrock11 _

      Women dinosaurs and new things...

    91. Dorian Gray_13

      Dinosaurs 😂😂😂

    92. Arm Collector

      Either way dana white is not having gsp walk away with belt again😂... And if khabib won he would retire right after so either way I don't think dana want chance it again lol... But would be an amazing fight... I want bones & Izzy now that is one fight I hope dana will for sure make happen!!

    93. Rich Coggeshall

      Apparently some of you have never seen GSP fight that’s amazing to me if your MMA fans. Khabib has never and I mean never thought anyone even close to the skill level of GSP. When has GSP ever been mauled by anyone? He has the greatest take down defense in UFC history. Most importantly he is better than Khabib in every part of fighting especially his fighting IQ. He is so well prepared every fight

    94. Hakim Alimi

      Hhh hhh CSP him self say that Habib will and can any fighter get inside the cage.

    95. Kurt Kuchen

      GSP wouldnt stand a chance

    96. A N

      Where is the Luis mute button???

    97. Vang Cruz

      George have nothing to loose. Khabi win or loose, will not be lable as the goat. George have been retired for 4 years. If he loose, people will say oh offcourse he looses, he already retire. So no matter the out come Khabi looses. Unless the money is huge for Khabi.

    98. Chris R

      My heart wants Gsp to win but thinks khabib wins

    99. r h

      Dam ads u f*er

    100. Mr.BigBoss7

      To the obviously biased guy taking at 7mins. If GSP is so well rounded as you have beautifully described. Why has he lost 2 times? Khabib would crush him stop talking sheeet

      1. Jeff Sainlar Visuals

        That was his coach so he is quite biased