Amy Coney Barrett's Supreme Court confirmation hearings | Day 4

Fox News

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    The Senate Judiciary Committee hearings for Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett continue Thursday morning.
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    1. Dusty Trails

      Barrett is qualified. But her insistence to literally interpret the Constitution is alarming. The Constitution was written by privileged white men and literal interpretation will continue the discrimination that divides this country.

    2. Kris Love Trump


    3. vincent nguye

      Best of the best She so wise and Smartest for the Job and American need Supreme Court like her

    4. William

      MICHAEL DEFEATS THE DRAGON (Revelation 12: 7-12) Rejoice then, you heavens and those who dwell in them! But woe to the earth and the sea, for the devil has come down to you with great wrath, because 'he knows that his time is short!' (Revelation 12:12) This is the Word of God! ..........

    5. DanielTube3r :D


    6. Dude Dude


    7. Jennifer McDuffy

      If you don’t know why the country is so divided, you obviously haven’t been listening. The evidence is right here on national tv for everyone to hear. It starts from the top!! The dems are still angry that Trump won 4 years ago and they are taking it out on ACB.

    8. Joseph Guevara Sr.

      God Bless America! Thank you President Donald J. Trump for nominating Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Highest Court in the Land. Judge Barret is a heroine!

    9. Vaiola Aloisio

      Confirm her now.

    10. Ronin Kraut

      Graham does seem like a decent fellow (for a politician). I wish the Dems had half the character he does Did anyone else die when the Dems cried about keeping your word. I know some folks on the left don’t like firearms but is there any other amendment that has written in that amendment SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED? Any? Why was it such an important right that the founders wrote that in only this one right? And why is it the only right that is consistently and constantly under attack?

    11. Austin Feinberg

      Suggesting there are mysterious force's at play behind the scenes, is a farce.


      I love when a bunch of crooks lecture you on ethics...

    13. BlazinNSoul

      It's going to be such an easy election. We can just throw out all the maill in votes from states that don't arrive on Election Day. I don't know why anybody is even concerned. The Supreme Court Trump's State Court rulings. So if court decides to throw out mail-in ballots they can. There are benefits to having all Republicans mostly on the Supreme Court. Which helps turning things in your favor. Personally this is the way it should be as a supreme court should be deciding an election not the American people. Unless you vote Republican you don't deserve to vote anyways, just saying. :)

    14. bob stump

      Trump - bad for America - even worse for the working men of Florida !

    15. Raymond Cook

      “We have to pass the Obamacare bill in order to find out what’s in the bill,” Nancy Pelosi. “I have to win the election in order for you to find out I’m resigning so Kamala Harris is your president, c’mon, man!” Joe Biden. Google: Biden says 'you ain't black' if torn between him and Trump Joe Biden During the Democrat Debate: “Joe, you are a racist.” - Kamala Harris "I believe Biden's accusers" - Kamala Harris After winning the Democrat nomination for president: “Kamala, wanna be my VP?” - Joe Biden “Hell yea, Joe.” - Kamala Harris Abraham Lincoln abolished slavery and was a Republican. It has been the Democrats PLAN along for Biden to quickly RESIGN and let Harris be president. The Democrats call Pence disrespectful, but Joe telling the President to, “Shut up man,” “You’re a clown,” is respectful of the office?

    16. oiuet souiu

      of God.

    17. Bora S

      Amy is an amazing person and an amazing judge- super smart. She really deserves that seat

    18. TheRyuFirestorm

      29:18 is the real start

    19. Bobbi P

      Confirm Barret. She's AMAZING!!!

    20. Kevin Healey

      Ok, is the inquisition over with?

      1. oiuet souiu

        29:20 start

    21. Lawrence Dol

      I love the way the Democrats (I'm looking at you, Str Booker) cry unemployment rates, food lines, and business failures, not seen since The Great Depression, when it's their draconian, unscientific lock-downs that have been the primary cause of this.

    22. Jocelyn Tripathi

      How many days of hearing are there?

    23. Lawrence Dol

      It's so hard to listen to hypocritical Democrats wax on about politicizing the Supreme Court.

    24. Sidney Boudro

      Hurry up and seat her we want to find out if Biden wants Trump to appoint 6 more judges to the Supreme Court.

    25. Mz. Tingley

      So sick of these leftist literally are saying what Trump is going to do is what Biden is.

    26. John Jones

      These idiots should NOT be paid for all this bullshitting. You are here to confirm a judge not whine about the president or Obamacare.

    27. Robert Shrewsbury

      Pro-Life? Abortion is, but should not be an issue, because it is extremely savage and irresponsible. With all of the advances contraceptives available as well as simple surgery pregnancies can mostly be avoided from the start. Abortions are very cruel and inhumane and murderous as I see it. Our children are very glad we did not do abortions.

    28. Olufunmi Akadiri

      Term limits for Congressmen

    29. Olufunmi Akadiri

      AmyKhlobuchar would be the Senator who refused to prosecute the policeman who killed GeorgeFloyd

    30. Olufunmi Akadiri

      The Laura Wolk testimony was amazing

    31. JB Twiddles

      I going to run for the White House in 2024. Vote for me the first uncensored president in 2024.

    32. Jerry Fiteni

      Listen to all the BS from this guy Durbin Losers

    33. CommanderXevon

      29:20 start

    34. Paul Reginello

      We are electing a judge of many , to uphold not change the law. How could so many people not know what they are there for ?

    35. saigon Nguyen


    36. Man-o-trails Titus

      Christopher Hitchens said it best: there is NO difference between classical fascism as developed in Italy and refined in Germany (and Spain and recently in the US) and right wing Catholicism. The US will defeat fascism once again: Trump will lose the POTUS and the Senate. But Amy Barrett will be Trump's living monument to his fascism. Mark this post. Remember the warning.

    37. Scott M

      MUH WHITE STEP FATHER ABUSED ME. Had to put that ole race in there huh?

    38. Alyssa Rich

      Amy is amazing she’s brilliant she’s got integrity And if the tables were turned and the Democrats had an opportunity to put somebody in the seat they would absolutely fill the seat the next day if they could unfortunately they didn’t win in 2016 so the president is president for four years God is working on our side good things to come

    39. NSTAI Corporation

      Some members of the democratic party do NOT care about America. For them, it is all about power.

    40. The Person

      "Dam I wish they would move the camera away from the chairmen and that dud behind him is like a fart in a bottle, so bloody annoying"

    41. But first covfefe

      The Dems need to be voted out! And none cares about thevieq of educators except for educating our young people.

    42. Char Griffin

      Go Amy!

    43. Anawo Victor

      Are you searching for a business idea, I'm so lucky I found @dennis__forex09 at insta who was able to guide me through forex/binary options and today all my dreams became the present, God bless you abundantly 😁

    44. Michele Denise


    45. Datu Saladin

      Graham/Kennedy tandem in 2024

    46. Lekestue

      3:46:00 liberal propaganda its always about me-me-me

    47. Lekestue

      religions dogma bad and marxistisk dogma good US 2020

    48. TWGarg

      Anyone who thinks that Trump is going to get what he wants out of ACB just because he nominated her, hasn't been listening to her in these hearings.

    49. TWGarg

      Can we find a better analogy than the F-ing tracks?

    50. Rhian C

      Can anyone explain why we are mixing religion with state

    51. Shaun Roths

      2 hours 20 minutes... I have eaten, listened, had a cigarette, had a snack, went to the restroom. I am still listening to everyone, my second job comes up in 5 hours; the Senate seems to still be deciding whether or not they are going to just get on with it. Honestly there have beens some good points made, but I am subjecting myself to the entire process. At some point I have to ask, " Please stop talking and make your vote known. Yes or No? This is why the meeting has been called. Yes or No? All the words in the world will not change the vote. Yes or No? I will never talk a sink into being replaced, I will never talk paneling onto the side of a mobile home, I will never talk an orange tree into picking up it's own shed fruits. No matter how many houses I work on, no matter where, I can only do what I was there to do. Yes or No?" I am sure that some people will read this. I am sure that some people are similar to me. We are the American people, all of us. And we also have work to do. Chores to finish. Please upvote this comment if it is worth reading to you. I am 30 years old and just learning what it takes to make it in life. I hope you all the best. But good night, until next time 🎩

    52. DX Z

      ACB is the best! Also, what is “Ricky Gervais” doing here 😂 Feel like Senator Graham could use a beer like Gervais did at the Golden Globe-dealing with Democratic hypocrites must have been painful!

    53. Warius Gaius

      “Are you racist” is a stupid question to ask over and over again to a highly qualified law professional. We are living on an idiocracy.

    54. N 4

      Mazie Hirono is a disgrace to the Senate & her State of Hawaii. Vote her out!

    55. Jordan Williams

      I've got asthma my inhaler has never been cheaper

    56. Jordan Williams

      Fill that seat

    57. Jordan Williams

      Mike Lee thank u for your service to our country and our great state we call home

    58. elainemarietta

      Dems keep on asking Trump if he''ll accept the results of the election. What hypocrats... For four years the Dems didn't accept it and the only thing those "sore losers" did with our taxpayer money was scheme to oust him from office and didn't fulfill the jobs they were paid to do.

    59. G Bellexha Zerep

      How many black people in Congress, The Senate and black Judges have adopted Asian or Hispanic or white children from other country.

    60. Nandini Bhagwat


    61. marialiyubman

      ACB is probably like: I wasn’t a Trump supporter when I came in, but seeing Democrats in that hearing I now love him as much as this person in the comments does. 🤷‍♀️

    62. Ivan M

      She would put the law up front centre! Conservative more so law! Evil hates law they want the opposite, war and famine with communities upside down! She must be selected!

    63. Ivan M

      It’s not racing, someone died job had to be filled sure elections but why should it stop anything?

    64. Aragorn II

      God bless Amy Coney Barret!!!

    65. Ivan M

      Judge will judge fair that’s it she has 110% the knowledge, knows her job done!

    66. jeisa Jeis

      You Americans are WAY too into politics. This is why you all are so divided.

    67. Nothing but truth

      Democrats secret weapon : fraud and lies ! 👎👎

    68. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      The healthcare reform has not been established yet!

    69. Bad English

      Biden is a Trojan Horse...

    70. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Different circumstances under Obama!

    71. franz zurcher

      Its scary as hell to think some [most..???] people could vote for Biden?

    72. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      The Dems already diminished our respect overall, on many levels!

    73. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Too much extrapolation here!

    74. Maria Callous

      could it be more off point??????????????????????????????????????????? sigh..... fubar

    75. Truth Teller

      Fienstien ,oh , trying to say how observant you are , yet for 20 yrs a chinman spy can work for you and you claim to have no idea , as your husband got rich off china..


      Defund fake media

    77. George Rose

      Now dems, try working WITH us for the next 4!

    78. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Obamacare was greatly flawed!!! It needs a total revamp! They plan to keep the good parts and get rid of the bad! Why is that so hard to understand. The Dems are playing on the fears of the people!! .

    79. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Thank you Mr Graham!

    80. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      This is embarrassing!!! You should be ashamed!!!

    81. Daisy

      So impressed with Senator Graham!..You Rock!

    82. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Stop reaching then and question her strictly on merit!

    83. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Not true! Her personal beliefs are not an issue here!

    84. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Thank you Senator Cruz!!! Amazing how the Dems carefully select partial truths!

    85. Dragooned Slayer

      For the past 4 days they only talked about the ACA which I think thier doing that because they know she will be confirmed

    86. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      BS, how do we “the people’”get involved in the selection here?!?

    87. AR K

      Why do dems keep saying "this is not normal" they all keep saying it!!!! Just because you say it over and over does not make it true!!!! I wish I had a nickel for every time they say that!!!!!

    88. Truth Teller


    89. Don Holbrook

      Since Fox wants to turn off comments on certain videos get your information from other videos

    90. Martha Urquilla

      Unbelievable! This Democrats are so HYPOCRITE! They presente their causes one way, while they hide their real motives to themselves! All of them in one accord! To be a Democrat in Gov. you have to be a Good Liar! They are like 2 head Snakes!

    91. The ambassador of the divided States of America

      They should call these hearings the demtards bitching hearings cause that's all I hear .

    92. Gail Mendenhall

      Americans deserve better than the current Obamacare. I don’t understand why Congress doesn’t fix it. My insurance went from $250 a month to over a $1,000 per month. My child’s went from $75 a month to now as an 18 year old is $301 per month. The deductible is so high that it is never reached and so our health care was even more costly. When asking my insurance company why the premiums were so much; I was told it was because the ACA drove the prices up. We were also forced to pay for services to be covered that we didn’t believe in or would never need such as abortion and birth control. So I urge Congress to fix our health care for every American not for just the few. Middle class single mothers just can’t afford insurance nor an 18 year old trying to get started as an independent person from their parent!

    93. George Rose

      Miss Clarke, civil rights, apparently didn’t LISTEN when Amy explained the “N”word... because these so-called civil rights people don’t really defend our “civil rights”.

    94. User Name

      I can't stand her horrible voice. Not her fault, but awful.

    95. Linda Tonioli-Taylor

      Amy Coney Barrett is simply brilliant, and deserves unbelievable respect for her consistency in navigating the ensnaring questions of the Dems.

    96. TiffyLee H


    97. Kris Love Trump

      Vote AMY VOTE TRUMP!

      1. Kris Love Trump

        Love President Trump❤️🤍💙

    98. Ray Spencer

      Why are we not vetting her Husband? His opinions will be more relevant than hers since she has to obey him.

    99. Nicholas Barnum

      Has anyone else had problems getting this video to play properly?

    100. Summer Lake Photog

      Apparently, when I voted for a President to serve a four year term, I was really voting for a president to serve a term of 3 years and 10 months.