Real Life AMONG US 900 IQ Impostor Plays!


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    Real Life AMONG US 900 IQ Impostor Plays! with Preston 👊
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    1. Preston

      subscribe or mad sus 🤔

      1. Alan Tran

        Preston your a great inposter

      2. mai mohamed

        Hi preston 1000% 555%

      3. mai mohamed

        Hi preston 🦊🦊🕊🕊⚘⚘💐💐🌷🌷

      4. mai mohamed

        Hi preston 😘😘

      5. ***Remas*** ***Algayar***

        *I'm mad sussssss*

    2. Angela Dias

      You are so cool

      1. Angela Dias

        What are you doing

    3. Angela Dias

      I can't subscribe my dad says

    4. Angela Dias

      I'm going to read a book

    5. Rowel Laureano

      Preston sus

    6. Rowel Laureano

      White sus

    7. Songul Bektas

      I am Turkish but I follow you fondly,please don't hate me just because I am Turkish😟😟😟🙁🙁🙁😢😭

    8. Jenna Rivera

      As soon as Scott died ad came on Ad: especially a toilet...

    9. Faze Girl

      Anybody else think Bree is so dumb

    10. megandcait vlogs

      preston sus he sus he faked swip card brianna also i saw her faked download she did admin first

    11. Doge And Boiz Plays

      hey! my brother is named dylan

    12. Donaciano Duarte

      Preston i was mad sus but i still won

    13. Python Fortnite


    14. Christi Helms

      I am a boy on my mom's account

    15. Christi Helms


    16. starplayz9999 yt

      Subbed I really lub ur vids but I cant watch 24/7 can one play 1 hr per day pls do a shout-out for me!

    17. Kailyn Chum


    18. Kailyn Chum


    19. Kailyn Chum

      Pizza 🍕



    21. JunJun Dayag

      hey preston no

    22. JunJun Dayag

      no impostor

    23. JunJun Dayag

      my impostor no portal swnd no 😊😊

    24. JunJun Dayag

      sabi nya nga i

    25. Rafaela Casey Luvena Prayogo 1406139

      Bri’s helmet is cute i love the bunny ears

    26. Kelbey Ziegenhain

      Bri impostets know who the ptheer imposter is and Scptt had finished his tasks

    27. Natalie Brand


    28. Jade Zhang


    29. Nzy Rkza


    30. Tory Decourval

      I mean you cant change a vote once its submitted

    31. ChrisjohnMark Obleada

      nice play

    32. Adam Cueto

      orange sus

    33. Mike Monteith

      Preston play more real life am out us

    34. DogLover’s Life

      2:21 Why was Nick walking in the background..... mad sus.......

    35. Poonam Sharma

      cari carihyper i am a BIG FAN

    36. Mike Castaneda

      Make more

    37. Eng Tong Yap

      White and orange so sus

    38. Alyssa Thompson

      You guys are like ITS however l dont know the names and then you guys are like ITS HIM ITS NOT ME ITS 👉 👈 then you guys stair at each other

    39. Madie Vlogs

      Orange SUS!!!

    40. Taylor Esler

      vote jone for scots deth???????????????????????

    41. Chloe Seymour

      No one: Not a single soul: Dylan: how do you open a lock?

    42. Julia W.

      How u build the vent??

    43. Mauventures


    44. Riley Hansen

      how to you get those coloured among us costumes?

    45. Jessica Wooldridge

      On John

    46. Fizzy Films

      Let’s go PRESTON!

    47. DoctorPokins

      8:24 Cringe lol im not showing no hate

    48. Jayciël Emanuelson

      Where the vents

    49. Lacey Smith

      I did not know that cari and a boyfriend and bri and Preston are friends

    50. Khaleesi Kaycie

      i love it

    51. Vetgirl421

      Presto me is so and very very sus

    52. rajay coleman

      Hi Preston I'm Rajay Coleman Nathan my mother name is Simone

    53. ivy dang

      I literally know Dylan Dylan play with poke

      1. ivy dang


    54. Scps are The best!

      2:22 anybody see Nick walk down the stairs behind them.?

    55. MoonLight Shadows

      Bri's bunny ears literally killed me, they were so cute

      1. Christi Helms


      2. Bill Jamison

        They where adorable ➖〰️➖

    56. Judith Gabronino


    57. Judith Gabronino

      Reds sus

    58. ryan naoe

      Someday preston and John will get revenge

    59. carmen manalàd


    60. Bentley Conley

      vote john it is him

    61. Arnold Galicia

      hey preston another among us real life 10 iq plays pls

    62. J V

      If I was him I would just make a commercial about milk and throw it at him and then he doesn’t even feel anything

    63. hoan nguyen

      cities skylines

    64. Master yi Lol


    65. Master yi Lol

      Nick got caught by Preston he got to the vent and vented out so early

    66. PopXol

      2:21 nick in the back LOL

    67. Makenna Shearer

      Scott was like:🥺 the whole time like Awwww

    68. Sylvia Brousseau

      Play this game called The Battle Cats

    69. Feryal Hatamleh

      It’s so cute how preston fixes bri’s helmet 🥺🥺

      1. Master yi Lol

        Yeah so cute

    70. Suman Pawar


    71. Adopt me outfits You might like

      😂I love among us

    72. Cinos Smg8

      Person we all know the imposter you and please watch this video and then you’ll see presents the imposter among us just follow him

    73. Jinora Flergin

      Creepy and akward that need Definitely John

    74. Macariovitch


    75. aurinkolahti00990

      Great video and I love among us

    76. Vincent Ly

      K I will

    77. Tiara Rahayu

      Hyper poke??

    78. Anna-Marie Grieve


    79. TuufGamer is gonna draw

      Crazy man jist crazy

    80. Mick Boland


    81. Paula Brewer

      who was sus

    82. Jessica Southard

      i agree with bri

    83. jessica Wotton

      Hi Preston

    84. Rebecca Irving

      I love your vids

    85. lumen sqmm

      its preston hes the impostor

    86. Cade Page

      I saw the preview of this on TickTock you should come follow mine cadenjams1313

    87. Joe TheSoundeffect Maker

      No one: Literally no one: People when they among us in real life: IMPOSTOR 9999999 IQ

    88. NetherGamer

      It was you Preston you are the imposter

    89. tuan tran

      I love your videos

    90. Dimitris Georgiou


    91. Aaron Perdomo

      I have a tiktok Preston

    92. Aaron Perdomo

      Do you like Roblox because I do

    93. Aaron Perdomo

      Preston David among us

    94. Nii Tetteh

      2:21 nick comes down stairs like nothing happened lol

    95. Jacklyn Chan

      Preston was the killer imposter

    96. Andrea Thomas

      Its Preston he vent he's sus

    97. Tyler Boussie

      I’m such a fan and I’m a crewmate

    98. XD

      This is how many people want to see Preston in real life ⬇️

      1. Minecraft Miran Erdo


      2. Vincent Water

        @Minecraft Miran Erdo he is a like beggar

      3. Yebosola Alimi


      4. Evelyn Ty

        Only 9? XD

      5. Minecraft Miran Erdo

        Forget about the likes. I think most people would like to see Preston. 👍👌🙂

    99. Fritz Nathaniel Morales

      Orange was the one that is sus