NoCap - I Can't [Official Music Video]


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    NoCap - I Can't
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    1. SMOKE TNT

    2. Big Ace


    3. Big Ace

      Backend 🔥

    4. YMN PLAYA

      Bro underrated heart n soul n his 🎼 ‼️📲 tap in cap

    5. Joseph Abston



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    7. Mike Sanders


    8. Jay Blase

      my favorite cap song ong🔥

    9. Amari S

      No cap is so underrated 🙄

    10. YRN Dello


    11. michael baker

      Bruh trying to say he’s better than Gucci mane and Jezzy 😂😂😂 gtfo this shit is trash 🗑

    12. Kaz Kaz

      He really doesn’t miss 🔥

    13. alexis owens

    14. Deshon Huguley

    15. Forever Amorie

      mannn . one of the hardest!

    16. Annax sim

      I love no cap 💛

    17. Josh Hughes

      No cap lays them loyal lyrics likeee no cap💯🤣

    18. Chris Campuzano

      Than most these folks

    19. Chris Campuzano

      Always100% he go way hard

    20. Chris Campuzano

      Truly this man is underrated as f he peaking for him 2 be doing this rap gig it’s a blessing

    21. Jiggy T

      NoCap really started going crazy 2020 💪💪💪

    22. Yung Lino

      Rip rhude peep the jacket

    23. J22Beatz

      Crazy nocap and rylo rodriguez beat on my channel rn!! I hate to spam, but im just another dope producer who needs a chance!

    24. 2 10’s

      I can’t keep matchin the homies when they don’t got exotic I KAINNTT

    25. T2B


    26. Drew Servin

      Vino gon cook up he mix the ingredients

    27. Big J What do you think of my new song?

    28. Anwar Maree


      1. Anwar Maree


    29. Minus Thompson JR.

    30. JohnnysWorlddd

      PP don't mean urine it mean Private Plane 🤦‍♂️🔥🐐

    31. Shatavious Reed

      & I CANT wait to see this young nigga 💙🤣

    32. Kylar 2 hungry

      Most lyrical rapper rn let’s argue

    33. Quincy Robertson

      Im not complaining but is all his music sad?

    34. fullproofgang

      Sound like rylo rodriquez

    35. Raw Glizzy

      Most underrated rapper right now

    36. Muhammad Albar

      Shitt No Cap

    37. BookieJustBetter

      "i can hear the pain burning threw my soul shootouts while i'm in the designer clothes i'm just staying real till it's over my momma like me better when i'm sober"🐐🦅🦅🦅

    38. Saul Jimenez

      Mobile AL represent!

    39. Strategic Music London

      No cap my bruh

    40. YoungG Cool

      I’m high asl right now 😭🤣 this some 🔥🔥🔥 tho no cap.

    41. Baby Tp

      You can

    42. Baby Tp

      Ain’t you still living

    43. Twic3 2x

      No way nocap uploaded. Nocap nocap uploaded. *buss violent nut

    44. Ceo Babydoll


    45. shalom dubisiko

      My Mama Like Me Better When I'm Sober..

    46. Zerké Zauze



      If young m.a and Kevin gates had a baby

    48. Kynard Fenn

      Really da 🐐

    49. Composure Bw official 9ine_liv3s

      ion think you will ever make it to platinum go and humble yourselve to 4PF CAUSE ION THINK WE WILL REMEMBER YOU IN NEXT 5YEARS

      1. Composure Bw official 9ine_liv3s

        @Von Will then ll stick to the fact that baby is still considered the greatest

      2. Von Will

        When he go platinum then what goofy 😂😂😂😂

    50. Desean Moore

      Bruh so underrated it makes me mad ash😒😡🤬

    51. HahaItzzAc3

      Anybody hear the bird in the instrumental? 🦅🦅🦅

    52. luhhaj2x _

      I’m here before a million views🗣

    53. Dylan R

      What if cap made a drill song 😮😮😮

    54. Bernard WDAVIS

      666dislike why the devil be hating 🔥🔥🔥

    55. TSE Slime

      This Da New Wave 😳🤯🔥

    56. Abdoul Balde

      NoCap da therapist fo da hood. May ALLAH protect you 🤲🏽❣️

    57. Money Mermaid

      Love yooouuu no capp even with my cap on🥰

    58. Juice Mane

      Brah Snapped On Dis 2

    59. Juice Mane

      BRAH Snapped On Dis

    60. Anthony Smith

      No cap I got another one (ghetto poem) #STREETBILLBOARD kmft #wave #medz

    61. The real nico 911

      this is garbage

      1. michael _bihh

        Bruh you not listening 👂🏾open your ears

    62. Keith Ft Lil Poppa 🖤😈

    63. woah kicks

      No cap bars better than most rappers niggas be sleeping

    64. King Alfpha

      Here before a million ❤️💪🏾 i drive them same cars i used to point at like bingo 🤦🏾‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️

    65. Tawanda C

      “...PP don’t mean urine, it mean Private Plane...” 🛫

      1. ZaCorie Bell


      2. Breon Wilson

        imagine copying my comment😂

    66. luu meech


    67. LINLIN LIN

      been gettin money since a young boy like baby Joe🔥🔥

    68. Trevor Larue

      It’s messed up rod wave took this man place

      1. Breon Wilson

        uh its kinda 50 50

    69. J22Beatz

      Crazy nocap beat on my channel rn!! I hate to spam, but im just another dope producer who needs a chance!

    70. 40 Roll

      All well🙏

    71. Pop Lance

      These AL rappers got the best punchlines man. 😬🔥 NoCap, Rylo, Yavo, TLE etc putting on for AL rn.

    72. KENDALL

      I just won’t CHANGE 😌

    73. Stem by The bush

      Pp don’t mean urinate it mean private plane 🔥

    74. FatJuice TV

      Best rapper out

    75. FatJuice TV


    76. Tony blackk


    77. nba543


    78. Kyle Dubb

      black widow trailer

    79. SlimeCo Tee

      Can y’all sub and tune in my new song I posted

    80. Jeremiah Harrrison

      NBA YoungBoy To My Lowest Remix By 156 Jay

    81. Grizzo Hemi

      Here 835k

    82. Mr 4KT

      Ben Getting Money Since a Youngboy Like Baby Joe if yk yk

    83. BenjiGang Guap


    84. Sam Kabiru

      This song hits!! Too fye 🔥🔥🇰🇪

    85. Mula Tay


    86. Adamski Browne


    87. BTB QUAY 5K


    88. MakkYG Official Page


    89. Reem Henry

      (Pee pee) don't mean urine, it mean private plane. (P.P) private plane

    90. SnxgGotClout

      “ i can feel the pain through my soul “ felt 💔

      1. Jakavian Williams

        this the comment i was lookin fa 😂💯

    91. big homie


    92. AuthetnicEpicBoom!


    93. Scottie BG


    94. Dennis Y

      Bro NoCap is the best I love when he go dtitjsthstsutussjgydjkuf 🔥

    95. ChrissNonstop

      The backend child 🥶🖤

    96. ken gaming


    97. Becky Woods

      Ima dawG and im ballinG like luol denGGG🏀 i mean a Great Daneeeee😈😬🔥🔥

    98. ken gaming

      Bruh i remember when i use to say bingo to cars😂😂

    99. HGT_ King123


    100. Monroe Jackson