MONSTER HUNTER - International Trailer

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    Watch the #MonsterHunterMovie international trailer now - see these big monsters on the big screen, only in cinemas December.
    Behind our world, there is another: a world of dangerous and powerful monsters that rule their domain with deadly ferocity. When an unexpected sandstorm transports Captain Artemis (Milla Jovovich) and her unit (TI Harris, Meagan Good, Diego Boneta) to a new world, the soldiers are shocked to discover that this hostile and unknown environment is home to enormous and terrifying monsters immune to their firepower. In their desperate battle for survival, the unit encounters the mysterious Hunter (Tony Jaa), whose unique skills allow him to stay one step ahead of the powerful creatures. As Artemis and Hunter slowly build trust, she discovers that he is part of a team led by the Admiral (Ron Perlman). Facing a danger so great it could threaten to destroy their world, the brave warriors combine their unique abilities to band together for the ultimate showdown.
    Based on the global video game series phenomenon MONSTER HUNTER.
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    1. Vincent

      The modern world angle is just totally unnecessary. Instead of Jovovitch trying to stop monsters from destroying the modern world, it could just be her stopping the monsters from destroying the more civilized areas of the Monster Hunter world. Maybe the reason why the monsters are running rampant is because a behemoth monster is migrating and causing chaos to the ecosystem and Jovovitch has to stop it?

    2. Taket Mania

      1:31 wow..who is she?

    3. Mr Sinister

      This movie can be so much better if they just take tony Jaa's story ,where he grew up and became a hunter to track down rathalos and hunt it to take revenge for his family this story is so basic but it is 1,000,000 times better than US military shit

    4. Mona Cruz


    5. Ultimate Donut

      Looks like a generic action military shit with monster hunter sprinkled in. Hard pass.

    6. waerp11

      It's me? Or that great sword look tiny

    7. Juiceeie Tiktok

      when is the ghost nusters movie cpming 9ut

    8. saurabh chopra

      Script writer 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔Dianasour plus Dragon in Movie new concept.😂😂😂😂😂😂

    9. toxena show

      Why GUN

    10. Joshua Toscano

      Hi sony i know this trailer makes no sence and also if I write like crap its cause im from Mexico plz sony plz do a spiderverse wth Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire and Tom Holland plz Spiderman its my favourite superhero and ya guys have the rights to him so plz really think about it a lot of people want a spiderverse not only me everyone thats a spiderman fan Spiderman played as tobey in 2002 made my childhood so really think i would appreciate if you guys think of doing it wht love Joshua.

    11. Geo Gio448

      When will the Venom trailer come out ?

    12. juicetin #

      ah yes, I too love using a minigun against diablos.

    13. Rock girl

      I'm so sorry they did this to you Monster Hunter fans.

    14. Raiken Xion

      The Guildarm ladies better be in this handing out quests, and i want to see atleast on village with civilization and lynians and other races from the games.

    15. Peter Macansky

    16. Jon Osterman

      Can’t wait looks great!

    17. BMSpammer

      Same director who consciously makes the stuntwoman for his wife(Milla Jovovich) do a dangerous move without proper set planning and refuses to pay the medical bill.

      1. Rock girl

        This is some next level cringe

    18. Lom73

      Venom 2 trailer?


      Paul W.S Anderson -"wow i just got hired to direct another movie based on a video game franchise" Milla Jovovich -"Thats free real-estate"

    20. Me- MaN Tube

      In easy word:- Obviously this movie is going to be super flop movie of the year. The WROST 3d graphics motions they used in this story. Damn break up with your good images with resident evil sequels.

    21. Chokolat Disciple

      Resident Monster: Evil Hunter Starring..... Me: Ugh. I've already seen this movie! Wait....

    22. Craig

      Whos hyped for God of War the movie where Atreus has a minigun

    23. Black Dragon

      Why would a character in Monster Hunter attack someone on sight? It's the most friendly, comfy world imaginable, and afaik, there is zero conflict between humans. She'd get offered some soup, served by a cat, and handed a huge sword. At least it might be fun to watch Rathalos wrecking shit

    24. Fariko Wishless

      The Greatsword is smaller than the Bow 😂

    25. Stefan Moga

      NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! You destroyed the trailer. What the hell is wrong with you people !! Dear Milla with all do respect to your husband ... is he stupid or what. The final sequence of the trailer... it the ending of the movie. I know the plot of the movie just by watching the trailer. ----> You are the captain of a delta force type team somewhere in middle east. You find an ancient device that activates a portal to somewhere. A desert storm hits and activate the portal. You and your team try to run away... maybe back to base and you are caught in the portal. You land in a new world and find big really scary monsters. Your conventional weapons do not kill them and you have to improvise. You are military after all. You find some bones and somehow you notice you can hurt them. Eventually you find the gateway to go back and you want to close it so no monster can come trough it. You all fight the " big bad monster" and somehow you you came back to earth. And you think all it is over (SPOILER THIS IS THE END OF THE MOVIE AND THE END OF THE TRAILER) a big bad dragon type monster attack your rescue plane. Plane crashes and you have to defeat the "dragon" using your weapons made of bones. And the movie ends. Leaving space for a possible sequel.

    26. 123 Kidd

      I always hate it when I am driving and I suddenly get transported to a strange and different world

    27. Ramboy san

      Wait where is the Commission? For Jaa's family to be killed would mean that either A) he took his child and wife on a hunt. or B) a monster managed to enter get into town and kill them. And as far as I can remember only Astera (base camp) and Seliana were the only zones that the hunters were able to set a home in safely due to natural barriers. unless this is set in the old world?

    28. 28 Maitreya Gupta

      Mila Johkovic is back yeah lets do this 🔥🔥🔥.


      ps5 end sequence? really?

    30. Norman Freeman

      They wasted tony jaa on this... Smh... I could use another ong bak movie but heck

    31. Norman Freeman

      This is some next level cringe

    32. widjaya family

      Oh my god this is good movie .. i want to watch this movie ...

    33. Kittenchan91

      Like why even make it like our world to the MH world, just keep it just in the MH world 😵

    34. Chris D

      Thank You for bringing this movie, had played the game on PSP now will be able to watch the movie, super happy and waiting for the release, ps: last boss in the game is dam hard, looking to see a series of this movie 😀

    35. 365 Black

      Good lord she is a horrible actor all one liner dialogue so you can’t even connect with the character.

    36. nieooj gotoy

      from the studio that brings god damn generic U.S. Military to every other-worldly scenario event:

    37. Hyo

      1:36 If you know, you know ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    38. Bendijester

      No, NOT zombies - MONSTERS! At least they DON'T become monsters if they're bitten, right? RIGHT?

    39. GojiShin

      *See's Toho logo Me: Holy Shit!!!

      1. nieooj gotoy

        tony jaa สุดยอดอีหลี

    40. Richard De Luna


    41. BeowWulf

      This movie would've been THE shit in 1992! Today?...

    42. MrBailey218

      *From the Studio that Brought you Resident Evil* Well there's your problem!

    43. Runjung Motovlog

      Cant waiiiit, agito, diablos, rathalos daaaamn so nostalgic

    44. Neodrux 0417

      1:55 did no one notice how eerily similar that roar is to Godzilla? Like come on Anderson try harder.

    45. Depression

      Literally went holly shit it's Tony Jaa

    46. soy yo

      Release a venom 2 trailer

    47. Bunni

      0:45 Were off to a bad start

    48. Kyon koon

      Не этого убожество мы ждали столько лет

    49. Beto Man

      Imagine if instead of having the whole military arc, they could have Tony jaa's arc be the main story and him going around the monster hunter world looking for all the different weapon mains from the game to take on the monsters and eventually having to fight off the elder dragons and built up for a sequel to fight the bigger threat, Fatalis.

    50. Rene Grondzi

      Ofcourse American soldiers gonna safe the world bcs nobody else can't

    51. Nuning Widowati

      Where the Spider-Man Trailer?!Were want too

    52. Shara Ishvalda

      Okay okay, I’ve been playing monster hunter for about 2 years and I can say that this movie is nothing like it. BUT, I am still going to see it because it looks entertaining and the graphics look amazing. It may not be the story of monster hunter, but I have hope that I will enjoy it.

    53. apidech wangjit

      tony jaa สุดยอดอีหลี

    54. Just a Default

      this is probably gonna be like what the last airbender is to the avatar community.

    55. Monster Hunter

      What if Paul made a movie adaptation of Devil May Cry too??

    56. Kaithai Sayarath

      Wow they got Tony Ja

    57. Dylier A. Velazquez Nidoknight

      They shoulda went with this trailer, they both might be trash but atleast this is higher quality trash. Has like 10% more to show that has to do with source material. They probably just asked a 12yo what monsters they thought were cool, asked him the jist of it and they were like “Our job here is done, we’re gonna make millions” and then I’m like “But it’s Opposite Day...”

    58. kakak jahat

      Resident Evil : Zombie Dinosaur

    59. asioe kiou

      Another "I gave my wife a job" movie, now destroying the monster hunter franchise

    60. Zedco

      Holy shiett this is amazing ! The Dragon looks badass !!

    61. Alex Barreras

      so i’m guessing TI . megan good & the other guy die real quick 🙃

    62. Xxstevo69xX

      Ok this trailer was a little better than the other one, still not great, but at least cgi looks ok & they're not butchering the monsters on how they look. So I guess I'll go see it

      1. asioe kiou

        Dislike = gamers I like = movieholic

    63. Vesohag

      They are still in time to Sonic-correct this and cut out the whole military stuff. Some reshoots to fill up some gaps.

    64. abrahamforce

      No another Michael Bay movie!

    65. Donald Edwards

      (N)o one asked for this. (O)h god why!?!?!??! (P)ukei-Pukei is missing!!!!!!! (E)veryone boycott this.....

    66. Dylan Russel Omaga

      The tigrex, where's the Tigrex

    67. Beginner_7

      1:36 owh i thought it was bazelgeuse

    68. Rachit Dobriyal

      Not a good trailer.

    69. Katherine Davis

      When is movie coming out?

    70. ShotaKUN

      Tony Jaa and the monsters are the best in the movie

    71. Krajner Ádám

      0:37 just just...

    72. Tim Phan

      Look, if they just put in the iconic battle themes during the fight scenes with the monsters, I can probably try to enjoy it.

    73. Lexitus

      Hey Sony! Stop ruining Monster Hunter like ruining BioHazard/Resident Evil!!! You can't even find better casting? No one else to act?

    74. Strolch Robin

      I will watch this

    75. Onkel Iltis

      Wow, this looks like shit.

    76. DorkAngle

      Can you get the people who want to make military movies out of a fantasy genre. THANKS

    77. Gojek Jakarta driver

      Dislike = gamers I like = movieholic

    78. John Feare

      This international trailer honestly looks better paced and formulated than the official one, so I've got my hopes that this will not be TOTALLY awful and trash, but still inferior to what a Monster Hunter film could and should be.

    79. The Goose

      Showing up in a cosplay uniform dressed as a marine “ hunter”

    80. The Goose

      This trailer looks way better than the official trailer...

    81. Rendell Draw

      They could've tried using different bombastic music to complete the slightly different feel this trailer gives off. Horns and other primitive-like instruments.

    82. EtheEvil

      Fiver here requesting handler change request

    83. erwin pratama

      Should have made it more like the hobbit or the lord of the rings..

    84. Medsas

      movie would be much better which just tony jaa and no US Army bullshit but no they needed a way to whitewash it...

    85. 大きな草カレル-Sama\ \Big Kusa Karel-Sama

      A couple of months ago i decided to go back and buy, play through all the monster hunter games, and this is what i was rewarded with?!?!?

    86. Incredible Tom

      Honestly this looks WAY better than the other trailer. I'm hype to see this, LOVED the cheesy resident evil franchises and ready to love this next!!

    87. SpaceAfronaut games

      This looks so much better than the shity trailer that is supposed to be the main one

    88. GamE FrEak

      They should have made Tony Jaa character the main one. Rest of the character should be side character. Problem with Milla is she always the main character n the whole universe evolve around her. That's the problem with her in movies like this.

    89. Sitha Chim

      Tony jaa is an ungrateful citizen of Khmer. He uses Khmer Ancient Material Art (L'bok Tao) but tries to uphold it as if it belongs to Siam (Thief Land). Tell the world it belong to Cambodia if you still have soul as Khmer and respect your ancestors.

    90. TheTrueHappy

      This was the most bizarre decision.

    91. kevin sto. tomas

      I don't care about the haters hopping on the hate train who hate because the movie does not do the GAME'S LORE justice and shit. This movie look cool. I haven't even played the GAME so I'll just ignore all the negative comments and enjoy my popcorn while watching the movie :)

    92. Jaymee Guapo

      Ay its oj

    93. Dennis Dy

      Wrong element weapon

    94. Alex Hetherington


    95. Super Crazy

      I don't care, they got my favorite monster in it Rathalos, and he looks awesome. Hopefully his death will be a good one. Hope tony kills him not milla.

    96. Jigsaw407

      Looks like mindless eyecandy fun, just like the Resident Evil movies. I'm in. Just don't overthink it and don't compare it with the game. Well ... just like the Resident Evil movies. ;)

    97. Zeemas

      Milla: "We have to get home", "We're soldiers", "We're not your enemy"... Tony: "AAAHHH", "Hahahaha", "EEyahhhh!"

    98. Platinum Robo

      It's shit.

    99. Marcio Batista


    100. Whatever It takes

      My theory in this trailer is connected to upcoming Metal Gear Movie in the future... True gamers will understand my Theory...