BRAND NEW 47ft Freeman - ULTIMATE Fishing Machine

Scott Martin

77 миӊ. көрүүлөр47

    First video of the BRAND NEW Freeman 47 and first look at Rangers brand new 2660 & 2600 along with Evinrude's outboard redesign all while cruising around the 2020 Miami Boat Show.
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    1. JustPlainAlex

      I’ll fly from the Uk to come fish with you guys! Ling live Vice Versa!

    2. BrianS_Twin2

      You want to make a wife happy, but a toilet on this boat like all other $700,000 boats have.

    3. Max Crypto

      Yo Scott iwanna go fishing 🎣 with you!

      1. Max Crypto

        Vice versa anywhere in fla!

    4. Gavin Abrahams

      Bam the Freeman . Love to Go fishing.. Gavin Cape town South Africa

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Gavin!

    5. Nolan Brown

      I would love to go on a fishing trip with you and my dad and I!

    6. Randy Pope

      I do a lot of fishing out of a 27' Americat and would love to fish on a Freeman.

    7. Steven R

      Sign me up to fish.

    8. cliffordb47

      wheres the head ? no cabin on a 47 foot? $1 million deck that's it that's gonna be hard to sell


      4 EASY 500,000.00 payments. Lol

    10. Fulcrum Fulcrum

      Just found your channel! I’m glad I did!💯

    11. Chunky Father

      That ranger boat is pure garbage. 1 ft chop will easily come over.

    12. Jase Leonard

      would love to go on a trip with you

    13. Matthew Robinson

      I wanna go! I love offshore fishing


      Come to the Bahamas when you can... I want to own one off these boats.

    15. Tyler Mims

      Fist ever saltwater trip? Count me in!

    16. Dolan Boonstra

      If only I had time to go fishing but Military service calls first!

    17. Gavin Abrahams

      Awesome video ,love that Freeman. Any space on your boat. .. FISH ON .. CAPE TOWN South Africa.

    18. Henry Darr

      Dude when i can afford it I'm bringing the family out on a charter for sure 🤙🏾🤙🏾

    19. Kade Bain

      Please can I come your amazing

    20. Fishing Madness

      I have a freeman go check out flashpoint fishing team pls

    21. Gopro Boaty

      I wanna go on a trip🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️. I’m going to the Florida Keys for my first time for my 16th birthday and I’m pumped

    22. bent rodguy

      how is this possible he can afford it ?,,,,,something doesnt add up a million dollar boat,,,,and only won 2million lifetime bass fishing, some help me understand it?

    23. The Bicentennialist

      How about a couple of KY Hillbillies? We're anxious to see if the ocean is as big as Lake Cumberland & Dale Hollow.

    24. bigbertha13 bigpappachoppa

      scott I would love to go on a trip with you im 14 and I love fishing and I also wear aftco so I can support the brand when im out their love your videos and also god comes first love you scott have a great year.

    25. FANTOMphoenix

      Ranger 2600?! Looks nice! Until you see the price at $106,000 USD

    26. cumminsman191

      What day do I need to be at the dock? I'll go so nobody else had to miss work.

    27. Carter Butlin

      A fishing trip sounds sick

    28. larrywayne disher

      Scott been following your channel for the longest I know your super excited about getting your new boat my buddy told me you came down to the plant today and took videos it would be an amazing experience for me and my buddy that help build your boat to come down to Florida & take a nice fishing trip out on it !!

    29. Grant Lusk

      I’d like to go!

    30. John Richardson

      Yo I want to go and I’m a local boy too live on the okeechobee also. Just around the bend in canal point. Would love to just go bass fishing even.

    31. Terry Barrs

      I would love to go with you on the maiden voyage that’s if you have room for my wife also. I love to fish.

    32. Airforce23

      i want to go the freeman got to get on my dreamboat

    33. Bluewater _

      Didn't know you were getting a Freeman built. Does that mean more saltwater videos ? !

    34. Kevin Putney

      Let's go fishing on the Freeman, Come on Sallie and Suzanne nominate me!!!

    35. Jordan Sprayberry

      I would be down to go after some reds!

    36. James Loy

      I wouldn't say no to a trip on that boat

    37. KaliSticks4Life

      That boat is SICK bro, Nice video!

    38. Warren Downing

      Would love to take my wife fishing on your new Freeman. It would a dream come true for her. And me.

    39. Jeff Bergen

      Scott...I would like to go on the maiden voyage of the 42 Freeman

    40. Ryan Haugh

      Would love to go out fishing in one of the new boats. Awesome video.

    41. Put Em In The Boat

      What's a rough price for a rig like this? Quad 450s 47 foot long All the bells and whistles. 200k? 300k? More?

      1. Put Em In The Boat

        @Scott Martin holyyyy moly!

      2. Scott Martin

        Over 1 million

    42. Hunter Harris

      That would be absolutely amazing and would love to have a awesome trip! Love the videos keep it up!!

    43. The Bopper

      Im up for a bit of Key fishing!!

    44. jthoose

      Love your videos and I love Freeman boats. Would definitely be honored to take my first ride in one with you. Say when!

    45. Kirkland Outdoors

      My GF and myself would love to go on a trip with ya'll. We watch every video most multiple times. She is from Florida and we can not wait to find jobs ther and move out of north Ga. Thanks for all of the great videos.

    46. Kyle

      Stoked for your new rig! I wanna go on a trip!

    47. Brian Grigsby

      I’d definitely love to go on maiden voyage. Love ocean fishing

    48. Ed Naccarella

      I would love to on a fishing trip with you

    49. Nick Christ

      Who wouldn’t want to go on a fishing trip with you guys?! That’d be awesome!

    50. David M Russell

      Hey Scott! Hopefully I haven’t missed out on the trips to fish with you that you mentioned in this video. This would be a trio of a lifetime and I’d have to take my dad with me!

    51. René Elvir

      I love to see this boat soon...would love to go fishing as well.

    52. David Carter

      Let’s go fishing

    53. Agustin Arrieta

      I live in Miami so not a long drive if it is in the keys.

    54. tony siderewicz

      Freeman 47 sick!! The 42' is a sweat machine... Fish with Wild Bill of Mexican Gulf guys in Venice. Nothing better.

    55. Mary Vogelsong

      Hey Scott, In my family it isn't "creature comforts for the wife", and "gotta make the wife happy". I'm the fisherman and sometimes my husband agrees to go along! We'd love to go out on your new Freeman! Please put my name in the pot!

    56. Agustin Arrieta

      Yep I will love to!

    57. ImWizZleS


    58. james lara

      Me and my wife would love to go fishing with you bro

    59. james lara

      Scott did you buy it bro

    60. Hampton Smith

      You are getting one of these boats?

      1. Scott Martin

        I am :)

    61. Arun Rajhansa

      Scott is gonna ruin a perfectly good freeman hull by hanging evinrudes off the back... I’ve never seen a freeman with g2s, and I think there’s a clear reason why.

      1. Arun Rajhansa

        Scott Martin cmon man, if it wasn’t for your evinrude deal, we all know you’d be slapping a set of quad 450r on it... 😬

      2. Scott Martin

        Really dude..

    62. Kevin Sandells

      Would like to get out of Ohio and go fishing with you. That would be an awesome trip.

    63. KyleKoehler Fishing

      I’d love to go, love hitting up the Keys

    64. Ryan Denney

      Im ready to ride. Say when.

    65. Mike Strabley

      Would love to be the first, second or the tenth. Just would love to fish with scott Martin

    66. Mike Patterson

      I'm all in for a fishing trip with you. That would be awsome.

    67. AJ S

      Count me in on a trip 👍🏻That would be awesome 👏🎣

    68. Leo Williams

      47' Freeman a beautiful boat but you would have to be a multi millionaire to own it and afford to fish out of it

    69. Javier Gonzales

      Hell yeah on that fishing trip

    70. socalbassfisher44

      I would love to go, I’ve never been to Florida but I’ve always wanted to, only fished saltwater in the San Diego area.

    71. Kenneth L.

      Freeman gonna make a 55 or greater

    72. The Angry Bass

      I’m packed and ready Scott!

    73. Carter Cunningham

      I would love to fish with u in the keys or Venice Louisiana my dad is actually a captain on Lanier and goes to Venice a lot

    74. Money Shot Outdoors

      First off, I love the channel, love the content. I grew up watching bass masters with my dad & was a huge fan of your father. I lived in Florida most of my life & did a lot of club & tournament bass fishing but never got the opportunity to go offshore fishing. I even lived in the Florida keys for 2 years but still no time to go offshore fishing. I now live in Buffalo, NY & hope to get down there to do some fishing sometime soon. Anyhow, I can’t wait to see your offshore videos. Keep up the great posts & god bless....

    75. Dylanc Coe

      What is up Scott I just sub

    76. Dave Wylie

      Tortugas trips callin!!! Rileys hump and Rebecca shoals have it goin on!!!

    77. Cody Roper

      Would love to come down and fish with you I've been a long time follower from Las Vegas and will continue to watch the videos. Keep it up man!

    78. Logan Day

      I would love to go fishing on the freeman 42

    79. Bustin Biggins

      Nice. Been trying to plan my first trip out in the ocean for some fishing.

    80. Austin Powell

      I love offshore fishing but living in Oregon and our rough waters make it tough

    81. whitesands bassin

      Scott you tell me a date and I’m there buddy.... Dream of mine

    82. Mark Friedrich

      I would love to go on the first voyage.

    83. P.J. Bartolotto

      yes, i would love to go!

    84. That Fishing Guy

      I’m in the wrong business.

    85. That Fishing Guy


    86. leslie kennedy

      Hi Scott any time you have a open seat on your boat I would love to go with you

    87. James Mcclure

      Dude I’d love to fish with you on your new Freeman. I live here in Charleston where they are built and it is absolutely my dream boat! I’m saving just to hopefully one day be able to order a 34vh. Iv personally talked to Scott and Billy down at Freeman and they are wonderful guys. Love your vids man keep me coming brother 🤘🤘

      1. James Mcclure

        chmurray4644 yea buddy!!

      2. chmurray4644

        James Mcclure 843!!

    88. Shannon Hughes

      Alright, alright...I’ll go fishing with you!! Just kidding, it’d be an honor!!

    89. jo sh

      Umm worth a try but yea I would love to go fishing with you. Insta:joshuahart_

    90. Thereel_life 713

      Hey Scott, I’ve been following you on KGup for a few years now but followed your fishing career for over a decades . I’m retiring from the Air Force in October after 20 years and moving back to Florida. To go fishing with you and catch some monster fish, something I was never able to do living on Florida’s Westcoast, would be a dream come true. Good luck this season, I’ll be following your travel blogs and tournament posts all year.

    91. Lane Shaw

      man i cant wait to go fishing with you brother

    92. devyn steele

      Sounds like a great trip Scott let me know if there’s ever any extra room!!!

    93. Brent Sorensen Outdoors

      Scott you have no idea how much I would love to go fishing with you.

    94. Tyler Marrero

      It would be an awesome experience to go fishing with you. Always very entertaing to see what you are going to fish for and how you are going to do it.

    95. Aaron Peart

      Really nice boat I'm sure it will be awesome.. keep up the great videos I'm ready to get out and do some bass fishing

    96. Aaron Schmidt

      Love the channel brother and all the info you give out. Thanks and keep it up for all the little guys.

    97. Randall Graves

      BOOM! Let's go fishing man! Awesome boat!

    98. Reid Carter

      My girl friend and I would love to go fishing!!!!

    99. Stephen Riojas

      Going out would be awesome!

    100. Wade Amick

      Scott please take me fishing, my wedding day will be sooner than you think.