Mozzy - Never Lackin (Official Video)


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    From the album "Occupational Hazard". Out now!
    #Mozzy #NeverLackin #OccupationalHazard
    Official music video by Mozzy performing "Never Lackin" © 2020 Mozzy Records / EMPIRE

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    1. Cmike segovia

      That's right im pure out of the pack

    2. Emmanuel Nwankwo


    3. Dontae Ashford

      We got revenge but I'm still 😡 let ammunition twirl 💯

    4. rodbanks

      This shit hard 🗣🙏🏾🤧

    5. sparks Dino

      money could never buy happiness where we from but sure do fuckn help stay up mozzy . haill gaaaanhgg

    6. Julia Jointer

      Notice thats suppose 2 be k squeeze in the vid

    7. Alfred Tanaka

      well known fact this track is on point #100

    8. Rx,Cartel

      My boy be doing his shit in the music

    9. Larry Hoover

      Quando nothing more 2 say period

    10. Windy Block Bullies

      Theres alot of talent out there, but you in my veins.

    11. 00 Gang

      Is it a heaven 4 da demons who in disbelief 😟🗣💯

    12. Raul Salas

      FTW! Fire.

    13. Ernest Jones

      If u seen it u happy they out too and they still blowing ammco

    14. wewantfigures


    15. C3VERTEX

      yeaa mozzy

    16. Luv Chyld Tha Prod.

      Mood this am

    17. Jared GG

      Mozzy just have one of your family members die on a specific gimatria # and you can be top 10 in the game. Is it worth it 😔

    18. Anime Tre

      but more importantly moma rent is paid mozzy to cold

    19. dipho polianka

      Storytelling best rapper Mozzy

    20. Miguel Cavasos

      Mozzy keep it bruh you keep me going every day 😈hell gang

    21. Ezell Tapia

      Damn i miss my granny she the only one who belived in me💯💔

    22. Floyd Hamilton


    23. lundy lundy

      class of 98 fam u golden

    24. drones r us

      Mozz ever die AN IM DONE LISTENING TO RAP

    25. DxBlazex Davis

      Aint no gettn up from all these rounds they gone keep u down

    26. sheye da fjf

      Slapping thru V Town

    27. Aid_ Goz

      This shit fire asf. Jus found. Gonna have to listen more

    28. pretty trina

      You’ll get shot for anything if you don’t shoot for something ⚠️💯🔥

    29. C AR


    30. Donny Handson

      🤦🏾‍♂️ I FELT THAT !!!!! 🙏🏾 My papa the ONLY one who believed in me RIP HILDREN CANADY 7/28/45-10/30/19🙏🏾

    31. James Williams

      Do anyone know where dude from?

      1. tkvsevolod


    32. Zach Griggy

      Mozzy really give back to his people much respect

    33. Mohawk Pink

      #gangstareal #gangstalove #gangstasexy #gangsta100

    34. Manuel Jorge

      Granny died today,feel your pain :(

    35. Mah Bagley

      Why I got this on repeat

    36. Filiberto Corona jr


    37. Ryan Tdm

      One of my favorite rappers blood spit straight 🔥

    38. Zjaydo Zoe

      Good music. One of my favorites.

    39. Antwan Owens

      Yes there's a heaven (rulership) for these demonz it's called America

    40. Trevor McWilliams

      Big homie, you bumpin bra. Everything you doing i respect it.

    41. Marrita Prince

      How can u not feel this song.. this nigga the 🐐 🔥🔥❤️

    42. LR79

      Goosebumps 💯

    43. ghettoartiz

      L-35K+ awesome work my dude I will share it on my twitter stay blessed

    44. Kevin Workman

      His music is a big reason a lot of us are breathing and never gave up!

      1. for my family's health and future Jordan Simpson

        Yes yes yes he is mfs is sleeping on him but only the real understand what is real

      2. Michael Young

        Y'all come subscribe to my KGup

      3. Marcus Long


      4. keaton kelley

        Facts brother man amen to that

      5. Virginia Gonzales

        Facts his music inspirational af the greatest artist of all time

    45. Jose Varela

      I had the same beretta fucker was chunky n reliable

    46. missesther marie



      And my shit i put out for my supporter not peoplethat dislike me for my knowledge and hate me because they thought they were one uping me God see everything though so jokes on them

    48. A Simpson

      What the fuck?? Sounds like the fuckin hackers tainted ur art work cuz of some flaw ass fake conspiracy theory in salt lake city

    49. Chenetta Robinson

      I love your music

    50. Anthony Arliss

      1st 5 bars got a nigga insta tearing

    51. Daniel Perez


    52. Manuel Zazueta

      I have total Respect for Mozzy cause he represents the West like no other out in the Rap game 🔥💯💯520Dubs

    53. P Grizzle


    54. MOZZY AHK

      Tupac can’t even compare to mozzy in reality kuz mozzy was really raised by a black panther and he really was from da streex PAC was jux connected to similar things but he wasn’t essentially involved like mozzy

    55. MOZZY AHK

      Mozzy I love u so much bro I even adopted da name mozzy your life reflects so many things I’ve seen and experienced growing up in jaxonville Florida , da worse at part of Florida your realness pervades all corruption and contamination , plz stay real and raw blood Sincerely , mozzy ahk

    56. Dominic Joseph

      Boy been hard💪


      Everyone I play ur songs for like who this I'm mozzy. Let's set a show up


      When are u coming to philly I be playing ur music out here ur about to be big out here. Keep the music coming.

    59. Semaj World

      I miss my granny lost her march 20th 2020

    60. King Gillie

      My Nigga Mozzy

    61. Kanaka Maoli

      Lil bow wow in the cut

      1. Malia Augustine

        That's Royel fun kids react!

    62. Sean Ward

      Mozzy is a gangster with a conscience

    63. BIIGBOIIZ 30510

    64. Tony Harris

      Much luv from the Lou. St. Louis Mo. keep pushing 4. Blaaaaatt

    65. algassnobreak Kanpol

      I just moved to Bigler. I've known bout you for years. Your story is pretty inspiring. I see your twin 15 times a day. The lil homies. I send mine.

    66. Crèu Cat クル猫

      Smear the miranade

    67. duMaurier

      Mozzy you should get a Patreon going. I feel guilty listening to your music for free..

    68. J Sargent

      ⚓Our loved ones never leave us⚓

    69. bigtimeezra

      Rip mir 🙏🏽🖤

    70. Fleece

      “You get shot for anything if you don’t shoot for nothin” Real

      1. Dnyce0757

        it's shoot for something, but it's cool we all on the same team lol


      Mozzy i got a song for internet journalizing its im'ma start spitting my own SH* t hahahahahaha i'm happy about it i got alot of sh* t i got to work with I'm not putting on here anymore thank yall i love yall i pray everyone stay blessed

    72. cmanking cmanking

      I'm not lacking 2021 .

    73. Kue 286


    74. Steven Searcy

      Most uderated rapper in the game 💯💯💯💯

    75. Murtada

      Yo why this remind me of 90s rap


      11:44p.m spiritual number

    77. Toni Nefer

      If nobody know nothing.. I’m having convos with y’all souls & it sound so relevant what they’re saying!

    78. Rude Dude916

      Sactivated in this shit


    80. Khalil King

      He'll of a rapper. Super underappreciated.

    81. Richard Elizondo

    82. DaeDaeYn

      Whoa u liein I just made a song to this b4 him n mine’s called loyalty can y’all watch it? N like

    83. Varsity Only



      I was here this is a sign / my signature / my mark / a seed to be grown with eyes that see Follow Instagram @omnigoat420 & @mindopeningquotesandimages , namaste and one love family and friends and strangers alike

    85. Jake Katt

      Imma gangster before a rapper

    86. Jake Katt


    87. Yung Deege

      Niggas fuckin wit chu in Michigan from the G way to da B way 🔱

    88. Yaya AAA


    89. Manuel Esquivel

      Where's Waldo? Lol

    90. 2L Boethang

    91. Myles Scott

      Garbage music shitty beat and he can't rap I'm a fan of philthy rich and CML

    92. Jawny Vankham

      Youll get shot for nothing if you dont shoot for sometting

    93. The Dwight Mamba

      I went to high school from 90'-94'. Yeah, I'm one of those old heads that longed for the good old days. It's like Mozzy jumped out of a time machine that landed in front of the studio. We needed him bad!

    94. Ali

      meek mill of sac

    95. Buzzo Midwe5t

      Be bool buzzo

    96. Nathan Duong

      Wowww, the beats, the lyrics... it feels so real with life.


      Mozzie mozz

    98. Duke Prince

      Shit is dope my G

    99. JOEYY See

      Word up we been fucking with mozzy down here in tha 559 Central Valley 💯

    100. Destinee Quintana

      My granny the only one who believed in me 🥺🥺🥺