Tumblr's FAKEST Story: The Tale of Oppa Homeless Style

Sarah Z

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    Homeless Man - NathanWhy ( why_nathan)

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    1. Sarah Z

      I hope y'all enjoy this video. Captions will be up in the next couple of days!

      1. Satan Lover13

        47:34 You dont think people provoking the crowd of people who hate them by lying about them being racist might have anything to do with the capital? {in case someone reading this is stupid you tipe jj when someone starts with a time code}

      2. Jacob Huang

        Copied from my earlier comment: I don't know if anyone is going to read this since I'm late to the party, but as an avid user of r/AmITheAsshole and r/relationship_advice for the past few years, I do think your analysis of these communities is a little lacking. No hate - this is a really insightful video and I love your work! I just have a few things to add on. I have more to talk about, but I'll just focus on the framing of communities like r/AmITheAsshole as just the next generation of the anti-SJW skeptic communities, which I think is misleading. Yes, there are some possibly-made-up posts featuring marginalized people being unreasonable and crazy, but the community isn't responding to these posts by dunking on marginalized groups. TLDR: The argument that communities like r/AmITheAsshole or r/relationship_advice are the next generation of the anti-SJW skeptics is exaggerated; in reality, bigotry is rare in these communities, "anti-SJW"-esque posts are met with empathy for marginalized groups in the comments section, and exist alongside other posts that show marginalized communities in a positive light. Any bigotry in the comments section is downvoted to oblivion, and many highly-upvoted comments are made by users that are part of these marginalized groups themselves (or at least claiming to be). Top-voted comments often show empathy towards the marginalized person in the story - even if they are in the wrong - and quickly criticizing any bigotry the OP shows. I'll use trans people in AITA as an example. Take this exceptionally popular (21k upvotes) post about OP's trans daughter wanting him to change his tattoo because it has her deadname: www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/dbhs1d/aita_for_not_changing_my_tattoo_based_on_my/ Though OP was voted NTA (not the asshole) in the end, the second-top voted comment voted NAH (no assholes here) and criticized OP for not listening: "Your family is telling you in no uncertain terms that your response to this is hurtful, so I think you need to stop being so stubborn and take the time to listen to your daughter." Many other top comments question whether or not OP is a transphobe that is trying to cover up his views, asking for more information and siding with his daughter. Transphobia evidently isn't tolerated in this comments section, and you'll find this is largely the case in the subreddit, even ones where the trans person in the post seems to match your archetype of a "crazy SJW." Older posts attract iffy comments, but outright bigotry was never a part of the community that I witnessed, and even the borderline "this is what makes __ look bad" comments are rarely seen without downvotes and criticism nowadays. And you need to also consider the context the many other posts made by trans people about bigotry they face, and are met with comments sections that are very supportive of the OP: www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/m8iapq/aita_for_refusing_to_be_my_sisters_bridesmaid/ (30.9k upvotes - OP, trans man, angry at sister for being told to cover up his top surgery scars to appease transphobic in laws) www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/hzlmpf/aita_for_carrying_tampons/ (8.4k upvotes - OP, trans woman, called a creep for carrying tampons) Or posts made by allies: www.reddit.com/r/AmItheAsshole/comments/k39s40/aita_for_helping_my_child_leave_home_and_telling/ (20.6k upvotes - OP defending his trans daughter from his transphobic ex wife) Again, trans people in AITA are used as an example. This pattern continues with other marginalized groups in both subreddits. I'm not saying that what you're arguing, regarding AITA and R_A becoming the next anti-SJW skeptics, isn't a problem at all in the communities; some comments in that vein do show up in older posts. But in my experience, the problem isn't nearly as widespread as your warning suggests it is. Bigotry is rarely seen in AITA or R_A threads, and even rarely does it go unchallenged. It's important to realize that while history may repeat itself sometimes, I don't think we as internet communities are doomed to repeat the same patterns of behavior, and that our society as a whole is capable of progress. That's all I have to contribute, thanks for reading!

      3. Sarah Z

        @Anita Jones those 'receipts' are all predicated on the reader accepting the notion that trans women aren't women, and that a collection of screenshots from individual members of a broad marginalized group is in and of itself evidence of broad group mentality. go preach somewhere else

      4. Anita Jones

        @Sarah Z google “cotton ceiling receipts”

      5. jettojagga

        The "bedbug psychosis" story is another example from a couple years back which got some (admittedly mild) traction being reposted thru men's rights subreddits: www.reddit.com/r/legaladvice/comments/9mrpd2/i_think_my_boyfriend_has_been_drugging_me_to_make/ TLDR: a woman posts concerned that her boyfriend is drugging and assaulting her, due to her recent memory loss and waking up covered in semen (a detail IMO added for humiliation of the teller). A (since deleted) account claiming to be an exterminator proffers the bedbug explanation and saves the boyfriend from a rape charge. It seems designed to rile up anger over false rape accusations while also borrowing the format of an earlier, extremely popular r/legaladvice post concerning someone thinking they're losing their mind - the true cause ends up being a carbon monoxide leak. The key here I think is that any issues of memory loss connected to bedbug infestations would be a result of insomnia stemming from the horrible knowledge that you have bedbugs feasting on you every night, while the OP was somehow completely unaware of her infestation until the (undoubtedly very handsome as well as intelligent) exterminator account immediately jumped to the bedbug explanation and saved the day.

    2. Petronio39

      The pigs in a blanket joke was so gold. Honestly hearing these, some of them aren't that unbelievable, I've actually had one of those moments where it sounds like a fake tumblr post. My friends in college convinced me to go to the midnight release for Skyrim. This was a pretty small college town in Arizona, and it didn't have a gamestop yet, so the only place we had to buy it was at a Walmart. When we got there, we circled up and started talking among ourselves, and noticed a surprisingly huge line of people for the little town. We were all talking about the game, and then, suddenly, my brain remembered, "the game," which isn't much of a stretch, but it gave me the idea to say really loudly to the line of people, "I just lost the game." I didn't even know if it was a thing there, since I'd moved from NY to go to school out west, but to my surprise, a whole line of nerds all started groaning. I don't think I'll ever get a reaction like that again.

    3. JHarts

      It’s ironic how gullible the “skeptic” community was lol

    4. Marcus Eaton

      Wow I didn't expect this rabit hole

    5. Familia GLZ

      51:01 "A horse walked into a bar and someone tried to fact check it" quote of the year

    6. Samuel kearns-stanley

      Surprised she didn't mention r/TIFU with the made up reddit stories.

    7. GeneralBolas

      "Here's why X said a bad thing." Reactionary conservatism is always the same at the bottom: a vicious reassessment of the status quo. Conservatives have the privilege of never actually having to want anything, to be constructive, to make an argument. Because they don't want to build anything. They want things to remain *as they are.* And when that's all you want, the only thing you have to do is show why everyone who wants things to change are bad people with bad ideas. Dunking on progressives is all they do because it's all they *need* to do. If all new ideas are bad, then the only good ideas are the ones we already have. Nothing is wrong in society if we deconstruct all of the people who say that there are things wrong in society.

    8. Jonathan Nelson

      I really enjoyed the video, but I was surprised to hear the whole skeptical community reduced to a few anti-SJW KGup channels. It's a bit like characterizing all gamers as being anti-feminist supporters of gamergate. It's sad to think of a long history of promoting science and critical thinking as being tainted by a few toxic KGuprs not representative of the movement as a whole. The modern skeptical movement is a far more inviting and diverse community than this. A better example might be "The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe" which has achieved far greater heights of popularity than any of these KGup channels ever did.

    9. Kyrator

      Sarah I love your long videos but the first 20 minutes of this one are painfully slow and redundant before the video gets really interesting around 30min

    10. Inka Reunanen

      Oh wow. I got into the atheist community a bit when I was a teenager, I even made a few videos on youtube just replying to people calling atheists immoral and sh.. I very quickly realised how toxic the community was, just by the replies I got to those videos. Apparently calmly explaining why atheism is nothing more than an absence of belief in any deity, just as christians don't believe in a number of other deities, is a rarity in those circles. I now call myself agnostic, even though I essentially see the two as the same, just because I don't want to be associated with all that. I mean atheist at it's core just means you don't subscribe to any particular theology, but I can't use that anymore without people thinking I'm absolutely impossible to talk to

    11. Satan Lover13

      48:08 I do not consider this post as SJW

    12. Satan Lover13

      45:42 I have seen crazier things

    13. Satan Lover13

      42:10 because it's not important to shut down bad arguments before they devolve in to political movements! Like I know it can be exhausting but still, look up Anti-MLM , Yogavegans and christal Science crazies exist

    14. Satan Lover13

      40:43 or that time that crazy woman wanted to have a safe space in the middle of a protest, or those righ black kids who slammed themselves in to their principles car, forcing him to resign, claimed the KKK was in town and following that again people wanted a principle chosen by a protest movement to resign because his wife doesnt think sexy indian outfits are that much of a big deal! Or Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn being allowed to present a report before the UN only for that report to after being upheld be disavowled because its factual bullshit. Or Kathleen Kennedy going true directors like crazy and not doing any reshoots what so ever of the second starwars sequel and then handeling the critisism by calling everyone racist. Or five hundred other bad things the toxic left has done in the last year.

    15. Satan Lover13

      38:25 I dont remember this take, I've stopped watching her videos a while ago. I have not seen this video to my knowlege. Just from what you showed me, it seems inapropreate to diss someone on the internet and not in a personal forum, if the guy was kind of creepy but had entirely good intentions she is effectively risking his carier and personal life because he dared to flirt

    16. Satan Lover13

      36:54 SJW content does matter, they ruin tv shows, they ruin movies and they are responcible for cutting down the ratings of non white creators in perticular in terms of books by complaining about a lack of a nebulouse set of things, as in what ever bullshit they were talking about that year. SJWs gatekeep by highering mostly white staff with opinion pieces that suit them and then write misandrist shehulk comics, they perpetuate cancel culture, they turn on their own 'lk up Just Some Guy - youtube channel' because of low neuance takes on the topic of violence.

    17. Gen Z Perspective

      here from reddit

    18. Kaitlyn Lambert

      I'm still so concerned-- Sarah, were you drinking straight boiling water for this video??

    19. linumlea

      im morbidly curious about Sarah's bad Onceler self-insert fanfic

    20. Tyler Belisle

      it always made me laugh that the most vocal opponents of "SJW's" are literally doing the exact thing they claim to dislike, making a huge stink about an issue and trying to do something about it.

    21. Kabe Campfiresong


    22. vehemently chaotic

      maaaan that was so interesting!

    23. Duke Cherry

      i used to be a feminist/liberal in my young teens but after watching anti sjw content i realized i was wrong and changed my views accordingly

    24. Jessica Laplant

      Where can I join the trans bus

    25. CJ Moody

      If only the people calling these stories' bluffs weren't usually conservative edgelords who can't seem to accept the existence of any good in this world.

    26. Billy Goatguy

      oh i did not expect the big man known as Big Joel to pop up here

    27. Jessa Rose

      Did you ever get your dunkaroos? We have them here and if you have a PO Box or something I will gladly send u some

    28. Lilly

      what the fuck

    29. The Letter M


    30. Shelby Dawn

      it's oppan though

    31. mdr53229

      Abraham Lincoln one said, "You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet."

    32. Reemerarius

      Me: watching the whole video My brain chatting: SA-RAH-TO-NIN! SA-RAH-TO-NIN! SA-RAH-TO-NIN! SA-RAH-TO-NIN!

    33. Alex Tritt

      I don't doubt that a lot of people are making up rubbish for attention, but from my experience, I feel like there were a lot of stupid things that really happened involving prominant figures in discussions in the anti SJW community as well. Josh McIntosh complaining about games being too fun, Sarah Nyberg admitting lusting over her under-age cousin, Brianna Wu making a game where everyone is white, thin, and overly sexualised and then going on tv complaining about women in games all being white, thin, and overly sexualised, a prominent feminist podcaster killing his female cohost, song-a-day man writing super cringy songs, etc. I was most interested in the discussion around how games should be designed in the future as a young game designer, which I talked about on Twitter all the time before the drama anyway, and when people tried to shut me down over that little of a thing I went deeper into the community. I haven't been paying any attention for a long time now as the discussion has moved well away from that initial interest.

    34. Daniel Cortens

      Wait am I the only one who assumes these fake stories are all made by lonely white men?

    35. Constable Dodo

      Some of these fake stories are pretty funny ngl

    36. Trail mIx


    37. Sencilia

      NAR has it's own nice community nowadays. One of the members there is pretty much a local favourite who posts puns and jokes on 90% of the stories.

    38. Xfjeej Blyd

      I was always pretty sure that a shitload of stories on r/thathappened were either satire or made-up for the meme.

    39. Gamer Gril

      This is incredible stuff. The internet is truly layers upon layers upon layers

    40. Comrade Rosa

      Release the Onceler cut

    41. sleepyyghostt

      oh god i remember wholeheartedly believing and absolutely loving the homestuck cop fake story when i was 14 in like 2015 oh god

    42. I like nougat

      Did... Did I just get a fucking notification for a month old video?

    43. Dallon Knox

      This reminds me of the Scott Alexander essay, "Weak Men Are Superweapons". Highly recommend the essay; it really changed how I view and engage with these sorts of internet discussions.

    44. Tom Ellis

      I forgot all about the amazing atheist, i was well under his grip in highschool. I'm still an atheist i just think he is an ass

    45. Tom Ellis

      wait the dead sexy one is kinda funny

    46. Audoodle

      I often think about stories like that cop one. Like what if I got pulled over and I had two trucks playing on my speakers. But mostly the stories lead to me hoping I won’t be shot.

    47. Alexa Mourry

      I’m six minutes into this video and I don’t know if I have the power to hear the words “Oppa Homeless Style” again. My fragile psyche can’t take this kind of abuse.

    48. BlueLight

      FINALLY people are talking about the rediculous anti feminists in these communities. I am LOVING youtube in 2021! We need more videos on this frpm you pleeeaaaase its amazing!

    49. Morgan Biddlecom

      I'm banned from r/aita because eI said that if someone threw away my mason jars I would fight a bitch.

    50. K B

      Brash internet atheists make me realize how christians must feel when they have to say, "oh geez, we're not ALL like that guy." Their energy is like a snappy lap dog that barks at everything that walks past when no one is even thinking about them lol Now we've progressed to fake kpop stan accounts on Twitter saying egregious things to get negative attention. Sometimes they're a fan pretending to be a member of a rival fandom, in order to create fan wars. Sometimes they're a non-fan just trying to drum up a reaction from the general public by saying something horrendous. Either way, the bait is always taken. Honestly, a little disappointed at people's seeming inability to not feed a troll. As if we haven't all grown up on the internet by now

      1. Pure Yt Youtube

        Right now people treat the internet as their second life, it's not just browsing the web to have fun or share earnestly dumb things, right now most people want attention and be sure they are in the right, no matter the cost. So many want to adamantly defend their views without ever looking to the other side, and people give soooo much importance to what happens to the internet, especially when they can "feel" their power trough internet points and people nodding in agreement. It's a bit sad

    51. Jenny Canigula

      that twitter post that's like "twitter is 90% someone imagining a guy, tricking themself into believing that guy exists, and getting mad about it" except it applies to every website ever

    52. Tangential_Tangine

      So a bunch of strawmen pop up and simps eat that shit up

    53. E.A. Pori

      I can't believe nobody in the comments has mentioned how "Pigs in a blanket are delicious" is one hell of a pun

    54. shulamithbond

      57:37 this is probably fake, but also: 1. just get a slightly bigger suit/tux and put it on over the costume? Does he need to wear the costume's mask, too? If so, why does he feel like he needs to wear the mask? Is it a sensory thing and would sunglasses, a hat, a simpler black mask, or even something like a ski mask or balaclava work? 2. It's just the ring-bearer, lady. He's a seven-year-old. Who the fuck really cares if he's wearing a Spiderman costume? Would this really be such a huge, family-drama-starting crisis? He doesn't even have to be in the wedding party pictures. Also, if he's capable of ring-bearing, how is he not capable of understanding he can't wear this costume and still come and be the ring-bearer? I know it's not real and I guess the autistic kid/his parents are supposed to be in the wrong, but honestly to me this kind of makes the bride look like the inflexible, obnoxious one. It's a fucking 7-year-old kid in a costume, lady, who the fuck cares

      1. shulamithbond

        57:43 this just seems like r/entitledparents. Also, if this kid has so many sensory issues, does he really want to go see a movie in a theater? Did you just drag him along because you couldn't get a babysitter?

      2. shulamithbond

        57:41 "Jake is a bully" wow buddy tell us how you really feel about Jake... it seems interesting that the only two things we know about this person so far other than his pseudonym are that he's autistic, and he's a bully. Subtle. Why would someone on the spectrum want to act this way toward people? I won't say it's impossible, but I will say that A. it's rare, especially if it happened more than once (I think a lot of us would probably hear "stop that" one time and then be more likely to socially withdraw forever, than to repeat the behavior), and B. he's not doing this for no reason. Is he observing other people bantering with their friends or playfully teasing each other, and trying to replicate that, thinking he's doing the same thing/joking with them and not realizing he's doing it wrong (teasing people who he doesn't have that kind of relationship with, or teasing them about things they feel genuinely sensitive about, or not nailing the "jokey" tone, etc)? Is he having a hard time in some other facet of his life and taking it out on the people around him with the intention of hurting them? Both of these are (I think) possible explanations for a situation like this (even though this is obviously fake), and neither one will be solved by the teacher just shrugging and going "he's autistic, he doesn't know better" (and then not teaching him any better or intervening), or by OP yelling at him. Like, autistic people aren't tornadoes. We're not just these forces of nature who act at random or in totally inscrutable ways. Behavior is communication (so is actual communication). Think for a minute. Y'all are supposed to be the ones who are so good at empathy here.

      3. shulamithbond

        57:40 unless it's color- or smell-related (which it's not if he didn't even know the shake was still being brought in until then), this is not a thing. And tbh if it is, the autistic person can use an air freshener or something. Also, most of us aren't even used to having our *reasonable* accommodations provided without a fight; basically no one would make an issue out of something like this, unless you had a tiny cubicle/open workspace and were working almost right on top of the other person. Which is clearly not what the situation is.

    55. shulamithbond

      55:26 honestly, one of the biggest annoyances for me with r/relationships and r/AITA is that a lot of the stuff, I could see potentially happening to someone (because people are very weird and some people are very abusive/very used to being abused and have a hard time recognizing it), but it tends to get taken down for being "fake" even when it doesn't seem at all cut-and-dry that it was fake. Especially when it's about what someone's partner/spouse did to them, or a parent talking about a thing they did to their kid. Even if it's actually coming from the spouse who got abused, or the kid, writing as their partner/parent, it's still the kind of thing that I've seen real people link to or RT with captions like "this reminds me of my ex" or "this is the kind of thing my parents would have done to me," so a bunch of redditors assuming it's lies for attention is... not a great look. But I guess from watching this video, at least now I know the culture where that hyper-suspicion comes from?

      1. shulamithbond

        Yeah, my experience is the opposite - people's initial posts/threads getting removed because they "sounded fake."

    56. shulamithbond

      "I can't tell if plantkin is real or not" honestly, this tells me you just don't actually know enough IRL trans people, because if you did, you'd be able to detect this is not a thing. (Neither is the "trans-abled" thing.)

      1. shulamithbond

        (To clarify: otherkin people exist, and people with BID/BIID exist. They're just not like that, and they have nothing to do with being trans, and the "trans community" doesn't have much of a consensus view on them one way or the other, AFAIK.)

    57. shulamithbond

      41:47 oh, Teal Deer, you pedantic, regressive dingus (and that's coming from me, a super-pedant)

      1. shulamithbond

        43:37 "Argentina is white" 1. as with everywhere else in Central/South America (either of the Americas, really), that's not necessarily true, although they do have a lot more pale-skinned descendants of Europeans than many Central/South American countries. 2. given how many ex-Nazis went to live/hide in Argentina, this may not be the slam-dunk they think it is, because I suspect that's one reason for the significant % of Argentina's relatively large European/white population. 3. The US still tends to define "white" technically using the "one-drop rule" (if you can reliably trace your family lineage back to a person of color within the last century or so, you're not white), but in practice mostly just by looking at people and their skin color, as well as some other phenotypical features like hair texture, nose shape, eye shape, eye color, etc. So in countries where interracial families going back decades or centuries are more common (for instance, if your family is largely descended from formerly-enslaved Black people and indigenous people) but the individuals in that family's current or recent generations have one European, majority-European, or light-skinned parent, someone who looks "white" according to what most Americans think a white person looks like, may not actually count as "white" according to, say, a white nationalist's idea of who the Real White People (TM) are. This is because, while the effects of race on people's lives is very real and dangerous/deadly, race itself is a relatively modern social construct that originally existed to ideologically justify the economic practice of transatlantic chattel slavery, as well as European and USian colonialism/imperialism in general, and is not actually "real" (not based on anything except phenotypical differences, some genetic predispositions toward certain diseases like sickle cell anemia, and many people with similar phenotypes' and ancestries' shared experience of oppression and its aftereffects). Racial categories don't really make sense because they're not actually based on any clear, existent genetic, national, or even cultural/ethnic distinctions (Black and white Latinx people both exist; Jews from almost every racial group exist). They're just a means of socially separating people to control and exploit them better.

      2. shulamithbond

        43:30 You know who's highly unlikely to ever forget that Spain exists, or insist that white people can't speak Spanish? The people living in Central and South American* former-colonies of Spain; whose ancestors had the Spanish language, religion, and culture forced upon them; starting around 1492, with Columbus' arrival in the Americas; and who were used as pawns of the US' foreign policy and economic interests for decades, after they managed to get free of colonialism. Like, I'm not Latinx or descended from anyone from that part of the world, or from any indigenous people AFAIK, but I would assume that even if some random, angry, ignorant-of-history Latinx kid had posted this on Tumblr one time (which they didn't, clearly), there's no way it would be a general consensus among those groups in the same way that "hey, if you're white, don't wear 'dreadlocks' maybe" is in a lot of anti-racism circles. This is just anti-SJW wankery. (*and the Bahamas, where Columbus technically landed? Are those considered Central America or South America, or neither? I know sociology and history, but my geography is pretty fuzzy, partly because I have dyscalculia/suck at map-reading, among other issues.)

    58. Julian

      This is the funniest thing ive ever heard oml

    59. pandakatiefominz

      I think part of why some of these fake posts are being seen as real is beautiful of "activists" like Virgie Tovar who unironically claim shit like "asking for a smaller piece of cake is fatphobic" and that r*pe culture is similar to diet culture

    60. yamiaainferno

      Honestly I'm not super sure what's up with Anita Sarkeesian? I really liked FemFreq back in the day and I honestly can't tell what parts of the shitstorm surrounding her are legitimate criticism. You mentioned her in the same sentence as Chanty Binx, and I've heard enough scattered, vague criticism from other people outside of the anti-feminism sphere that I feel like there is probably SOMETHING, but because information with her is so flooded by the vociferousness of the anti-feminism crowd and their obsession with her, I can't find what it is.

    61. Fern

      My favorite bullshit tumblr story was the one where the quiet new kid grabbed a bee straight out of the air

    62. Zihark OP

      Wait, it's all strawmen? Always was....

    63. xerdopwerko

      Have you read Mark Twain’s “Story of the very bad boy”? Twain “dunks” on morality takes the way the skeptics kind of imitated 150 years or so later. You will find it fun and related.

    64. Mookal H

      i really never believed oppa homeless style was meant to be taken seriously. i always thought it was a parody of the clearly fake internet stories this video talks about

    65. Bit Bit

      For AITA, I remember this one post from a user that was kinda the opposite??? Basically they were destroying their girlfriends origami that eventually ended in him getting dumped and his girlfriend 'turning gay' and dating their roommate after he was kicked out. I mean it could be fake, but it really reads like a controlling jerk that maybe let out more bigger issues that could've been going on. Pretty confusing

    66. Shelby Hill

      30:32 I kinda love the design of the gay kid tho. He’s like a lil bdsm Frenchman

    67. lorddude123

      How did you leave out the atheism+ movement that was the catalyst for the fall of internet atheist and why elevator gate was so decisive

    68. Gladys

      I had never heard Oppa Homeless Style verbalized before and now that I have I will never be the same

    69. Ray

      Important take aways: a lot of SJW cringe posts are not made by SJWs and mob mentality is a hell of a drug.

      1. Bit Bit

        Very true, I grew out of my anti-SJW phase when I matured and realized that everything was just so people could feel better over others.

    70. Ray

      The worst part about this is all the people who left tumblr because they thought these fake posts were an accurate representation of the user base. And they'll never know that they are fake. Also, there is some genuinely intelligent and really interesting stuff on tumblr, but I know people who won't take anything on the site seriously. Also, memory is hella weird. I really do remember seeing a lot of these fake posts on tumblr, especially oppa homeless style.

    71. Ray

      "pigs in a blanket are delicious"

    72. daello

      Oh my god "pigs in a blanket" IM-

    73. Morgan Fox

      My ears and eyes and bleeding within 1 minute

    74. Butch Masculinity

      Fuck Big Joel. The only time he ever talks about trans issues is when he is dunking on trans women.

    75. Marshall Glazier

      Only from Sarah can I get hour long videos about tumblr memes, Godspeed you’re doing gods work

    76. Boots Zamarripa

      I had to pause and comment at "pigs in a blanket" 10/10 loved ur channel before but now its *chefs kiss* 👌

    77. jscudderz

      The way in which social capital is circulated and commodified seems to recreate reactionary ideology, when human emotion becomes subject to market forces the worst aspects of humanity are amplified. In this case those with social capital tell lies to extract value from marginalized communities with less social capital. It parallels how colonial relationships develope under the free market.

    78. The Gravemind

      This is the best example of “and everyone clapped”

    79. Marc

      I swear my homophobic dad said he knows that it doesn't seem odd that people think Johnlock was a thing and that he could see why. He's also transphobic and threw me out after I came out as trans and gay so he didn't suddenly stop being a homophobic bigot so there's that

    80. All The Gay Things

      As a trans person, sometimes we will call people disagreeing with us transphobic as a joke. A JOKE. People aren’t supposed to take it seriously bruh.

    81. spikedwallman

      unrelated to the content of the video but they did start making dunkaroos again

    82. Sophia Walsh Long


    83. Fran R

      You should literally be writing books on this sort of thing.

    84. Booker Tulloh

      I am not hating but how is there an hour long worth of stuff to cover on this topic xD

    85. piss piss piss piss piss piss piss piss piss piss

      Petition to make "MechaMew2" into a verb to describe people who make fakeposts with this MO.

    86. transgirl420

      very informative video, thank you for posting. I didn't realize that The Tumbler In Action was mostly fake, that makes me feel depressed on behalf of the people who actually use it to reinforce their beliefs

    87. toneZ BoneC

      I was trying to read her lips at 56:02 I need to know what happens at the cabin in thneedville

      1. Ashley Kennah

        I would absolutely read that fanfic 😂

    88. Alice Monroe

      I had my suspicions about this phenomena from seeing anti trans blogs on tumblr reblogging obvious trolls, but had no idea it was so pervasive. I'm glad I finally watched this video

    89. Alex Knight

      I think what's even more insidious about this is that it doesn't try to appeal to inherently hateful people, it's meant to appeal to underinformed but otherwise empathetic people. They propagandize harmful, but not explicitly hateful views. I'm sure that you can even further connect this to capitalist self preservation tactics. It's just sad honestly...

    90. Jaime A

      "Oppa Homeless Trial" 😭😭😭 Im fucking dead

    91. Benjamin Jaekel

      She's just so mild-mannered and reasonable that the few times when she isn't, _really_ catch me of guard. That bit about her onceler army self insert fanfic had me like: "SARAH! O.O" like I was her goddamn mom or something.

    92. Fire Fancy

      i think i blanked out when she started to talk about the onceler. the ghosts of 2012 tumblr all came back at once to haunt me

    93. man.

      tumblr moderation doing gods work in removing any hint of f e m a l e p r e s e n t i n g n i p p l e s

    94. Aquin

      at least weed smoking girlfriends is real

    95. mochibunnyan

      why is this longer than the dashcon video-

    96. Lauren F.

      Opa homeless style is a ride from start to finish lmao

    97. Manasvi Sharma

      Oh god. I'm 22 and I still believed the "weed in vents in high school so everybody is getting high" Story 😭

    98. Lisa Yu

      Now im wondering if im gay based solely on my activism and "ally-ship" for the lgbt+ people... this seems to be a precursor to self discovery

    99. milkdrink

      I’ve had probably five of my Tumblr accounts banned in my life solely because they were diet blogs. People constantly reported them for “promoting eating disorders” etc. Tumblr obviously doesn’t actually look at what’s reported.

    100. fooolsun

      I'm convinced that most of the problems nowadays are either because: 1. People can't think critically. 2. People take meaningless stuff way too seriously. 3. People must have a say on an issue that doesn't even affect them directly. Anytime you see controversy online, it fits into one of those categories, i swear.