How to Catch BIG Bass in HEAVY COVER - Scott Martin

Scott Martin

24 миӊ. көрүүлөр1

    Video Game Fishing! Scott Martin shows you HOW TO Catch a BASS in Heavy Cover with Garmin Panoptix.
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    This How To Series is an easy to understand instructional video that will help choose the right lure, color, line and rod for your next fishing trip.
    Please share this video as we want to educate as many new fisherman as we can.
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    1. Scott Martin

      Thank you for all the support recently on the tournament videos! Lay Lake is coming soon! What tips would you like to see next?

      1. Ryan M

        Would love to see more videos on fish finders or videos on catching finicky fish on tough fishing days on the lake

      2. ABitFishy

        I’d love to see a tip video on Jerk baits, crank baits and the Carolina Rig. Those are three techniques I need to work on. Love these tip videos. Thanks man

      3. Mark Rickertsen

        Great videos Scott! Love watching every one! Could you talk about your Panoptics settings? I can't seem to get mine to look that good...

      4. Kevin Wright

        Hey Scott! How about fishing 4 suspended bass over open water!

      5. Her0brine Skulll

        Fishing thick grass like lay lake

    2. Joey Hernandez

      I’d loveeeeee to go fishing with Scott Martin one day... A dream of mine

    3. Austin Holden

      Hey scott i would love a winter bass fishing tip video

    4. Rey Mcclurg

      I know you don’t really do bank fishing but if you have some tips to share that would be awesome.

    5. ABitFishy

      So is there any reason your using Fluoro instead of braid? I like to flip with heavy braid. Just wondering if there’s some advantage to Fluoro I’m not aware of. Thanks

    6. Raymond Webb

      Great video! Appreciate the time spent giving the tips.

    7. Brian Patrick

      I’m judging, a solid 10 🙌

    8. Elray Banderas

      Love it man yiur a legend!! Ps we need more hillarysue!!! We need content!!! 🤘👍take care bud!

    9. Elray Banderas

      Hell yea @ScottMartin I need tips an tricks for cold winter bassin?? What can ya tell me?? I'm in Oklahoma!!! Way down south!!

    10. Mark McGuire

      Scott; this is a great video, thank you so much !!

      1. Scott Martin

        No problem

    11. Casey Mallach

      The bandito bug!

    12. FishHooked

      Awesome vid! And great Advice🔥

    13. BassGeek

      I love to pitch heavy cover.

    14. Future_ Lanefrost

      I’m coming to watch you and all of the guys weigh in today

    15. Colt Sitton

      What lake is this?

    16. Yorger Mujica

      Wow that is a amazing video sir thank you so much to show us all this I know a lot of people learn from this thank you

    17. Chasing The X

      Loving the panoptics action. Keep it up. Pan optics is messing up my fishing in cali. All i do is stare at it 🤣

    18. Tanner Cobb

      My school is starting a fishing team in January. We would love for your tips or help in any way possible. Baits, equipment, etc. anything is appreciated. Love your videos. Post notifications are on

    19. Nathaniel Trowbridge

      Great Video! I have always wanted to know how to catch bass in colder conditions. Maybe a how to video on that? if you happen to find yourself fishing in those conditions soon.

    20. Brent Spencer

      This was GREAT and kinda back to your roots of great informative videos.... AWESOME!!! Shared to 613 BASS'n bro stay happy , stay healthy!

    21. d rouse

      I liked seeing you pitch with your elbow out . Thats the way I do it and other anglers tell me I'm doing it wrong .

    22. Rick Lovall

      Looks like Jimmy Houston's lake. Great video!

      1. Logan H

        Yeah it’s Jimmy’s lake

    23. Juwan Cruz

      I appreciate your videos they help me out a lot but I have a question how do I get fish that are suspended under lily pads during the fall

    24. Marcellus Wells

      I would like to see how to catch fish on a lake you’ve never been on before

    25. Brezlyn Hightower

      What lake was this at scott.

    26. 251 REELING

      Hey Scott, I Captain a high school boat with young anglers. I was wondering how to find good spotted bass, how and where to find them, we fish a lot of reservoirs and northern lakes in Alabama. Lake Eufala, Lake Mitchell, Lake Martin Etc. any tips would be helpful.

    27. Dennis Hayden

      Good morning Scott I was wondering how to join the SMC I really enjoy all your fishing tips.....

      1. Scott Martin

        If you subscribe you are a part of team SMC 👊🏼

    28. Vincent Baptiste

      Awesome video! Is this the content before y’all’s drone went rogue in Oklahoma?

    29. Jamie Johnson

      Should have tried more heavy cover at Lewisville.

    30. Bassfisher78 !!

      Great video 👍 Good luck at Lay Lake 👍

    31. Kevin Wells

      I absolutely judge you on that landing! My verdict, nice catch - and another great video! Thanks Scott.

    32. Marcus Natal

      Thanks for another good tip. Your tip help me alot on the water 💧.

      1. Scott Martin

        No problem glad to help

    33. J Cantu

      The technique videos are awesome Scott, its "freaking awesome" listening to your different techniques so we can alter add or takeaway from our fishing techs. Keep em coming, AWESOME!

    34. Ricardo Martinez

      Thanks for the awesome tips 💦🎣👌

    35. Dbars19

      Scott know anyone with a Ranger 522D for sale? :)

    36. Mid Alabama Bassin TV

      What was the water temps during this vid?

    37. Ravi Jayson Dwarku

      Well this is a master in its arts.. this will be my favorite fishing lesson from you Mr Scott are the best bass fisherman and fishing teacher ..and now i really learned how to fish heavy cover..i always let my bait go down too deep.. Thank you soo much..i hope one day we can be go fishing together.. I watch many chanels for bass fishing that influence my fishing skill 3years now ..even adopted cath n release through this..but every morning i watch one of your vids without fault.. Thank you for all your works..for making us dream..may the Lord bless you More..and may you reach your goal and win the classic..Go SMC Team..💪🏻

    38. Lewis Marshall

      Put 5 of them on the scales this tourney Scott!

    39. theodore Dow-man

      I hooked a monster for the 2nd time yesterday evening. She lives under a rock in some current. She's extremely wily.

    40. Rogbass

      The combination of a life time of fishing with a splash of high technology and baits to match the situation. What does that equal? Another full limit for all of us. I can’t help but remember everything in this video. Incredibly well done.

    41. Jacob Black

      I love the videos I’ve been fishing for a while and watching your tips and trick and your tournament videos I learn more and more and I use what you show in the videos then I teach it to my son so he will know. You are awesome. He wants to be a pro like you one day.

    42. Isaac Cooper

      Next tip video How to figure out a pattern for a lake you aren’t familiar with, or haven’t fished in a long time.

    43. EliteGB

      Gotta love it when a plan comes together!! Great technic. Most don't have to go thru trial and error like myself.....not with your videos and you showing everybody how it's done off the rip!!😉😆 heck yeah Scott!

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      My husband has been watching you all day long. He said he has learned a lot from you. Please keep the videos coming. Thank you.

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      I see some slabs on the LiveScope

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      Lol it don’t matter how you landed it as long as it’s in the boat 😎great job thanks for the tips

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      Awesome video!

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      My dream is to fish with this man. Knows more about fishing than I can even think about knowing. Not only does he know a ton, but he knows how to teach others as well. Truly one of the best fishermen ever. Keep it up man!

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      I'm fishing millers ferry this weekend for a tournament got any tips please respond

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      Scott go back to just fishing it seems you are being to robotic the last few tourneys just fish and yous your knowledge and be open to change if you would fish this way last tourney it would have helped ...Man do not get tunnel vision if it aint working change!!!!!

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      You still have a thermocline and cicadas, I have snow

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      Awesome info. Thanks Scott.

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      If they open the borders in 2021 we should fish when i swing down with my boat !! Pro vs Joe! and i would love to learn how to flip in person with you!

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      Twin Eagle Ranch Son !!!

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      Hey man thanks for explaining the fall rate for us anglers who don't have the optics or a boat. Keep those lines tight bud!!!! 🎣

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      Great video as usual ... I’ve just begun my return to bass fishing after a 29 year hiatus ... While waiting fo my new 2021 Nitro Z18 Pro I took a trip with Chuck Pippin since Toho will be my home lake. Would love to see some “how to” vids on natural lakes while vegetation is the key since there is no structure like on reservoirs ....

    74. Brad Palm


    75. GreenPig Hunter


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      Hey Scott. I live in Central Oklahoma. What lake are you at here ? You are my idol man. That looks like an amazing lake.

      1. Jay Fournier

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      1. Kenneth Dennis


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      Great video. I have a question about fall rate. I have been playing with it but on like swim jigs, swimbaits, spinner baits or anything I can swim horizontal. I check my fall rate just as you showed and try and target suspended bass in open water. My question is say its 6 sec to target depth, I cast and let it sink. How do I test reeling in speed so I stay close to target depth? Prob stupid question but it keeps me up at night. Lol

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      Would love a tip on Winter fishing in FL, after you win the next OPEN! Headed down January

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      Flipping heavy cover is one of the funnest ways to catch bass, Great video as always Scott!

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      This is what you’re best at. I teach in my field. You are a real teacher. I enjoy all your content but this was one of your better videos. 👍😎🇺🇸

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you!

    99. Travis Craver

      Love the video been a co angler and not fish these lures much you showing me how and I will have to try this out. Wish you had DVD out I know youtube is like DVD but it be nice.

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