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    Decided to wax my nose and it totally went wrong! #shorts

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    1. Rivan Rampersad


    2. roxybarone

      what an asset to society

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      Are you ok😑🤔😔

    4. Bee Vang


    5. Aziz_Alali10

      "Oh its so warm” Thats what she said 🤪


      This is why you dont use q tips

    7. Colin

      Mom: smiling crack won’t affect my baby The baby 20 years later:

    8. summer28g29

      Wait a minute something ain't right how do you breathe I mean everyone's got a mouth but that's still hard

    9. ryan hubbard

      Saw that one coming

    10. Sophia Hicks

      She does not know her own strength

    11. Hannah Rose

      I think your going to regret it

    12. SONK

      The nose hair is supposed to not make your nose stuffy all the time because of all the dust that goes into your nose

    13. Nicole Villavicencio

      You need the hair in your nose cuz the hair in your nose trap the dust.

    14. Tristan Crosby

      Your eyes are so pretty 🦋

    15. baycalis

      You said on 3 but you did 3 2 1

    16. Ozzytheroblox_addict

      He a real one for saying Q-tips

    17. Carlyrae09

      Your suppose to use popsicle sticks

    18. lol

      No.. Please no

    19. Shaeli Petroni

      i heard the word q tip just kill me now

    20. Kitty Cat

      “On three, three!!! Two One 😆

    21. Analeigh Duckett

      He said on the count of 3 he said 3 2 1 you said 3 already lol

    22. Haruka

      Ok so before I watch the video imma guess they get stuck then a freaks out then the vid is over and they can stop pretending

    23. ChloeLND


    24. Bella Knowles

      Yeah he is FOR SURE gonna get nose pimples BADLY

    25. The MVP

      Your not the first and won’t be the last

    26. MonkeyBrainz

      He said it like Mersa lol

    27. SepiaTaj

      Isn't this like EXTREMELY DANGEROUS

    28. Izuku Midorya

      y he low key be lookin like a narwhal-

    29. JackieWorld XOX

      My mind: *This is not gonna go well*

    30. emanuel harris

      When he said that he will probably regret it he really did mean it

    31. Katelyn Hersh

      “Time to stick these things up my nose” - the thought process of every single 1 yr old

    32. People hate so I change

      As soon as he said Q-tips I knew it was gonna go bad

    33. Idk what to put here-

      Nose hairs stop you from getting sick, never wax them off!

    34. Tyler Mayes

      Mersa what did you do

    35. Space Cookies

      I’m doing this I watched to many fails of these it’s good I’m to young

    36. Blyth Scott

      That’s your fault you have to put the plastic in it as well you only put the Cotten in

    37. Chlo Bear

      I new that will happen

    38. •Mixed Artist•

      Your sister has my name and it’s spelled the exact same way but I have my aunts name

    39. Anne Lady

      Oh NOOO

    40. *GoldenGlaree*

      get tweezers

    41. Partyzibell

      Wait Marissa? Me:Hey sis

    42. BeAsT GAMER

      This gives my nose anxiety

    43. נועם


    44. Zero_Limits

      Instant regret

    45. duck duck

      Alright on 3 3,2,1

    46. Aiden Han

      Yes karma

    47. Murice Baller


    48. Happy Toy Chest

      No no not the Q-tips

    49. DJ Mann

      They said on three then counted back from 3 to 1

    50. wandayveliz1

      This just proves the fact to never use Q-tips for waxing your nose

    51. Ryan Rector

      Why’d you have to ruin the radar base

    52. ꧁ Cupid and Korkichi ꧂

      Blow it out after heating it up?

    53. Lucifer 7139


    54. markguiller misena

      At least he's still breathing

    55. •b l o s s o m •

      I don’t think people know that the hairs in your nose are extremely helpful and you probably shouldn’t wax them

    56. afiifa Mahamed

      This is why you shouldn’t wax your nose:)

    57. Hiba Karaki

      Yes you did regret it

    58. Ķąţšůķı ßąķůģøů


    59. Anisah Herbert

      I like how he said on three then counted back wards lol 😂🤦🏻‍♀️

    60. de niewste videos van lona love

      Wash it whit vineger

    61. ???angel.SARCASTIC.demon???

      Did u managed to get it out

    62. Rusty.

      just get some pliers

    63. Water Im-alone

      Please don't do this-

    64. Sienna Usher

      Everyone be worried but he said on 3 and he started counting on 3 😂

    65. Emily Donovan

      U said on three but u started on three I should have said on one

    66. Cat Smith

      Yeah, you have to use brand name qTips .. The off brand ones do this usually

    67. Blouz

      He’s gunna get sick ez? Maybe?

    68. Pam Rospopo


    69. Pam Rospopo


    70. GoldenMaknea101

      you do realise the hairs in your nose that you just waxed helped clean the air you breath and to clean out any germs coming into your lungs

    71. Vada Mercado

      Yes lol

    72. healthy lemon

      you’re not supposed to WAX your nose hair, it’s there for a reason

    73. Acid


    74. jamisk8

      Alright on three, three two one, wait...

    75. estone 303

      Him: on the count of 3 Also him: 3....2.. My brain: hold up!

    76. Itz_ya_ panda

      Don't do this, nose hairs help stop illnesses from going up your nose

    77. michelle auger

      Lmao on three “3..2..1?”

    78. Lisa Romano-Rivera

      Covid test 2.0

    79. funnypuppysisters

      He look like shrek ears with those buds

    80. デクデク

      First thing you did wrong was using q-tips

    81. Paul Laurenz Tutor

      lol nooooooo

    82. Garena Free fire

      How was he able to breath

    83. Rizzage

      If you wax your nose Cons: The hair doesn’t catch the bacteria so it goes up straight into your nose You will be sick easier And the air won’t be filtered Pros: boogern’t

      1. Reagans Asmr

        Boogernt lol

    84. dan

      BIG OOF

    85. Jmya Franklin

      This gonna be bad I gotta see it ooooo

    86. ela piacentini

      I got the same wax

    87. random edits

      Your stupid

    88. Frog family love you guys

      There goin to get stuck I have done this

    89. ʟɪɴᴋ

      On three as they start on three

    90. Ashley Velasquez


    91. Eri-chan

      How did he breath tho

    92. Maya Mardood

      At least he can breathe from one nose hole!!😂😂😂

    93. TekS Army

      Finally someone saying ends badly and is not lyinn this actually did end badly

    94. cook_ good

      I did that i was in pain for a LONG time TwT

    95. mr.earthworm

      “On three, three, two, one” has literally no reaction to his nose hairs being pulled out

    96. Haleigh Fidget trading

      This is very dangerous!!! :( :|

    97. Valerie Alva

      As soon as he pulled out q tips I already knew what was bout to happen

    98. lion sea

      Well heck what now?

    99. Abigail Alvarez

      How are you going too get that out

    100. Ijabo Suleiman

      Dude did anybody go to school the cilia hair is to trap dust and foreign bodies from entering your nosal cavity but to remove then expect more sneezing than usual