Bill Hader Breaking Character Compilation

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    1. Sentionaut

      my next recommended video is the court confession of the BTK serial killer.

    2. Alcagaur1

      I'd love to see the oft-rumored sketch in which didn't break, even in rehearsal.

    3. Lauren Hellmueller

      i would marry bill hader no questions asked

    4. Tad Dunavan

      I F***ING LOVE Bill Hader!!!!

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    9. Breanna Christenson

      He is so cute when he breaks character!😁

    10. Alida Heide

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    11. Toasia

      The thing is.. when he laughs, he laughs in character.

    12. Greg Lialios

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    13. Atort Photography

      Sofa king funny! 🤣

    14. Kyle Geddes

      That was the Midget jokes John Mulaney was talking about in one of his skits

    15. jack jack

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    16. Malthusian Thanos

      aka, The Failure Reel

    17. That one Rat

      I love this man

    18. K J

      Bill Hader is the fucking man!

    19. dannyshizzle76

      I love the look before Cookie Crisps when he has skimmed ahead to see Dan Cortez a third time

    20. bad2dabohn1992

      Bill Hader is made out of glass since he breaks too easily XD nevertheless he's soooo freakin awesome

    21. spicy_tiger_roll

      Dan Cortez 😂😂😂

    22. Chillie-Neo

      i dont know what this show is or anything about it but i love this john really likes midget jokes huh

    23. Marti Turner

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    24. Fahad Bin Shahid

      The californian skits should be rename to: Californians and Bill Hader Laughing.

    25. honeybee the simp :D


    26. Victoria Stanton

      This was my fav club. Spicy! So happy it's on the tube now.

    27. John Cellustand

      Why do they laugh at their own stuff when its not even funny

    28. Laura Nilo


    29. Gerard Ligonde

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    30. Alex B

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    31. The Ranch Mechanic

      9:58 "My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl." 😂

    32. stratten klein

      1:16 is that Trippie Red??? hahaha jokes.

    33. Louise Aguirre

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    34. Hisper - Topic

      4:23 The End Of Winter

      1. Hisper - Topic


      2. Hisper - Topic

        I Meant 4:27

    35. Jacqueline Hope

      “Moonlight...La La Land...” I’m deceased 😂😂😂

    36. Anne Frankenberry

      "Hey, from the snow, let's make a person!"

    37. Joey Paiz

      9:58 "My girlfriend works at Yoshinoya Beef Bowl" 😂😂

    38. FrankN Stein

      My LAWD Bill is so hot!

    39. Sean Spollen

      I think the Dan Cortez bit was one of the most funniest of all time, but Hader was 1 of a very few people who carried SNL for all the years he was there. SNL is dead now and because they’ve basically gone WOKE AF, they’ve lost all their fans. Get woke go broke SNL, you suck now.

    40. Safekicker Media Group

      This video is also known as "how to make yourself LOL even if yer depressed" ❤ ✨

    41. ankr3w1

      when im having a bad day, i watch this video. i cant help but laugh.

    42. Maggie Cox

      Was the character of Stefan actually made to make Bill break or does it just really seem like that?

      1. slantera

        From what I've read, John Mulaney would purposefully change what it would say on the cue cards just to make Bill Hader (Stefon) break character. So, yeah, it was intentional.

    43. Sock Ness Monster

      7:48 sometimes you hear a line and just KNOW mulaney wrote that one

    44. THE BOX GHOST!!!

      "This woman raised me and changed my diapers." "Lucky lady!" XD

    45. Constance Keller

      With Bill, you basically could post literally every single sketch he was in. The only thing that annoyed me about him as a cast member was the CONSTANT break in character. Its fun if it happens rarely and on the fly, but when a comedic actor can't stay in character through a complete sketch, his entire career, it sort of says "not a professional" to me. Anyone can read the teleprompter and laugh along. Talent and sill is carrying on without breaking character as much as possible. See Adam Drivers sketches on SNL and he was the HOST. Usually the hosts are given more forgiveness for breaking character because snl is out of their normal element with a live studio audience right there. But the cast is supposed to handle the set, and again when its rare - its funny to see them break...but every single time... no. Sign me up. I can do that on snl too. Lol Edited to add: Dont misread my constructive criticism as dislike. I still like him and I think he is very very funny. I like the few movies he has done...but not a fan of the uncontrollable breaks in characters.

    46. Singularity -

      ...."Dan Cortese"

    47. Cynthia McCue


    48. mwatttsup

      kristens “it’s gonna be jammed” gets me every damn time.

    49. Nahin Noor

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    50. CLYDE FROG

      This video was a placebo for weed. I'm laughing like I smoked, but I havent.

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    53. ashjudd

      0:53 the californians omg

    54. Craig Ferguson

      This routine and how both seth and john revere it is no longer pc today. the whole joke is mocking gays, not the absurdities of early 90s nyc nightlife.

    55. trevor frankum

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    56. Rachel Denny

      I don't see how they don't break character when then audience laughs. I couldn't do it

    57. cgan csl

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    58. Lop Hu

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    59. Rhats Kicks

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    60. Bill Does Stuff

      Bill never reads Stephan's lines beforehand on purpose, so that all the reactions and laughs would be genuine. They would purposely write stuff to make him laugh and break character. Breaking character became such a part of the character, it got to the point Bill wanted it to be a surprise.

    61. Securito

      I thought it was all part of the act lmao the Stephon one

    62. Alyssa Caraballo

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    64. PJ B

      One thing is clear, Bill Hader is 10,000 times more talented than everyone else on that dumb show.

    65. RYan Thomas

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    66. Jade Leoncio


    67. Jade Leoncio

      "What if I'm just quat?" IM YELLINGGGGG

    68. le lu

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      1. Michael Mendoza

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    69. kevin

      The newest hotspot in D.C is the CAPITOL. This place has everything: collusion, traitors , superspreaders , desperation, maga hats, national terrorists, blood, ballots, ted cruz ugly wife, bad senators, vanilla ISIS , Dan Cortese and the lost souls of three hundred old white Republicans.

    70. Christy S

      I love Love LOVE. STEFON !!!

    71. Sean Encarnado

      I love when he reads the line then questions to himself “wtf did I just say?”

    72. Ericka Lynn

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    73. Robert Walker

      How did they keep him on for so long, he breaks so easy lmao.. im dying!!!

    74. erik castillo

      Dude bill and Fred were the best lol Fred is so underrated as well

    75. geometric art

      LOL "What if I'm jus' Qweiiight"

    76. Emilio Olvera

      Stephen looks like 2000’s Jared Leto

    77. Emily Petsche

      0:33 “Lucky lady” 😂😂🤣🤣

    78. Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad

      i am watching this in class and i cant break free.

      1. Altaïr Ibn-LaʼAhad

        @Christy S i have a science test and a math test tomorrow.

      2. Christy S

        There'll be a test later.

    79. Prkwon

      I think jimmy fallon and bill hader is the worst or the best at breaking character

    80. Noi Huy


    81. RoseBud Tig

      I think he covers his mouth to try n hide his cracking up I love him,he the man

    82. Travis FrosT

      "My girlfriend works at yoshinoya beef bowl"

    83. Neutronic

      You can't have too much dan cortese

    84. Kaleb Bedwell14

      The reason he is laughing so hard is because they are putting new jokes in that he didn’t practice on set before going live

    85. Margaret Neal

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    86. Detove Alidon

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    87. Get Vectored

      All the miget jokes were John 10000%

    88. Kerem Ozurun

      Yeah this guy is related to Charlemagne and i make 500 dolar bills come out of me in my free time...

    89. silent stereo

      Non American here.....why does he break.when he say 'Dan Cortez'?

    90. Georgine Verano

      And Martin short waiting for bill to break 😂

    91. Georgine Verano

      I think John just wrote down little things he observed or thought through the day and put them in Stefon’s segment

    92. Georgine Verano

      It’s not even just how John writes the letters. It’s how as he reads them on cue cards, bill has to quickly put it together in his mind and realize what he’s saying 😂

    93. Brad

      This comment section has everything. Funny comments, skunks and Dan Cortez.

    94. Mia Dowd

      I never understood know HOW Seth could not break character around Stefan 😂😂

    95. Kyle Johnson

      Just time stamping this SPICY moment 0:06

    96. empty endeavor

      He laughed so much on the news skit because they would randomly change the teleprompter on him and he never knew what it was going to say.

    97. Abbey Jay

      Bill is so cute

    98. nickolas 0'reilly

      4.5 millions views, 8 billion comments and dudes only got 4k subscribers... let's help a brother out

    99. Caleb White

      lol Bill Hader is great. He even breaks character in character.

    100. Reginald Cannon