Azula's R


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    TW: implications of suicide
    Vocals by Lollia:
    Store links for Lollia's cover:
    Apple Music
    KGup Music
    Arrangement by Sleeping Forest
    Original by Kurage-P
    English lyrics by Rachie
    (turn on closed captions if you'd like to read the lyrics!)
    Instagram: emirichuu
    Twitter: EmirichuYT
    My P.O. Box!:
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    1. Emirichu

      YES I KNOW IT'S ANOTHER AVATAR ANIMATIC DON'T FLAME ME PLEASE QwQ;;;; This was one of those video ideas that just wouldn't leave my head. Listening to the song over and over again, I was honestly shocked to find that nobody had drawn Azula to this song because I thought it fit her so well! This was so so so much fun to work on and I genuinely have not had this much fun drawing for a video in a WHILE, so thank you to Lollia and Sleeping Forest for making a cover for me to use so I could finally scratch the idea itch in my brain! (Their links are in the description!) Their cover is available for purchase via these links!: Spotify Apple Music Amazon KGup Music I'll be posting a room tour in a couple days and after that we'll return to the usual storytime/conversation stuff. Thanks for all the support! ^^ AH, BY THE WAY!! I came out with a bunch of new merch the other day! Take a look!:

      1. Satori Simms

        lovely, beautiful, amazing, talented did i say beautiful looks like your getting along with avatar nicely

      2. AnAyAh Lizza .-.

        Hey I’m waiting for more avatar content-


        It's almost sounds the same as the real one XD

      4. ZeBRUH

        Also, can I mention how much I appreciate you for putting the cabbage man here?! And then Azula's face when he explains his feelings!! 😂😭

      5. ZeBRUH

        This was AMAZING!!!

    2. milkis !

      I love all the animations that are about AVATAR! 👉🏼👈🏼✨🤩

      1. milkis !

        the cabbage one!! Haha ✌🏼🗿

    3. Yair Donel

      Awesome, keep it up!

    4. Nun Ya

      Azula: ok I’m done with the world bye Zuko: got ya BISH!

    5. Deontae Riggins

      so no one's going to talk about cabbage manso no one's going to talk about cabbage man

    6. greg77389

      So many different facial expressions... Koh would be set for years

    7. Cobalt Crusader


    8. Crusader Zeus

      I can really feel this. I have felt I’m the one that others come to when they need to vent. I don’t often talk about it because I feel like it looks like I’m like bragging about it but I really want to say this. Any time I see someone who is being crushed by a weight of darkness, I try to take some of the weight off they’re shoulders but I’ve done this so much that that darkness is being to crush me and I just can’t find a way to stop it. I’ve tried to talk to others the way they’ve done to me but it doesn’t work. All I know is that I will continue helping others even if it becomes too much for me. Because if it does kill me, I’ll die knowing I’ve helped others from this fate. I’ll go down with a smile on my face.

    9. Madi Lee

      Why does this fit so well

    10. Quinñ :3

      Oh my god why is it so sad/true maybe the end is cute a little, but honestly, why hardly anyone thinks about Azula? I think I'm going to cry :(((( (sorry if I made a mistake, I can't speak english qwq)

    11. celestial sky

      She comfy everyone so she can jump over without interrupt/witnesses...

    12. Kings Advisor

      Your empathy is miles and miles above my own. For the longest time I've only ever seen Azula as the psychopath, the monster under Zuko's bed. This is the first time I've seen her in this light

    13. Eri-Chan

      Okay no offence but theres something that i just wanted to point out since I think not many people know this, the people who were described in the singers song was themself, because at the end it said: Took of my yellow cardigan, watching my braids come undone this petite girl is gonna jump now and be free which perfectly matches the people that were described and the people that were described diapeard so it was her own imagination (Sorry if it doesnt make any sense lol)

    14. Emma Rose Ahmad Rizal

      I LOVE da cabbage part, it so underrated coz his cabbages always gets destroyed xD

    15. Felix

      I’m trying to make something funny here but the description really made me from thinking of something funny…… I’ll be back with the edits

    16. Felix

      Me: Jams out to the beginning Also me: *goes to description* “Implications of Suicide” Now I don’t wanna jam out

    17. Crystal caverns

      1:54 "My CaBbAgEs" Poor cabbage man

    18. Cahlil Pabuayon


    19. CaciqueLoko

      The artstyle is so cute, almost like the avatar shorts, you almost forgot that azula is a psicopath (with her problems and all)

    20. Cristina Va Ji

      Hola un simple hola en español Esta bien bonito el vídeo

    21. Rakoonja UwU

      you know who suffered the most pain through out the whole series of avatar? not iroh not zuko not azula not aang but *the guy whos cabbages keeps on being destroyed*

    22. Azula [BL]

      I cried so hard I could never relate more to a song irl

    23. S. A. Pr4nckxic0


    24. Brazz B

      I think the animatic probably distracts a lot of people from the point that each person she saves is meant to be her, note the named characters and how she refers to herself at the end

    25. Hi Queena

      1:55 really cracked me up 🤣🤣🤣

    26. Daniela Méndez

      Kinda reminds me of The Silent Voice

    27. Isra Rashid

      I forgot who the person at 1:50 is...?

      1. Hi Queena

        wait no its mai

      2. Hi Queena

        thats toph

    28. JustMyEdits

      I actually cried when Azula's mom appeared. I felt her so bad, she was just a 14 year old, raised and manipulated since she was born to be the perfect puppet for her father. When I was 14, I had lots of breakdowns too, teachers and adults around me always forget I was only 14 and expected me to do better than my high school juniors who are 17 and 18.

    29. Azula the Crazy Monkey

      Perfect this is so relatable and you know why

    30. Rainbow Lama

      Avatar aside this song hit me hard

    31. Moxness

      Yooooo my boi zuko

    32. Kaptain Riflebeard

      Oh my god!!! I know this song! Oh god my heart

    33. Mouna 23

      0:53 _ that's cute

    34. flugelgal1982 yt

      Thats rough buddy

    35. Itachi Uchiha

      At 1:12, I though Toph was wearing a monkey hood-

    36. Luna Chacon

      Every time Azula has her mental break down when i rewatch avatar i cry because is so sad that she lived her whole live thinking that her mother thought she was a moster and that her father only care about her because she is a Fire bending prodigy, she didn’t grew up with a parental figure like Zuko and at the end she end up with no friends , alone and crazy even though she was only 14 Edit: Zuko has scar on the out side and Azula on the inside

    37. Jayden Lam

      1:07 Excuse me did I just see this woman do her make-up as she prepared to die?

    38. ツツ[katsume]ツ

      her nails are beautiful tho

      1. Michael Flores

        Her lips

    39. Be a nice cookie :D Woohoo

      Actually made me like Azula better XD awesome vid

    40. {•candy cane•}

      Can you make more? Please 😅

    41. Bruh Moment


    42. Azula

      This is perfect 👌👌👌

    43. Bring me that Coffee

      Ohhh, this is brilliant!

    44. Zoe Lawson

      The ending hit different...

    45. Lady_Jayden

      *didnt know emi did memes*

    46. Caylin W

      The ending gives me so much life... ahhh I wish book four would have been made. The concept of Zuko being the one to redeem Azula was so cool.

    47. dazai’s suicide partner


    48. whosplayingyou29

      after the first couple of times I'd be like: "y'know this place is pretty crowded maybe I should try somewhere else"

    49. Unknown - Chan

      THE CABBAGE MANNN, Ah yes my favorite character

    50. Yan

      I love this! Youre so talented

    51. Galaxy gacha195 123

      Azula wasn't evil ,she was just broken........

    52. Olcia PSujka

      You have so Beautiful art style! I love it!

    53. Gloria N.


    54. Rekki Noon


    55. Amélia Evans Potter

      Z-Zuzu? Tf this is so frickin' good

    56. Ambar Rossainz

      Poor cabbage boy, I really felt it ;-;

    57. DanIsParanoid !

      stop it you're gonna make me cry

    58. Q Lukassen

      I love this!!!

    59. Itz Undead_Wolfie Gacha

      Lateeee! I love this! Avatar for the win!

    60. Rai’s channel

      THIS ACTUALLY IS SO GOOD... it made me cry😭😭😭

    61. C Hberger

      Worst part is azula would be the one either pushing or encouraging then to jump

    62. nost0lgia

      TW! Not hating on anybody at all, but I find it sorta odd that when in any animatics and stuff, the lyrics say "and then she disappeared" for all of the people except for the last, they think of it as they decided to not end it and go somewhere else. But if you look at the official video of My R, it's the exact opposite. The lyrics imply that they did end it, plus the lyrics for the last person is "Ah what to do? I can stop this girl, oh this is new" so again, that implies that all the other people did end it.

    63. #BabyYodaforlife Mama Mia

      It took my small sized brain two times listening to this song to figure out what happen 0-0 i think i get it now...

    64. Juno Vibbert

      Deep down Azula cares

    65. Azaleya Reid

      lowkey the bass line playing octaves

    66. TazeBrickway 13

      Personally I hate anime but this vid is heckin awesome. Idk why it popped up on my youtube but im glad it did.

    67. Shelyna Wang

      cabbage man

    68. Poseidon

      This is just amazing, the art, the voice, literally everything is just soo good and amazing!

      1. Michael Flores

        Nice avi!

    69. Dude Girl

      I've watched this at least 25 times now. Every time I am close to tearing up and I also have it singing in my head for at least 3 hours after I watch it again. I love the meaning, the tune, the drawings, the words, and the Avatar theme. Truely the best video I have watched.

    70. Christina Singleton

      Azula: What’s up with you?... Cabbage guy: You probably heard it all before...The Avatar keeps destroying my fucking Cabbages...

    71. Nutsy_ Puff

      Why do I suddenly feel bad for Azula?

    72. ITZ_ KOOKIEZ_1864

      I got an ad and it said go daddy-😭😭

    73. Ella Vaknin

      i feel like this could work with aangs inner stress too

    74. Lunar Sakura

      I couldn't watch it because..... I... I.. I. Started crying!!!...... 😭

    75. Ronald Haobam

      Azula's life is a true tragedy. She was the one not loved enough by her mother to save her, manipulated by her father whom she worshipped and didn't have the uncle iroh that zuko had.

    76. M A N G O B O B A

      really, youtube? The advertisment loads but the video doesnt T^T

    77. Emanul Choudhury

      I hope I'm not the only one who cried

    78. AllGoodNamesRGoneTho


    79. Ivan Cano

      Azula was crazy and toph don’t get me started with toph her parents thought she was useless and she ran away and lied the funniest guy was that guy who always said my cabbages when something happened to his cabbages it was funny to me and zuko was not as bad as azula zuko was a good kid

    80. mὺϝϝίᾑ!

      I LOVED TOPH'S DESIGN maybe I liked everyone's design, you'll never know because a certain girl jumped off a roof after writing this.

    81. Typical Introvert

      I thought this vid was made for Azula’s disturbing breakdown

    82. snake toes

      This made me cry wow, incredible job

    83. Emily Randen

      I love this so much

    84. Sophie Scribbles

      I saw this before and after watching avatar and things finally make sense

    85. B u t t e r f l i e s

      This is a masterpiece but I've already subbed so WHAT ELSE CAN I DO TO THANK YOU?!

    86. Velg

      I love that you became an Avatar fan

    87. CosmiNinja

      People on the Balcony + Timestamps 0:05 Ty Lee 1:12 Toph 1:49 Mai, frogot, Jet, i forgot this one too, I think her name was Yue?, Cabbage Merchant (MY CABBAGES) 2:16 Mother 3:12 Azula jumps and Zuko is STAHPIT

      1. Just Vanilla

        I think k the second one was Judee from ba sing sa

    88. Dylan Walton

      When cabbage guy arrived I felt that.

    89. venchenzio orconloni

      Trully heartfelt the characters of avatar fit along soo well

    90. Morgana Ramos

      My heart*grabs it and sniffles*

    91. Elian lopez barragan

      Hermoso video 💖 Que lindo detalle poner al señor de las coles

    92. Sakashi Hatake


    93. D.A.R.N

      This is beautiful honestly. I absolutely love this video and the voice of the singer is also amazing. Also Zuko appearing in the end, showing that he is there for her was beautiful

      1. Michael Flores

        Watch her rendition of "Addict" form Hazbin Hotel too!! It blows the original out of the water!

    94. Jhosseline Calderon

      I love it

    95. WinterSeelie

      Thank you so much for the tears 😭😭😭😭

    96. Kari Kyatto

      Idk why but i love the guitar in the background

    97. Joel Neely

      The end gave me goosebumps

    98. KingOfSpadez

      I still can't understand the video Maybe I haven't watch Avatar because i don't have time

    99. coochie horse

      That ending hit me so fcking hard

    100. Blue Deer

      Боже мой, это так круто. Так красиво сделано! Спасибо за такую крутую анимацию