Scott Martin

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    SPINNERWORM RETURNS for a highly requested challenge against Macoy! Who will be victorious?!?!
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    1. Scott Martin

      WHO WILL WIN?!?

      1. Wyatt DeBusk

        I think Macoy should be team Harddrive!!!

      2. Ryder Simon


      3. Pieter Prinsloo

        Spinnerworm and Co🤣🤣

      4. Scott Frost

        Spinnerworm’s back! How can he lose with the juice he use? How can he win in the shape he’s in? 😂

      5. MFF Outdoors

        Trump 2020

    2. Chad Waldrup

      What’s the deal with the skeeter? Are you leaving ranger? I mean I know it’s probably not the same as when the wood’s owned it.

    3. Ra Lo

      Good stuff guys! 👊🏼💯

      1. Scott Martin


    4. Big Moe Medina

      Finnally My Boy Brandon is back!! I was at Lake Toho last year talking to Brandon, he was letting me know he was leaving and introduced me to Macoy that was standing quietly next to us. I welcomed Macoy to his new team and said goodbye to Brandon with big hug. Some big shoes for Macoy to fill but I think he’s doing a great job!! So great to know Brandon is not totally out of the Picture!!! God Bless y’all!!


      I love these type of videos. Do some more of them

    6. BassGeek

      So no one answered what Brandon is doing...

      1. Scott Martin

        He is filming the tv stuff

    7. George Talley

      That looks like wolf creek

    8. George Talley

      What lake is that

    9. j w

      Let’s go!!!!!

    10. Jim Saelee

      Freaking Spinnerworm lol hahah love it!!!

    11. Blair Beck

      I just got heavy into bass fishing and I have a ranch 8 miles from oak creek reservoir in Blackwell Texas. We have state of the art lodging at our ranch and I would do anything to learn some tips for fishing from the best! Let me know what I’d have to do to make that happen...

    12. Mark Schneider

      Great video ! Love these 2v2 !

    13. Coy Dixon

      Did Yamaha sell you on Skeeter for next year?

    14. Patrick McCarl

      Great video And as always go Team Martin!

    15. Living the Dream

      McCoy is definitely a behind the camera kinda guy

    16. Josh Keith

      This looks like the similar area where Macoy crashed and lost the drone for a few lol

    17. Coye Steffan

      Hey Scott I’m a kid from North Dakota and I fish lake sakakawea for small mouth bass! If you ever come here to fish I know some really good spots where I’ve got some monsters of small mouth bass and I would be willing to tell you where there at and what baits to use during that period of time.

    18. Jacob Smith

      Every bidy gangster till brandon pulls out the spinner worm

    19. J Tee

      Hmmmm, professional Bass Angler in the boat, and you only won by a few ounces, you're slipping!! 😁

      1. big dad ace

        Micky Bruce told me a long time ago. "You cain't take luck outta fishing"...

    20. OzarkBassinTV

      how many times has macoy been threatened on being fired hahah

    21. Camron Webster

      This was sweet!

    22. Chris Dillard

      Thanks for the footage guys!

    23. Eren Kandogan

      i thought a spinnerworm was a new lure

    24. Shaun Roberts

      So were in the fff is Spinnerworm been?????

    25. Cory S

      Hes going skeeter !!!

    26. Drop Shotters Fishing

      Hey man if you see this I love your vids and we should do a collaboration but that’s you choice

    27. bigbadbri08

      So much for Brandon catching fish

    28. wildlife explorers

      This episode was epic. Great to see Brandon back in the channel after a good few months . Those were some nice catches

    29. Cheyney Harp

      Where was yall fishing ?

    30. Rippin Lips Inc.

      Spinnerworm always wins!

    31. swissmochaj

      I couldnt tell who was the pro in each boat

    32. xBridgemanx

      Macoy is Team Boat Damage

    33. Jeremy Eskew


    34. Marine Biodiversity and Aquaculture

      Wao!!! Nice Content!!!

    35. Zack Mitchell

      Fun to watch y’all in OK. I’m a pastor Pauls valley not far from where y’all are. I went to bible college in Lakeland FL and fished the phosphate pits at Tenoroc almost every day. Caught tons of bass over 10 lbs. y’all need to go do a show there. There is 1 pit that has lots of big ones. Keep up the good work!!

      1. Zack Mitchell

        @Scott Martin we need to hook up when your in town so I can show you some of my hot spots for deer and bass.

      2. Scott Martin

        Very cool..we have a house in PV. :)

    36. Stuart Carter

      Such a cool video! Need more just like it!!

    37. GLADDY

      Great vid!! I’m gearing up for some ice fishing videos here in Ontario!! Stay tuned 👌🏻👌🏻

    38. Chris H

      I'm so glad to see you out enjoying yourself. You know even in videos like this you can still learn a few things from the master! 👊 God bless you Scott

    39. Brandon Kyle Mckibben

      Awesome that looked like a lot of fun!

    40. Robert Jacobs Fishing

      Spinnerworm for da win!!!

    41. Mitchell Traxler

      Great fun, awesome video Scott. That was a close one.

    42. James Paris

      Good stuff right there and ol jacob can fish you taught him well scott

    43. J Tee

      The only thing this video was missing was Billy.

    44. J Tee

      Thought it was McCoy, rather than Macoy

    45. Bobby Swain

      Good stuff boyz

    46. Mike Sherman

      Macoy: $100, did you just make that up after you won? HA!

    47. Chris

      This was so fun to watch and was soooo close between yall. I think everyone can agree with a....REMATCH!

    48. hltsolo

      good to see brandon back

    49. Dustin Weinberg

      I’m ready for him to wrap that skeeter. 🤔🤔

    50. Patricia Guenzler

      Nice thanks for the video

    51. Scott O,Donahoe

      Donnie Baker . It's State law !

    52. Chase Shaw

      Good video!!!!! But I think Hilary out fishes all the boys. Hahahaha

    53. Lucas Bowers

      Whats up with the skeeter?

    54. Conner Speronis

      Nothing better than a fish blowing up on top water

    55. Primitivo Arteaga lll

      Yes Spinning worm B #1 That other dude call him the breakable because he either scratches it breaks it or loses it. Lol

    56. KamoKreature 12


    57. Laura Scott

      Whooop whoooop!!!! Team SpinnerWorm!!!!! Aaaaaand he’s baaack!!!😁😁😁😁😁

    58. Fisher Perkins

      Scott in a skeeter? Hmmm

    59. john Gill

      Anyone wanna fill me in on why they are called spinnerworm and why there is.a rivraly?

      1. john Gill

        @Adam Smith thanks

      2. Adam Smith

        Brandon was scotts camera man and editor before mcCoy. He invented putting a whole large worm as a trailer on a spinner bait.

    60. Richard Bumpus, CJF

      Spinner worm all the way to the bank baby!!!!

    61. Derik Drinkle

      It started out being a challenge between you and your son. Ended real close though. Great job 👍.

    62. Adam Smith

      Couldn't click fast enough. Old school team spinner worm fan here.

      1. Scott Martin


    63. Bryan Doyle

      Can’t find a better guy to watch do what he loves. You’re the man Scott.

      1. Scott Martin


    64. John Wang

      LMBA Large mouth bass

    65. tanner exferd


    66. Sashimi272

      If Hilary was fishing with MaCoy, she probably wouldn’t have been able to keep hush, hush with every catch!😆 Lol. She would’ve been like “OH My Gosh! OH My Gosh! OH My Gosh!”, “Like literally!”, “That’s a TOAD!” 😂

    67. Kevin Smith

      That lake is awesome looking !

    68. Yorger Mujica

      That’s really nice to see your boys there but especially B we love him a lot and we miss him to be with you in the trips Scott I know a lot of your fan want to see mr spinner worm again doing good things with you and your family like back on the days we love you all sir thank you for cheering this with us

    69. Dustin Wilburn

      Too cool!!

    70. RIPPER334

      Can we get an SMC shirt... TEAM SMC "right in the nuts"

    71. Thomas Caldwell

      Great match guys 👍 That was a close one. Thanks for another great episode!

    72. Jake Schisler

      I thought for sure fumble fingers McCoy was losing the fish

      1. Scott Martin


    73. Brent Buck

      Breaking in a new Skeeter? Changing from Ranger?

    74. Tren Hester

      Ali-Foreman, Cowboys-Steelers, Nicklaus-Palmer, Georgia-Georgia Tech are legendary, but this is the competition that America needs. . . .

      1. Adam Smith

        The Bills lost to cardinals in the last ten seconds of game today. I'm dying !

    75. DJ Folmar

      Since you're switching to Skeeter I will take that Ranger from you. I know it's taking up space.

    76. Mark Fulwood

      Jake is the REAL HAMMER!! B is the king though!

    77. DJ Folmar

      Switching to Skeeter?

      1. DJ Folmar

        Win win either way.

      2. Scott Martin

        Still running ranger

    78. Fishing DohaR

      You are an excellent fisherman, catch a lot of big fish, congratulations, this place is incredible, it has many beautiful fish.👍🎣🐟😊

    79. Jamie Watson

      Miss Brandon!!!

    80. Kendell Gary


    81. Brian Patrick

      Spinner bait is a keeper, and definitely missed! Both bags were solid 👍🏻

    82. MrYangstar007

      'like' before i even watch it

    83. Lance Mabry

      Man i know Brandon is doing other things but, no offense McCoy, I'd love to see both guys travel and film with you! Make it happen Scottie!

    84. Zac Pearson

      What lake is that?

    85. Steve Gilland

      That was fun to watch Scott. You need to do more like that.

    86. Manny Fishing!!


    87. MuahMan

      Dayyyyum. What lake is that?

    88. Michael Pollard

      Where yall at Jimmy Houston lake. 🤣


      Spinnerworm on that atkins diet!

    90. Joe Haywood

      That was close enjoy video

    91. Steve Hogan

      Thanks Guys.... great video.

    92. George S

      Now, all Scott needs to do is fish tournaments where there is only 1 other boat 🚣‍♀️! 🤗

    93. Steve Hogan

      nevermind,,, I was being an ass. sorry.

    94. Kenneth Dennis

      Fishing Jimmy Houston's lake I see :-) Looks like it was a blast!!

    95. Tim Higdon outdoors

      Glad to see Brandon is back. Awesome Challenge guys!!

    96. Stanley Shelby

      Enjoyed it, and thanks a lot.


      Where you in the nc Charlotte air port on Friday I think I saw you eating sushi cause you were recording (plz respond)

      1. Scott Martin

        Yes 😂

    98. HydroPro-Tech

      I realized at the end of this vlog I had been smiling for 21min and 25sec. One of the hits boys! Great job!!

      1. Scott Martin


    99. Larry Stolzman

      The fun of friends fishing for bragging right alone. Nothing better. The true meaning of fishing for 99.9% of all fishermen. Fun to see Brandon. So close. When is the rematch? Thanks for sharing a great video. Stay safe, God Bless!

    100. dwayne morrow

      That was awesome 😎