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    400k likes and my mom and pierson will prank me!! hahaha
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    1. Brent Rivera

      thanks for watching 💕💕 400k likes and pierson and my mom will prank me!!😱😱😱

      1. Michael Owings

        This is hilarious

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      4. Underground gaming


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      prank dom and sofie

    4. feehima aranee

      That song was awesome😬

    5. MIA 1901

      5:18 who noticed Brent and Pierson holding hands??❤❤

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    7. Family Dolls

      Done and prank to your friends

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    9. Lucy McCamley

      Brent I love your KGup channel so much

    10. Addison Cjk

      Done!! ✅

    11. Shubhangi Singh

      Did anybody notice that Brent was only looking at Pierson when she was watching the video ❤🤣

    12. Andrew Krecic

      This is great 🙂🙂😀😂

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    16. Ana Irias

      Get this to 500k I want to see pierson and Brents mom to prank Brents

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    18. Nunu Rees

      Pierson looks soooo similar to her mum

    19. Anisha Bobra

      No one: Brent and Peirsons video tittles: flirting with my CRUSHES mom Also Brent and peirson: were just friends guys!

    20. Lexie Dowling

      No one: Absolutely no one: Me:is seriously no one going to eaven going to talk about the fact that her mom's name is Karen

    21. Random Things

      6:46 pierson was touching brents hair👁👄👁❤️

    22. —SamFlower —

      masons face 2:25 🤪

    23. Keri Lyn DeLuca

      i am is a hyou fan

    24. Nusrat Jahan Joya

      Done 😃

    25. Nusrat Jahan Joya

      Pierson s mom is look alike her omg 😳 but both of them are beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

    26. Puppy Vlogs

      Anyone notice they were having a slumber party in the day time...?

    27. Shah Razi

      whis child is that?

    28. CommonBearTVシ

      Pierson’s dad: 👁👄👁 💧 💧

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    32. Jerry Newcombe

      I love you

    33. Abdul Wahid

      Pierson you should of knew it

    34. Nayops 20

      6:12 Brent - What the heck is this….

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    40. Tianna thomas

      I must be honest I lovee that song

    41. Alma Amjad

      I love Brent he’s the best why dosnt he have a girlll

    42. Roxanne Hache

      Who else say that mason was soooo funny in the airplane 👇🏻

    43. Ανδρέας Κατσιμπέρης

      Piersons face when brent said iam in love with your mom

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    45. Skyla_thequeen Vibes

      So no one is going to talk about Jeremys tattoos👁👅👁

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    47. Michael Black

      Ur only 2 years not 8 or did i hear Wrong

    48. Nina Walker

      It’s hilarious that Pierson mom’s name is Karen😂 not hate she’s lovely and hilarious lol I just thought it was funny cause she’s like the opposite of a “Karen”

    49. Mylo Kitchener

      The way he looks at her when she’s watching the video 🥰😍

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    51. Kaylin Pretorius

      I wish I can meet you I live in africa

    52. Mix World

      if there is any channel that never disappoints us...then that wd definitely be this one.....woahhhhh....brentriveraaaa####

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    54. RJ Velasco

      like it up i wanna see what brents mom and pieson is doin

    55. Tiara

      Wait! What happened to Jeremy? Tatoos!?

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    57. Kelsey Ryan

      Question? Why is Jeremy all tattooed up? 1:43

    58. Kelsey Ryan


    59. Padmini Budhram

      Done I love this video

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    61. Beth Watts

      Who Dom be embarrassed

    62. Cindy Macedo

      WOW Barnt your good at singing

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      Done ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

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      Done I love you so much.

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      Karin and Pierson look same

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      Pierson then does Pierson Rivera have a ring to it

    72. APX DASH

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      Did Jeremy get tattoos!

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      Done oh and adios amigos to you too🤟🏻❤️💕

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    77. Liam Quintas Svensson

      Make a Music video to pierson

    78. Amanda Zothanzuali

      Little suspicious about the caption hmm... you said we were best friends but i think ur wrong like come on it is "CRUSH"

    79. Hockey Wolf

      ####dom and sofie

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    81. batur khan

      I have been subscribe all your channels of you and your friends in all my family members phone I don't have any phone so I am using my father's phone all the time but I am going to buy a new one

    82. Sofonias Abraham

      Wow they look the same even the dimples!!!

    83. IlianaPlayz !

      Done done

    84. Selene Hernandez

      I actually think brent is gay

    85. Shahnama Chowdhury

      Omg, pierson's mom just exactly looks like pierson! And Especially the Smile with cute dimples!😻😻

    86. Allyson Lara Martinez

      Pierson is brents crush now

    87. the Tommy team fortnite & the Mayley show dimas

      1m Brent and Pierson married

    88. •GigiPōpGirl•

      Pierson looks exactly like her mom

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      400k lesgoooooooo

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      Pierson mom name is Karen is more like Karen the bully hahaha🤣😂

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      I have watched this video over and over

    97. Esnart Chansa

      Why isn't this video at 500 already???? ❓❓❓ It was Karine and Brent now it's supposed to be Laura and Pierson

    98. Summer Lee Ayla

      She was so happy when she thought it was about her but little did she know it was her mom lol it made me laugh so bad

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