Pike And Muskie Were CRUSHING The Whopper Plopper!


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    A last minute trip to the river with a friend turned into a crazy day of kayak fishing northern pike and muskie with the Whopper Plopper topwater lure!
    Jacob's Channel: kgup.info
    Gear used:
    Lure: Whopper Plopper 110
    Rod: St Croix BassX 6'6" MH F amzn.to/3fdYxRv
    Reel: Quantum Vapor amzn.to/30SU69h
    Line: Power Pro Super Slick V2 amzn.to/32ZGFXZ
    Leader: Daiwa J-Fluoro 50lb amzn.to/3jMjshS
    Net: Frabill 3674 amzn.to/30a5dvH

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    1. Charlie Vwj

      Best fish caught by boat on camera!

    2. Ty TMC

      3:35 You’re one Bad Man..🥶

    3. Dave Merfeld

      nice footage

    4. bruce turek

      excellent vid some serious fishing thanks for sharing

    5. Taras Usztan

      I want to know what this place is called bro

    6. George Sfouggatakis

      What river do you fish on

    7. Kenneth Conklin

      Do you ever go out of your state to fish? I live in Michigan I'd love to catch some of them pike.

    8. Anhaa Anhbayr

      Good job. Keep make more videos pls 🙏 🙂

    9. hilldwler 420

      Pike medallions yum

    10. hilldwler 420

      Amazing there’s fish that big in a creek. Yeah down south we call those creeks lol

    11. Porter B.

      @NDYakAngler where is this i live on a bus and would love to try it out

    12. A.K.A KDOG

      Looks like fun and thank you for showing this video awesome fish and I like the best I watch another youtube video and he catches ilegal size fish and instead being a good fisherman and releasing baby fish he keeps them and cuts them up for bait. I don't see you doing that at all and thank you.

    13. Izzy

      Gonna watch this today when I get my fillings put in :(


      Woww 👍👍👍 Nice Sir ... I like it👍👍

    15. Steptoe Edwall

      Great video, as always. I caught my first ever muskie today, a spotted one about 20'' long. Gotta start somewhere haha!

    16. Zach Unruh

      your videos are the best I've seen on youtube. love it.

    17. Terry Huey

      What is your kayak set-up in the back?

    18. Aaron Fleming

      Would 8lb line be able to take a pike a little smaller then the first one?

    19. Troodonf f

      2:39: the suggested passwrord by google

    20. Wyatt Opferbeck


    21. Jorn Postema

      Why is this chanel so calming

    22. Maiko Braga

      Fantástico! Não existe Pike no Brasil! Super like!

    23. Sunny Island

      That Pike did a somersault outta the water ! And that follower right to the yak!

    24. Ralph Empson

      Did your friend catch anything?

    25. nie mam pojęcia

      why no cook and eat but release?

    26. Sunny Island

      Your Pike shows are great.

    27. Gary Olson

      I was just going to say, keep your thumb out of his mouth, then chomp. Thanks buddy for the video. Got my sub.

      1. NDYakAngler

        It happens sometimes, I’ll be looking up at my camera making sure I’m pointing it at the right spot and not paying enough attention to what I’m doing. A little superglue and it’s back to fishing!

    28. Joseph Anthony Materese

      Ok point?

    29. Amélie Slingerland

      Pls fish once with the iris underdog northernpike

    30. Austin Redden

      Guessing there's a reason he didn't wanna say which river he is on i dont wanna know his exact spot im searching for rivers that i can take my kayak on the red river usually has pretty strong current where im at

    31. Burchland Hunting and fishing

      I Love how you are always positive even if you lost a decent fish you always look on the bright side I love your channel

    32. Burchland Hunting and fishing

      I love your channel bro so much

    33. day 2 day

      Snot Rockets from the crotch crusher pod.

    34. Lyle Loomis

      Try some Dr Spoons in hammered copper, gold , silver. Different colors work to , I have to use a 15” leader because they inhale the lures and have bitten them off. If you see them chasing it to boat do a figure 8 at boat they will hit it

    35. Lil Lacks Lunkers

      Best video I've seen, amazing fights. Some lost but lots of winning and even a rematch win. The last was spectacular!

    36. Ben Dinh

      Catch same fish every time

    37. Scott Sinclair

      Awesome video!!! I am blown away that 190 people disliked this. A couple of those strikes scared crap out of me!

    38. How To Have Fun Outdoors

      Great Video! Awesome Muskie!

    39. Tom Ooms

      I swear, I have to rewind every time I catch that torpedo sequence. Then he hooks it. "That was SICK!" LOL.

    40. Michael Costigan

      Anyone else see that huge Pike swim right up to the kayak at 3:16?

    41. Dennis Aitken

      Besides the fact that you did excellent on your fishing tat looks like such a fantastic pace to be able to paddle It looks so relaxing and peaceful and it also don't look like you have a bunch of people either. I really like the way you two show your fish and then let them go to grow for another day!

    42. Kotuh Toads

      Learned a lot from ND always giving great advice and keeps me motivated through these winters in Michigan

    43. ex 2nd R.G.J

      Great video. How you manage to stay afloat and wrestle with those pike !!!!!

    44. Martin Perotti

      Huge top water action,awesome fishing location!

    45. John S

      Man that was a badass video! Those were some big fish hitting topwater...I'd pay good $$$ for that experience.

    46. Adrian Accardi


    47. Greg C

      You're a badass my dude, this is the first video I came across of yours but I'm definitely gonna check out more....What state are u from? I love catching pike n do fairly well in the Lake Erie Watershed.....Have caught a few muskies, no tigers yet but I really really wanna catch one, they are a badass looking fish....Im your opinion do the tigers act more like a pike and hit pretty much whatever, whenever.....or like a muskie which can be finicky and tricky to catch, u know "10,000" casts.....Have u ever heard of "The Figure 8"? You still were able to catch that pike near the beginning of the video anyways, but a figure 8 would have worked perfectly there.....It is really good for enticing pike n muskie to bite once ur lure gets to the boat and u can't reel anymore.

    48. Fishing Upgrade


    49. abusabsi

      next time give your camera to the man on the yellow boat, he was bored. let him doing something

    50. razony

      I grew up in N.D./MN and at those times when I had a few minutes to myself, I use to wonder what those fishes are thinking when they get caught and released! Just a few. Getting caught: -Crap, not this again! -Stop fighting! -I think I'm getting old ! -I need to eat better, this is getting hard! Getting released: -What was THAT? -Darn I was lucky. -I think I just saw God! -That was better than get eaten! -Put Me Back!

    51. Donald Verhota

      I just baought a set of these lures how should I use it

      1. NDYakAngler

        You’ll have to experiment a little bit to see what kind of retrieve the fish want, sometimes they like it steady and other times they’ll like pauses. There is a sweet spot speed you reel it at where the lure makes the best noise too. Depending on where you are it might not be the best time for topwater yet. Late spring, summer, and early fall are topwater season up here in ND/MN.

    52. Conor Masterson

      /Sticks thumb in fishes mouth /Fish bites thumb SurprisedPikachu.face

    53. Jonathan Martin

      You don’t use a leader of any kind?

      1. Jonathan Martin

        @NDYakAngler thank you for the quick response!! I may just give it a shot

      2. NDYakAngler

        I was using a short length of 50lb fluoro for a leader.

    54. Ivan Yermakov

      what is the name of the lake? and where is this lake located?

    55. JoeGMoney

      What state is this in

      1. JoeGMoney

        @NDYakAngler thank you so much I know where my next trip is planned also keep up the videos this is excellent the pike are such cool fish

      2. NDYakAngler

        North Dakota

    56. Gary Raymo

      That was a championship day ,outstanding

    57. Brian Anderson

      Do you have a video on your Kayak build info? Thanks!

    58. James Ryder

      How deep is it there when your getting them on the top water? And congrats on ur catches amazing

      1. James Ryder

        @NDYakAngler it looks like a great place to fish and I had one more question do the pike bite like that when it's normal water depth? I like your videos I use alot of the same lures you use

      2. NDYakAngler

        It was 6-7ft deep max in the area I was fishing. Normally it’s only a foot or two deep back there but a heavy rainstorm had the river up for about a week.

    59. Conrad Boyko II

      Nice fish! Love pike and muskie fishing! Those are nice size fish too. Like we catch here in Anchor Bay on Lake St. Clair. Lost a good lure some years back called The Muskie Duckling. Great trolling lure. Sadly that darn hemorrhage disease is taking a toll on the population.

    60. Aaron Harapat

      Anybody, please help me out with what that system is at the rear of the kayak that he uses to anchor. I can't figure it out but it looks slick as hell

      1. Aaron Harapat

        @NDYakAngler Great videos. Great information. Keep it up. I'm just across the border in Minnesota. Wondering which part of ND you are fishing primarily? It looks absolutely serene.

      2. NDYakAngler

        It's a Power Pole micro anchor.

    61. T

      I do a lot of pike fishing in Southern Michigan and it's so much fun when they follow it right to the kayak before they bite it

    62. Joshua Sterling

      Bro I genuinely jumped in my chair when he bit close to your yak....lol

    63. R B Jr.

      Awesome vid !!! I dream of outings like that......Well done ....

    64. scar65 DiFlorio

      Cool videos,don't forget to keep your thumb out of the fishes mouth.

    65. Vlada Nastasić

      What use as your fish line? Thanks.

    66. Dewman C.S.I.

      Hi you were using the 110 what length and weight in perch color wanted to get one using it in Northern Wisconsin thanks

    67. Dan Sanchez

      Every time he sets the hook he says ,ITS BIG!!!!

    68. aaron godderidge

      This reminds me of fishing with my dad...... Using the same bate in the same spot and watching him catch all the fish hahahahahahahah

    69. Joseph Demro

      what is the name brand of your power pole anchor system and if you dont mind me asking how much was it...? Thanks Joe

      1. Joseph Demro

        @NDYakAngler Thanks for the scoop

      2. NDYakAngler

        It’s a Power Pole micro anchor. The whole setup runs around 720-900 depending on battery options.

    70. Willie Woodall

      With that Yellow perch...he said fuck your figure 8 head game... Nice

    71. Dan Maran


    72. david lee

      Your videos are so entertaining, never get tired of them.

    73. Brad Mackinaw

      Hey. I fish almost exclusively for muskies- and I pretty much only use topwaters ( My hubby makes a wooden chop bait-similar to yours, and another like a bucher topraider). My humble suggestion is that you try submerging the bait as it approaches the boat, and really increasing your speed- often that change is sound is a key trigger.

      1. NDYakAngler

        That’s a great tip! I’ve actually used that move successfully on pike and smallmouth a few times. Sometimes it happens so fast I don’t even think of trying it but I’ll have to remember that this summer when I’m throwing topwater lures!

    74. Mike Lameris

      Ow he but me. Yeah that'll happen if you stick your thumb right in his mouth

    75. Żółty Kwiat

      Super!!! 🐟😍 kgup.info/get/g3mhgqO0la5_lp0/video

    76. ontherise times up

      Whatcha you don't fall in a native radiation carp will stage you to the bottom into darkness you won't be able to come back !

    77. RodBendingTechnology

      I make some homemade lures, how would I go about to sending you one?

    78. John Ng

      What kind of kayak are you using?

      1. NDYakAngler

        I have a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120.

    79. Lay Low

      You have some bad ass casting skills.

    80. Mark Smith

      catching in front of your friend. he aint going fishing with you again

    81. Włodzimierz Ratajczak

      Polecam wideo

    82. John Bakken


    83. storypunman

      Proof that fish don't care what kinda boat you are in. Great topwater fishing.

    84. Jeffrey Krout

      What day buddy ! It’s winter I’m dying for a day like this !

    85. Brad Carlton

      Very entertaining! Just got into pike and muskie fishing last year. Looking forward to getting towed around in my kayak by a big beast.

    86. Richard Kjelsrud

      Looks like a great place to spend the day and catch some huge fish. Excellent video and fishing.

    87. Tom Ooms

      P erfect L and O f P lenty. P ike E xploding R egularly.

    88. vic chei

      would u go swimming with them beasts, not me

    89. Jw Emanuel

      Loved the video man the action was sick

    90. Chris Tsaparis

      What’s the lake that you are at what country are you in

      1. NDYakAngler

        This was on a small river in North Dakota, USA.

    91. Chris Tsaparis

      Could you please do another video like this

      1. NDYakAngler

        I might have one more pike/musky topwater video from summer to edit still sometime this winter. Next summer I’m going to keep a close eye on the river level, this bite was due to the river flooding after a heavy rain and the usually shallow backwater area was 6-7ft deep and full of baby perch and big predator fish.

    92. Andy Fernandez

      Another reason i love watching his vids is reading all the nice comments

    93. Tomas Y

      Water temperature question. I live in the Netherlands, and I just started fishing for pike. Here, the general consensus is that you should avoid targeting pike in the summer months because fighting them in warmer, oxygen-low water is dangerous for a pike's health. I'm skeptical. That rule of thumb make sense for cold-water species like trout. What are your thoughts? It appears you fish in the warm and cold months. Thanks

      1. Tomas Y

        @NDYakAngler I agree, below that weir a lot of water gets churned up and oxygenated. Thanks for the thoughtful reply.

      2. NDYakAngler

        It’s about the same here, a lot of people that specifically target pike and muskie won’t fish for them if we have a stretch of warm weather and the water temps get up too high. The water generally doesn’t get that warm here though so I really only see people posting about it on local fishing pages when we get extreme heat in the summer. We usually only get a week or two a year like that where someone would probably get blasted if they posted muskie pics on the wrong social media page lol. One thing I’ve heard many times too is that the reason fish struggle in warm water is lower oxygen content. I’d think a spot like this on a river, specifically not far downstream from a dam where water is churning and getting oxygenated, would be less likely to have those dangerously low oxygen levels.

    94. Josh Moore

      Non stop action with those giants! A day like that is absolute heaven. Great job landing those fish man 👍

    95. Lindsey Markey

      So sick!!!!

    96. My Burner

      what part of bv the country u from??

    97. Forrest Cottrell

      Like ling cod, pike and muskies will eat anything they want to eat when they want it. It was the same fish! Ling cod on the Pacific west coast are voracious predators who will strike twice and also eat small fish caught on gear set for other species. Like your duckling lure. Our lings will hit everything from flies to salamander like lures and make no mistake, big lures equal big fish. Thank you for sharing your experiences, brother!

    98. Christopher Keen

      Could you also share what time of year this was (August?), and what water and air temps were? Great video - thanks for sharing!

    99. 디D

      Look like the muskie are more fierce than pike fish.

    100. Vlada Nastasić

      Can you please check me if there is the same piece of wire on the whopper plopper file at the beginning and end of the file. You can do this using unimer. Please I would be grateful to you. I am from Serbia and we do not have those cheaters. Thanks in advance.