trolling zoom classes... but im a deepweb hacker


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    anonymous hacker from the deep web trolls online zoom classes... (its actually me lol)
    tweet- lukeafk
    ig- lukeafkfan
    disclaimer: i am not a hacker lmfao this is satire

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    1. Josephine Madolid

      Hey!! can you teach me how to HACK!!!

    2. Raeestiano CREEPER

    3. Not OwU

      how do u do dat mane :/

    4. Ненчо Баиров

      I heard some Roblox and i was like... ROBLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOX XD

    5. star boi

      The fake hacker:"U GUYS WANNA PLAY SOME ROBLOX" Me:im gonna sub him ✋"sobs"

    6. Bizadi_in ye

      0:57 name of music pls

    7. jhaz' cajon

      4:17, Its Filipino zoom session haha

    8. Abdo Moon


    9. Mo Ran

      Ya Allah ampunilah dosa kami semua yang setuju like.

    10. pizza boy

      the minion allways gets me lmao

    11. Chris And stellen


    12. Pixel_Bloxy

      When you were late on a news report and you were in a hurry - 0:12

    13. ɴᴇʀᴅʏ ʙᴏʏ

      Can we all take a moment to appreciate his intro

    14. Elite Sniper

      Luke lookin drippy💯🥶🥶😩🥵🥵


      very funny at 7:31

    16. Akuma 悪魔

      0:56 music?

    17. Luke G

      “And what’s over that hill? ITS A DRUM SETTTT” hahahaha

    18. Manuel Santos


    19. The Eye 101

      The loud mic ones are amazing

    20. SheepyJack

      hey at least he getting people happy on frustrating zoom classes

    21. the guy under ur bed

      zoom zoom zoom hackers hackers hacker hackers zoom zoom zoom bombing bombing

    22. Darkside_sisYT

      Bruh this made me laugh so hard lol 😂😂

    23. Kathlene Maniaul

      zoom boo my zoom class code#3390139 #mr ow

    24. Faith Bach

      he fell yeah yeah happens alot but 😂 WHEN HE FELL INSTED IT WAS 😂😂😂😂😂 6:43

    25. Faith Bach


    26. Faith Bach

      I cracked my butt of when I saw this 😂😂😂😂😂😂 8:05

    27. Donuttheturtle 2.0

      The baby was my favorite part as he wasn’t even mean to them like most other zoom bombers and honestly it was amazing to watch

    28. Daniel

      Imagine if the teachers were to punish the whole class because of that one student who gave the class code to other people.

    29. Ulysses Mora

      This is funny has shit🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    30. Kingduck 154

      How do you do this????

    31. Ÿoey

      Hackerman go beep

    32. Q-tips

      When he falls out his chair 😂😂😂

    33. JAMES xD


    34. fucker123 tv

      5:23 Its hacking time boi

    35. Wam Tum

      The poor doggie had to suffer and watch dis XD.


      I've watched this video over a hundred times

    37. RiskyGalaxy2381 Aka Andre

      I like to play roblox

    38. Plantmeat

      Best editor I've seen

    39. Clarify. iven

      ''5:03'' look at the computer and you will see fortnite.

    40. 10. Fachri Dzakwan Haris

      Guys is there anyone who can hacking my friends WhatsApp?

    41. •Frosty Slinger•

      *I would probably choke on spit if this happen to me cuz I would be laughing to hard*

    42. Hayden games

      0:12 "HACKERS" *Falls*

      1. Just some Idiot

        Thank you I never realized what happened until I read this comment

    43. Godly Mobile

      the first raid was definently not hilarious

    44. The Soviet Agent

      This is epic.

    45. Stephanie Fîgüerøå

      Ufff me encantan tus ojos wuapo ;3❤❤

    46. Ethan Wolf

      Omg I dead laughing at this 😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    47. Ghost

      zoom zoom zoom zoom zoom hacker hacker hacker hacker hacker zoom bombing

    48. zoe walling

      2:14 lol

    49. Luke Brouwer


    50. Gamingknight 443

      me when im high and i live stream while im high 0:11

    51. LEONE VANG

      evae one hite you and the zoom mateethin

    52. Livelyful

      0:55 BINGO

    53. MDR Disini

      LOL! Meditation Class Was The Hilarious xD

    54. mxcuriie

      I didn’t miss the number Easter egg in the first video Luke...

    55. Etron R87

      A kid who tries to copy the hacker :Errors are red my screen is blue I think I deleted system 32

    56. Daxtrex

      5:02 fortnite is on the monitor

    57. Devin Cuevas

      i luv the content but man cut down on the swearing fak= demonotize

    58. v

      brst thing to ever do

    59. Gaminguy 567

      children under 3 when they see a small part: 5:52

    60. Grandpaw Napkins

      4:03 LMFAO

    61. AntiSoicalZayy

      What’s that’s beat 1:00

    62. Lucas Dukas


    63. Ethan Tse

      6:46 got me in trouble. im supposed to be doing online school. but then i bursted out laughing and parents realized i wasnt doing school LMAO

    64. Jaylene Figirmad

      Its soooo fuunnny😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    65. The Miloleenie Show

      this vid made my day

    66. Боян Кьовторов

      i cannot breath bruh

    67. boyviking

      What is this guy gonna do when the coronavirus ends?

    68. H

      Sick ass fire phonk beat my guy 0:57

    69. xd Shau7er

      You guys wanna play some roblox

    70. Animeme Boi

      Troll google meets

    71. Emily Acker

      1:50 THE FALL THO!!! HAHA

    72. JetpackJudo

      After he says bingo, what's the name of that song?

    73. Hussam Ashraf

      The yoga part was priceless 😂😂

    74. RalliKuski

      3:58 i just fucking broke lmaooo

    75. RalliKuski

      Zoom bumming

    76. It’s Dennis

      I’m crying 😂😂

    77. Carl Johnson

      I couldn't watch this only one time.

    78. KAIOSHIN noisyvil

      Cursed chat rooms when LOL

    79. Zylon

      deep web hackers hack peoples social media accounts, its very different from the 'dark web'

    80. Eliud manuel

      Trbgfgfdzzgfxñhzrgsioosrgñoihzdgroñrdgzpzjsizsprgzegrhoñisrgoñihrgshñioñsdhougrñoudgharhdgroidrgiñhodgstñohisrtgihp S Egrñiphhet Ñipexhthojñtrhxbñhoixrthhoirhtñiohrhtxhuhgroxhtggruhoñthxurogñutlhghx IRdhyhrgxilgxrhlhrgxlji RhGLhid Ornithology Jipxrhtlix Rent OidhrhtLInxrthilnxrthrghxñuhortxgiubñxrgtñobuhgtrxouxrhtbtrhñougrxtjoi Rxgjtilroingtjizlrgg Infighting Inlfhgiljfgblxijhg

    81. Xa Bong


    82. Hiro

      3:59 UHHHHHH OWWWW

    83. Linh Nguyen si

      Iya ya Allah.

    84. Hot Sauce

      I liked just bc of intro

    85. Luke Linville

      this guy from cincinatti

    86. Mr. Connoisseur

      i loved this video

    87. ClassicBoi [GD]

      8:01 why Baltimore it’s a horror place

    88. bonnie the bunny

      0:12 and im already laughing

    89. Asher Hicks


    90. beastgame id

      Found the song used in video:

    91. Declan Stone

      i was dying the whole time

    92. Cactus juice boy

      my cousin telling me to watch Ryan toys review me be like " eating chips and ignoring him

    93. Kuro Neko Fun

      İntro is awesome tho dammn🖤 0:57

      1. Argiman

        Do you know the song?

    94. Zlati Pencheva

      0:31 i love roblox also lol i fell out of my chear wen he did that :l

    95. Exploring with oli

      I loved the yoga one!

    96. Johann Jimenez

      you play roblox?

    97. Sarah Krittenbrink

      reporters : Hackers. Luke: HaCkErSsS

    98. Jaden Ace Salimbangon

      0:56 if you get scared like this bruh your prob not gonna get scared

    99. Romeo Mccall


    100. ZaXnDals Zendo

      I watched this 10 times and still laughed