Fishing A Duck Lure For MONSTER Pike!


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    Kayak fishing for monster pike with a duck lure! Some big fish caught and exciting topwater action on this trip!
    Gear used:
    Lure: Savage Gear 3D Duck
    Rod: St Croix BassX 6'6" MH F
    Reel: Quantum VP100HPT
    Line: Power Pro Super Slick V2 30lb
    Leader: Daiwa J-Fluoro 50lb
    Net: Frabill 3674
    Shoes: Astral Brewers
    Camera: GoPro Hero5 Black
    Audio: Zoom H1/ATR-3350
    Kayak: Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120

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    1. Jason Holman

      What a great shot watching that pike stalk that lure!

    2. Dirt Digger

      Awesome fishing. I am.going to give this a try. Thank you.

    3. Terry Lusk

      I seen with my own eyes a pike eat a full size duck.

    4. Orcrxz

      Wat country is this

      1. Ronald Kulas

        North Dakota, USA

    5. JFK64 Kennedy

      amazing, it nuts how when you release, they can be 5-6 ft away and can't see

    6. Jossie Chan

      It a good fish

    7. Branjo Snow

      While fishing for perch I almost caught a pike because it ate my bobble float and not the bait. Got it 5 feet from the net and it let go. I was hella pissed.

    8. Briguy1027

      They don't seem to fight that much but the strikes -- wow!

    9. Steptoe Edwall

      Great video, as always! I was nailing the northerns today, before the season's over. I caught 24(!) of them today! Mostly small-medium, but a few of them were over the 26" size limit. I let them all go, though. It was the best day of fishing I've had in my life. Now I need to find me one that's the size you catch LOL!

      1. Steptoe Edwall

        @NDYakAngler Woo! Congrats. Sounds like a great day! I shall continue to watch your videos and follow your teachings haha

      2. NDYakAngler

        That's awesome! I took my kayak out on Sunday too and had a pretty good day of pike fishing. I caught about a half dozen little ones, one about 30" and a couple giants in the high 30's on back to back casts!

    10. Dylan Adrian

      Where is this?

    11. edmund sanchez

      what state are you in?

    12. Brutal Planet

      I would never go home.

    13. Brutal Planet

      Theres nothing more exciting than top water.

    14. Time in the Outdoors

      Great audio quality for an older camera! Nice job!

    15. MikeMcChiken

      Nice. Just wondering , are pike stupid or are they that hungry they don't see or care about you ?

    16. Mike FromDetroit

      What pound test line?

    17. 123windyron


    18. Chris Pierce

      Damn i wanna fish there

    19. Dazedandconfused stacker

      Nice. I fish for muskie out of mine. Biggest was well over 48 iches, the size of my tape

    20. TheGratefulSteve

      You ever had a hook go through your cheek? How do you think that might feel? Fishing is animal abuse.

    21. Jeff Miller

      It's so quiet and peaceful back in there.... Unless you're a baby duck 🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆🦆

    22. Ready Player One

      I never liked handling pike barehanded for some reason. I think it's the teeth. They're no joke.

    23. Ready Player One

      Baitcasters are insanely fun and frustrating to use. I love them.

    24. Jim Bolger

      They don't put up much of a fight the pike they surrender very easily

    25. Chris Taylor

      Excellent clip, only thing i don't get, who the heck thumbs down a clip like this ?

    26. Jeffery Rose

      Whoa. Excellent

    27. Hendrie Kelder

      I love how this gear said "ping"

    28. Lloyd Stout


    29. Zach

      Ware is this at

    30. michaelfowler61

      I was looking forward to seeing banjo boy on the bank. I usually do a Figure 8 when the lure gets close to the boat lot of times muskies will chase to the boat and not hit that figure eight gets them crazy and they just can't help themselves to some Colonel Sanders

    31. James Ryder

      I have a good fishing tip for handling pike and simply hold the pike by the eyes not hard and the tail will curve abit and it dossent Harm the fish and the pike will not move at all

    32. John Stankiewicz

      Wow. I’m not a fishing kind of guy, but this video was super cool to watch. I always think when I see a long train of ducklings that their survival rate must be pretty low. This kinda confirms why.

    33. Shelia Ansley

      Are you able to eat Pike??

    34. michael corley

      Awesome . I m a Florida native and we have some big fish down here in salt and fresh water but I've never had the pleasure of catching a pike and I've always wanted to . I m jealous . Great video. Thanks for posting .

    35. CrazzlY

      So, was that pike actually blind on his left eye, given it was grey-ish? If so, is there any given answer to why? It didn't look hurt or anything. It looked really, really weird! Nice catch, though!

    36. Susan Davey

      Bet the pike is thinking dame not again 😂

    37. Greg Hinchley

      Wow! Jealous!!

    38. Hunter S.

      I have a question for baitcasters. Are you supposed to use the opposite hand ?

    39. Dale Val

      Great vid, you lead that first fish like a pro, I'm in Canada, used the get them 5 feet and 40 lb, no other fish fight like the fresh water shark, that second fish you got (Jack's) I would star fillet, and make a crunchy beer batter and deep fry a batch, very tasty from early spring spawners, or late season, from water under 40 F, well done vid. Thanks for the memories, those duckie is so cool

    40. T

      I don't even know how many times I watch this video but I will continue to watch it I love pike fishing in the rivers

    41. Yogi Haughton

      If u know “he’s not happy”, why do u put them through the ordeal?

    42. jhammons1000

      Where is this?

    43. Preston Dier

      This makes me want to fish

    44. BEEginner jean

      Heaven , for a spining fishman

    45. Zachary Braam

      2:15 just nuts

    46. Larry Perez

      Awesome video 📹 nice pike , where do you get the duck

    47. Андрей Коваленко

      Рыбалка просто супер!

    48. Brent Barger

      Great video

    49. SD

      You could have caught them with a bamboo pole and a chalk line.

    50. T M

      What does Pike taste like? Who eats them? From the NW Oregon?

    51. Jeremy Johnson

      I love topwater its the best way to catch anything!!lol

    52. יהוכנן לואיס

      Nice video! 🌳 💦 🐟 🦆

    53. Diablo sama

      Where is this at?

    54. Gabriel Zapata

      Bro don't you believe in a fish fry and enjoy a Cold one with it 🤔

    55. Hedwarr

      Incredible footage!

    56. MARTIN

      Cpl of years ago here in the UK i caught a 25lb Pike on a live bait , she had been smashing my swim feeders all day when bream fishing on the Norfolk Broads so i targeted her and bingo 5ft pike with head like an alligator in the middle of summer, what a fight took me 15 minutes to land her .In winter i think she would have been nearer 32-34 lb .

    57. dan Scarbrough

      havent landed a pike yet gg


      Awesome 🤠🦊👍🏻

    59. snakeman567

      First 10 seconds, that is a beast of a fish!

    60. Justin Barton

      Why the dislikes?

    61. tichu7

      All's fun and games until a mother duck starts wailing on you to release the duckling.

    62. Tom Stevenson

      Is that the 6 inch?

    63. Lord Death

      Bob Ross of fishing

    64. tenagestr

      👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀👌👀 Good content goOd content 👌 thats ✔ some good👌👌content right👌👌there👌👌👌 right✔there ✔✔if i do ƽaү so my self 💯 i say so 💯 thats what im talking about right there right there (chorus: ʳᶦᵍʰᵗ ᵗʰᵉʳᵉ) mMMMMᎷМ💯 👌👌 👌НO0ОଠOOOOOОଠଠOoooᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒᵒ👌 👌👌 👌 💯 👌 👀 👀 👀 👌👌Good content But seriously, great video!

    65. Kevin

      Not only would I have failed to net a fish.......I would have fallen out of the kayak a few times.

    66. Tom Bessler


    67. ThePanamaCollection1

      That is one of the best damn fishing videos I've ever seen - and I've watched thousands.......

    68. Derek Dranfield

      Great footage, like being there. 👍😎

    69. Mahesh Bhenchod

      Do you ever eat the fish? Pike is good eatin!

    70. Corey Hunt

      great vid!

    71. Karl K

      With the ND in your title I am guessing your from ND and you found a beautiful spot and as a huge bonus its got some nice Northerns! I also Live in 'ND and all my buddies always want to go after walleyes and thats fine for awhile but I usually end up ditching the pack sometime later in the afternoon and go find some Northerns, and as your doing a bit noisy top water is by far the lure of choice in my book also it always seems the lure that makes the most racket and commotion is the one that produces the best! Great video and thanks much for sharing now I just have to wait till we lose about 2 ft of ice!

    72. steven smith

      You didn't really lose that fish, it was just an LDR. Long distance release. Tight lines!


      Excelente congratulation

    74. Scott Davies

      Great footage! Exciting fishing! Got my heart rate up!

    75. yesilbas team outdoors

      Wow wow wow 💥💥💥 i will try this.thank you

    76. Citizen Troll

      Should be out there with a friend to show him how to really fish.

    77. Citizen Troll

      Catch and release. Good job.

    78. Citizen Troll

      What river?

    79. tyjo44 wow

    80. Dopedruide

      amazing look when the pike got triggered by Donald^^

    81. J Broodyjr

      They're so damn violent! My favorite fish to catch, cast all day...nothing. Then you get one... worth every unsuccessful cast!

    82. Justin Zlotky

      Great patients with that first catch man

    83. charlie brown


    84. oblom oblomovich


    85. The Haunzz Fishing & Videoproduction

      Cool Video

    86. Treez 93

      Do you ever eat pike?

    87. Mantas

      It sucks to be duck

    88. FACrazyCanuck

      “Rubber duckie, you’re the one”

    89. Sevaria

      10:40 So Peaceful...Great Video..!!

    90. Sevaria

      2:23 Fucking Beautiful...!!! ❤️❤️

    91. Rigoleto

      0 Fight at all, those pike were catch and released many times?

    92. Nils Martschin

      Nur Müll jeden Tag Daumen runter

    93. Nathaniel Wallace

      Damn nice fish, bro...

    94. Sean 76

      The city will have a more accurate forecast tomorrow before I go into work

    95. Sean 76

      I was twitching my hand that entire time lol

    96. RenewAgain

      Duckling *Exists*. Pike: "... And I took that personally."

    97. Mr Man

      Well done... pike? I always caught Pike in lakes and/or deep water... and Muskie in steams that most likely flow to a larger river... am I mistaken? I guess they could go anywhere?

      1. NDYakAngler

        You’ll find pike and muskie on both rivers and lakes around here. Pike are much more common though, they’re in just about every body of water in this area while muskie are only found in a handful of places. This river does have both, it was only pike on this trip but a couple days before I found a few muskie in this same spot.

    98. Tenggiri Jantan fisherman

      Woowwww amazing 😂

    99. quest 77051


    100. D5N Cat

      Pike farm😁