Rod Wave - Rags2Riches 2 ft Lil Baby (Official Music Video)


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    1. beep

      rod is the ghetto Luther vandross.

    2. Ramona Stevenson

      A man I'll give you 50 k dollars I give you 10 gram argue a million dollars birth or 2 Millions

    3. Ramona Stevenson

      I subscribed to your channel I mean your channel is old freeway imma like what the last video where and when you make a video tell me cuz imma like it I love your videos man I love them man I give you $50,000 if you can answer me or 10 billion dollars all right I'm not going to play man I reach to make songs to peace out

    4. Alyssa Farrera

      I’m getting up there I cried I bought my son everything he wanted for Xmas all alone his dads in prison I’m holding him down too I got this

    5. Damarious Simon

      Skip this

    6. The Dizzy Wolverine

      1:57 why is no one talking about those lyrics

      1. We Se

        Pretty sus

    7. Roderick Mitchell

      Rod wave is the most powerful singer

    8. Peadro Hall

      This my favorite song

    9. Glaurung

      Anyone else notice the flip phone in the beginning 0:45? Are they sure about rags to riches?

    10. Saul Goodman

    11. James Boddie

      The womanly ceiling lily coach because fine sadly invent amongst a cheap squash. gabby, handsome ceramic

    12. TheDo3boy

      This Song Goes Sooooooo Hard

    13. Tristaca Williams

      What does songs so much so good and my dad loves y'all songs but make sure you go follow him on Instagram guy love you little baby and the next person I love you too bye friend Tiffany

    14. Angela Young

      I love this song

    15. Sebastian Figueroa

      When lil baby is in your song it’s not your son anymore

      1. TheYuliuz Community

        Not in this case

    16. Javon McCray

      lil baby killed it

    17. Kk Marie

      I wear to ima like this comment

    18. Damarious Simon

      For yfn_tee1 to draw anmiated into the mud hiphjh hbd hu wvo the best of red red for good and seek new DAMARIOU @w3llknown for hfhfjd jdgfu

    19. Michaella

      my anthem

    20. Kevin Honaker

      This is for u heaven baby daddy loves u 4life💖💖💖💯💯💯💯

    21. jessica king

      I love 💘 this song😍😍

    22. Greg Pellegrin

      God damn this dude can sing ....

    23. Jayden 122

      dude Rodwave is FATT

    24. Ronald Walker

      So we r going to ignore Lil baby having a flip phone in the beginning

    25. KMcCarthy

      Damn I bet this song felt good to record. Only wishing the best for this guy he’s killing it.

    26. Ms Bermudez

      I've been there too many times too I LOVE LOVE THIS SONG YOU'LL KEEP TREADING FORWARD THAT'S ALL WE GOT♥️💙33

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    27. RUBBER

      I need subtitles 😊💖

    28. _ SkywalkaOoog

      Not a rod wave day one... but this hard!!!

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    29. Larkin Shavers

      This is beautiful! Love the real to action clip. Congratulations on your success 😊😊😊😊

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    30. Shaya Mendoza

      I no this song by heart ♥️ I

    31. Kimora Bailey

      This is song

    32. Donovan Starnes

      Hell yeah

    33. Wolfsteel

      This is gonna be one of the legends 🙌

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    34. hi LETS RAP

      Song Fire

    35. Saul Rojas

      “I’m a god in my hood, I give everyone hope”

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    36. Constance Snead

      This one!!!

    37. zatch brown

      Blesse will flow to us all!!!

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    38. Stephanie James

      rod wave is the best

    39. T. GREASHAM

      Im feeling this for real!! Love the studio grind scene

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    40. ibrahim alhaj

      I dont give a fuck really came from rags to riches now i live it up driving with the rooftop missin

    41. Carlos Ortiz


    42. Miracle Marry


    43. Toni H. Justice

      Beautiful afro babies! Amazing vocals!✊🏾

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    44. peso dollas


    45. Douglas Thomas

      What interests you the most...(a) the beat, or, (b) the words? You can't choose both. It simply would not be fair. Think about that the next time you expect someone to, 'Choose one, or, the other.'

    46. RAY BROCK

      this song is the best

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    47. Hilary Banks

      They understand a street nigga pain

    48. The Real Seif

      Yall juts give him food, he's hungry 😈

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    49. McKinley Robinson

      This the type of music is good for your soul, shit make some breakdown and thank the man above,this song is deep!!!

      1. _ SkywalkaOoog

        @Beautyishope 486 what does that mean?

      2. Beautyishope 486


      3. _ SkywalkaOoog

        Bro I swear it’s meditation music... can’t have nothing with out the opposite... that’s why it’s... rags to riches!!! Yaaaaaaahhh

    50. Extreme Joes

      if you really on the come up this song hits different

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    51. ALEX NJANE


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    52. shut yo ass up

      Let's be honest lil baby carried him

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    53. bishop

      Be careful when fuckin wit me, all of my lil brothers ridin they cutting for me. Yeah they gonna cut you for me, Lay in the cut wit dem cutters they cut you for free

    54. Valentin Calderon

      I listen to this song so much my 2 yr old sings the hook every time it comes on, it’s our favorite song now 💯

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    55. Elijah Ingram

      3:11 is that 42 dugg

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    56. Erick Dromoh

      In my opinion I think lil baby ... he screw it up sorry ppl but rod have a so musical way to rap but the "lil baby" mmmmm I think is one of those million of rappers that just are overrated and don't have that technical neither acquired musical skills :'/ Who I'm to talk this shit? but when I hea this song I just jump the lil baby's part :/

      1. Erick Dromoh

        I'm not a hater 🤣 I will probably like some lil baby song

    57. polo capalotfrmdao

      I want some fires and chicken🔥🔥

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    58. Luis Landin

      Crazy rod wave paid 100’000 to have lil baby

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    59. Selena Woods

      Rod wave’s best song shit so hard 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    60. Aaron Hart

      LIl baby went hard.

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    61. Jeremiah Jackson

      rags to2 riches

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    62. Vegeta

      Biggies son

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    63. Jay Smyz -

      30 million views good lord. We finally made it congrats !!!!!!! Let's get this bih to 100 million views.

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    64. Kenya royal

      My house


      This song ended saying only " rags to riches" 2min straight ,,, GENIUS

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    66. ChillierSteam45 Vlogs

      Rod Wave Fat

    67. Anthony Giordano

      Lil baby got this rap shit

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    68. Damien Ivy

      Light blues lil boo.....

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    69. Mikey Janise

      "i went from rags to riches, i still go back to the trenches." " Can't remember a time when my answer was no." "I had blue hearts at first i had to turn." these lines hit different my guy🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭❤

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    70. Mahita Beeram

      Hey! I sang a mashup to this on my channel and another song and made it kind of different. It would mean the world if you could watch and support! Thanks!

    71. Shacare Terry

      Fr tho I'm still listening to da shii

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    72. Breana Jones


    73. SHZ Tryhard

      AYOOOOO what did lil baby say when it was his part like we had to smash some n**gas

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    74. Jacob Lund

      baby snapped

      1. King Polo Next [OFFICIAL PAGE]

    75. Malcom Shaw


    76. Zoey and Harmeny YouTube Have fun

      LIl rod wave and LIl baby

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    77. Dezmon dawayne

      we need rode and kevo muney to make a song together

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    78. Ednick


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    79. Rhaast Cc

      Man I got nothing to eat

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    80. Rakeia Garrett

      This song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    81. Biza Boy

      Rod Wave-Talent Lil Baby-Talent They both have talent

      1. Ivandro F


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    82. Uncle Janggut

      2nd lockdown and im here!

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    83. Zhiyan Cauthen

      Yo listen to Lil baby

    84. Tobias

      Damn this Beat is so hard🥶

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    85. Tyb Trapboy

      What did lil baby say?? We had to smash some wat???🤔🤔

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    86. Tyb Trapboy


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    87. toya young

      I can’t be the only one who thinks I sound like him when they flip to him singing without the beat 😭😭😭

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    88. Dark sky nightx


    89. flyguyfly88

      So I was in my car and I just played this song over and over again 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂

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    90. piece control kyle

      *We had to smash some ***** 😳

    91. Zikeriya Ford

      Whos here 2021

    92. RandomAf

      lil baby verse so 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥💣

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    93. Elam Richardson

      Can remember a time when my answer was no i remember the times i had no where to go💯💔😭

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    94. Kiresha Ingram

      Much love to him

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    95. Angela Carter


    96. Marlyn Bevera

      I want some fries and chickens

    97. youlenmenendez

      I swear if u forget the name of this song 😂

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    98. jacob dunford

      Some are gonna disagree an stuff but lil baby next Tupac an rod wave next notorious big thats my opinion

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    99. Tasha Thomas

      Rod Wave Feat. Lil Baby - Rags To Riches

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    100. Antcclapty

      Rag the Richies they retain yeah

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