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    What challenge would you guys like to see me do besides this one?! #shorts

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    1. Musleh Rashed


    2. Musleh Rashed


    3. Elli Areses

      I like how he says he will make it but he doesn't make it hahahahahahahahahha

    4. Sam Son


    5. AxA Sharky


    6. Jad Jouda

      مهبول انت من وين جبتها هدي الفكره

    7. BVFZ

      Nobody: Me: why he keep puttin his hands behind his head.

    8. Ender Forge

      Actually he did make it but it didn’t stop

    9. Logan Taff

      Just kidding

    10. Nicole Blankenship

      Me and my friend have been doing that for about four-five years now and everytime we make it once or twice

    11. Carlitos bruno

      Plzzz make it

    12. Pinky Verma


      1. Pinky Verma


    13. Luke DM

      In russia we use bullets instead of coin and we use sword instead of forks

    14. Jordan Brannon


    15. Todoroki_noodles

      So uhm- part 2?

    16. Thing-a-ma-jig

      Lose the glasses 😂😂😂

    17. Damon Howe

      Where is part 2

    18. Zay'Diel Morales

      No way that was cool

    19. Shadow Shadow emperor

      Why does he put his hand on his head every time the quarters

    20. torchboo

      shiny table

    21. Itz Walker

      I did this on my trickshots 1-100 video

    22. Poppii Lee


    23. Jessica Simpson

      You all amazing

    24. everett mart

      The man looks like Sid the sloth

    25. Shiriell Ramjohn

      Lol hahahahahahahahaha

    26. jgc stop motion and rc adventures

      Wow totally not for all the attention 😂

    27. Plate_

      So that was a fucking lie

    28. F8TEcandy 34

      Colty every time he rolls 😱

    29. Trippie_xq

      P2 please

    30. elijah cromwell

      Next video: March 30, 2022

    31. Tealy Panda Dances

      Oh really next video you're never even make a part 2

    32. who am i?

      Sooo, wheres part two lmao


      No one: Colty: it’s squat practice time

    34. The Colorful Wolf

      He does that tiktoker hands behind head reaction thing

    35. YOURMOMS MOM#69

      Bro your honestly anyoing

    36. xxgamingkid

      I hate when they say like for part 2

    37. Tegen Tufnell

      Your supposed to make the bump of the fork facing up not down. It will roll off if you dont like it happened to you. 🤣

    38. Mufudzi Hogwe

      Me:your gun has too much bloom just add a laser and red dot

    39. KatieBodine25

      Okay can we get a count on how many times he put his dang hands on his head

    40. daniel ramírez

      I just love how he has a xmas tree in the back 😅😅

    41. Shekia Bass

      We all gonna ignore the obj in the title??

    42. Lard Lover

      Why are his eyes so far apart 🐴

    43. SkaterBoy

      He put his hands behind his head every time and it looks hilarious

      1. Angela Phulchan


      2. Angela Phulchan

        Fhfh Dj

      3. Angela Phulchan


      4. braylon champagne

        Just abt to say that

    44. shiggy cheese

      Y does he look like sid from ice age 🤣

    45. ros_ dam

      His face creeps me out

    46. Matplaysok

      Why are you in my recommended

    47. Ethan Sexton

      Did any one else now that before he said it at the end? (that the spoon was the wrong way)

    48. Aden Plays

      Everytime u put ur hands behind ur head I get more annoyed

    49. KingDxuche

      Black firk

    50. Reuben Mcmenemy

      What’s the point of uploading it and how do you get this shit of my yt shorts

    51. Jake Hellickson

      Colty 🙆

    52. ;-;

      he grabs his head after every throw hole is everyone ok with that 😐

    53. marty-on-ADHD 69

      dude look like rango

    54. Wesley Wheeler

      Well at least we saw some really retarded action

    55. R3trO_Dylan


    56. Rajashree Gogoi

      All time 🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️🙆‍♂️ . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lol you still here

    57. Zurtle Bojangles

      “I’m going to do it... and actually make it” Him: doesn’t make it ever “Alright boys I did the video wrong, we will get it next time” What a shitty fake way to get three videos worth of views with zero videos worth of content.

      1. The Dabbing Sea Turtles


    58. jase


    59. Devil


    60. Heem Money

      Where tf do u buy a Jordan brand Lakers LeBron jersey

    61. Alwakeee

      Comment 100 🎉

    62. Giorgi Tsiklauri


    63. ??

      Nobody: This guy: 🙆‍♀️

    64. Aidin'

      He really tried getting the hands on the head shot for the thumbnail

    65. Iwona

      I do not no wot to say

    66. Itis unigirl

      Wish you luck in part 2

    67. Theo Bennon Glyd Duran

      Actually cotly you need some training and luck

    68. Jack Ellis

      Yeah obviously

    69. Strike XG

      Good job Buff doge

    70. PiggyMaster Pig Gang

      Love this video

    71. Freddy shark gaming

      it was ok but I kind of think you can do better

    72. Kylah Duncan

      You part of the Lakers team man🏀⛹🏽‍♀️

    73. Gunnar almighty

      Bro... 😞🤦‍♂️

    74. JK Modest


    75. piixiehxllows

      Him everytime:🙆‍♂️

    76. Epic Toby

      It got less Then 1m views tho 😂

    77. Motorised wizards

      Why are your eyes so far apart

    78. t̴o̴a̴s̴t̴y̴

      ⚠️Clickbait allert⚠️

    79. Carebear Blogs

      It’s the hands on head for me 🙆‍♀️

    80. dachiell81

      I don't really mean that but you still dumb though

    81. dachiell81

      Bro how dumb are you you think literally a quarter will stop on oh God I think you failed your oh you failed the whole entire year when you were in high school fell the whole test

    82. Omega

      [ OBJ ] moment

    83. Rick Astley fan

      The one where he made it was fake because it rolled straight over the fork

    84. iStyles_S

      Aaa samalamadumaaregonnabeaahuman

    85. Katie Helterbrand

      I like the one were you said supposed to be on that street ended up on the street I got lost on the other street I don’t know where the fuck I am

    86. Gulberg Singh

      The quarter and fork challenge #shorts OBJ

    87. Angry Vipers

      When he says I’m going to make it missis it

    88. 《•NOT•OSWAY•》

      The other guy: 50mill wiews colty: 50 000

    89. Plug Farmacia

      Your iq is sinking like the Titanic

    90. Stjepan Marković


    91. Stjepan Marković


    92. FENCH_TOST _08


    93. Panda Music

      Boy you ain’t from la take that jersey off. You think you from grape street? You cropping now? Chains on and all that. Can’t wait til you get banged on. We all over the city. Fake People like you make me hate my own city

    94. Ashley de Witt

      That would drive me mad. Have fun.

    95. Johanelle Van heerden


    96. alex_playz fortnite


    97. Jilly Overdorff

      Pls so the reptile enclosure 😥 I want to see the results 😭

    98. Thomas Sweeney

      Colty: “I’m gonna do it and actually make it” Also colty: “Stay tuned for part 2”

      1. Lol • 10 Years ago

        @Ariana Cunningham What? That doesn't even make sense? Why would he get jealous? Stop projecting in the internet mate,you're embarrassing us.

      2. Ariana Cunningham

        He's jealous that five year olds can do it and he can't 😐 at least that's what I think...

      3. Wrong Dimension

        He said, he's going to do it again 🙄

      4. Dany Halaouy

        Haha facts

    99. baby girl

      When do we get to see the shoes you tie died

    100. SYTH Purpzy