WE TEAMED TO BEAT THE WHOLE SERVER and no one noticed! AMONG US Gaming w/ The Norris Nuts

Norris Nuts Gaming

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    Working together as a team to beat the server but the twist is we can't get sprung! Winner gets ???
    Watch NEXT - HACKER TOOK OVER OUR GAME kgup.info/get/qYOVl5eki2yOo3tr/video
    MAMA AND SOCKIE GOT IMPOSTOR kgup.info/get/k59tpovEnn1rZ3c/video
    LAST TO LEAVE BED kgup.info/get/eYt9aZTKf5mhn38/video
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    1. Norris Nuts Gaming

      Watch NEXT - HACKER TOOK OVER OUR GAME kgup.info/get/qYOVl5eki2yOo3tr/video MAMA AND SOCKIE GOT IMPOSTOR kgup.info/get/k59tpovEnn1rZ3c/video

      1. Johny Abiaad

        sockie biggy naz sabra your all so nice and your the best youtuber in the whole wold!!!! sorry about my spelling

      2. Johny Abiaad

        i love you guys

      3. Ella Kellett

        I really want to join your among us game

      4. Steven Vianello

        Omg you guys are the best youtubers ever i am such a big legend everytime i wach tou guys you make me so happy and cheerful. My whole family watches you guys. Thats how much we love the Norris Nuts. Ps you guys are the best!!!!

      5. Tavia Tsoi

        Sockie say why biggy down there but she is also down there

    2. Donal Murphy

      In secret Santa 🎅 I didn’t mind the way Brook changed the rules

    3. Ivan Teo

      Buggy and so mie is the best

    4. •Gloriie シ

      all this time i thought buggy’s name was *bIgGUy* but really it is *bIgGy*

    5. Arya Gunn

      Da boy sus get the pump with the boy da boy sus

    6. Sam Pugh

      It’s me I was security

    7. Caoimhe McAuley

      I'm actually eating cheetos lol

    8. Raajvier Puri

      Omg one of the best gamers out there

    9. jessica grainger

      hahahahaha " gonna make nutella out ofn nutella" hahahaha

    10. jessica grainger

      omg i laughed so hard "are u gonna be annoying" "mHm" "are u gonna look at my screen" "mHm" "and if u be weird im gonna kick you out" " mOnKeY"

    11. Izzy Revell

      I love how everyone just say your sus lol🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    12. Bearri

      Naz : wanna see me vent? Sabre : Ya ya ya Naz : * kills Sabre * wOOoOoW

      1. Bearri

        my fav part lol

    13. Martin Stewart

      Why do you keep sussing sabre for no reson again

    14. Ellie Doughty

      there mull o

    15. __

      “Ok so as you know I said it was purple and would you believe it it’s purple” LOL

    16. Yagmur Kilinc

      Nonits nuts i was security and i was not an imp and yes :D

    17. Marie campion

      4:19 Aww poor sockie

    18. Abdulla Alma7sh


    19. Brianna Asbery

      Nas is wierd

    20. Andrew Beattie


    21. Andrew Beattie


    22. CaptUSA09

      I feel like they should’ve noticed that half the time when you see sickies gameplay it says it’s sabres pls fix it

    23. alecia macrow

      i love when sabre and naz said oh snap and when naz em em in boli ba haha!!!

    24. Hannah Burgess

      we play fortnite all night long ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

    25. Eva Muskat

      Can you guys do a video with 3 imposters

    26. Luwana

      Is biggy eating cheese................I thought biggy hates cheese

    27. Sahra Abdi

      Yeah they need cleaning because i have been in there 😄😄 that killed me

    28. Emi Yumiba

      do you guys have friends because others are never in the video and im sure you do because y'all are so nice and does your class ask to ply games with you or something

    29. Rosa P

      Sockie you should play among us with Disco

    30. •blossom bubbles YT•

      Guys congrats on 2k :p

    31. Aanya, cousins and friends

      All of the norris nuts are amazing

    32. karolina pazdzior

      I love how I’m always early but comment late like-

    33. Siobhan Finnan

      Biggs nick name is like bigs:sabres is sab:naz is naz :sockie is sock

    34. Siobhan Finnan


    35. niamh Williamson

      Everytime naz says "its its.... NUTELLAAAAA" dead

    36. Tia Latim

      Sockie sounded so cute when she said naz don’t do that

    37. Fatima D

      My favorite Norris nuts is Nazzy but my two sisters love the saber but we like everyone

    38. Nabilah Nuseibeh

      Did anyone else keep re-winding it to see where the person vented to see where sabre saw the vent

    39. YoYo Yeung

      spell wrong lying is lying not lieing

    40. Sleepy Coffee29

      Biggy always cracks me up 😂🤣

    41. Belia Jean

      Sabre is good with that hat

    42. Kay Nation Gaming

      Sabre: I saw someone vent Me: In your mind

    43. Simrit Rai

      I liked it when Biggy said "I thought so" when Sabre killed Biggy in Lower Engine.

    44. Black Buttercup

      Naz:Chasing Sabre. Naz: YoU WAnnA SEe Me VEnT *Vents* Sabre:OH SNAP Another one Naz: oh we boue bow Sabre: Kills Me: Dieing laughing

    45. Queen Briana

      It’s fun when team can you pls do a video when y’all just team

    46. Living Legends

      omg my DREAM would be to play with the norris nuts literally. also do u know what place they play in, europe, north america or asia?

    47. Pine blox Roblox

      Cheeto puff lol

    48. Liberty Redmond


    49. Roblox byPoppy


    50. Dev Gandhi

      Did Nas just say a bad word? 6:18

    51. Juanita Kupaza

      If you guys didn’t know it is that’s a Biggs has a scar on his face

    52. Chelsy Martinez

      That’s so unfair you just vote out random legends and you guys get mad when people do it to you it’s so unfair

    53. Jana Deeb

      Get them to 2million subscribe

    54. Johny Abiaad

      lol the nut-nut-Nutella NOT IN A MEAN WAY SORRY IF THAT SANDS MEAN

    55. Johny Abiaad

      ever day Norris nuts I watch you like I think of a day I don't watch you your the best--Sabra Sockie Biggy Naz the Norris nuts!!!!😍

    56. Basma Taleb

      can u do a part teo

    57. Imogen Clark

      i love nazzys vibe when she voted out orange

    58. Aranqa Sastranegara

      I live in Jakarta but today in 23 of Feb 2021 is my sisters birthday

    59. Emma Jayne

      Sake why do you play among us all the time there's two new updates and adopt me it's kind of boring just playing among us please change it from Emma one of the legends

    60. Sasha Andrade Vlogs

      Sock you are stupid like it was Orange and you always say oh so like

    61. Assumani Hamisi

      Sockie: why are you down here Biggy: because I want to Sockie: are you gonna look at my screen Biggy: mmmmhhhhh Sockie: are you gonna be annoying Biggy: MONKEY! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    62. Aldo Fabrication

      can you pls play brook have its really popurlar on roblox

    63. Jalal Mpagi

      dose nzzy swear in this she says oi sh and they cut it

    64. Hajrah Malik

      Hi Norris nuts can I get a shout out bc I never get one 👏🏼

    65. The leaf Girl

      You guys put biggy and Sabre down with sockie how about Naz?

    66. D'Ree Murray

      I love love luvvvvvv uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

    67. blue bath bombs

      Biggy cuaze i wanted to be hmh hmh hmh monkey

    68. blue bath bombs

      Sockie my favorite

    69. Isabel Rowles

      can you pls do another team up on the server in among us again???

    70. Michela Lika

      Sabre :omg i saw somuone vent Meh:whaatttt i did't see Who vented oh my gosh

    71. •A•Y•A•N•A• •A•N•D• •I•N•A•I•Y•A•

      Papa =Happy because Norris nuts might have to clean the toilet Sabre =Nazzy you are so sus Sockie =Wanna do some stack kills Biggy Biggy =Nah just like roaming Naz =Lets just stalk them to make us look sus.

    72. ArkaKaia Experience

      sockie love when legend love her

    73. Sabina sheyn y lily

      What is caremilk


      I love your videos Norris nuts

    75. Elise Hewett

      U know no that if U are a imposor U can kill the Other impostor .So sockie if you are impostor U can kill biggy ( Don't show biggy this) U should make a video with a only U Norris nuts And U should play hide and seek and the impostor tries to kill u # I have played it It's so much fun ( My score is%100 ) Hey biggy I hope tsunami likes U and sockie I have tried the eye brow trick and I actually works U should do a nother one with mama and papa / if not enough composers some one can go on the phone 📱????? I LOVE 💕💕😍 OR VIDEOS 😍😍 bye love u all

    76. La'Venna Zambrano-Baker

      i hate thta thet got mad at nazzy and dinidnt say swiy

    77. Savannah Richards

      Norris nuts I know its difficult but is there any possibility you could save some stock of the fashion for the UK legends because I know I really want a lot of the fashion especially the sketch range but obviously I cant which makes ne really sad. I know it would be hard and you are working out how to ship to the UK but I feel like the UK legends deserve to be a part of the buying fashion. I get I sound a bit spoiled and rude but I really want to support you through the merch and the game and I have bought the founders pack but I need new clothes anyway and I would die for the sketch patterns. So if it is any way possible me and the rest of the UK legends would greatly appreciate it. I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I REALLY HOPE YOU CAN DO THIS FOR ME❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏Can everyone like so the norris nuts can see this, i have also posted it on all there instagrams

    78. Amrina Grewal

      You guys should do an Among us when everyone’s names are different and no one knows who you are in game

    79. Diamond Wolf Girl

      Biggy sounds so posh when he died 6.22

    80. Ruby Jenkin

      Biggy you should make an among us sus song like and comment if you agree

    81. Mariah Ciccone

      sockie and biggy are my fav

    82. Emily Aynor

      Lol when Sabre asked are you the imp and naz is just so funny

    83. Veronica Villegas


    84. Veronica Villegas

      Stop singing that song plz

    85. Georgia Roberts

      3 words from this video: *sUs* *mOnKeY* *cHeEtO PUFF*


      Sockie: So Biggy why are you down here??? Biggy: cause I wanted to be! Sockie:Yea well, are you going to be annoying?? Biggy: Mhm... Sockie: Are you gonna look at my screen? Biggy:Mhm.... Sockie: And if u be weird imma kick u out! Biggy: mOnKEy Me:🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂

    87. Cookie Crumbs

      Sockie-Nutella is sticking together! 😏 Also sockie blogs ago-I made the dumbest decision ever I ate the Nutella first and then my mouth got glued shut

    88. Aaliyah mallet

      What was gig’s eating

    89. ItsBeautiful Bailey

      Lime cares about every norris nut But nutella only cares about sockie Me im like lime

    90. zehra taskiran

      Wow u team so I don’t care at ALL I’m unsubscribeing and u record 11 minutes for this

      1. zehra taskiran

        A. Piece of advice for Sabre and sokie you’re supposed to act more mature at this age but you still cry at your other videos and Sabre and sockie are terrible names sockie littarly spells socks

    91. Poppy Darby


    92. Aisha Shabel

      biggy is so funny

    93. Seren cooks!

      HAHAHAHA biggy * sockies sus* subtitles *soggys sus*

    94. Rosie Gaughan


    95. Assya Azlag

      Omggg thats me I was Nutella

    96. Alexandra Bass

      For some reason their eye brows look different. Also I Love your videos!!!!!!!!

    97. Eden Kouam


    98. chang choo

      sabre no won vented XD

    99. Emma Hubbard

      Whoever has gotten on their server, what do they name their title thing? I want to know what they call their lobby so I can play with them❤️❤️

    100. emily emily sue

      hi norris nuts i love your channel you litterly make me happy everyday i am such a big fan and sockie because of you am great at cooking :) hope i meet you guys one day