Swimbait HACK That I DIDN’T Want To Tell You

Scott Martin

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    Making any swimbait a line-through is super simple and extremely deadly! This hack will help you lose LESS fish!
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    1. j w

      Scott your making my fishing better!!! Thank you!

    2. Gregory Rustige

      super glue the straw to the bullet weight

    3. William Bagley

      I am your fan . I am learning how to bass fish. Love your show . God bless u and your family

    4. Robin Wheeler

      I caught a 9pounder last week

    5. BACUpNorth

      Excellent 'hack' Scott - thank you. - Chris

    6. JJ

      Scott, I have an idea that could change the fishing industry.

    7. Carolina Keeper

      Link for he brass tubes?

    8. Aaron Snatic

      Just had a chance to watch this video. Definitely going to put this information to use! Thanks Scott!

    9. Mariano Gomez

      No homo doh

    10. Copenhagenangler

      Hi Scott. Thanks for a great hack. Can you do a video on somewhat larger softbaits on underspin blades? Is there by your oppinion difference between willow or Colorado blades? Kindly from a pike fishing Dane. Ps. You are best!

    11. Mike Furness

      Hey Scott What If instead of that weight pushed into that hollow body you used a glass rattle? That would add a little bit of weight but it would also give it a little knock.

    12. Mr. HappyFunGuy

      Just a thought: If you're getting short strikes from spawning (therefore shallow) and aggravated fish, wouldn't it be easier to toss in an Original Rapala Floater?

    13. DRUCO316

      Would this work for Walleye as well ?

    14. GetOutTheHouseGoFish

      Great hack; I need to get some small straws to keep in my bag

    15. Ralph P

      I can't wait to try it tomorrow! Thanks so much for sharing.

    16. mike underbrink

      Cool hack, thanks for sharing Scott

    17. JN PCD

      You gain some weight your shirts ripping

    18. E Colby

      If you TRULY loved me you would respond to my inquiry about Bass School. 😪

    19. Exodus fivesixfivesix

      You can also guide that line through with a standard hook then clip the line and tie a treble to it.

    20. Garrett Brewer

      Savage gear makes these

    21. _bwinn_


    22. Duane Imlay

      Best hack ever, thanks Scott and team

    23. who Dunnett

      Would a 3-4 lber eat any of thoes big swim baits?

    24. Dave Cronce

      Come on down to South Florida and do some snook fishing. A lot like bass fishing but keepers average 10-15 pounds and big fish get into the 30's. Under docks and bridges mostly. It's a bass fisherman's wet dream.

    25. DeltaBassBuster

      I use theb red WD-40 Straws. Gives a nice accent color if want to use it. :-)

    26. Kyler Mcnabb

      Who sells the weights?


      My man, your best instructional video yet. Great info. Will use this technique very soon. Thank you.

    28. caleb harmon

      What kind of reels do you use Scott?

    29. Shawn Barham

      What’s the link to them brass inserts?

    30. Mr. Skeptical

      I thought a Palomar knot was a no-no for florocarbon??

    31. Vollmer Fishing

      Nice video! Gonna try this

    32. Larry Hayes

      Pop rivet is its own insert

    33. We're all That Bored

      Awesome tips. Now if you could get the wind to turn off in south florida I'd really appreciate it.

    34. jeff hawkins

      Don’t buy the drone in the ad you can get it for half price it’s a knock off

    35. PrestonLoy81

      Great info. Thanks a ton.. are you from the lake Norman area? That’s my home lake💪🤜🤛

    36. The Angry Bass

      One of the best ‘hacks’ I’ve seen. Thanks Scott!

    37. Hawaiian Volcano Sea Salt

      I just bought the Saucy Swimmer yesterday to fish in our family pond in New Braunfels Texas. Holy moly did that lure wreck the fish. 22 bass and one huge blue gill from 1 pound to 4 pounds. It’s swims great, bounces along the hydrilla smoothly and casts great in the wind. I love all you videos and it’s the first time buying your baits, I live in Hawaii, but visit my folks twice a year. Please keep up the great footage and kill the BASS! Love the move. Sam

    38. Rene Jr Dorado

      This is cool lil hack. What abt soft plastic with rattle.

    39. BassGeek

      I use the swimbait to locate them and come back with a worm.

    40. Bradford Fields

      Scott Martin is the man!!! I’ve been a fan for years. Truly a surreal fisherman that enjoys teaching the world how to fish.

    41. dennis groves

      The timing of this video is perfect. Thanks for sharing. I’ve seen the hack using a straw to creat a line thru previously however I’ve forgotten about it. I also never considered applying the hack to so many different style swimbaits. I am assuming that you can do this same thing to create a top hook line thru as well. The fish are currently chewing swimbaits on my local lake and I’m definitely going to apply some of these tips next time I’m on the water.

    42. Josh Collins

      Have you tried this with lizards?

    43. Dave T

      Ok Scott. Bank fishing here. Anywhere I can in eastern NC. Whats some good tips for that with a lot under neath.

    44. Griswald1968

      What trick of the trade lure retriever to you use most often?

    45. FCaraves408

      Awesome tip! Going to have some fun playing around with this!

    46. Twitchstar Happy

      Scott when is your next tournament

    47. scracer24c

      As a long time fan of Scott Martin, I became an even bigger fan after seeing the smile on a young mans face after receiving a signed Scott Martin Jersey!!! His name is Sam, and a few years ago he was diagnosed with a Very Rare, Life Threatening Disease. He had a Super Tough Time, He fought hard, Had a Liver Transplant and is doing well! I had the privilege of coaching Sam for quite a while, and realized the first time I met him that he was a special kid. He was given a Tracker Bass Boat, With Motor and Trailer, Some Gear & his very own Signed Scott Martin Jersey, All Thanks to the Make a Wish Foundation!!! He has been such an inspiring kid to watch through this ordeal, and continues to do so with a smile on his face through it all. Thank You Scott, Thank You!!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you very much..🙏🏼

    48. Luis’s Outdoor’s Channel

      Can you do tricks and hacks with braided line

    49. Keith Hancock

      Watched a guy catch a fish on a gopro. Thought you should do the upgrade and hook the gopro up a foot or 2 from your bait and just watch the action up close and personal!!

    50. James Mcclure

      Great tips! I like to use small nails for weights, pushed into the plastic wherever you want.

    51. Hunter Ward

      I feel like I would get so much moss from that treble hook swim bait

      1. Scott Martin

        It’s not for moss or grass

    52. Brandon Conner

      I live in Michigan and fish st Clair along with all the other great brown bass lakes around here ..drop shot with the ol fairy wand is an almost go to a lot around here..I’ve found a way to increase the bites by using a piece of elastic thread attached to my sinker tag about 6-8” and running a little heavier weight so when I make bottom contact the weight doesn’t lift as easy when I twitch so when doing that the “cord” as I call it will stretch and when I take the pressure off it will dart back and give a lot more action to the bait which causes a lot more reaction bites and they absolutely slam it out of aggression..it’s put a lot more fish in the boat for me..thanks for sharing your hacks with us

    53. Brandon Conner

      Love watching your videos for a couple hours every night after kids go to bed..appreciate everything you do for the sport ..keep up on the great videos tight lines!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks bro

    54. Joshua Samuels

      Can I have one

    55. Jacob Knowles

      Glad to have met you today at the bass master fishing expo in b-ham.

      1. Scott Martin


    56. South Texas Brush Country Boy

      Nice Sweet 👍 video and presentation 👌 Great Channel 👏 ????? Are You any realtionship to Roland Martin/A Legend Fisherman

      1. South Texas Brush Country Boy

        @Scott Martin Ahhh that's great. Bet You are so proud of Pop's as he is of You. Your dad has been my favorite professional fisherman of all time and still is. An now You will too. You have a great teacher and most of all a GREAT friend - Your Pop's. Have a good one Scott . Take care and be safe ✝️🇺🇸 God bless 🇺🇸✝️

      2. Scott Martin

        Thanks 🙏🏼...I call him Pops

    57. BassFishin Brian

      Thank you Scott. I throw a lot of swimbaits and I just ran into. My place of work and grabbed a bunch of coffee stirrers and a bunch of regular sized straws. So, thanks again, buddy.

    58. 84neilbone

      You love me I love you too. Can I get 3 dollars so I can get a budmud?

    59. John B

      Thanks for the Hack!! Enjoy watching & learning something new to improve!!!!! God Bless

    60. David Kim

      Great video Scott, Thanks for sharing that!!

    61. Check Mate


    62. Rocky Evans


    63. Rick Shipley

      Keep the hacks coming.

    64. Thomas Minarik

      Awesome stuff

    65. Kelly Bocock

      Spinnerbait stinger hook...

    66. Kelly Bocock

      Toothpick bullet weight nose pinned

    67. Kelly Bocock

      Stir straw... super glue...

    68. G - Rod

      This is an awesome hack! I have some swimbaits I'm going to do that with this evening! Thanks for the great hacks!

    69. Cody Dillard

      I’ve made this exact line thru rig with a straw one day when I was out snook fishing and I tore up the snook with this rig

    70. Renegade 4life

      Just use a bass hook to feed ur line that's cheaper and quicker

    71. Robert Johnston

      Cool Hack !!! Thanks!! Going to Lake Seminole in April and that will sure be in my Arsenal ...

    72. SHAWN W

      Hi Scott Just curious what happened to your bed slide? I have a Deck system in my truck and didn't know if you were having any issues and that is why you don't have one anymore.

      1. Scott Martin

        I took it out for a little extra gear..my camera boxes are big and tall

    73. Captain Scott Lum

      I don't bass fish but I dig these hacks, I plan on using some of them for tripletail fishing, thanks Scott

    74. adorablegreen1

      Guys who fisch for sea trout are doing this aswell...then they troll it on a c-rig. 😉

    75. Brad Bush

      AWESOME!!!! Thanks Scott!

    76. Jared G

      awesome tip! I'm actually going to use this for some spring Musky fishing from shore in a local river. Id normally run a 6-8" sucker on a carolina style rig with 1oz and a pair of trebels. I let it drift downstream and work it back upstream.This will work perfect running weightless on some larger bass sized swimbaits until they start eating the Musky sized plastic. Thanks!

    77. Jason Sanders

      Where’s your new 2020!?!?

    78. Cunnington Alonzo

      What happens when u loose bait... retie squad!!!!

    79. Mike Marks

      Thinking about nutting 🤣

    80. Team Mainlake

      Thank you for sharing!

    81. Dpatt69

      Love the video's

    82. Fishin_with_Brysonl

      I live by lake Norman. That’s were I always fish.

    83. scott frew

      love you brotha

    84. J.D. Cagle

      Will these tips help catch stripers?

    85. Rob Lank

      These hacks are awesome !!! Especially to a new bass addict!!! Keep them coming!!!!

    86. Bass Whisperer

      stainless steel pop rivets

    87. jaxwild11

      Awesome tips!! I haven't done anything with line through baits. Really fantastic nuggets of information. Thank You for all your informative tutorials.

    88. Phil Williams

      Another awesome video

    89. Johan Pieterse

      Hi Scott -very nice HACK ....Will work with our bream species but with the tigerfish -we use trace wire ...Maybe will try it with trace wire running through but with single hook -not treble...Tiger fish have hard bony mouths....But still -very nice

    90. Walter Ward

      You say floracarbon but will spectra fiber work as well?

    91. Chris Talbitzer

      Let's see a swimbaits for smallmouth episode !!!

    92. Joshua Shikles

      Love the hack Scott thanks so much. God bless

    93. Rusty Lee

      God bless, and tight lines.

    94. Stanley Lofton

      Thanks for the tip! Keep them coming.

    95. Odestog

      Thanks for the tips Scott! Much appreciated. 👍🏻

    96. j b

      and we all love you man... the Martin family is an important part of my growing up and Bass fishing.... thank you for all you do... :)

    97. Carrie Wheeler

      So glad you make new content thank you so much

    98. Patrick McMahon

      These Costa's fit so good it's almost like I dont even have them on

    99. Hillbilly Tarzan

      Lol. I’ve been using that hack for a couple years. It’s a good one. I use those little black coffee straw/stirrers that you get at any gas station or restaurant that sells coffee. Instant line thru

    100. Gerald C Classic