Hearing Enemy Music in an RPG

Joel Haver

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    What was that?
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    “Drayloth the Mutilator, Destroyer of Worlds and End of Days” submitted by Patreon Supporter Nathan Gellin.

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    1. Joel Haver

      Happy holidays everyone, here's one last animation to close out the year! I'm still in shock over how much the channel exploded this month. Thank you for watching and subscribing. Many more great things to come

      1. *


      2. jacob warren

        This is my favorite one

      3. Jmac

        You mean Merry CHRISTmas*.

      4. C Davis

        These are amazing Joel. Seriously.

      5. Rabbit the One

        Now go check out Mammoth in Space!!! And maybe, if you have time, later on, maybe again, you can check Nokeric afterwards. Mammoth in Space!!

    2. MightyGhost

      0:25 is... uncomfortably detailed

    3. steamed hams

      i dont know who to feel bad for the guy who just realized he killed a bunch of innocent people or the people he killed

    4. Sweeneytv


    5. HypetheKomodo

      These are so amazing. Very well done and hilarious.

    6. LiveDieTrolling

      Lmfao did you turn to youre animator as was like "The style I want is pirated version of 1978 LOTR animated movie" haha I like it tho

    7. Scorpiomannen

      «He came at me with a... scream» lmfao

    8. Final starman WD

      "He was probably running to you for help", made me laugh outloud infront of my intire class

    9. JacobPug Poirier

      1:00 omg it's technoblade.

    10. Jack Dullahan

      Yeah i wanted to eat him, but atleast im not rude

    11. Cameron Dick

      The old TV film filter kinda just hurts my eyes for some reason. I just don't like the color scheme with that thing going on

    12. Lil Manula

      No no no, just commit to the psycho killer bit.

    13. Falkrim

      I love this

    14. Scott J.

      But the music stopped when the farmer died...

    15. Amergin Giles

      "All unsaved progress will be lost." ">Good." Mood.

    16. radriley09

      Joel's dad ought be proud after all this exposure and a literal art style being created in his name. On ya joel!

    17. ais

      he sounds like linus

    18. {A} random person

      0:50 The gloves actually disappear when the mc equipped them😂 yes, I notice and love those little details

    19. darkstar0000000000

      The real problem with this video is I can only like it once

    20. CasualTwist51

      I mean, if the game didn't stop you, it's all fair game. They weren't important.

    21. Rita Rubary

      The way he talks is hilarious

    22. Jonah Gervais

      0:25 this my favorite character lmaoo making all my Skyrim characters into him

    23. seakayak

      'You wretched fiend you shall meet my blade' is now my battle cry in these type of games xD

    24. Willy Tay

      0:41 That death sound!!! HeYii!!!! 😂😂😂

    25. mihai covaciu

      So nice for an demon enemy

    26. Rik Thunder

      he. what a polite boss.

    27. dawatcha25

      "I'm sorry." Damn, that got me.

    28. Hans Moleman

      I'd legit watch this on TV if it was a series and I hope this continues.

    29. Thaddäos Breustedt

      I really read Eminem Music....now im disappointed

    30. WeatherShelf822 Gaming

      Lol! The worst RPG "protagonost" ever!

    31. Drawnartist 4711

      This music is from knights of the old republic..... much love

    32. A Thing By Jacob Warner

      It's like "What if Fallout but half the NPCs didn't have health bars just to fuck with you"

    33. Vague Ginger

      If only game AI was like this

    34. Jumpstartt

      I've watched this so many times lol.

    35. Phoenixx


    36. Marquis Yarosh

      This feels like an Adult Swim cartoon.... But funny

    37. Random Commenter

      This part 2 is good, and so is the part 3

    38. Casey Jones

      Alternate Title: awkward conversation with a villain.

    39. fabian5002

      You should sell these to Adult Swim, they are amazingly funny!

    40. Ryan Kearney


    41. BFG 10,000

      We're gonna have to delete that save slot....

    42. The Tendieman

      Consequences for my actions? Nah... NEW GAME

    43. Justin L

      TFW you accidentally become worst or more evil than even the final boss of your game through sheer incompetence or ignorance. **Achievement Unlocked - Dumbass**

    44. Andrew Kowalski

      Isn't this what cops do all the time?

    45. MarineTo1Mil

      you have been bested by my blllade!!!

    46. Jacob Mc

      The hero should have a healthbar.

    47. Martin Vera

      The villain: did you just kill that innocent farmer I was chasing The player: w-well I don’t know about innocent, he was coming at me with- with a scream. The villain: he was screaming because I was about to eat him Best moment ever

    48. Roy M

      These are great :) Love the humour

    49. Hengji Huang

      genshin dendro slime flashbacks

    50. Ethan Kim

      Bro the civilian looks like hitler lmao

    51. Rion

      "All unsaved progress will be lost" GOOD!

    52. Welders Anonymous

      Wtf did I just see?

    53. James Wolf

      ooh, okay. The other two make more sense now. "you are important and you have value"

    54. Multo Gaming

      He speak like a old lord.

    55. Kenneth Kline

      This video seems like it was made in the 90s

    56. BeanLord

      All a suddenly, a health bar appears over the protagonist.

    57. Richard Ryan

      Me everytime a new one comes out: HUZZZZZZZZZZAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

    58. sonofspaceghost _


    59. Tggamer

      Noob Try To Backstab A Rich Pro, But The Music Plays, And He's Dead... That Is The Worst Thing I Encounter, When I Was 5 Years Old

    60. Video Nomad

      Was here

    61. Stupid lizard

      So remember kids: never, you hear me, NEVER run to some random dudes with some kind of weapons he wields.

    62. Egsen Bro

      Why do I hear boss music?

    63. KittyCatAddict

      Why is this so good? It’s so good.

    64. TalesOfGod #

      This is so much better than what I was expecting.

    65. phaded fantom

      The year 2005 in a nutshell

    66. Zooshee Studio

      My boi got that thicc diaper booty

    67. Rawr Dino

      It so scary when music comes up and u don’t know where they are

    68. Erik Urizita

      Christ, Oblivion flashbacks when I came out of the sewer and tried to teleport out only to see “Enemy Nearby” and that music start and I’d be like “OMG” then run into the crab, kill it. Music stops. I turn around and a god damn trolls in mid attack :(

    69. VR Driver

      Love that detail with the weapon suddenly appearing like in oblivion SUBD

    70. DoubleO88

      Omg starting a new game after fucking up so much and feeling useless, i've done that.

    71. Andrei Krijanowsky

      Skyrim's combat system detected.

    72. XeroFailGames

      Hes walking like he shit himself HAHAHAHAHAHAH

    73. I'm just a guy

      "Idk about innocent he came after me with a uh... uh. A screem" 🤣🤣🤣genius

    74. Mindraker1

      I kinda wanted this to continue

    75. Crazy Cactuar

      didnt except to hear oblivion music lol

    76. UltimumDraco

      These literally have me in tears holding my sides. Omg so good

    77. J Cannon

      "maybe im the baddie"

    78. TheShananagan

      I'm do high high right now and the animation is freaking me out. It's so real looking but its cartoon. And the bleed through lag effects. Well done you scary looking basterds.

    79. Dirty_Fitz

      This would be an iconic tutorial for an RPG

    80. koihoshi

      these are the best fucking thing to happen in forever, I love these videos so much lol.

    81. man

      I got a runescape old school ad before I watched this.

    82. Bill Harris

      Still he's ready to eat Have a drink Then eat

    83. Gentleman1147

      Remind me of my self killing everything I see in each game :D normally all the NPCs should hear such music when I come up. LOL

    84. Lemon Zest

      hold on, wasn't this called "the first time playing an rpg?"

    85. youtuber355

      When the enemy npc said "are those his clothes" I died lol 😆

    86. NordDorian

      "Who goes there?" I see you

    87. Darthmufin

      I honestly could see this as an actual show on something like Adult Swim, no joke. With a little more polish but yeah, good comedic timing.

    88. Brandon Hall

      Awsjo mnd

    89. Strategy Plus

      We need more from hazahh

    90. Wikes Strig

      Where the phooq are you sentient grass

    91. Epic Miner2501

      Why do I feel like I’ve seen this animating before

    92. Rumelinge Cristescu

      Of course it's Oblivion music, iconic

    93. Matthew Jenkins

      You can't do any worst it's best if you start over

    94. Mr Roboto

      We gonna talk about how he killed that farmer in one shot

    95. Remi Pedersen

      hahaha so good nice.

    96. Harry_Knutts _

      When ur the villain

    97. Rare Pepe

      Where to is that goddamn mudcrab preventing me from fasttravelling!?

    98. watcheverything99

      I came here from monkey. This is fucking hilarious!

    99. Tuber Clips

      That unenthusiastic "hazahh" gets me every time. 🤣

    100. BZenga

      damn undertale 2 looks really good