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    1. Alyssa Richardson

      for the other people waiting for the uploads, check out WhatIfAltHist, it's definitely not simplified but it's seriously interesting, it's like AlternateHistoryHub but less casual, dude SERIOUSLY knows his shit.

    2. Alyssa Richardson

      Ironically we live in a far more prohibitive age now, in the soft to hard scale alcohol is on par with cocaine, but even in areas that "legalised it" you can go to prison for ketamine which is even safer than weed, even (or more accurately especially) when injected.

    3. Alyssa Richardson

      Prohibition: War on alcohol War on drugs: What could possibly go wrong?

    4. Gideon Brown

      16:29 It appears that in his haste, that prohibition officer failed to notice the jars of Vine-Glo in the cupboard.

    5. Jay Bahadur

      Hey man.. could you do the Indian revolution someday?

    6. Sophiya Pathan

      Can you do Britain rule in India please

    7. Lorielle Smith

      you post 4 months apart where is our post :(

    8. InfinitySapling

      Commenting until he uploads: Day 19

    9. Jude Collumbine

      "Maybe We are all just a bunch of stinky idiots and we are all doomed!"

    10. Asad Syed

      Do an oversimplified on the pandemic once it ends soon

    11. SlushyYT

      Did anybody see the waldo during Franklin Roosevelt's speech

    12. Tibo Fordeyn

      WHERE ARE YOU???

    13. Ayesha Forthright

      Its been nearly five months. I WAS ACTUALLY BEGINNING TO ENJOY HISTORY.

      1. Duke of Creepington

        he uploads every 4ish months and its been 4 months :|


      George Rumus walked, so O.J Simpson could run....

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    18. WhiteLion Official

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      1. Jason Neves


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    19. André Mariano

      "woman talking? that's outrageous" *you have no fking idea how much I laughed at that.*

    20. HAFEEZY

      Just don't say that you have quit😢

    21. Eliana Abraham

      Hey man can you plzzzzz make a video about Ethiopia 🙏🙏🙏

      1. Jason Neves

        Why u got a blm fists

    22. falseking989

      I like coupons as much as the next guy, but if I'm not buying the product then I am the product.

    23. Itz_Patrick

      Balkan war plz do it

    24. Research patrol

      This video was made at gunpoint from feminazis??

      1. Ass Poopie

        Damn sorry the man isn’t dropping n bombs like it’s 1950s Alabama

    25. MrGameAndBoy

      Hey plz can u do a kurdish war oversimplified

    26. Vaishali Patel

      Petition for oversimplified to make 'Indian Revolution'

    27. Anakin skywalker

      The Spanish revolution pleaseee

    28. darinap25

      Do Israel - palestine conflict over simplified!! 🇮🇱🙏🏼

      1. Moi Suomi

        Too controversial

    29. Wes Williams

      How many other people are drunk while watching this? I strongly focus on the OTHER people, because I, for one, am smashed.

    30. swadey 2.0

      We need to hold oversimplified hostage and force him to post another video


      Make video about nepoleac war


      Nepoleoc war

    33. Na Ngo

      the reason why American start drinking water Alcohol: 100% alcohol Water: 0.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000015% alcohol

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      Hey could you do drac the impaler after your new one


      i joined your channel for 60k a month soooo i guess i should be pinned

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      I want the next video titled "Israeli-Palestinian Conflict-Oversimplified"

      1. Moi Suomi

        Too controversial

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      Why hasn't over simplified released a video yet

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      it’s been 4 months no new videos

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      Please add new video on 2021

    41. Lucas Cruz

      1: "How big is the number 3247." 2: "It depends on the subject. Minutes? Yes. Cans of beer? Not one bit."

    42. Xyz Abc

      I know that I, personally, am a dumb stinky idiot who is doomed.

    43. Mike Anderson

      Damn, The most American thing i can think of is "Cheese Burgers & Porn"

    44. mario yu

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    45. Leatherturtle

      do Israel next

      1. Varangian Guard

        too controversial

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      Oversimplified: Detroit has the purple gang. Me. Where’s green gang?

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      When will you uploading new video 😭 we craving on it

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      The one thing that iv leaened is that to never trust sweet looking old men..

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      Maybe when he gets 5 million subscribers he will upload?

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      Hello can u do the israeli-palestin conflict next

      1. Moi Suomi

        Once again, Oversimplified doesn’t want to do controversial content.

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      They are like ban alcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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      Do a episode on the Arab states vs Israel

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      Just 2:29

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      this is my comfort chanel

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      Mexican Revolution or Mexican independence, Oversimplified? ¡Viva México!

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      The time is coming its been 4 months and the people are waiting for the day the new oversimplified video comes out.......

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      Video Ideas 100 Years War Korean War Vietnam War War of 1812 Napoleonic Wars Communist Uprise in China Mexican-American War

      1. JGod 13

        @Moi Suomi he said he would also do Napoleonic Wars too

      2. Moi Suomi

        He did say he would make a Vietnam war oversimplified which sounds interesting. I would also be interested if he did more Medieval or ancient history for Oversimplified.

    67. Lorie Cherry

      Excuse me Mr.Over Simplified. You don't have too but I think it would be cool if you did the Texas vs Mexico war.

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        Tomorrow will make 5 months.

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      3:36 That laugh tho

    72. LoueyFILMS

      This is the reason why Drug prohibiton are stupid

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      Commenting until he uploads: Day 18

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        Helping: Day 1

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      3:59 to 4:04 That is the most ridiculous thing possibly ever

    79. Nathan Estrada

      Some Hater in KGup: Helluva Boss is the worst series in the world and should be banned and Viziepop should be exiled into australia . . . Me: Now release the lions and there's going to be a tax for that

    80. Pete Pyrotechnic

      When people say gun control will stop gun violence I show them this

      1. Super Novel

        Same with drugs, alcohol, drugs, porn, guns should all be legal

    81. United Steaks


    82. BabyYoda2009

      Literally brilliant

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      31.39 try and find wally

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      In 2022: Coronavirus -OverSimplified

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      Indian war of independence : We all need it oversimplified .....

    87. The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      I was born in 2005.

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      There is a war happened in 2021

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      Can you do an Israel-Palesine conflict Oversimplified. I want to know more about the battle of the "holy land" throughout the years. Also, it is pretty relevant now lol and I don't know what side to think is right.

      1. Maxwell Leonard

        @Blue Green See like I don't really know anything about that. I had no idea they were oppressed or anything.

      2. Maxwell Leonard

        @Super Novel I know but there is so much history to it and he could make a video that takes us to where we are now.

      3. Blue Green

        If you think morally, then Palestine. They were oppressed for years, and now they are fighting back and they are now branded as terrorists

      4. Super Novel

        It's too political and it's still ongoing

    92. Tony Ryan

      Vietnam War War of 1812 Napoleonic Wars Please!!!!!

    93. Jake Forvilly

      I love the propaganda poster of the bottle that says “$2,000,000,000 in cold hard cash!” Like 2 billion was achievable back then

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      Mexican-American War

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      Oversimplified, where art thou?

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      dude I promise you if he uploaded more he would be richer than he is already

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      1:47.. Press F for jimmy.

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      I used to watch you but then you quit

      1. ZLord X

        Ty both for telling me

      2. Brandon Jade

        What alot of people don’t understand is animation takes a long time, he says that in one of his civil war videos “it’s impossible to make a video every month” he’s more than likely working on a another big and long 2 part video series on the napoleonic wars or something

      3. Super Novel

        Hey cut him some slack, he might have gotten ill or got injured and had to take some time off

    99. A matrix

      He is taking a long time cause he is doing a long complicated conflict Palestinian - Israeli

      1. FarmYard Gaming

        it definitely isn't that

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