The Ultimate iPhone 12 Charging Kit Unboxing

Jonathan Morrison

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    Unboxing the Ultimate iPhone 12 Fast Charging Kit from my friends over at Anker!
    iPhone 12 Pro Impressions!
    Thanks to Anker for sponsoring the video! Get 12% off the all-new Anker Nano using the discounts below ...
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    1. Steve Kramer

      Love the Anker USB-C to Fire cable! Thanks for the review & give away.

    2. Daniel Contreras

      excelent from Anker

    3. A A

      "Ankor nano" I want that new iPhone 12 Pro

    4. centennialtrain

      Great review of the Anker nano!

    5. Wanga Nyathela


    6. Dan DUBOIS

      Anker nano

    7. Samuel Warren

      The nano looks sick

    8. Trudy Mahon

      I’m really liking the braided cable.....looks really durable👍

    9. jorvean bazoer

      i like the big charger from anker and the good quality cable i like the new blue of the iphone 12

    10. Cd Garcia

      Am I the only one that wants to see an iPhone Mini Pro

    11. Bojidar Kuzmanov

      I really like the lightning to usb-c cable. It looks very premium!

    12. Jasmine Martinez

      Literally would love the whole set for my husband who is planing to switch to iPhone.

    13. Samuel Kalanyos

      Did anyone notice he's latest videos are all about apple

    14. Binh Nguyen

      Love the anker nano

    15. reetika sethi

      iPhone 12Pro Gold!!! Anker is amazing!!!

    16. georgia

      Need that new fast boi to replace my slow boi. Anker coming up clutch every single time

    17. jantodiq

      My favorite anger product is de 30W PIQ charger.

    18. Ben Quick

      I personally like the big boi better because i’ll be able to fast charge two things at once which I find very beneficial!

    19. Yasin Ghasemi

      iPhone 12 and some geeky techy stuff are my favorites.

    20. Guillermo Rivera

      Give away!☺️

    21. Borja Cajal Santos

      Anker nano we’ll be great

    22. firokzz

      Nano charger

    23. Troubled Teenager

      my fave product is the pendulum lamp

    24. Danu Chitic

      Just a comment

    25. carnold62

      I love all apple products. I have a 11 yr old IMAC and IPhone plus that is still working great. But I dropped my iPad Pro 2nd gen and now the touch screen is wonky so I’m ready to do some upgrading. I just upgrade my Apple Watch several months ago also. Would love an IPhone 12 for the camera! Among other things.i may hold out for the iPhone 13 tho.

    26. Alex Horgan

      Gotta love that "big boi". Definitely my favorite. As a student who is always on the move and with online classes, could really use a one of those to keep my iPhone and MacBook up and running.

    27. Pi Ro

      I bought anker cable the one that was meant to not break after a month it broke also had faults unsuported device... very disaponited

    28. Shikhar Shah

      The anker nano looks amazing! I have an iPhone that I charge with my Mac charger but I have a feeling that could harm the battery. The little boi would be great!

    29. Javier Bonastre

      My favorite Apple product is the IPad ❤️ but I love everything Apple sells.

    30. Alexandros Loukas

      iPhone 12 ftw!

    31. David Kim

      PowerStrip PD 2 mini!

    32. Shawbik K

      Have an MacBook with usb-c so at least no dongle to connect iPhone 12

    33. Dhaval Shah

      iPhone 12 ( Product red). Anker nano FTW!!

    34. imtiaz ali

      Anker charger is Small but smart

    35. Pablo Vera

      Anker keeps doing a great job, I have their chargers and cables. I would like to test that with a Pacific Blue Iphone.

    36. ibeJomes

      Haven't had a new phone in three years, and the new iPhone 12 is looking like a great option. Having android for a long time now makes me want to venture off and try something new. It would be sweet to win one

    37. 80velle

      iPhone 12 mini blue

    38. TALAL KHAN

      Loved Anker nano 👍

    39. Amit Dhoke

      Great things come in small packages they say

    40. Kimberly Nguyen

      That’s big one would be perfect! Charge my phone or iPad and laptop and still have an open outlet? Yes please!

    41. Apple_Fan_55

      Lovin that new iPhone 12 in BLUE!

    42. FuwafuwaNeko

      That's a really nice cable. -MEow (^_^ )

    43. ColbyMag

      iPhone 12 pro in pacific blue is 🤤 I’m already subscribed and dropping a like!

    44. Siddharth Gupta

      The best part is at 3:52 "is it weird that it is satisfyingly soft"😂....

    45. Alia Sidi Mansur

      That little boi ofcourse😊. How much would it cost in case i dont win? And as far as the color goes, I think the blue would be awesome. A bluish steel frame would be awesomer than awesome.

    46. prabhat kumar

      Apple iPad pro is best device in my opinion so far

    47. Jack Sutcliffe

      Why did I only just get the notification for this video

    48. Jack Sutcliffe

      I don’t get why everyone is so mad it’s like an extra £20 extra

    49. Gabriel MacDonald

      ” big boi” ma dude

    50. zaid lamas

      Those cables are amazing!

    51. Asaf Farkash

      My favorite product is the iphone and I always wanted one but couldn’t afford it...

    52. David

      Looks cool. Yes, enjoyed your presentation.

    53. 2krazy2001

      At least it better than apple cheap overpriced junk and ecosystem

    54. Kenneth Hobbs

      iPhone 12.

    55. Praneel Bhosale

      Anker nano aka little boy would be amazing to have with my new iPhone!!!

    56. Umais_ KM

      Anker saved Apple! 😶

    57. Rosser Castro

      The little one i prefer compact phones 😍

    58. Paul Knott

      Thanks for the review

    59. Kahdeem Leiva

      That 60 watt charger looks elite

    60. Steven Ski

      The little boii😎

    61. Mauricio Jara


    62. Jamie

      The Nano and of course Anker cables

    63. Brandon Stevens

      Premium construction cables & a 20W brick. Apple can't include that for phones that cost $800 minimum?

    64. Qwayne Graham

      My favorite product is apple

    65. bocaJ930

      that anger nano is impressive!

    66. Patrick Ludger Bourassa

      My MacBook Pro I used to have was My favorite ever Apple device. However of My current Apple Products iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb, 6th Gen iPad 32gb, and Apple Watch 3 44mm, I would say now My iPhone 11 Pro Max 512gb is My current favorite.

    67. David Salchert

      Love the anker nano 🤙

    68. kokodaioh

      anker battery bank?

    69. NiGHTS

      Braided cables all day!

    70. Sipke Wagenaar

      Wonderful for iPone 12 Pro

    71. Vignesh Chandru

      I really find the nano so cuteee. Would really want to win the iPhone 12 Blue cuz it's reminds of the blue waters I used to swim in a rectangular shape when I was 3 years old. Nostalgic :)

    72. Dave Tran

      I wonder if the Aussies will get any love haha. Green iPhone looks so nice and calming though!

    73. Amin Gamil

      anker nano is the best charger imo

    74. kyze27

      The nano is the one for me!

    75. Gian Habib

      i love iPhone 12 pro not max

    76. Riccardo Colombo

      Anker nano is with no doubt my favorite product!

    77. keybored101

      The iPhone in pacific blue and the big boi for sure

    78. Zainal Abdeen

      Need em

    79. ANSH JOSHI

      "Anker nano", 20w is amazing but I don't have a iphone lol😂

    80. Shivang Chatterjee

      I love the iPhone 12 pro Pacific blue...the blue colour just makes the 12 pro look so much better...would love to have to chance to win it😅

    81. s bei

      I would liketo have the 20w charger and a black iphone 12

    82. Christan Zafra

      I wish to have an IPhone 12 pro max🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    83. PmbSimou

      OMG my heart stops when i see the new cobalt blue iPhone 12 😍😍💔

    84. Luigi15201

      Iphone 12 mini 😤

    85. Joel

      But the big boy is my favorite not gonna lie

    86. Joel

      Dude that is lit the small brick is insane but the big boy is hella cool

    87. Breanna Villeda

      The big boy would be perfect for me especially traveling from school and work and constantly using my ipad and phone

    88. Christian Talavera

      I'd really like that soft cable! I'm using xs max and annoyingly on my 3rd lightning cable, first one tore at the end like everyone else's, and second one was totally my fault lol but it was hanging out and i closed the car door on it on my way to the bus station to leave out of town so i couldn't use it while on an 8hour bus ride 😭😅

    89. colmwalsh8

      The little boy

    90. Ricky Olsen

      Im looking at the 12 pro max in that sexy new blue!

    91. Isaac Obeng-Dei

      Anker nano

    92. Milan Reinds

      The anker nano, i love the size

    93. James Jackson

      You spelled boy wrong.

    94. Ateeq Rahman

      12 mini is such a blessing for small hands, but a curse with whopping 930$ (base variant) here in our Country. DAMN

    95. Keven Indapan

      I usually go for the longevity of the battery life. Therefore, I am going for the "slow boi" and its fast enough for me. Plus its so tiny that I can carry it with me anywhere. And my personal favorite color is blue. So, I'd go for the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max. 💙

    96. Grevidex

      I think the 20W Anker Brig is the coolest product from this box just because it is so portable. 😃

    97. Denver Apostol

      Anker Nano, so portable and lightweight to carry when on travel.

    98. Raaif Mu-umin

      Iphone12 pro mac

    99. Fernando M.

      i liked the new .. blue color jaja

    100. asim shahzad