Randomized Pokemon Sword and Shield Nuzlocke LIVE!

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    Randomized Pokemon Sword and Shield Nuzlocke LIVE!
    Episode one of my randomized nuzlocke of Pokemon Sword! I hope you guys enjoy! The streams will be left up in a playlist
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    House nuzlocke rules:
    Special battles have been given full teams
    Trainers AI has been improved
    Only can catch the 1st random encounter that we get per area/route ( no overworlds)
    If a pokemon Faints in battle is is dead and must be put in PC or released.
    Only 1 item is allowed to be used in battle
    all wild and static pokemon are random
    evolutions are completely random
    Moves have been randomized according to type.
    Abilities are completely random
    trainer pokemon are random.
    All pokemon used must have a nickname
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    1. Tieson Jones

      Nine tails of course

    2. Tieson Jones


    3. Tieson Jones

      Hello i will catch every pokemon including mimikyu

    4. Melissa Harralston


    5. Tofu Here

      did the discord link to the randomizer expire??

    6. Dhdndn Hdjs

      The grookey scorbunny: the legend

    7. 2031 Brody Baker


    8. LIAM SO

      I like how every nuzlock u get a starter in the wild

    9. Tiago Fanha


    10. Frisky OREO


    11. Frisky OREO


    12. Zander Morris

      im a newer viewer but ngl chillin is one of my fav youtubers

      1. Chilln Play

        Thank u

    13. Zander Morris


    14. Debbie Waugh

      I love you

    15. joe lammers

      i have sirfetch'd toy

    16. Helena Sitova

      Hey chillin im a big fan

    17. rafa 1234


    18. OMG ITS HAER

    19. Gavin Dallas

      Hi Quick

    20. Gavin Dallas


    21. Gavin Dallas

      This is the first time

    22. Joey Hogan

      When are you going to do episode 3?

    23. Linda Haex

      How do you that

    24. Samaia Du Bose


    25. kirito sama

      I love pokermon so mush you are the best

    26. Jeff Amour

      Dials 5355

    27. Sarah-Jane Fergusson

      U SUCK MAN

      1. Chilln Play


    28. lee murphy


    29. Sergiroth Games

      "A Ninetales, how many tails does it has? Let's count..." xD

      1. LIAM SO

        It has nine

    30. chad greer jr

      will you us the sword shield pass

    31. Sarena Chan YT


    32. Toriell Simon

      Yoooo, on Mawile you could have done poison sting. Mawile steel and fairy so you would’ve hit and had that chance poison because of Perserker’s ability

      1. Toriell Simon

        I lied on perserker’s ability

    33. Nick Thody

      Battle me in Pokémon my name is jace

    34. Kiersten Kampp


    35. Toriell Simon

      I’ve Turtle for Lapras 👀

    36. Toriell Simon

      A Charizard named Chill, oxymoron 🤔

    37. Toriell Simon

      You caught me bro, I’m mainly a lurker 👀

      1. Chilln Play

        I just saw these hahaha thanks bro you can comment as much as you want I try to get to them eventually!

      2. Toriell Simon

        Yo dudes BDay isn’t the 9th 😳 I’m also sorry for spamming my own comment I usually make 10 different ones on a reg video

      3. Toriell Simon

        As soon as you said magical button a PokémonGo ad came up

      4. Toriell Simon

        Y’all’s videos are overtaking my recommended page and I love it

      5. Toriell Simon

        Beast Boost is Larry’s usual ability before randomizing

    38. marlon jones

      The only thing i ask is to show teams before the battles i swsh battles.

    39. Unbeatable umbreon

      How do you randomize on the switch

    40. Unbeatable umbreon

      Your videos are so good that me and my friend tried thirty minutes to catch a team than fought

    41. K3NJI UrBOI

      I can’t imagine how many times you said team

      1. Chilln Play

        We should count

    42. Macky Boo

      38:00 is where he starts after technical difficulties. Happy watching team!

    43. Dayton Hernandezhale

      Are you beating the game

    44. Mary Bergman

      Why not the other fire type because your balls into a jacket kind of because he can put his hand into his pocket new looks very cool very very cool

    45. Darkhero444

      seeing your playtrough makes me wanna play and see more pokemon.

    46. Party Personified

      We need a "Team" counter for how many times he says team.

      1. K3NJI UrBOI

        AND OFC YES

      2. K3NJI UrBOI


      3. K3NJI UrBOI


    47. Bryant Pearson


    48. Rusty Nicholson

      even know you think I am rusty I am rustys doter lexi my favrite pokemon is eevee.

    49. Brittany pritchard

      Ultra beast starter is poggers

    50. j alb

      Wondering if anyone can answer this, but being the rules since Laprass does not have another evo does it stay as a Lapras? Just trying to figure this out...

    51. Kaylin Currie

      It’s sweet how humble the two of them are, thanks algorithm for finding these channels for me!

      1. WolfmanMikie 117

        I felt that when i saw the alomst two years back the m and papa aggron are my favorite youtubers i actually talk to papa its dope

      2. vortexOku

        It’s amazing

      3. Shiny Rayco

        @stubbles jr yes i agree

      4. stubbles jr

        Stop feeding Susan’s ego

    52. Pedro Garcia

      He got an ultra beast as a starter

    53. Pedro Garcia

      Don’t you call my starter lame

    54. Adam Bryant

      Your luck was sooooo much better than gg

    55. Jo Atkinson

      Chillin love the content but how do you do randomiser on switch?

    56. Nathan Logan

      Why do u ask am I live?

    57. TGA Newlands

      Y are U such a small YTer I think u should have like at least 2 mil subs ur the best man!

    58. meisje013


    59. Ricardo Abech


    60. Picoliini


    61. Jack Wheatcroft

      I know your favourite pokemon is shiny charizard and I have one so would you want it for free as I love your streams and vids (BTW ur better than quickgg in showdowns)

      1. Jack Wheatcroft

        @Apathetic and Aesthetic na soz I only want it for him soz

      2. Apathetic and Aesthetic

        I'll take it🤙

      3. Jack Wheatcroft

        And BTW its lvl 100 w false swipe so you could use it in your vids for showdown if u wanted

    62. robloxian wolfie

      I love all of the starters :)

    63. Kara Blaber

      Hi I love your video

    64. Rotor Sexton

      No one call me dirty minded but... he said we don’t have balls srry are you a girl?

    65. miles Huffman

      cross my fingers its a legend

    66. Charlie Marsh


    67. Karl Neuman

      I hope you get a Galar Zappos

    68. Joel Dukes

      you deserve atleast a million subs dude keep up the greeeeaaaaat work.

    69. Kaite Bejan


    70. Grayson Baer

      I was on the stream at that point it was a year of watching streams im never noticed

    71. Franchesca Leagan

      How the hell are you supposed to be able to get the Shiny Legendary. 1 in 300 chance. If you get blown out of den that means having to win 300 times to get shiny. That is not possible. Most wins I got so far is 17 lost on 18th attempt. This is an absolute joke. Even with other players I still can't get enough wins to get a shiny. I was real lucky to get Lugia on 5th attempt. Another one on more than 5 but less than 20. Now suddenly I cant get nowhere. Cant find anywhere on line that explains about shiny legendary. If you get blown out of den(and that was the shiny one) are you back to square 1. If so that means people playing alone and relying on online play might as well give up unless you want the other shiny pokemon or mushrooms. Because with the perfectic rental pokemon system it ain't happening. However still having fun learning about moves more. Thank you everyone for your help.

    72. Roshan Rana


    73. Kaiekai ‘

      Y’all are the best Pokémon youtubers, it’s honestly incredible how amazing both you and quick ggs energy is.

      1. Chilln Play

        Thank you 🙏🏻

    74. Konan Akatsuki

      Hop saved the world before the world was even in danger by having eternatus lmao

      1. Nathaniel Farrell

        Dude you capture eternatus after that champion fails hop never has it..... I retract my statement I was basing it off the main game





    75. Joaquin Zelaya

      Hold the b does work

    76. Fallen Pheonix

      Chilin i hope you can take time to read this when my dad died i discovered your channel and its kept me going ever since so thank you

      1. MythicalLeon

        Sorry for your loss

    77. the Pansear

      hi man

    78. the Pansear

      yo man

    79. Cormelo Elias


    80. Lets go theo Lets GO!! Go Theo!

      Gen 7 is sun moon ultra sun ultra moon

    81. Marv Kleitz


    82. Marv Kleitz


    83. Cameron Hughes

      What’s your favorite Pokémon for Pokémon sword and shield

    84. Lowieke

      2:35:25 You know how to deal with the kitties 🤗

    85. Elizabeth Sablack

      can you skip the kut sen.

    86. Hanneshakbijl Vd

      Jo you cool

    87. yoshy

      I have a red gary

    88. yoshy


    89. Just pain

      How do you randomize sword and shield

    90. Ryden White

      I love buzzwole aka Larry

    91. charly Tawil

      Chillen do a part 2 pls

    92. Sandakin Memes

      Plz try out loomian legacy. It's a fan made fakemon game in roblox. It's really fun tho

    93. David Houston

      Rock ice

    94. David Houston


    95. David Houston


    96. David Houston


    97. David Houston

      Get some Pokémon

    98. David Houston


    99. David Houston


    100. David Houston