VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 35

Corridor Crew

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    Wren, Niko, and Clint are back on the couch to break down some of the best (and worst) VFX in Hollywood, including a very special comparison of Hulk VFX over the years!

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    1. Debozit Ozah

      VFX artists with no skills and knowledge cuse if they had then they wouldn't be here in YT , and also with no brain .....

    2. The Black Baron

      Talking about devil may cry, I would love to see you react to the full BTS of devil may cry 3 and 5 :)

    3. NoBreadNation

      clint.....is corny

    4. Bruce Wayne

      Equilibrium.... Please????

    5. Ledementaurus


      1. Ledementaurus

        No offenses

    6. Ledementaurus

      Soy fem

      1. Ledementaurus

        No offense

    7. TCR Eclipz

      The Middle guy loves his job too much ,but Iam not mad.

    8. d4nielsullivan


    9. Benjamin Nowak

      So the incredible Holk... Hook... Hawk... what's his name again Wren?

    10. Ninjamaster 1742

      you should make your own rewind 2020 it would look really cool! Hope you see this!

    11. Giancarlo Garguillo

      I liked and subscribed, Wren and Niko didn’t get cookies. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

    12. Hack Gamer

      Wot the fök is this? 16:14

    13. Antonio Trew

      Why would you not watch the Avengers? That is the question

    14. Mohd Javed Solanki

      Chinese movie vfx so funny Bollywood vfx are so good

    15. m

      Norton Hulk will always be my favorite. He legit did look like a anime character.

    16. adeivys suarez

      Hulks always been that green, he's supposed to stand out like that.

    17. Lluc Torreguitart

      You know they're so pure when they call a bodybuilding show a "muscle competition"

    18. Jahnove Georges

      3:50 kill me,this looks so bad

    19. Lava

      I still like Norton’s Hulk the most

    20. GNIKPlays

      @corridorcrew Just finished watching Jeepers Creepers 3 and oooooh boy is there some Jank in there, highly recommend a look at some of the "Amazing" VFX.


      wait isn't it ..."I always ANGRY" and not "hungry"

      1. Jesse Weightman

        In the 2008 Hulk Bruce Banner tries to say “You won’t like me when I’m angry” in a foreign language, but mistakenly says “You won’t like me when I’m hungry.”

    22. Jack Burton44

      I am SO HAPPY. I remember on one of the first ones of VFX reacts, I recommended Kung POW

    23. astrophysician

      please watch the cyberpunk 2077 russian farm video by birchpunk???

    24. lee porter

      I agree with Clint ,the avengers movies are trash and terribly overrated .From a VFX point of view ,yes they are masterpieces .But still terrible movies .

    25. Runubala Mohanty

      Review this kgup.info/get/dJiNpY2ofIN9eK0/video kgup.info/get/qoGjqpukoKivjq0/video and kgup.info/get/mXxmiYCwpJyveIc/video

    26. NEW WOLF

      "hmph I always subscribed" 😎

    27. Gir Doodie

      Look how green the hulk is that makes him unrealistic well this is a superhero movie and he is the hulk I don’t think he supposed to look that realistic but I actually think he looks pretty cool saturated that green I actually think the Incredible Hulk‘s CG might look detailed and more real I think it makes it less exiting to see guy in the middle is full of shit

    28. Xavier Mejia

      You should compare Who Framed Roger Rabbit and Looney Tunes Back in Action

    29. ats

      I vote for Incredible Hulk vfx. I love his muscles.

    30. Junaid Mirza

      Please check hulk origin in hindi kgup.info/get/ZoBnnq6jgYKKeXs/video

    31. Junaid Mirza

      I am always subscribed 😁

    32. Paragon Bytes

      Avengers Hulk > Ang Lee's Hulk > E. Norton's Hulk > Endgame Hulk

    33. It's 5488!R

      13:05 Not i am always hungry it's i am always Angry

    34. Quassar

      17:20 What is model name of this microphone on his neck ?!

    35. Máté Simon

      The only thing was missimg from this video was 2003 green Hulk hitting that poor dog's balls.

    36. Jon Fraser

      Whats Clint’s problem with the MCU? 😂 Im sure if he watches them, he’s gonna love them!

    37. Cody Justin Fannin

      I'm so mad about the mcu treatment of the hulk character but the animation was good. I still prefer the hulk character from Ed Norton's hulk and the avengers.

    38. Shope Tou

      you guys should fix the fixing eye scene from the original terminator movie :-)

    39. godlikecharacta

      avengers 1 was meh and endgame was boring and mediocre

    40. Asher Beale-Mason

      GUYS, YOU GOTTA CHECK OUT A KGup ANIMATOR CALLED FENNAH. specifically his most recent animation which is a test for his character Celia, check it out if you guys got the time!

    41. BenRangel

      Enter the Fist is a great, silly movie. I was never a fan of the goofy effects like the cow or the talking tongue so for a long time I avoided the film because those were highlighted in trailers. But the scenes with Wimp Lo and Master Pain (Betty) are pure gold. To this day I'm not even sure if Master Pain was from the original old kung fu footage, or new footage.

    42. Abdullah Usman

      I really didn't think the Avengers movies were anything great. Let alone works of art. For some reason they all felt extremely generic and the same cookie cutter super hero film like several others...

    43. Lamo Lamoo

      Get him to watch every mcu movie ever made in order

    44. no answer None

      Did they really just call a Journey to the West character a "budget Gandalf"? As if JttW doesn't predate anything Tolkien by 400 years. 🙄

    45. ironfinger chan

      You guys should do a breakdown of the War of the Worlds from 1953 vs the Spielberg movie

    46. Michael Gould

      Have you done Death Becomes Her? Some great stuff from 1992 with Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn?

      1. dolita windo

        complete asshole id say. Maybe world breaker hulk is a result?

    47. Raufxo'ja Sharifov

      I really liked Ray Romano's Hulk as a kid

      1. dolita windo

        Didnt hulk have his own personality, his owns thoughts n feelings? His own consiousness? Did he merge all tht too when he became professor hulk? If yes why doesnt he

    48. senseisifu

      I don't know who that Clint guy is, but I now have zero respect for him.

    49. Stan Field •

      14:37 "Muscle competition" he says

    50. Purple Towel

      I actually preferred the 2003 hulk movie than the latter ones.

    51. killshoot23 anonymous

      I'm glad 2008 Hulk doesn't look like Norton because The Hulk isn't Supposed to Look the same as "Banner". It's always the Hulk hating Banner and not wanting to be like him and hate him. But The New Avengers Hulk is alright. I personally perfer Norton's version cause Hulk always has that dark and grim Look and feel.

    52. Maciej Ilski

      With the first hulk shame you didnt show the part where he kills tanks.

    53. carlosfer2201

      I actually think the first hulk kind of looks like Eric Bana. Of course not as close as Mark's does, but a lot more than Edward's

    54. Logan Par

      Hold on? He’s never seen marvel movies? What a fucking clown.

    55. Shauka Hodan

      Waiting for "Clint reacts: The Avengers"

    56. Nothing yet

      I will not subscribe.

      1. Harry Ijalo

        No one cares that's not a bid deal

    57. colon_three

      For real though how hipster do you have to be to love movies, love stunt work, love CGI, and not watch the MCU out of spite lol

    58. Midrocks Official

      Finally stephen chow movies

    59. SyCoREAPER

      Not sure what song that is in Journey but that's also in Kung Fu Hustle. Hillarious movie

      1. Shauka Hodan

        art and incredible crafts. They deserve so much more credit.

    60. dolita windo

      Thanks for posting this video....

    61. Sam Miller

      2008 seemed to look vicious and cool, almost aerodynamic and fast, like hulk should be.

    62. Darkseid is.

      Didnt hulk have his own personality, his owns thoughts n feelings? His own consiousness? Did he merge all tht too when he became professor hulk? If yes why doesnt he show some of hulks tendencies or mannerisms. If not so what then bruce found a way to become hulk then permenantly suppress hulks personality and consiousness. What a complete asshole id say. Maybe world breaker hulk is a result?

    63. Darkseid is.

      Ill subscribe if you promise to never wear that 2 finger glove ever again. Unless its 4 medical reasons of course im not a completely evil guy.

      1. dolita windo

        Clint we get it you’re edgy

    64. ItsKenPlayz

      i hate wren

    65. Matatan67u8 kid

      How bout the DCEU

    66. Féy Etho

      Can we talk about Ren's Anthony Padilla drop at the end there!!??

    67. massanti madunigang

      Clint being like avengers is below him, while also praising twilight. I mean, can you fire this weirdo soon????

    68. Rapper6Ty9Ine

      The thumbnail hulks:- Hulk Hulk Shrek

    69. Ayron Knight

      So does dude have a valid reason for wearing the glove, or was that just a terrible fashion choice?

    70. felooso

      *I ALWAYS H U N G R Y*

    71. Ali Imran

      Can you react to transformers CGI please

    72. David Snead

      No Netflix for me, even with a VPN! #cancelnetflix P.S. Watch the video to the end for this to make sense.

    73. JaoJao

      HELL YEAH for that speech on MCU movies!!! Like I studied in a film school for four years and I hear about how Marvel isn't "cinematic enough" sooo often (way before Scorsese said so) and it's so annoying and pretentious. I mean you CAN not like them, hell as a fan I don't even like ALL of them but c'mon so many of the works they've done are just pure art and incredible crafts. They deserve so much more credit.

    74. Aman sheikh official

      13 15 not always hungry he said thats my secret am always angry

    75. sokin jon

      Waiting for "Clint reacts: The Avengers"

    76. Jeff Mwangi

      17:05 Clint's being extra dick-ish on this one. Did someone have a boss fight??

    77. supersmashdylan

      Bruce Banner: Gamma radiation turned me green Corridor: He's too green

      1. The Black Baron


      2. wespozo

        Yeah. The Ang Lee hulk is pure comic book perfection!

    78. Dalton Capps

      Clint we get it you’re edgy

    79. Zoanisious S

      🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️ honestly avenger hulk is the most bad looking vfx ever hulk 2 ultimate hulk is the best looking hulk I get why don’t they just make that hulk in avenger 😞😞😞😞

      1. sokin jon

        I'll only subscribe if Clint watches the Marvel movies

    80. harnois75

      I'd like to see you guys do an overview of how Ridley Scott has utilised CGI over his career, from the bespoke computer readouts in ALIEN, thru Blade Runner (theatrical vs final cut) Legend, Gladiator, Hannibal, Kingdom of Heaven, Exodus, The Counsellor, Alien Covenant. Whatever you think of his films, his artistic eye for integrating CGI and practical is about the best there is IMHO.

    81. Thomas Lawson

      Marvel Cinematic universe's The Incredible Hulk the one that was starring Edward Norton to me with the best looking version of The Incredible Hulk

    82. Mr. Rooster

      No matter what edward was the best hulk

    83. Lubble-1397

      "He's rich, he lives in a flying aircraft carrier" Uh ohhh, dumbass alert

    84. DragonSlayers_481

      Iron man 3 wasn't by the books. Just saying rewatch it if you want to argue then say what you want.

    85. Feroce

      Really, Clint should have to watch the marvel movies if he doesn't want to. They have some fun moments but the avengers movies are pretty overrated.

    86. Madmax

      Wait is the hulk the fifth horse man

    87. yuoop noke

      respect. Don't be snobbish or elite guys.

    88. drschplatt

      Hey, I'm with you. the MCU universe bored me to death. Same movie over and over again.

    89. Bryce deGuzman

      You guys should react to all three different spidermen; Tobey, Andrew, and Tom. Then compare the cgi of the villains and webslinging scenes.


      Can you please mention a good free software to do vfx for begginers?🙄🙄


        @yuoop noke 😂😂yep...me too 🐒

      2. yuoop noke

        Omg, I completely died laughing when Clint talked about that soldier’s spine and The Hulk’s neck pillow 😂

    91. Dimes

      6:55 lil baby Sam and Niko! Haha

    92. Dimes

      If Clint doesn't wanna watch the Marvel movies he shouldn't have to but he shouldn't be in episodes where they react to them. Because him going 'I haven't seen it,' to practically everything is getting really really old. Just leave him on the stuntmen videos, he seems to prefer those.

    93. Fair Strife

      I'll only subscribe if Clint watches the Marvel movies

    94. aola wili

      Isn't Dragon Ball based off Journey to the West.

      1. Drake Barnes

        Yes Dragon Ball was influenced by Journey to the West Same as God of High School

    95. VimWolf

      The more see the foot, the better it gets.

    96. Daniel Lacroix

      Omg, I completely died laughing when Clint talked about that soldier’s spine and The Hulk’s neck pillow 😂

    97. Bryson Frank

      KUNG POW!!!!!!!

    98. MrTakealookaround

      Avenger movies is fake news...

      1. aola wili


    99. SurroundedByCloudz Gaming

      Clint seems like a bit of a contrarian... And a little jerk-ish. Lighten up my dude. It's OK to let loose every once and a while.

    100. yasio bolo

      that first hulk actually looks really good. the over saturation makes him look like hes glowing from gamma radiation