#Greeny predicts BYU QB Zach Wilson will be the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft

ESPN College Football

40 миӊ. көрүүлөр23

    Mike Greenberg predicts that BYU Cougars QB Zach Wilson will be selected with the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.
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    1. 44excalibur

      Not if the Jets get Deshaun Watson. I hope the Eagles take him.

    2. Kane Spangler

      looks like Johnny Manziel too

    3. Andrew Campbell

      Jets need to take Fields period!!

    4. Chris Machabee

      No way. Jets going with a national champion QB Mmac JOnes. Marfk my words. No one in Joe Douglas's skin is dum enpough to [pick Zack Wilson over Mac Jones. You watch.

    5. Fritoz

      Someone find what Greeny said about Dwayne Haskins out of college. I guarantee you he is another one who salivated over Haskins. Any team to draft an Ohio State QB in the first round will set themselves back 5 years. That being said, Zach Wilson is a 3rd round talent.

    6. Arman Baluyot

      I would take Field

    7. James Terry

      We were told, last year that Tua was Light Years above Justin Herbert 😎

    8. Themilio xperience

      To me if the Jets don’t take Fields they will regret it. Zach Wilson reminds me of Baker Mayfield with more accuracy. The thing is his speed won’t help him in the pros. His stature looks like Johnny Football. Can he be good sure. But Justin Fields is evening you need in a modern QB. The man can rush and throw and has one of the highest QBR’s ever. What really are we even talking about here honestly? His numbers are absolutely comparable to Trevor Lawrence . I don’t see how or why their rating Lawrence so much higher than Fields honestly

    9. Egerton Bullock

      Who will have a better career? Zach Wilson or Johnny Manziel?

      1. ArmandAce

        Johnny Mariel no dought about it he had more college hype and college hype is the only thing either them will ever have

    10. thelamecactus

      No lol fields is so much better

    11. Rick May


    12. CFB Central

      Remember deshaun Watson was said to play great in the big games also, and nfl gms fell in love with Mitchell tribiskey. Same story

      1. Ntchwai Bey

        @Kevin Treadaway Kevin Treadaway, The Jets, do not want Justin Fields, the White Pundits, want the Jets, to take the White Guy Zach Wilson, as if this guy is a World Beater, and i am saying how is he Better than Justin Fields, and that's why i said they are Bias, and Prejudice, and they saying i Mentioned Race, when there deeds, proves, there Racism.

      2. James Weatherborn

        Mitchell T. never threw the ball like this kid.

      3. Michael N

        @Kevin Treadaway because Ohio St. has a history of producing valuable QB’s..............

      4. ArmandAce

        @Kevin Treadaway I think he will and Mel the idiot will rage and be like “the got the right position it’s the wrong guy” but there’s a reason I called him will the idiot

      5. CFB Central

        Kent Purdy Ik that I’m just saying what anylists thought

    13. 2legit77

      Zach Wilson may end up being the best qb in this draft he’s that gifted .

    14. 5PlDERMAN !

      I know it won’t happen but would Love if the Patriots would trade to get Z.Wilson but we’ll probably draft a D3 LB from no where state

      1. 5PlDERMAN !

        You feel however you want ??? Why would I care

      2. JD Havrilla

        Yeah we all feel real bad for Pats fans

    15. Zaire Kefa

      Zach Wilson is the most overrated quarterback in college football. Justin fields played against better competition. Zach Wilson struggled against coastal Carolina. If you put Zach Wilson in the south eastern conference he does not have success that he had this year. Justin Fields has has MULTIPLE GOOD YEARS...plus he Was highly recruited in high school. Nobody was talking about Zach Wilson last year...I hope my Carolina Panthers select Justin Fields.

    16. Michael Dolmo

      The disrespect fields gets is crazy to me,as a jets fan I’m praying we don’t draft Wilson,I would rather keep Darnold, these experts didn’t like Watson coming out of college so why should I listen to there opinions.

      1. ArmandAce

        U r a smart human unlike these paid idiotic experts

    17. mike newbill

      Mac jones is better

    18. Top Dad-Dawg

      Dumb take Greeny...thats basically all the options available.

    19. Garrett Hoskins

      Josh Rosen was a cant miss prospect as well lol. Shut up with this. Yall want all these unproven rookies to keep up with the Joneses. How about yall use the draft picks for help for Darnold instead of giving up on him. His offensive line sucks and he has HS WR core. Tom Brady couldnt do anything with that Jets team.

    20. Road Dawg

      I'm a Jets fan. I want Zack Wilson. Then with the second pick, I want a top receiver. Then in the second round round we have two picks plus when Darnold is traded another second round pick. If Joe is a real GM, then let's see it. Pick some winners. Anyone can trade for Watson. Let's see the creativity.

    21. Calvin Frye

      We’ve seen this movie before. Fields barely got beat by Clemson & sunshine 1 year & then blows em out the next & he’s not in discussions as the top QB but will be picked behind a guy who has not played elite competition... Okay

      1. Adam Almeida

        Wilson is just better! Period!

      2. Brad Bufton

        @Bart87 exactly! That argument kills me. They wanna talk about P5 Dbs. Zach's top receiver was a Walk on originally. Fields was throwing to wide open 5 star receivers. But somehow that's a knock on Zach. Ridiculous

      3. mark crooks

        Who's better Sam Darnold or Josh allen

      4. Bart87

        You seem really focused on who they have played against and not who they have played with. Fields got to throw to Ohio St receivers behind an Ohio St. oline. Does that part of the equation not matter?

    22. Ntchwai Bey

      I Would pass him Up he is not Better than Justin Fields.

    23. Jeff Silver


    24. Jacques Wilmore

      Greenie giving up on Sam Darnold for Zack Wilson who played in clean pockets & had open receivers all season,...REALLY?!!! Zack ain’t better than Darnold!!! If my Jets trade Sammy I hope it’s to the 49ers so he can win Super Bowls!

    25. J D

      This is why I don’t like the nfl because of the obvious script they are running

    26. Gower SUP

      Blacks gonna be so mad if Wilson goes 2nd 😂😂😂😂😂

    27. goojgty

      The MAYO is HEAVY on this one ......

      1. hossein yousefzadi

        burnt biscuit, is that you?

    28. Davon Laws

      Zach Wilson is good but I’m afraid he hasn’t played anyone that actually is good. He didn’t play any good competition to see how great he is and his size seems like he would get destroyed against top defenses.

    29. dblshotz75

      Why does anyone listen to Greeny anyway? He's a life long jet fan who has never put the pads on.

    30. dblshotz75

      Of course. Justin Fields is black.

      1. hossein yousefzadi

        maybe that has sth to do with it but zach wilson is actually talented not just another good looking white boy who goes at the top of the draft, dude's a baller.

    31. PantherPride2013

      Clausen 2.0

    32. Kagiso Kgatse

      Justin Field fans are used to people always doubting and speaking bad on his name like he hasn't done just as much as your favorite qb

      1. ArmandAce

        @hossein yousefzadi he’s good and worth the pick

      2. hossein yousefzadi

        @Kagiso Kgatse bruh trevor has been the no1 overall pick since he was like 15

      3. Kagiso Kgatse

        @hossein yousefzadi right but I don't hear anyone saying the same thing about Trevor? Double standards everywhere. This is exactly what I was talking about in my first comment.

      4. hossein yousefzadi

        @Kagiso Kgatse this video had nothing to do with justin fields but you're in the comments talking abt him????.... justin fields is not the owner of 2nd overall pick, someone else can go over him.

      5. Kagiso Kgatse

        @hossein yousefzadi I said people. I don't think anyone smart would listen to what greeny has to say about football

    33. Nath John

      Zach Wilson has no similarities to Trubisky so stop it. 😂 He's a proper QB, serious talent.

    34. Southfield Trill

      These the same people who said Mitch Trubisky was better than Deshaun Watson😂😂😂

      1. Ntchwai Bey

        That is Correct Southfield Trill, and the Same thing is going to Happen, with all these White Social Media Pundits, trying to influence, the Jets, to Take Zach Wilson, over Justin Fields, and that's going to Backfire, on the Jets, if they do, Bias, and Prejudice, Asshole's.

      2. Brad Bufton

        @Ntchwai Bey everything about race with u? That's pathetic

      3. Brad Bufton

        @Ntchwai Bey Mitch Trubisky couldn't hold Zach Wilson's jock! They're not alike. Zach excels at reading defenses. Trubisky doesn't know what a second and third read even means

      4. Ntchwai Bey

        That is Correct Southfield Trill, thinking the White QB, was Smarter, and more Talented, than the Black QB , and these White Pundits, or host on Social Media, are doing the Same thing, Picking this Zach Wilson, over Justin Fields, that's the Same, as the Bear, Picking Mitchell Trubisky, and passing on Deshaun Watson, and the Jets, are going to do the same thing as the Bears, did.

      5. ArmandAce

        @Garrett Hoskins fax

    35. Eric T

      Greeny predicts? Whoop de friggin do

    36. Oliver Murphy

      Dan Orlovsky is like Fetch from Mean Girls. Stop trying to make him happen!

      1. hossein yousefzadi

        a mean girls reference in 2021?.... come on man be better.

    37. joseph candler

      Zack is trash

    38. David Aziaya

      Great to see that Fields could drop, he could end up in a great situation and become the best QB in his draft class

    39. Mobile Gamer

      If I was in charge of WFT I would be very aggressive in trying to trade up to get Wilson

    40. Major Price

      My question is why would Wilson be the number 2 pick based on what??? The highest ranked team he played against was 18th ranked Coastal Carolina which he lost and he was 19/30 for 240 yards with 1Td and 1 Int. It seems to me that after Washington cut Haskins, his poor play was project down on Fields since they both came from Ohio State. But, if I’m Fields I would be delighted to fall to a good team.

      1. ArmandAce

        His passer rating vs the chandeliers was 68.something and that team was mostly only good on offense

    41. Kelvin Thompson

      Here we go again down playing Fields.

    42. PrettyBoy23

      Nobody is trading up for him🙄

    43. Ricardo Garcia

      This literally reminds me of trubisky

    44. Davon Isaac

      Justin fields>Zach Wilson

    45. Jordan Green

      i would love for the jets to draft him, giving us (Atlanta) no choice but to draft Fields of available.

      1. Mike Lay

        @mike newbill please tell me that’s a joke. Fields is a true dual threat to run the ball. I’d take him any day over Mac as good as he is. Mac had an all world receiver you’ll come to find out at the next level. Devonta Smith is the next Randy Moss minus the height difference. Jalen Waddle is no scrub either.

      2. ArmandAce

        @mike newbill we will

      3. mike newbill

        Hahaha ok bud.well see who has the better rookie season

      4. Patrick Stevens

        @mike newbill Yes they do when used out of context they very well do

      5. mike newbill

        @Patrick Stevensnumbers dont lie

    46. Miss Bomba Claudie TV

      What a good looking white boy. He looks like a lead singer of boy band. He reminds me of Justin Timberfake.

    47. shawn simmons

      There is nothing special about anyone else but Lawrence.. Wilson is another over hyped Kirk Cousins if the Jets take him we will never get a special talent at QB ever

    48. The God Of Food

      Zach Wilson = Drew Lock

      1. ArmandAce

        @Jordan Alexander yea because he’s more like Ryan leaf

      2. Jordan Alexander

        Your drunk

    49. John Shaft

      These guys know nothing about football 🤣🤣 remember Jimmy Clausen

      1. Road Dawg

        Clausen. Isn't that an Ice cream.

    50. David C

      The dude is so cocky he’s boring he reminds me of the pajama boy

    51. Rene Zuniga

      Why do people believe that NFL.scout draft Qb Based where they play in college ? They could care less

    52. AK

      You heard it here first and mark my words. Mac Jones will be the only QB in this year's draft class that will be a starting QB in the NFL 5 years from now.

      1. AK

        @Daniel J He's overhyped because his defense shut down bama a couple years ago and Justyn Ross made him look good with some unbelievable 1 handed catches. He's a good QB don't get me wrong but I've never bought into the hype surrounding him. His predecessor Deshaun Watson was a lot better imo.

      2. Daniel J

        💯 i whole hearted believe that too Trevor will be the biggest disappointed in nfl history

    53. Big Grizzly

      2 major surgeries already, on the collegiate level....How long will Wilson last in the NFL.

      1. Ron Cassudy

        I'm with you Big.I don't think he's a Starter.Plays against INFERIOR competition!!I cant wait to see him against a NFL Defense.Coastal Carolina's Dee had him shook!!

    54. Heru In Exile

      Man let me understand this. Fields bet your number 1 but he cannot be in the top QB's right? Glad I'm not an owner.

      1. Heru In Exile

        @Chris Lane really excellnt statement. Why is he rated so low? He is a good QB and will be so in the NFL.

      2. Chris Lane

        Jones beat Fields. Does that make Jones #1?

    55. Angelo L.

      Hope the Bears can grab him somehow.

    56. The E Empire

      Why u sleepin on fields

    57. Ray Ray

      That was the most meaningless silly analysis I've ever heard. No team is going to worry about this nonsense.

    58. Gage Hodgson

      Reminds me of josh Allen

    59. Tom Blount

      They would be better off with DeShawn. Lawrence is bi.

    60. dostacos

      I’m not putting anything out Urban Meyer. I could see him wanting Fields or Wilson over Lawrence.

    61. Cesar Aviles

      zack wilson this kid is a special talent for me i would NOT PASS HIM UP.

      1. JetLife 45

        @ArmandAce and at this point anything is better than darnold!

      2. ArmandAce

        @JetLife 45 be careful what u wish for he has big bust potential fields will be better

      3. DM1986

        @Tavian Thomas Watson is really good but right now he is more Stafford and less Mahomes.

      4. goojgty


      5. therush420

        @Joe Cook nah, Ohio State QB’s never pan out in the NFL. That’s why Joe Burrow transferred to LSU lol

    62. Johnny Jets

      If the Jets go option 3 then then i am out

    63. Young Among

      This will be great To watch how bad theses picks going turn out when will NFL excs Learn drafting QBs high never pans out

      1. Young Among

        @Captain ramius but baker wasn't worth a number 1 pick the best QB is Jackson From that draft and he was drafted 31

      2. Captain ramius

        Josh Allen looks good. Mayfield isnt puting up crazy numbers but hes a good leader and led his team to the playoffs

      3. Young Among

        @David M every year these analysis and scouts get it wrong like I said we'll see in the next coming years

      4. David M

        Why so negative. Give these young men a chance.

    64. Don’t Mind me

      Mitch Trubisky all over again.

    65. K Williams

      NYJ and ATL have a huge trade swapping QBs Darnold and Ryan, NYJ give up two first round picks and Sam Darnold for Matty Ice. Then they sign Trent Williams to block Ryan's blindside and sign WR Juju Smith-Schuster and RB Mark Ingram in free agency.

    66. Revan

      How many great Ohio State or Alabama quarterbacks have there been? Field and Jones are both overrated thanks to all the skill around them.

    67. Unction

      WRONG!! Mac Jones will go either 1 or 2. and if he doesn't then these NFL "scouts" absolutely suck!

    68. Ed in Florida

      New York Jets get Wilson. Watson trade is not happening. Jets not trading down (Jets have to ask themselves when are they going to have a pick this high again).

      1. hossein yousefzadi

        the jets will have a top 10 pick the next 2 yrs..... salah is not a magician, ur team sucks it will take some time to fill all the holes on that team

      2. Justin Minter

        Next year?

    69. Ashton Rollins

      Ryan leaf slander will not be tolerated

    70. Drew wilson

      Garbage bag!

    71. Scott Losey


      1. Scott Losey

        @Chris Campese I guess....the pride of UCONN, he was a backup for THE LIONS....that disqualifies him

      2. Chris Campese

        He played QB in the NFL. Albeit not that well, but that alone makes him qualified to speak on it.

    72. Scott Losey

      Keep over looking Justin Fields.....a generational talent

      1. Tre Tre

        ewers will be the same exact talent as him if not better tho.. so idk ab generational talent part but he’s not a scrub

      2. Jalen smith

        I’m with u on this my guy✊🏽let them keep sleeping

      3. The One the Only X

        Generational 🥴idk

      4. Moe Dudley


      5. jayy.liltop

        nahhhh bru😂😂

    73. Shane Leonard

      Maybe wilson is the number 2 pick but there is zero chance a media guy knows this on feburary 2nd lol

      1. Shane Leonard

        @niles t the media is wrong like 95% of the time dude, mel kiper usually goes 2 out of 32

      2. niles t

        Nah it’s becoming very clear who the NFL thinks is going #2

    74. Jenny Grapert

      The ashamed step-sister ontogenically expect because apartment especially employ absent a spiky oak. abundant, descriptive process

    75. Otis Youngblood

      There's one of these QBs every year he gonna be a bust

    76. Brad Buckwalter

      The BYU "quarterback factory" keeps churning out NFL starting QBs....

      1. therush420

        @Brian Gregg I got you, just saying Steve Young by himself is better than any OSU QB. I really hope Jets don’t take Fields.

      2. Brian Gregg

        @therush420 I was being sarcastic

      3. therush420

        @Brian Gregg BYU’s greatest example is Steve Young. I looked at all of OSU’s QBs and none of them made it in the pros.

      4. Brad Buckwalter

        @terrell ivey Wait till you see BYU's next 4 * QB coming down the Pipeline Jacob Conover to step in Zach Wilson's vacated position... turned down an offer from Alabama to be the next QB in line at BYU's unmatched QB tradition.

      5. Brian Gregg

        Ohio State has a similar success rate

    77. James Middleton

      Man, what a fall from grace for Greeny, he literally doesn’t know a thing about football and it’s so sad. I like Fields, but think about how good Wilson would be playing in that offense. Attributes is quite literally how you identify a franchise QB’s, guys with the attributes Wilson has are all studs.

      1. James Middleton

        @Scott Losey yeah it’s absurd how awful he is now

      2. Scott Losey

        He was dumb when he had Golic to keep him in check....not that Golic is gone, unlistenable

    78. Brian

      Why would the Jets take him? Or are you forecasting Jets trade #2 pick for QB?

    79. Jr G

      49ers plz trade up

    80. Brikvah

      WOW... Dan Orlovsky and others have no idea what they're talking about lol!!! Yes, Zach Wilson has some potential and it appears that w the right coach/system he has the potential to be a good professional QB. However there is absolutely nothing definitive about Zach Wilson's play (or collegiate career in general) that heavily projects his NFL draft stock above guys like Justin Fields and other talented QBs in this class... On film I see Wilson going thru his progressions for 15-20 seconds...that's right absolutely no pass rush, never hurried and successfully completes his passes to W I D E - O P E N WRs! Additionally, I hear none of his fanboys questioning the strength of his opponents. The level of completion Zach faced throughout his collegiate career was subpar at best so to me all the hype is baseless. So again, yes he's going to get drafted to play at the next level where he will get a chance to develop into a good NFL QB. However please stop w the nonsense that Zach Wilson is somehow elite, makes "excellent decisions" and "possesses rare skills" that definitively project his draft stock above all others. The claim is baseless

      1. Brikvah

        @Brian high IQ 😆 🤣 OMG! We'll see next season.. but again he won't have 15 seconds to go through progressions and his WRs will be covered 😉

      2. Brian

        His football IQ is significantly higher from reports I’ve seen. Basically asking him what he sees and how he processes every snap before the play and during the play. This is a unique trait that most kids don’t have coming out of college

      3. Brikvah

        @Peter Lochridge no problem Zach!

      4. Peter Lochridge

        ZZZ....... thanks for the boring bed time story it took me two sentences to fall asleep.

    81. jmiami89

      If you think Wilson is going number 2 you're doing coke.

      1. Snow

        It’s either gonna be fields or wilson, I don’t see any other choice unless it’s a receiver or lineman

      2. Big Mego

        @Jarett44 LMAO

      3. Anthony Everts

        It’s a lock

      4. Jarett44

        I think it’s going to be fields. But I’m still doing Coke

      5. BYU for Life

        Alright watch it happen then

    82. Jeremy James

      I think the 49ers will get Justin Fields at 12 if he is still there

      1. ArmandAce

        The niners getting fields is possible but that’s only if they trade up I want him there so bad imagine what it would be like that team would be a real dynasty

      2. Jeremy James

        @Nick Gwyn who would you take at 12 Nick?

      3. Jeremy James

        @Jordan Alexander i agree they should i know i said Justin Fields but i don't think he will be there at 12

      4. Jordan Alexander

        I see niners taking trey lance

      5. Nick Gwyn

        I meaaaaannnn it’s a QB league, I don’t see those many spots not being traded in especially with how good this QB Class is.

    83. EO

      Everyone is forgetting that zach Wilson has one year of outstanding play and fields didn’t end up top 4 in the heisman last year

      1. ArmandAce

        Did Wilson end up in the top 4 of heisman

    84. C.J. Love

      I'm not sold on dude, who did he play, FOH! I WANT JUSTIN FIELDS IN ATLANTA, PERIOD!

      1. Justin G

        @polo hoodie But honestly, the take that gave you away as someone who absolutely doesn't understand football is when you said you'd take Trask over Wilson lmaoooo. YIKES

      2. polo hoodie

        @Justin G I would take Trevor Lawrence first I didn’t think I needed to say that so what are you talking about? My logic is very solid lol, you don’t need to say what’s understood. And CCU doesn’t not get the same type of recruits stop lying to yourself to make Zach Wilson look better than he is. He not better than Lawrence. He’s not better than fields, he’s not better than Mac Jones, didn’t think I’d have to spell it all out for you are you slow?

      3. C.J. Love

        @Justin G He also out dualed Trevor too, something Zach couldn't do

      4. C.J. Love

        @Justin G Yep

      5. Justin G

        @polo hoodie solid logic. I say the jags take Mac Jones number 1 overall then since he’s literally the only team in the country that didn’t lose a game this season. That’s pretty dumb. BYUs recruiting classes are about the same as CCUs in terms of talent. So Justin should have found a way to win against bama right? They both have top recruiting classes every year? And Trevor Lawrence isn’t that good because they lost to OSU?

    85. Vinny B

      Screw Wilson we want Fields!!

      1. BYU for Life

        Field’s isn’t good Ohio state bandwagon

      2. Justin G

        Yes, please take fields so Zach can go to a ream that won’t ruin his career

      3. Austin

        All BYU fans want the jets to take fields cause the jets are so terrible

    86. Rloy

      Another Trubisky on deck

    87. Sharrybay Thompson

      its funny how everyone says Fields won't be good because OSU never had a QB do well. Ok? Oregon never had a QB until Justin Herbert & at some point Michigan didnt have one either until Brady so there's a first time for everything. No school has consistently put out QBs that do well in the NFL and thats because it's not about the school, its about the player. By that logic Michigan should have a QBs doing what Brady, Tennessee should have QBs after Peyton Manning, Wisconsin should have QBs after Russel Wilson. Texas Tech should have another Mahomes..but they dont

      1. Themilio xperience


      2. Zach

        @Joshua Mitchell i see more mcnabb than wilson but i agree he will be great

      3. 2legit77

        @Sharrybay Thompson lol you just don’t get it do you ? I’m not gonna waste my time you’re right .

      4. Sharrybay Thompson

        @2legit77 yeah cause Lawrence and Field's stats definitely mean nothing. By your logic back up QBs should get drafted too since they have no stats.

      5. 2legit77

        @Sharrybay Thompson stats smats, they mean absolutely nothing bro . They are the lazy mans way of evaluating qbs .

    88. Andrew Messer

      You gotta watch Zach Wilson film before you hate on him. He throws an extremely accurate deep ball and is a great kid. But at the same time, I’d still take Justin Fields before Wilson.

      1. C.J. Love

        Me too and he look average against CCU

    89. Job

      Greeny seems to sound dumber and dumber the longer hes away from the Mike that actually knows about football.

      1. EnglandBengal

        100p. He’s a joke, and kind of a puss.

      2. Lee da Hitman

        This is a fact. Greeny is a JOKE

    90. Russell Kempe

      Zach Wilson maybe needs to go to Indy. He shouldn't be going to a struggling Team like the Jets. (Cowboys should trade-up for him and dump Dak. Cowboys can survive with Zach and Andy Dalton. )

      1. Brian

        Cowboys have way more problems than QB. Also none of the moves the cowboys have been making would make any sense for them to let Dak go.

    91. Mc.BaconStrips

      Man BYU and Zach wilson are so overrated its stupid. Like i literally cant understand why they think this dude is better than fields lawrence and all these insane talented players its beyond stupid. I dont even understand how this is debateable

      1. Spencer

        @Sharrybay Thompson Coastal was ranked dude not sure what you mean by "no name coastal carolina" they were one of the best teams this year

      2. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Brian yeah but my point is what school you played at doesnt necessarily mean you'll be good or bad so that shouldn't be a determining factor in the draft for player evaluation

      3. Brian

        @Sharrybay Thompson And yet the comment I responded to stated that BYU was overrated. In the context of the discussion BYU is not overrated as they have had significantly more success, which can be an indicator in draft projection (not for the overall player evaluation, but for the draft projection).

      4. Sharrybay Thompson

        @Brian that doesnt mean anything because it's about the players not the school. By your logic Michigan should've made multiple QB's like Tom Brady, Tennessee should have more QBs like Peyton Manning, Texas Tech should have another Mahomes...I can keep going.

      5. Brian

        I mean historically BYU has had WAY MORE good NFL QBs than Ohio State.... like it’s not even close - Marc Wilson - Jim McMahon - Steve Young - Ty Demter - Gifford Nielsen - Taysom Hill

    92. Kameron Lord

      “Mixed bag” lmfaooooo got Greeny so fucked up 😭😭😭

    93. Robert Harvey

      super bowl

    94. Robert Harvey

      zach Wilson love

    95. Larry Hatcher

      It's not easy to rate these QBs. They are so close together. This year it's going to be about the same as it is every year. You have one or two guys who will make it....one or two guys who will fall on their face and the rest will just fill out a roster. Me personally I like Lawrence and Jones to make it. I think Wilson has a chance but he is definitely a project...kinda like Josh Allen.......Sadly I don't see it for Fields.....He'll try run when he gets in trouble and will get killed

      1. Larry Hatcher

        @Brian Denver? Laughing...Noticed the parade of QBs there over the last 10 years....Also QB coach is Shula....Not exactly who I'd want to develop my skills

      2. Brian

        Zach needs to go to Denver or San Francisco to get the right development

      3. MotivationRUs

        @Arthur Melander You're accusing that individual of going off of emotions and not facts but you make a statement suggesting that wilson "has greater accuracy that fields" which is simply not true, if you did the slightest bit of research you would know that fields is the most accurate qb in the draft beating out also the "generation talent" Lawrence

      4. Clarencethegoat Croom

        @Arthur Melander who did Zac wilson play since you know everything

      5. Arthur Melander

        @Clarencethegoat Croom This is what you get when you go off emotions instead of facts. It is easy to see that Zach Wilson is better developed and has greater accuracy than Fields. What are you? Obviously a fan of OSU or the big schools based on emotion.

    96. DonnieTheSportsGuy

      Nope Greeny is an idiot. Then again the Jets org are run by idiots but finally the coach is not an idiot. We'll see. Draft play makers don't push reset button on QB and have another 2018 and 2019 and 2020 🙄

    97. ツFluffers

      It better not be

    98. Trent Williams

      Fields to the Falcons!

      1. Jonzsta

        I just feel like if we are actually seriously looking at fields or Wilson for the #4 pick. We should see if the Texans want it for deshaun watson. (Obv gonna take more than that but still inquire)

      2. D Scott

        @Fred Wright And Justin gonna give y’all fits

      3. DagoatJAY

        Don’t forget the jets have that pick I think they gonna pick him

      4. Fred Wright

        As a Saints fan...yes indeed

    99. dashmow

      You get Zach Wilson when you order Justin Herbert off wish

    100. TJ Sutton

      I honestly think that Wilson is going to be all the hype going into the 2021 season and either not play or play like Dwayne Haskins. It hurts saying that because I am a MASSIVE OSU fan.

      1. Justin G

        @Elbert Robles very well said. Box score only tells a portion of the story. The advanced metrics show just how good Zach is. Can’t even really make the argument that his competition was horrible given that his receivers were still locked down most of the time. Hence the most completions into tight windows. He’ll be special

      2. Elbert Robles

        Wilson makes NFL throws that very few QB prospects have been able to make in the past 15 years. The guys that usually don't plan out don't because their college stats were inflated from poor competition. Wide open receivers tend to hide a lot of problems from tight coverages or pressure blitzes that you get in the NFL. That's not the case with Wilson. Look at his film, most of his amazing throws were thrown into tight windows. Not to mention his arm strength. Not only does he have amazing accuracy 30+ yards but he throws bombs that make it even more difficult for a CB to deflect. In the NFL, most Quarterbacks only make sideline throws less than 25 yards out because of arm strength. Obviously the farther you throw, the easier it will be for the CB to recover. When you add an all pro CB to the mix, QB's tend to stay away from those throws all together. Wilson will be a rare exception to that rule. Only Rodgers and Mahomes have the accuracy and arm strength to make those 25+ yards sideline throws on the consistent basis. Wilson will be another added to that mix once he gets to the NFL because of his arm talent. Lastly look at his across the body throw that went for 60 yards. You can't teach that, you either have it or you don't.

      3. Justin G

        Curious what evidence points you to that conclusion?

      4. Tristan Brown

        @CADE WENDZICKI your right. like i don't get it my self.


        same here but tbh he will not go to the jets these mock drafts are dumb