Scott Martin

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    One of the strongest and hardest fighting fish that swims. Suzanne challenges Reed to a 1v1 Challenge for the Biggest Fish. They both got their butts KICKED!
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    1. Scott Martin

      These fish fight like crazy! What is your dream fish to catch saltwater or freshwater? 🔥

      1. Luís Sarmento

        Already got Bluefin, Blue Marlin, White Marlin, Sailfish. Next in the dream list Tarpoon and GT.

      2. Bold City Fishing


      3. RANGER2livE

        Evinrude is undergoing a name change and the next future of outboards is on its way

      4. way 20k

        Where is the Oklahoma tournament gonna be at I would love to be there

      5. parashooter32

        100# + tarpoon is my dream fishing trip.

    2. Jed Steelwell

      Beautiful family man.

    3. Jose Morales

      What a blessed life: choice lifestyle, beautiful fishing wife, awesome kids.

    4. John Jenkins

      Another great video with you and your family. I am looking to buy one of the Ol Salty rods from Favorite and I would like to know what model size you were using?

    5. John Eberts

      Great time beautiful fish my buddy used to catch them on a fly rod how crazy is that

    6. Jeff Fournier

      Never disappointed with your vids.

    7. 巴斯兄弟

      Thank you for sharing this video, very lovely family and good job on the fish.

    8. Johnny B

      It’s a father/husband’s role to put his family before himself. Thanks for the nice family video! And it’s freshwater for me. I know how to tie and rig freshwater. I’ve got to use the deckhand on the salt. That makes me feel I missed something along the line. No pun intended.

    9. david vargas

      13:37 rod transition? Hmmmm 🤔🤔🤔

    10. Shenanigan King

      Very blessed you are sir! Keep up the good work and God Bless!

    11. Batchhitt

      Never liked watching saltwater fish but your videos with your family are amazing. I love these videos Scott.

    12. Ravi Jayson Dwarku

      Very nice fishing skills out there on that boat Wow it may look simple but i know those fights was not a simple game..congrats to your son for winning..but he must Watch out coz your wife did not said her last word yet..great to see this Spirit in all ur familly..loved this vid just b4 going to made my day..😄

    13. Sam Williams

      lol when reid said is there gold on the eagle😂😂 outer banks for da boys

    14. FloridaKayakGuy

      Suzannes rod changed in the middle of the fight

    15. Caleb Hand

      We miss Brandon!

    16. ULUA


    17. Curtis Loden

      Scott Martin you are living the dream with a beautiful family

    18. Curtis Loden

      No Doubt the Martins are several generations of fishermen

    19. Rob Fish

      I'm not sure lipping a fish that big to measure its weight is healthy for the fish. Just Sayin

    20. Vince Walczak

      great video

    21. The wired Fisherman With the baits

      Nice catch

    22. Adam Halstead

      Some serious belbeefo fish..when they decide to flatten out when fighting..brutes!

    23. Check Mate

      That's work right there Sexy Mama... Just downright AWESOME Sauce. Ready to see you put the smackdown on those boys butts. Yep I said it.. Fellas.🤜🤛🌋🔥

    24. Tim Fontenot

      How did y’all get away without Hillary ??? Lol

    25. Shaun Roberts

      Nice!!!!!!! C'mon Mrs. Martin.

    26. Logan Seeliger

      Someone made a face account on instagram for Hillary

    27. Owen Rolph

      hey scott, do you compete in kenora bass international?

    28. Lake To Gulf Fishing

      Didn't know Scott Martin is a Bad Bunny fan 👌😂

    29. Levi Barrett

      Scott liking comments?!

    30. Joseph Costa

      Is Brandon not on the team anymore???

    31. Avi Freed

      With a grandfather like Roland and a father like Scott it’s no wonder all Scott’s kids are such good fishermen

    32. popad45

      Good one your a lucky man Scott

    33. fourwheeler God

      I think I seen your boat not to long ago in Moore haven I live in Moore haven but I got family in clewston Tim lee you might know him

    34. Adam Lopez

      Such a blessed family

    35. matt collier

      Tell that beautiful lady she kicked butt and she made them fish look good and you should probably buy reed a couple acrobatic classes as for the rod boot sucker punch I got nothing on that aside from he probably will not make that mistake again lol

    36. Brycin Hart

      Scott Martin are you still fishing in bass tournament

    37. Jake Schisler

      That was great!

    38. Jake Combs

      Mama Martin put the hurtin on them permits

    39. Bobby Heitz

      Was sure hopeing MAMA Martin could beat Reed. May be next time. Love your videos.

    40. Josefabian Jacobo

      Is Brandon(cameraman) still part of the channel.?

    41. Justin Case

      So where’s Spinnerworm been🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Josefabian Jacobo

        I’m saying

    42. Brock Johnson

      My favorite fishing channel with awesome people! Godbless the Martins, keep in keepin on man!

    43. Logan loe doe Crizer

      Great vid bro

    44. Jesse Hillis

      Scott Martin love all the vids you post. You're very knowledgeable on all fish and I love when you share your wisdom . Thank you for all you do

      1. Jesse Hillis


      2. Scott Martin

        You’re welcome!

    45. Scott Jones

      Dang! Mom sure has a competitive spirit! Love yall

    46. FL bear bassing

      THOSE WERE TANKS!!!!!!!!!!! Nice catch reed!!!

      1. Scott Martin

        Fish of a lifetime.

    47. Larry Warfield

      Great looking boat. I don't have a bucket list but that boat or one close to it would be at the top of the list.

    48. Steven Rochon

      FAMILY TIME 👊👊👊

    49. Ben Butler

      Iv'e always wanted to go saltwater fishing, but I have never had chance. All I know is freshwater fishing. Iv'e always wanted to have a better fight than stripers and largemouth.

      1. Johnny B

        Ben Butler Get ahold of a giant grouper, and fight to keep him from going back in his hole. When he does, he wins and you lose. It’s a blast!

    50. Ricky Ferguson

      Thank you for allowing us to spend time with your family! Very enjoyable ! God Bless you and your family!

      1. Scott Martin

        Thank you:)

    51. Randy Creason

      Man I miss the tournament videos.

      1. Hunter Burnham Fishing

        @Scott Martin Dope!!!

      2. Scott Martin

        Well that’s about to change this next week.:)

    52. Cory Crouch

      Mannnnn its good to see those Siesta Key Marina shirts!!! And Reed.... Thanks for rocking my hat!!! Maybe that was your good muck charm!!!! 💪💪💪 Great work guys!!

      1. Scott Martin

        They love those shirts!

    53. Living the Dream

      Scott's the real winner

      1. Scott Martin

        Indeed :)

    54. Larry Stolzman

      I think Suzanne won when you combine both fish for total weight! Mom’s should always win! Simple household logic!

    55. Larry Warfield

      beautiful new boat

    56. The ACL experience

      Gotta protect them family jewels at all times Macoy!!🤣

    57. Garett Grosser

      That’s pretty good your wife Had a black fishing rod and catches the last permit on a white rod

    58. Greg Gulledge Fishing Adventures

      Awesome video! That nut shot tho! Lol

    59. MattGT2

      Hillary would’ve won this challenge😂

      1. James Blanton

        Hillary definitely looks like her mom

    60. Brad D

      A lil poop , never hurt. Always look out for number one, but don't step in number two while doing so, LOL

      1. Scott Martin


    61. Gaar Outdoors

      It makes me happy to see you doing the things you love as a family and have such a good time! That's what life is all about!

    62. Brent Summers

      Great vid with the fam!

    63. Heikki Linna

      Great fishing videos and greetings from finland Scott.

      1. Heikki Linna

        @Scott Martin i am a fan of heavyweight since 2014👊

      2. Scott Martin

        Finland..very cool! Thank you for Watching our videos.

    64. James Terrill III

      Nice fish. I wished I could put my kids on some permit this summer. Suzanne sure looks like her mom, Suzy atleast to me. Looks like fun

      1. James Terrill III

        Scott Martin that will get you some brownie points.

      2. Scott Martin

        Awww..I need to get Suzie on one next

    65. Robert Elliott


    66. Gene Rosen

      That 41 Lbs was a toad

    67. Tim Wheaton

      Scott I gotta say how much we enjoy your videos. Competition is one thing, but having all family is absolutely what is about. The tug is the drug !! Keep up the amazing video's! Hi 5 to you and your whole family!! 😎👍

    68. stacy gowan

      Be there next weekend for 2 weeks

    69. D C

      Cottage cheese city

      1. DW B

        I guess you need a shower then, aye stinky.

    70. Photo Bob

      I’m obsessed with bass fishing but not sure I’d do it if I had access to that boat and the ocean! Holy sheet that’s fun

    71. Russ Dennis

      Hillary looks just like her mom. Thx for sharing.

    72. Pe 64

      Hey Scott, god bless you and your family. May the Lord continue to pour out his blessings on you guys. Stay Safe and God Bless

    73. Kevin flabouyfishing

      Stoppem but dont hold the drag is what you told him lol I think you need a 8000 size for permit to let the Martin's showem wassup and not have a heart break!!! Lol that's a great day !!!🎣🎣👍👍😎😎

    74. Wayne Heath

      Suzanne.... I hope this one isn't a turd. Permit..... I'll show you!. Awesome vid. Looked like a fun day

    75. M

      Momma got her boy a big ole chain. All he needs is gold viseversa hooks.

    76. BigBoyBerlin

      That dude who got first fish had ringworm on his side

      1. BigBoyBerlin

        @DW B I think you being sarcastic I was just trying to tell them in case they didn’t know

      2. DW B

        Thanks Doc

    77. Rusty Wells

      Now I know were Hillary gets her looks and fishing skills and her unstoppable will to win!

    78. Irving Garcia

      scott take me fishing with you!!! anyways keep up the good work!

    79. CynicOfAll

      That was awesome! The wife is quite the Fisher gal! Dream fish would be a 10# smallmouth....

    80. Greg Thomas

      How long before SMC stands for Scott Martin Charters

    81. TheBlindkiller85407

      By that mark on reed, it looks like he was paint balling recently haha

    82. duckcommander32

      WHat rod and reels are these and line?

      1. duckcommander32

        @Scott Martin which size reel? I like the look of those and how well they worked

      2. Scott Martin

        Ol salty by Favorite Rods

    83. G Michel, Jr.

      Good to see a lil’ poop 💩 didn’t ruin family fun ✊🏾 Suzanne Martin is a trouper.

    84. Mac Harrod

      Scott living Leesburg would love to come down and go fishing with you be my dream and I'm 70

      1. Ace

        Leesburg Ga? I live there too

    85. Greg Phillips

      10/4. That’s a shame. Didn’t know.

    86. Andrew Rogers

      Hey Scott!! Just wanted to say I really enjoy your videos especially the ones where your kids take you fishing lol! In the day and time we live in you don’t see many kids spending time with there parents that your kids do! That one reason why I love and support everything you do! Your a clean fisherman not a dirty mouth like most! And you put God first before anything and give him the glory when you win. I highly respect you because of that!! Keep it up and stay safe Scott!! Pray for you as you travel these roads!

    87. Stanley Shelby

      Enjoyed it Scott...has Reed stopped getting taller yet? Must get the height genes from his

    88. Greg Phillips

      I hope you kept one to eat. They are excellent to eat. That’s a great time anytime.

      1. Scott Martin

        Unfortunately they were not in season

    89. LB7 Wade

      Great fishing with the family!! The only way Hilary will lose is to leave her at home!!

    90. j w

      Awesome video Scott!!! Always great to watch , I want to fish with you all, Lake Lanier !!! Come on!!!!

    91. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      Kind of a crappy 💩 way to end lol 😂💩💩 fish poop everywhere. Scott has Jokes 😂👍👍👍

    92. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      What’s awesome is that the entire family is just as competitive as Scott. His sons and daughters, Lovely wife and Mom and we all know Mr. Roland is the man 👨 😁👍👍👍👍👍😎🇺🇸👌🍺💪🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣 Nothing beats taking your family out on the boat and everyone having a good time together. It’s definitely not like watching TV or everyone on the couch on their phones lol 😂. Perfect American Family example. We all should be so fortunate with The Lords Blessing. 😁💪🇺🇸🍺🍺🎣🎣🎣🎣🎣😎👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

    93. CrankBait TV

      Hey Scott you’ve really inspired me to fish and I just want to say thanks

    94. True Nature Stormers

      Soooooooooooo funny Love it and amazing love...009

    95. Squirrel Hunting outdoors

      Sick fish

    96. Drag Smooth Fishing TV

      @ 8:30 in the video 😂💪👍😁👌🍺🍺🎣🎣🎣. Lmao 🤣. I’m sorry dude, that one hurt my family jewels 💎 lol 😂. Awesome video 👌👍😁😎🎣🎣🎣👍👍👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍👍

    97. Jon DeMars

      Be careful with that beer (assuming it’s beer) while driving the boat (assuming it’s yours), not sure how it works down there but up here in Michigan if u get busted doing that (the driver has been drinking) it’s the same charge as driving the car, my buddy got a OWI (DUI) on a boat last summer and had to go through the same shit everyone that got one in a car did

    98. Lurxs void

      Nice video!

    99. steve mcbride

      All i do is bass fish if i can figure these ledge fish out here on guntersville lake i will be doing ok

    100. Timothy Loughman

      Nice Fish Awesome job momma Martin!!