SHE'S NOT THE GOLD DIGGER! HE IS! Saddest Loyalty Test


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    1. Max Ianusi

      I swear everyone's hating on her🤣

    2. Mary Tweteitse

      This girl has a serious problem.🙆‍♀️

    3. lyb koria

      School Beef be like

    4. Angela Cortez


    5. Santiago Zambrano

      She toxic because the girl only touch her boi friend hand like she got to chill

    6. Imonie Rose

      Love yup p2

    7. Mall Jones


    8. Malachi Williams

      I respect you I like Travis Scott to

    9. Rahsaan Woodson

      She had to ruin it ,he was really gonna failed it😎😎

    10. Jerome Burton

      Grace held p2s hand so cute #1 Friendship

    11. Dragons: Race to the edge

      Jayvee gave permission to grace and then she said that she was crossing the limits.

    12. lamek henry


    13. Killua Zoldyck


    14. Nicco Arcadia

      I jus hate/luv those jealous traits on those girls!

    15. Lori Brooks

      The girlfriend is stoooopid!

    16. Riddy Folaranmi

      If you’re testing him then you don’t trust him

    17. Damia Harris

      He's too friendly that's all.

    18. Jason Mantri

      No wonder they took a break it’s probably her psycho nature that got him to take the break💀

    19. Bella Roe

      How you get mad at what you wanted 😂 she a clown lmaoooo

    20. Isabella Onneng

      wtf is wrong with jayvee she literally gave grace permission to do what he did like tf and then when grace does it she get mad plus she ruined it i bet yall if grace kept pushing nd bothering him he might have failed she is hella annoying she made a fool of herself

    21. Kateal Ollie Romay

      she got dem knees doe

    22. Lamb ____

      There's so much wrong with this.. Gf clearly has issues Bf is probably just awkward and doesn't know how to tell this girl to fuck off, though shouldn't be entertaining it so much Whole thing is just cringe to watch 😅

    23. DeNisheun Jackson

      She’s so insecure lol

    24. Madison Taylor

      girl in the grey told her to do that and then she got upset. that’s how you know she don’t trust in and she insecure

    25. Sita Amir

      Let’s just be honest Javey had to be jealous

    26. Annih Stacey

      Jayvee couldn’t handle the heat! Why is she mad at the other girl. In my opinion she was respectful. She is going hard because she was asked to. I wonder what will happen if he meets another girl who isn’t being recorded... some girls will go harder than Grace...

    27. Thet Tint

      Why do they talk like that? what type of accent is that?

    28. TragicX

      She shouldve came to udy

    29. ツCorn Dawg

      I understand why she was mad, it did seem like she kept going too long

    30. MK W

      What a nut job! I hope he runs away. It was fictional and she was trying to beat up the woman who was acting....

    31. Elite Player 12

      I stg rappers be missin out on the most beautiful girls

    32. freakymeltdown1

      This just worsened the relationship. No trust, no point being in it.

    33. lightning spear

      He deserves more subscribers he has so much respect most respectful guy I’ve seen can’t lie

    34. Diamond Smith

      Girl no he didn’t 🤦🏼‍♀️😂🤣...

    35. Cool

      Been a fan since 2018 when you used to play fn dawg miss the old vlogs bro 👍

    36. Ronaldo John

      The gf is funny as fuck 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    37. Don Pablo

      Gives her permission to take it too far n she takes it too far now she's mad 😂😂😂

    38. Maryelin Roca

      She just got jealous. That’s why she acts so stupid.

    39. Kevin S.

      He is about the failed the test until the annoying girl showed up.!🤬

    40. Kevin S.

      The girl is annoying asf. She asked for it!

    41. francisco jones

      THIS WORLD SHALL KNOW PAIN naruto coming in and knocking pain tf out

    42. Jayden

      I don't like her at all

    43. Malachi Young

      Bruh jayvee betta watch herself 💯

    44. eRe A

      Girl has no respect for her man and his kid to do at the time he picks up his kid knowing the way she is

    45. eRe A

      The girlfriend is immature and stupid I would of left her for the test then acting like that then she told her to go hard I'm glad the girlfriend got exposed for her man not passing she got jealous bcuz she ugly and her man wanted better

    46. Desdesigns

      If she didn't go hard how did she expect to see his actual reaction?

    47. Fidash Gustav

      mGrace did super good ..jayvee needs to relax and have patience

    48. LavenderFace_ LilMari04

      The girl was acting lowkey crazy like hun if yu go act tha way than don’t put him in that predicament like Fr. Yu at fault luv sorry

    49. Fabian

      Let’s get P2 to 4 mil . Come on

    50. Isaac Martinez

      Mans has definitely gotta try and do these sum more

    51. Viola

      She rlly doesn't trust her boyfriend since she did this :/

    52. Nebula Insane

      Girlfriend insecure af😭

    53. seaan 901_

      Women yooo😂😂🤦🏾‍♂️

    54. seaan 901_

      She tripped on G😂😂💔

    55. JayJ S

      Mans doing a youtube version of cheaters man lol

    56. Keyo Newme

      She's crazy

    57. Jeremy

      He did good, girlfriends give less affection and compliments so he passes cause he ain’t get the number or take advantage for how thirsty she was being.

    58. Rosey Beutiful

      He said no leave him alone

    59. Sandile Mogashoa

      Nesi crrrraaaaazzzyyyy

    60. Sleepy

      Damn bro now he doesn't trust he

    61. Ereh Yeager

      its going TOO far? bro she said she have permission to do it tf.

    62. Towaoc Gaming

      P2 you need to make more videos like this man 🥇

    63. CM Emm

      He’s too friendly but she asked for it tryna test him. Lol this is so cringy to watch 😭🪦 the girlfriend is mad embarrassing

    64. CarztYler

      she asked if she can go all out bruh tf jayvee getting mad for

    65. Baby J

      it was coming out he was finna fail bro

    66. Gabrielle Duarte-leon

      Iv been watching all ur video all night im glad i found ur channel i love it and i love asia!

    67. Gabrielle Duarte-leon

      U need a show!

    68. Esaias

      who's subscribed since the 2k18 days

    69. 2k_Traps 2k_traps

      Ive been a fan over 4 years ive been wstching sence i was 9

      1. 2k_Traps 2k_traps

        Pls cN i get one

      2. 2k_Traps 2k_traps

        I think u can do shout outs and giveAways

    70. TribeClan

      I’ve been a fan for like 3-4 years now

    71. SF Dxrian

      Jv low key doin to much she should’ve known that was gon happen she acting like a wussy

    72. Boring life ò.ó

      I been watched this but i wanna say u had me in the first half

    73. Raghav Saxena


    74. Okeke Chantal

      nah sis you were scared he was gon fail.

    75. James Ross

      Yo I just gotta say that ya girl Grace REALLY DID HER THANG, she did exactly what you asked her to do ya feel me. But the chic who requested this only got in her feelings and she shouldn't have because that's what she asked for. She was straight up WRONG for acting like that. Then Grace even said at the beginning that she didn't want ol'girl to get mad at her. But she did anyway. Guess she really didn't know what she wanted. ☹☹☹☹☹☹🤘

    76. The Life Of Daveone

      She slow anyways her boyfriend is crazy nocap

    77. The Life Of Daveone

      She told her to do that low key

    78. Dunsin Dunsin

      The girlfriend should’ve watched til the end though (what was the point of starting ?)

    79. Buhle Nkuna

      This is just like Cheats😕

    80. Franky

      Fuck that I’m spreading hate you know what they say the guilty 1 always has the most trust issues

    81. Nardley Gallimore

      She’s a fool she told to go hard then she try to blame it on her she’s crazy 💯😒

    82. Kaira Aranaha

      Grace “not her trying to fight me bru “ Me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣.

    83. James Harden


    84. Diana Ashley

      Jayvee so stupid...being too overprotective you just look stupid🤦 you told her to push it hard

    85. mtmoneysniper24

      See, this is why you dont involve the significant other on the experiments. It just doesnt work out, they get too into it without anymore proof or evidence.

    86. mtmoneysniper24

      "We dont got no trust issues" she literally didnt trust him from the beginning of the video and on, I ain't tryna be hater

    87. Brooke Smith

      I think he would’ve failed if she didn’t see the pic of him an his girl an ask about it lol because he was going w it til she called him out on having a girl

    88. usher Crawford

      I think she's crazy

    89. Syfy

      Like P2 actually Got hired by a Maniac that's insecure

    90. Syfy

      7:40 I like hearing that Awwwww Sound😂😂😂😂

    91. notgoneconform

      My only question is how he get away with calling his girl "bro"

    92. Fl Mod

      Df u gon come on the experiment and mess it up she’ll never come back in my experiment I’ll tell you that

    93. Kai Danielle

      I feel like Jayvee is just insecure bc she said the reason on the test was bc he was around a lot of women. Which makes me think she either don’t trust him or she’s insecure and thinks she’s replaceable

    94. Alvie ralte

      he fail and the girlfriend so stupid 😂😂🤦🏻‍♀️ She just like him nd gone crazy... And in the end he fail she ruin

    95. baelashcollections

      Why be mad if you agreed to it? She mad dumb. Loved how well grace handled her cool

    96. Dan Owusu

      That girl is so fried it’s unbelievable how u gonna tell someone to go hard and then say they going too hard?

    97. Hopeful Days

      That rapper needs to dump her ASAP

    98. Hopeful Days

      That girl testing her boyfriend is purely dumb 🤦🏾‍♀️

    99. ixmelanin

      Omg don’t agree to something if you weren’t going to go through with it 😡

    100. jaylin ramirez

      Bruh I don’t understand jayvee bro p2 straight up told his friend to flirt hard she said aight then she asked jayvee if that was a cool with her they jayvee said yeah it cool then p2 friend did her part flirted hard and jayvee got mad jayvee was the one doing to much jayvee need to chill