Teen Cheats Off Of Nerd's Math Test, Ending Is Shocking | Dhar Mann

Dhar Mann

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    00:00 Teen Cheats Off Of Nerd's Math Test, Ending Is Shocking
    04:57 Recommend Video To Watch Next

    Writer: Kat Davila and Dhar Mann
    Idea: Michelle Do and Dhar Mann
    Director: Rushikesh Bhadane
    Editor: Brian S. Nelson
    Casting Associate: Mikayla Miller, Daniel Carrera, Lauren Parsons
    Project Managers: Nix Villarubin, Hope Mueller
    Production Assistant: Carlos Orellana, Felipe Martinez
    Sound: Noel Palacios
    Teacher - Riki Westmoreland
    Billy/Bully - Devon Weetly
    Frankie/Nerd - Ayden Mekus
    Student 1 (Kelsi) - Sophia Hawkins
    Student 2 (Mike) - Nathaniel Sanchez
    Student 3 (Matthew) - Myles Lassiter
    Student 4 (Isabelle) - Lylah Carmel
    Student 5 - Samantha Divis
    Student 6 - Grace Loggins
    #LiveYourBestLife #DharMann

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    1. Dhar Mann

      Hey #DharMannFam, EXCITING NEWS! Shop my latest limited edition merch collection, everything is on SALE! Shop now before it sells out: bit.ly/2KCEl1Y Also, thanks for watching my video! For exclusive giveaways & more inspirational content follow me on Instagram here: bit.ly/2Kcbgs2

      1. Steven Lucas jr


      2. Dyedits

        Hihihiihihihihihiiiiiii hueue

      3. Cathulu101 _

        lEt's sEe hOw mAnY suBs i caN gEt fRoM tHiS coMmeNT, i currenTly hAve 16


        This is so cool

      5. Clara Santiago

        @Dhar Mann I have a great idea for the next video. A metalhead girl gets bullied and metalhead guys don't think she's a "true metalhead"

    2. Shealin Banta

      I’d rather be the smart and popular kid than the nerd who gets bullied

    3. Margaret keh Keh

      You know what is so stupid billy tripped frankie and expects frankie to help him cheat ???!!!

    4. Gamer Boy

      Everyone calls me a nerd in school but I’m also the smartest one

    5. Sian Kinson

      There's nothing wrong with being a nerd Nerd=smartness and success

    6. FBU RaYZzz

      I was failing my classes in school and I watched these videos and now I’m a straight A student I want to thank you dhar man for helping me in school he really is changing lives

    7. JAYDEN chest


    8. Crxtic Snag

      Yes if you cheat you will never get when I was in school one of my friend cheated off my test I want to tell the teachers so bad but you had to finish your test before you tell the teacher anything what are you doing with your chest you post to tell her teacher I’m done teacher he was copying my test so you possibly doing that instead of just not telling your teacher what your friend friendWhich I don’t know if that’s your phone because he bullied you so don’t be scared to tell the teacher anything

    9. Rxiny

      bruh hes failing all his classes

    10. Big Nath Plays Roblox

      Billy its Bully LOL

    11. Jameyah Jones

      Came in all hype den when she asked him to do the problem on the board he said 😃 to 🙂 I’m dead🤣don’t even know the answer

    12. Heidi Pratt

      Bro why do people think that being a nerd is a bad thing. A nerd is just an intelligent person. 🤓

    13. Aidan Joshi

      Billy: I have to pass this class Ayden: **JAW DROPS** Ms J: Do this. Me: time to get a taste of ur own medicine.

    14. blu is sus

      to the bully i would say, "oh so u depending on the girl you bully all day? hm im like the royal and the peasant for you, you cant even do your own thing HAHA! GUYS LOOK AT THIS LOSER RIGHT HERE LMAOOOO"

    15. A

      Look its billy the bully

    16. A

      Why is billy always the bad guy

    17. Caroline Keen

      In actual school, the nerd would've gotten a zero too

    18. Amartey Tv

      Read your bible and praise Jesus and God god bless :)

    19. •K a y d e n•

      Nerd = kindness

    20. ll_cloudsxo Roblox

      Good video ⭐️

    21. Sudhakar Isireddy

      Nerd=Person WHO Loves To Study

    22. Manzo M

      It's weird that when a student does something wrong the teacher wouldn't notice.

    23. notsosus

      In America:glasses are for nerds they have for eyes In Asia:my teacher has for eyes litterally looking at the white board but knows what we are doing

    24. a Cafe a cake

      Omg wat the teacher new

    25. Jeshaiah Cailey Canapit

      he is so rude

    26. layma lopez

      2:45 At first: :D Now: :|

    27. charles Espiritu

      Billy's mind: nani idk whats the answer Frenkie's mind: hahahahahahahaha billy

    28. Monze Gonzalez

      In like movies the happy ending make me like boring 😴 but on darmands channel ther a master piece

    29. SadistFurret420

      get rekt

    30. Toorū Oikawa

      Why am I somehow triggered about that cup being on its side?😂😂 4:53

    31. Dylan

      does anyone else find this really really toxic

    32. ryshon brooks

      someone cheated off my exams and failed

    33. Eliza Aguilar

      Please make mor videos dhar please i love your vids

    34. Latchmin Mcintyre


    35. Sea Witch Slayer

      The first exam that I made a hundred on was precalculus (college)


      Girl: I gotta go my mums taking me shoping at gucci. later.... Me: "GASPS" SHE'S HOLDING CHANNEL

    37. rosa_paola 93

      Frankie you do you’re the best you’re Billy come over here trying to do something millet you buy a number right you don’t stop cheating like I’m not trying to put you go to factory I love Frankie Frankie yo because AJ off of Frankie just know that you’ll never get ahead so yeah you’ll never ever get ahead a long is each Frank he said he cheat you don’t adultery you get hit by and said he tried to do copy of Frankie

    38. Ethan chatchat

      i wanna be a nerd :(

    39. Joey White

      Lol I get called a nerd at school all the time but I'm working 2 years above everyone in science and maths sooooo. I guess I'll be the "Nerd" employer, employing the so called "popular kids"


      Its funny tht is one story they were friends lol🤣🤣

    41. B Galeano

      Ok, can we mention how savage and smart that teacher is. She made 2 COPIES of the test

    42. bwlbo


    43. Lika Qoniashvili

      why is bullers eyebrows loading.....

    44. Bee Hoj

      What I would do in that kid’s place is tell the teacher out loud about it and if he hurts me I would just tell my parents and they can chat and stuff lol yeah

    45. thicc

      2:45 When you drop your ice-cream

    46. Retro Slick

      Bro if I was the teen I will take an online summer class and finesse the answers and get an A fuq repeating another year of high school

    47. ꧁boba tea gacha꧂

      another. savage. MOMMENT

    48. Anna Ashley

      Dhar Mann I just want to tell you you are making everyone’s day better at this time

    49. Gaming With the Bunny

      If I was called a nerd, I would take that was a complement

    50. Simon kok

      this sounds like racisum... i dont rlly know tho.

    51. Violettales

      This video is very realistic and i loved to watch it

    52. Deb Taylor


    53. Iniya

      The idiots at my old school would call me a nErD because I wore damn G L A S S E S a nErD is someone who just loves to study. I hate studying and just because I wear glasses DOESN'T.MEAN.I'M.A.FRICKING.NERD

    54. octokon

      geez Billy got got so hard, left my jaw dead lol

    55. Mani Morenol

      If someone calls you a nerd they just called you smarter then them so you can call them dumb

    56. Tejeshwar Umamaheswar


    57. Kurt Russel Torres

      Instant Karma my dude!

    58. koodarisamu

      Why is the one who doing wrong always black?

    59. Annie Beauregard


    60. Ruhul Amin


    61. FTL_

      I thought the nerd was a bully in a different video 😂 lmao

    62. Ibrahim Abbad

      4:25 I love how all the students do oooooo when sombody is in trouble also nice roast miss

    63. Geydhen Alburo


    64. Andrew Kaindu


    65. gacha_tulip

      My cousin laughed at the insult so I paused it

    66. English Guy

      Love the vid! Keep up the great work!

    67. phillip Jimenez


    68. maretta coolwell

      Yo ayden was the best in this man

    69. ZAP Take the L

      Billy bully

    70. GoldenDiamondBeast

      me liek frankie :D

    71. Harlow Keener

      The people watching this that cheat but also try to learn at the same time and are now ashamed of what their doing but know that they dont know how to do math and they cant stop cheating or their grade will go down and they NEED to pass watching this... Give this a like 👇🏼

    72. Cyber Is On Fire

      thanks Dhar mann

    73. Cyber Is On Fire

      its true i regret when i cheat

    74. dorothy webb

      Cheter bro

    75. Anime Gamer

      Billy is back or this is the original.

    76. DawnsFlowerz

      "nerd": a person with glasses who is smarter than you :)

    77. Grace Irose

      It always the one who gets bullied becomes successful

    78. Taylor Falk

      @cody ko please grace us with more dhar mann content

    79. Ninja Legends YT

      Who's more mean? Boys or girls?

    80. itzgacha rose5

      Damn nice one teach she roasted him 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    81. Fantasy Karla

      Me: I wish i was a nerd...

    82. - AakaNacho -


    83. Sam Sar

      If he wrote the same answers as Frankie and the test was different there is no way he can score 0 percent or he could but that would be so unlikely

    84. Eline Dela Paz

      Nerd guy. Hahhahah lozer Billy bully. Cry

    85. Gachamoon

      Dear man changed my sisters life

    86. Maria Hernandez

      hi Dhar😁

    87. Mul Mul

      In 2:45 how he just go’s to haha I got it all good to OMG I can’t do that I made the boy who study and get it right.

    88. Diamonds Shine

      ayden mekus is one of my best actors

    89. Sophia's Silly Squishies

      Jesus loves you all no matter what Jesus Christ is king my savior my everything

    90. Kaavya Anandkumar

      I love how she gotta expose Billy in front the whole class 😂

    91. cloudyycxrter

      Ohh that teacher burned him like steak lol

    92. Gacha life Cookie!! シ

      Who just watched Dhar Mann’s newest video?

    93. Jadyn Gouveia

      Dar mann I am sorry to say but dont u think this is racist

    94. Paula Simmons

      Bully:Whyd you do that?,Even with 4 eyes you cant see Me:Even with 4 brains your still dumb

    95. B O X E D C A T

      the ending shocked me and burnt my house down from all the zapping

    96. Jon Burdick

      Its billy from the other video

    97. Dustin Tran Roblox Videos


    98. 『Refined Autism』

      That smug face at the end He deserved it

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      Good vid and ugly billy

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      This is cringe