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Scott Martin

23 миӊ. көрүүлөр8

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    1. Mason Cockram

      Can I come fish with you on your new bot

    2. Proudfoot


    3. Check Mate

      Diving lessons would be the lock. You should let me join the team for real and be the Vice Versa Dive Master. Lessons could be packaged. NEWAYS... Fixing to watch PT. One. Keep it up the innovations... They are Priceless Gems. This is the heart of being The Best. ❤Miss


      Hey Scott, i have been a sub for at least 4 years. Please give my KGup channel a shout out. FLIPPIN JIGGZ TV. TY. LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.

    5. Recoil

      I want to be a pro fisherman because of you

    6. Tina S

      You guys be safe I hear Florida is bad with the covid. Just stay safe + keep doing what you’re doing,love the videos,I could sit here+watch your videos all day but I have a little thing called a life+I better not ignore it! May God be with you all!🤗

    7. brad rosser

      whats up big bog, hope ya can catch a cpl extra for a florida boy who knee is fucked up and cant fish atm, its killing me

    8. Tim Stewart

      Scott, love your stuff. Really cool to see you switch it up, but my favorite is watching you tournament fish. At your worst, you keep the best attitude. I’m sure you’re a light to everyone around you. Grew up watching your dad and it’s a blessing seeing you add your own personality to fishing. Love you, man! 👊🏻

    9. Larry Warfield

      That is one cool and beautiful Freeman Boat. That was a great investment Scott

    10. TyHardfishing

      Dang macoy you pale😂

    11. Harold Violet

      I have always followed your dad in fishing and really appreciate him and his knowledge. I now am following you thanks for the knowledge you share and all the fun.

    12. Chris Craven

      Thanks for sharing and being candid. It's a good release from the MS heat and pandemic to see the beautiful water at Isle-a-?????

    13. Gamer Beast13

      So hes always fishing to have peace and forget about the bad tuings

    14. Gamer Beast13

      U should bring james back I heard he only has his granpa left in his family :(

    15. Mike Price

      Be safe and hope to see more you in NY if it happens!

    16. Ken Bray

      Go Boomer Sooners💥


      Your freeman is a big girl. Sweet. You got it made. Around Arkansas excessive heat advisory 58% humidity 97degrees. Fishing 🎣 trips and activities on hold. Way way too hot. Sleep all day bout it.

      1. Scott Martin

        Thanks Mark!!

    18. silly guy

      I went there 15 years ago.

      1. Scott Martin

        Cool spot!

    19. Mark Fulwood

      Great video, bet those boys were loving that brother!

      1. Scott Martin

        Like a fish out of

    20. Trent Findley

      Is the open still on in NY?

      1. Trent Findley

        I have in laws in that area. If it happens I'll be coming from the waters of Mr Jim Tutt believe you've done two challenges on my home waters

      2. Scott Martin

        Should know monday

      3. Trent Findley

        i asked this before watching🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    21. Cameron Androws

      I started fishing because of you

      1. Scott Martin

        That’s awesome!!! 👊🏼

    22. Michael leady

      I see two favorite shirts but only one says favorite on it

    23. mustangsally0928

      You're my favorite angler!

    24. Steve Urban

      Took my 2 daughters to Miami to the doctors today from Sarasota. Heading down to Long Key State Park tomorrow for them to go snorkeling, no boat unfortunately, love your channel you guys are great

    25. William Albrecht

      Looks like somebody is having a great time ,have fun

    26. Richie _k_68

      It looks so beautiful down there I’ll have to visit sometime never been down there !! ✌🏼🎣🎣

    27. Tim Saephan

      My man Scott! Do a catch and cook of some fish you guys catch. That would be awesome! Wish I can join you guys

    28. Donald Touchton


    29. dwayne martin

      WHAT HAPPENED TO "Spinner worm"

    30. Jerry

      Tad cast a line is gonna test positive for steroids!! He's pretty big for a pro volleyball player

      1. Grasshopper

        That's some pretty weak steroids. Looks like somebody who's in shape and takes care of himself to me. He's already a good sized guy to begin with

    31. Cole V

      We need to protect Billy at all costs 🤣

    32. Gone Fishing

      Yalll going tp get yalls ass shark bit

    33. Derrick House

      Dang that place looks beautiful

    34. Jason Riddle

      Have fun guys, be safe and Billy have another beer lol

    35. Brock Johnson

      Dude looks like fun man! That’s cool of you to take your boys to the keys on your boat man! Can’t wait till next tournament!

    36. woJuicy

      I have recently just dove into the fishing scene and i just wanted to say that i have watched about every tournament video and fun videos you have maybe 4 or 5 times each. They have helped teach me how to fish and be the best angler i can be. Thank you!

      1. jeremy smith

        Same Scott's a great angler and he has helped me be successful in my tournament fishing and more importantly thanking God for what a blessed career he's given me even though it's not a whole lot😁👍🙏

    37. Brynna Pyles

      when are you gonna go fishing at lake seminole? wait bait are you using?

    38. Andrew Scott

      Love the live stream, wind noise and blurred video is awesome.

    39. Mac Harrod

      Would love to go fishing with you

    40. Mack Tidwell


    41. Fishing Squad

      I just started

    42. Fishing Squad

      Can you shout out my KGup channel fishing is the best

    43. Piya Chetty

      That place looks awesome 👍🇿🇦🍻

    44. Conner Whitfield

      I'm down at islamorada now on vacation oh my god

    45. stacy gowan

      Tell Billy to take his shirt off and finish tanning out.


      Greetings from Hungary !!! Super video, wonderful quality. Thank you so much for watching me ... it was perfect fun.

    47. Adam Smith

      I've fished and snorkeled there many years ago. Awesome place. Billy,s got a Ballyhoo !

    48. John Black

      Incredible boat.

    49. MandR Rieman

      I am only 14

    50. John Black

      WOW! That water is beautiful!

    51. MandR Rieman

      I can see your boat from where I am If you have any spare room on your boat call me and I will come fish with you 918 399 4415

    52. Boost

      Your boat is insane

    53. Rylen Gray

      Braydon price is up there

    54. Sethan Owens

      Hey Scott what kind of snorkeling mask did billy have man ?

    55. Bassin for Biggins

      Come stop at my pizza shop Tic Tac Dough Pizza ill hook you up

    56. Jake Wood

      You gonna hang out with Braydon Price while your down there Scott?

    57. Maddox Cope

      Wow. That place looks awesome

    58. Wendy Franty

      gig em aggies!!!!!!!!

      1. Adam Smith

        Hook em horns !!!

    59. Bryan Graczyk

      What up from northern Michigan!

    60. Jeremy Newhouse

      You guys be safe a keep living the good life. Thanks for sharing these beautiful sights us. I live in West Virginia so there isn’t much to look at this time of year.

    61. Eliot Reich

      That place looks amazing wish I could be there

    62. Teron Kraft

      First comment

    63. Teron Kraft