Beyonce and Solange MAD that Julez Smith exposed Skai Jackson? | Lori & Michael PR | Tamar vs WETV


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    1. Asmr Sirmairah

      Two wrongs don’t make a right so I be mad if my kid did something mean bc she did something mean And that’s mean ski is ski ok she did some bad but I love her we should not get mad for 1 thing And this kid bro he a dumb as not to cuz

    2. Michelle's Moments

      I can see Skai settling restitution out of court. His family will handsomely compensate her for his stupidity. She would get paid, and they will keep it hush hush. He definitely needs to sign a ceast and desist.

    3. Thither Shook

      Skai is only 18/19 yet handles most situations better than half of grown adults

    4. Niki Peters

      Lori Harvey in another relationship... Dj Khalid:another one☝🏾😂😂😂😂

    5. Gizmo Megatrix

      karma a bitch ain't it skai 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    6. Anastacia Fox

      There’s something off about him, he looks evil

    7. Maleah James

      Someone Needs To HUMBLE Him lol

    8. Felicia Dixon

      A psycho

    9. Frances Oruene-Harris

      In the UK you get prison time for what he did

    10. Becca Makela

      Loll I’m sorry her behaviour after she was let go, is what ruined her relationship and her brand

    11. Becca Makela

      He’s 15?????..... what?

    12. diane hodges

      WE tv is a piece of fecal matter, that's why I no longer watch it!

    13. Juliana Thompson

      Be a singer an actor. But not reality tv it's taboo

    14. Juliana Thompson

      Why do you black people keep signing up for reality tv

      1. Juliana Thompson

        Be a singer

    15. Juliana Thompson

      Adrienne is sneaky

    16. Juliana Thompson

      Omg we have a token black manager

    17. Juliana Thompson

      Loni n the spanish girl are haters.

    18. Juliana Thompson

      Just because his family is famous doesn't mean he's not human!!!!!!!! He's a kid!!!!!!! He's gonna make mistakes!!!!!!!!!! Don't put it on them being celebrity family. He is living his own life.

    19. Juliana Thompson

      The only reason y'all knew about j was because it was recorded in elevator n leaked. If solange is home n she disciplined her child no leaked tapes. But u do not know what she did. You don't.

    20. Juliana Thompson

      What r u talkn about? You don't know if solange didn't give him a beat down. U don't know that!!!!

    21. Juliana Thompson

      No he's not older enough to know. Hes older enough to learn. N no he's a kid. The family is going to have to expect that he will do things that kids do.

    22. Juliana Thompson

      He's a kid. They do dumb stuff. He has to be checked n he will be.

      1. Lightning Strike

        Oh god stfu stop spamming comments and liking your own comments

    23. Nicole Graham

      Tamar looks so pretty 🤩

    24. 888

      I feel this was orchestrated by all involved! This is Hollyweird, why y'all surprised lol

    25. kimberly goree

      You females KILL ME.. If the roles was reversed y'all would be Dragging a 17 year old boy for sleeping with a 15 year old GIRL SMH No charges NEED to brought against HER... She out her Rapping little boys and y'all COOL with it SMH

    26. Jamar Pittman

      I don’t give a sh*t were he comes from he needs to get his assed whooped but at the same time Skai can get in trouble if she continued to date him even when she turned 18💯💯

    27. just enough of the Wright Family

      He’s light skinned..(bitchmade)

    28. Jovanna Anderson

      This young man wants attention badly, people don't do things like this for nothing. Smh

    29. Krisan Martin

      I still don't get how Lori and Michael is 'forcing it'💀. They're in a relationship, they wanna post it all? They post it all. Wth💀 you guys are trippin'😭 if it works... it works lol.

    30. love pinknesssmiles

      Ummm these teenagers and adults in their twenties and 30s have no sympathy for anyone they feel what they do is justified and don't want to accept consequences

    31. Marissa LaChelle

      Why would beyonce be mad, that ain't her kid. Solange needs to step up and say something. Hell, he's a typical teenage boy.

    32. Roshana Lall

      He need to be held accountable for his actions.

    33. Roshana Lall

      He ain't even cute. Too dam devious!!! KARMA will get you boy

    34. SZ Mistogod day

      yall are so late everything he did is wrong and was wrong and a lot of yall keep saying how is she gon sue or she is going to get in trouble because she is of age and he is underage but she was 17 and he was 15 when this shit happen so they were both minors when it happen so she can sue because of the time it happened

    35. Deionte Morrison

      This channel sucks

    36. gigi

      Michael is gay and that’s ok he doesn’t need to keep doing all of this his fans don’t care

    37. Lesley Porter

      The girl is 2 years older than him, women always get bashed. Men do this all the time all time and 2 years different is nothing compared to how years men go younger. They can be 40 and want something 16. Smh

    38. Nthabiseng Motloung

      This is not a reflection of Solange as a mom. This is a kid who thinks he is better cause of family ties. What a shame

    39. Divine 85 Erin

      Tamar mouth and attitude got tamar fired

    40. Blessed1 B

      I've always known that Loni had nothing to do with Tamar getting fired, these black KGupRS was spreading that lie around and this channel was one of them I recall. Always selling out their own people. That's a big shame

    41. Jamie Huston

      So so sad no matter what he should not speak about her like that terrible

    42. Problem Child

      I wish my mama was Solange tf he trippin... especially messing with Skai

    43. Toi Beacham

      First of all, HE’s 16!!! Skia is 18 YEARS OLD!!!!! SKIA IS A GROWN WOMAN!!!! If this was a 16 year old girl and 18 year old grown man, this would be a totally different narrative.

    44. C Nope

      Some one said ski has big disney eyes....they didn't lie😍

    45. Shuri84

      He tried to expose her but the leaked video about him is waaaayyyy more embarrassing!!! Nice try kid 🥴🤦🏿🥴🤦🏿🥴🤦🏿

    46. Baebay Brown


    47. Host Mo Berry

      Ain't no tellin what this young man has seen already.... Miss Skai isn't as innocent as we all thought. His mama needs to take that phone away 😅.

    48. Lennel Adams

      Skai is always in some messy shit yall dont know the half

    49. velma phillips

      Really he’s a immature kid

    50. Thioro

      “i’m wondering how he’s able to act like this” i’m fucking screaming bruv

    51. suDDZZZ Funnn

      Y’all should be more concerned that underage teens out here having sex ... and she was a teen star they just bad influences on our children and he was only 15 .... bad parenting from both of their families

    52. akki sharma

      Michael Jordan is gay! Why don't you freakin understand

    53. akki sharma

      Oh gawd. That guy gotta hit something better. He's gorgeous

    54. Ruby G

      I'm surprised he's not in more hot water. If they were both minors at that time and he released that video that's distribution. That's a fed crime.

    55. Pynk Velvet

      2:57 he thinking to himself “STEP-Uncle”

    56. DementedEscape

      A lightskin man that can’t believe a dark skin woman doesn’t want him...the audacity of the causcasity. He should do time for the revenge porn...he leaked it...I’m so sick of people just doing dark skin women dirty for no reason...

    57. keyz

      He is disgusting for this behavior.

    58. *ƤƛMЄԼƛ ӇƛƳ*

      Julez not cool Dude!🙄

    59. Kandice KellyNews

      He could end up in prison.

      1. Renee Renee

        Yikes really?

    60. Nadia Tanjalog

      M.B. Jordan dates white women if he wants . What's up with the backlash ? smh people !

    61. Trinity Smith

      I’m so tired of Tamar always talking about how/why she got fired from the real. It was 5 years ago. She need to let that hurt go 😂

    62. Anele Cebekhulu

      Skai is BEAUTIFUL. damn 🥺🥺🥺

    63. Dascezyone NnettaB

      Wonder did Tamar apologize to the girls?! 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

    64. Patricia Youngblood

      This boy looks lost- famb look like he already dipped in some illegal substances

    65. Tracey Cuffy

      They need to publicly apologize to this young lady. When it comes to there family they always hush hush.

      1. Blacka Magic

        Skai needs to go to jail . She was 18 and julez was 15 . The video was in may

    66. J4m32 Hz

      That's awful for tamar

    67. Stephanie S.

      Skai is very beautiful. I think Jay cheated on beyonce, because he felt he was living in her shadow. Men hate when women are better than them or don't want them. Jay was telling beyonce your like every other chick and you can be cheated on. I think solange son felt his entitled to whatever woman he wants because Beyonce is his aunt. His not even attractive😔. I don't care if he's light skinned, it doesn't make you attractive. I hope Skai sues, PLEASE. Show this brat that he need to shape up.

    68. Kia Shawn

      He's showing who he really is any career he had planned maybe destroyed because of his actions and disregard too others 🤨 I pray Skai Jackson gets every dollar she she sues for ijs 🤬💯

    69. sneakeredd_35

      That fake ass relationship

    70. sneakeredd_35

      He look like he get into alot of shit..

    71. Tamara lattimore


    72. Gwendolyn Lewis

      Ewwww he's DISGUSTING

    73. S Candy

      3:30 the way Jay Z is holding his Mother n law low 🔑 creepy

    74. Msprincess102005

      I never liked the wanna be famous this the only job she can get gig. Cause don't nobody really know her Mrs. Claus looking ass

    75. geminiloves

      Dang what happened to Future??

    76. C Cenac

      Wasn’t mature enough to be dating. That’s why kids should be kids and not focused on adult things. Wasn’t mature enough to handle pain.

    77. alexSIS

      I know this doesn’t matter but he ain’t even alldaaat....

    78. alexSIS

      I’m soo happy people are in their right minds to be on Skai’s side. i hope Solange gets him

      1. Blacka Magic

        I am against her . She was 18 and he was 15 . The video was in may

    79. John Carter

      No bitch YOU ALLOWED them to blame Loni and the girls. YOU DID THAT TAMAR! Where is your apology to Loni? Girl sit down and shut the fuk up!

    80. Jean Washington

      Tamar is trying too hard to stay relevant. She needs to go away from tv and live a regular life snd raise her child. I’m tired of her shenanigans😫

    81. Charmelanin

      I am not surprised about Juelz he always looked... off. It will only worse when he becomes and adult. I know he has Solange’s crazy.

    82. KAW

      Keep your underage son away from Skai...or he'll end up with her dodo on his face.

    83. ayikahS H

      All this sounds like is a lot of speculation.

    84. Chevella Lewis

      So did tamar not read her contract with a fine tooth comb. Seems as though these celebrities are only reading the dollar amount and nothing else

    85. Fredrica Graham

      They did nothing to her. Tamar is her own poison. I hope the hair stylist never work again in the business. Cookie is a has been. Those girls told you. You were the only one fighting.

    86. Fantasy Deo

      If you call them black, I'm green. Steve Harvey daughter is biracial. Stop being a hypocrite.

    87. Fredrica Graham

      They aren't dating they are being beards.

    88. Extraordinary _Mel

      He thought he could get away with this because he's music royalty or rather his family is. He thought he wouldn't face any consequences. I can't see why he thought exposing a female was the right thing or what it was going to do for him

    89. Renee Fox

      I hope she doesn’t settle. Please sue him, he needs to be taught a lesson!! The same way he publicly tried to shame her is the same way he needs to be disciplined by his mother and the courts.

    90. Nina Starr Bina

      ☕🐸 I thought Juelz said he was gay tho..... 🤔

    91. Zak AMGHAR

      Lmao Beyoncé nephew thinks his fly just because he has blue eyes 👀... Just because momma sister is doing great doesn’t mean talent runs into your blood 🩸

    92. Inga Riwe

      Royalty? Nonsensical nonsense

    93. Pickle Chips

      Get the bagggg skai

    94. Kathryn G

      Tamar was doing too much on the real that's why she got fired and anyone who has watched her on the real knows what I'm talking about her energy didnt match with everyone else.

      1. Kathryn G

        It better after she left but then that new girl came on a year ago and I can't watch it anymore she messed with the energy too.

    95. White Alliance

      1 Solonges child is a child. Im not sure why you musty armpitted idiots are even talking about that in the comments... 2 neither michel B Jordan or his little girlfriend are worried about any opinions from the "black" community. Is that a joke? That's why when you go to ANY concert, the crowd is mostly white... Please, they are not worried one bit kids. These black celebrities know who actually pays their bills VS. who is spilling "tea" and whatever other gey new york lingo words you people like to use. Where was the black community when lil nas x came out as gey? Oh I forgot you people dragged him on all the "black youtube" videos. This community is a joke unto itself.

    96. Jazz-axy

      That is the most stereotypical fuckboi I've ever seen and with the behaviour to match.

    97. Quincy Shipp

      Hey, Jessie had nothing to do with this...

      1. bigg bird


    98. Cynthia Greene

      I totally dislike the way he spun her (Tamar) around makes me wonder if he was intentionally trying to hurt her!! I'm not a big Tamar fan and a much more smaller Loni fan, everything about her set awkward with me, she always came off as a bully. The two seemed to have had a dark skin vs light skin who can talk the most match going on. Like Tamar & Vivica.

    99. TheyEnvyMajesty

      She not all that tho ion get why people mad this girl talks mad shit 2/47 but can’t own up to her shit she’s so grown what’s the issue of “having sex” it’s not a crime she just wants to look good on her end at the end of the day she let him record it she knew what it was she been fast and been out here so it’s nothing new Idek why anybody surprised tbh

    100. Joelle Grr

      A minor in a sexual context even if they are fully clothed can still be considered child pornography